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1. Keep the Design Simple and Clean

An attractive logo should clearly reflect your business in an uncluttered way. Balanced graphics, complementary colorsOpens a new window, and a cleverly branded tagline will keep your image professional and polished. To get ideas, think of words that describe your salon philosophy, services, and message.

Hair Salon Logo

2. Have Your Logo Reflect Your Salon Style

Depending on the type of salon you have, you may opt for an edgier look, with sharper angles and dramatic colors, or more rounded edges and subdued hues if your business has a more laid-back feel. If your location is more hip-urban, a more stark design may suit your business image. In contrast, if your salon is more suburban-sophisticate, a more organic flavor will ring true. Have your logo design reflect your salon environment and the services you offer.

Hair Salon Logo

3. Use Colors Intelligently

This can be tricky, but think about your salon as it is now. Are you a day spa offering organic products and wellness services like facials and massage? Perhaps a green color scheme might work well for your logo. If you are a trendy, urban salon catering to city dwellers, simple black and white can sometimes be far more effective. Earth tones or subtle jewel tones work well for salons that offer both hair and makeup services. Avoid colors that are too tacky, bright, or datedOpens a new window, such as neon hues, monochromatic color schemes or too much red. Colors should be integral to the design, not overpowering it.

Hair Salon Logo

4. Use Modern Fonts

Using clean, modern, and fresh fonts in your tagline is important in a rebranding effort. Fonts are as much a part of your overall logo design as the design itself. Avoid flowery, hard to read fonts and stick with an uncluttered look. You want to grab attention for the right reasons, not because people cannot understand what your logo says.

Hair Salon Logo

5. Size

Your logo will be part of all your marketing efforts, and should not be too large or too small. It’s best to have the graphic design be in good balance with your salon name, and not have one or the other be too overpowering. Remember to choose a design that will look good on all your marketing mediums, from your website, social media, brochures, flyers, and business cardsOpens a new window. Consistency is key in usage of your new logo, as a cornerstone of your unique brand.

Hair Salon Logo

Create a Hair Salon Logo


Design Free Beauty Salon Logos Instantly

What are good beauty salon names for my logo?

If you’re not yet sure what your beauty salon name would be, looking at potential beauty salon logo designs can surely inspire you for ideas. The designs can help give your thought process a direction and path.

However, in order to truly come up with something, you must need to have some initial ideas to go on. Perhaps you want to use your own brand name in your beauty salon logo - a lot of salons do that. And it can be really good for marketing. Another idea is to use a foreign language word for beauty, making sure that it doesn’t mean something unpleasant in any other language. Naming it after a famous beauty or using an artsy or edgier name are also popular trends.

Whichever beauty salon name you select, you can use it in our DIY logo creator to check out how it will look once you finalize it.

What is the best free software for beauty salon logos?

There are a lot of resources that can help you create a fabulous beauty salon logo but the best free one we recommend is none other than our very own

What makes us really the best in the market is that our beauty salon logos are really free - no hidden charges whatsoever. Plus, all of our designs have been created by professionals who have years of training under their belts. The third reason, our software is AI-powered. Artificial Intelligence ensures that your browsing process is easy, intuitive, and efficient - and that you really get a customized logo design that you’re looking for.

To find out what we mean, head over to our gallery right now and see for yourself.

How can I make my salon logo beautiful?

Every salon logo you find in our logo gallery is already a design treat to begin with. But to make them pop even more and represent your brand perfectly, you can use our free logo generator to browse specific niches like nail salon logo, beauty or hair salon logos.

The customization studio in our salon logo app is really top-of-the-range. Its brilliant features include effects like shadow, gloss, opacity. You can also flip the design or change its alignment. You can even add another image onto your beauty cosmetic logo to make it truly stand out. The tool also allows you to work on the grid, change the background color and what not.

To enter the customization panel, simply click on ‘Edit & Download’ once you finalize an image.

How can I create a logo for free for my beauty salon?

The process to create a logo for free for your beauty salon from our app is really pretty simple and easy enough even if you don’t have a lot of design experience. You start by heading over to our beauty salon logo gallery and typing in your search term.

It can be anything from a ‘beauty salon logo’ to a ‘fashion logo’ or ‘hair logo’ - anything that you’re looking for. The gallery will start displaying logo images relevant to your search. Look through the designs and once you find something that seems like the best fit, click on it to proceed to download. On the way, you’d be able to edit the image if you want or simply continue to free download.

What beauty salon logo fonts do you recommend using?

We recommend using fonts for your beauty salon logo that complement your overall design theme as well as say something about the brand too.

A lot of beauty salons opt for simpler, modern fonts to create letter logos, mostly from the sans Serif family as they look clean and organized. And it can be a good approach for a beauty salon because you really do not want a design that looks cluttered or messy. However, you can also use Serif fonts if you choose a beauty logo design that can handle the luxurious feel that Serif fonts usually have.

For Script fonts, the logo design will need to look more feminine or delicate to gel with the strands and swooshes of the font style.

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Create Free Beauty Logos In a Minute

What is the process of creating free beauty logos?

There are two ways to create your free beauty logo design.

Option 1: use a free logo maker tool
Option 2: Use a free software to create a custom design

With the free logo maker tool, you can get a professionally designed beauty logo ready in minutes. To search for the best beauty logo design, you can do an industry-wise search by clicking on the Browse menu and selecting 'Beauty' from the list.

You can also do a keyword search by using specific phrases like 'lipstick logos', 'flowers logo', 'woman symbols', and such. Pick the beauty logo design you like the best from the list and edit the logo template for colors, text and fonts.

Once you're done, simply download for use.

What are the top colors for beauty logos?

Popular color choices for a beauty logo design are:

  • Pink
  • Red
  • White
  • Peach
  • Blue, and
  • Green

These calming, softer colors provide a soothing effect and make the beauty logo design look appealing, cleaner, and feminine. In addition to the beauty salon logo designs in softer shades, startups are experimenting with much darker and contrasting colors to create richer beauty logo designs.

If you want your beauty salon logo to look more bright, rich, and modern, our customization options help you modify the beauty logo templates in the design studio. You can also simply download a beauty logo design the way it is, for ready use.

How to pick the best logo for my beauty salon?

The best beauty salon logo for your business mostly depends on the specific beauty services you provide. For example, if you are a nail care provider, a nail spa logo featuring manicured hands gives off the message of your brand. If you provide hair services, choose a hair logo that depicts beautiful hair in various designs.

You can also choose other beauty logo images such as lipsticks, flowers, tiaras, bands and silhouette logos. These beauty symbols are hugely popular among our clients and are great representations for a beauty brand.

With customization options available, instead of picking a beauty logo template, you can create a custom beauty logo that is perfectly unique.

How can I customize my salon logo design?

There are so many ways you can customize your chosen salon logo template. You can change the color, font design, font size, and style. You can also add more elements into the design, and play with the design effects such as shine, offset, gloss as well, to name a few options.

With such customization options available, you can create unique beauty logo design templates. You can also modify existing designs to create beauty logo templates that serve a wide range of beauty salon services. For example, by customizing the logo design you can create unique skin care logos, hair, nail as well as cosmetic logos.

What are the elements for a beauty logo?

Top 3 elements that make a good beauty salon logo are:

  • Appropriate logo symbol
  • Industry standard colors
  • Matching font style

Best fashion and beauty logo design templates usually contain symbols and icons that make the logo instantly representative of that particular industry. In this case, icons such as, 'perfume', 'nail colors' and 'mirrors' etc.

For colors, follow the science of color psychology for beauty logo designs that are made with color choices that people mostly associate with the beauty industry: pink, peach, white, and blue, for example.

For beauty logo typography go for font styles that are dynamic, with a lot of movement, and soothing to look at.


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