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Chic closet features a flat front wardrobe doors adorned with black and gold recessed hardware alongside a bentwood chair illuminated by a turquoise floor lamp.

Paris Forino Design

Dove gray flat front jib closet doors are accented with sleek brass hardware and framed by a gray wall.

Meghan Carter Design

Black oak shoe shelves enclosed with a sliding mirror closet door in men's contemporary closet design.

LA Closet Design

A brass flush mount lights a walk-in closet boasting light gray built-in shoe shelves fixed opposite of a mirrored wardrobe door accented with brass hardware.

Shophouse Design

Gorgeous walk-in closet with pocket door leading to closet system with cabinets finished in black-brown stain below built-in shelving and clothes rails.

Kelly Baron

Black oak floating shoe shelves in a walk-in closet beside a floor to ceiling mirror and black cabinets with brass pulls.

LA Closet Design

Custom black purse and bag shelving in a contemporary closet designed with an easy, accessible, and organized appeal.

LA Closet Design

A wall of black toy closet doors accented with matte black hardware are fitted in a contemporary basement playroom boasting a gray rug placed in front of a rubber rock climbing wall.

LC Interiors

Wood herringbone floors lead to a white door finished with brass hardware and lit by a gray hexagon lantern hung from a white ceiling contrasting black chinoiserie wallpapered walls.

Paige Pierce Design

Contemporary basement playroom boasts a gray rug placed beneath a rubber rock climbing wall and in front of black closet doors with matte black hardware.

LC Interiors

A gray foyer closet door is accented with a white glass knob and a nickel plate.

AGK Design Studio

Mirrored dual closet doors on rail provide a bit of intrigue to a gray and white master bathroom boasting an oval freestanding bathtub placed against gray and white marble wall tiles and beneath a gray quartz ledge fixed under a window covered with white blinds.

Square Footage INC

Bedroom features white closet doors with ornate moldings and brass pulls and a brown vintage runner.

Crystal Blackshaw

Water closet with a pocket door enters into a space with blue painted walls and towel hooks.

rtg designs

Long walk-in closet features floor to ceiling gray built-in cabinets adorned with bronze hardware flanking a gray built-in dresser tucked under modular gray shelves.

Rafe Churchill

A white door accented with an oil rubbed bronze door handle opens to a water closet clad in blue feather print wallpaper.

Urban Grace Interiors

Contemporary nursery designed in pink and gold accents featuring a sliding door closet with interior pull out shoe shelves.

LA Closet Design

Chic walk in closet features floor to ceiling wardrobe cabinets adorned with glass pulls.

Tara Fingold Interiors

A 5-panel pocket door slides open to reveal a water closet clad in blue and gray wallpaper in a luxurious bathroom.

Tharon Anderson Design

Double closet doors in a cottage foyer finished with oil rubbed bronze hardware complementing the glass panel black front door.

Timber Trails Development

How to Drill Finger Pulls in a Closet Door

By Kristy Robinson

Pulls allow extra room for doors to open in small spaces.

Install finger pulls in sliding closet doors where a knob prevents fully opening the door. Finger pulls prevent holes from being knocked in your walls when someone opens a swinging door too hard as well. Drilling the space for the hole requires special bits to avoid cutting completely through the door. Inserts fill the holes to avoid getting splinters in your finger or the look of unsightly rough wood. Match the inserts to your room decor for a coordinated look.


Measure 40 inches up from the bottom edge of the door. Place a strip of masking tape on the door with the bottom edge of the tape marking the 40 inches.

Measure in 1 1/2 inches along the bottom of the tape from the edge of the door that you intend to install the pull at. Mark the measurement with the edge of another piece of masking tape so that the marking edge is furthest from the door edge.

Measure the back side of the finger pull, the part that inserts into the door. Measure the depth of the pull.

Circular Pulls

Transfer the depth measurement to the drill bit at the drilling end and moving toward the drill. Mark the measurement on the shaft of the bit using the edge of a piece of masking tape. Adhere the loose edges to form a protruding flag of tape. This prevents overdrilling the hole.

Lock a Forstner bit the same size as the circular pull into the chuck of your drill. Set the drill speed to 450 rotations per minute (rpm) if the door is hardwood. For softwood doors, set the speed to 600 rpm.

Hold the drill bit up to the door, lining it up with the edges of the tape. Drill a hole the same depth as the pull measurement into the door.

Back the drill bit out of the hole. Clean the dust and debris from the hole and the bit. Hand-sand inside the hole with 80-grit sandpaper to remove any splinters that might interfere with how the pull fits.

Insert the finger pull to test the fit. Use the pull as is or remove it and apply a small bead of adhesive around the edge before reinserting.

Noncircular Pulls

Hold the pull up to the door, lining it up with the edges of the tape, and trace around the outer edge. Remove the door from its tracks or hinges and lay it on a steady, level work surface.

Install a Forstner bit and mark your drill with masking tape just as if drilling a circular pull. Use the Forstner bit to drill a hole anywhere inside of your traced lines.

Fit a router with a 1/2-inch straight bit. Set the router bit down into the hole. Turn it on and cut, following the outline of your pull. Continue cutting until you remove all the wood from inside the tracing.

Set the finger pull into the hole to test its fit. Use 80-grit sandpaper to smooth the edges of your cutout as needed for aesthetic purposes or to trim off splinters that prevent the pull from fitting properly.




  • Instead of a router, use the Forstner bit to drill out as much of the noncircular design as possible, then chisel away the remaining pieces.

Writer Bio

Based in southern Virginia, Kristy Robinson has been writing for various websites since 2008. Her work focuses on tutorials and self-help articles. Robinson holds a Bachelor of Science in criminal justice from American InterContinental University.

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Recessed and Flush Cup Pulls for Sliding Doors

Flush handles that do not alter the shape of doors. With Richelieu flush handles, smooth surfaces gain even more elegance and functionality. The collection includes traditional and magnetic models, the result of longstanding experience in this particular type of furnishing accessory.

The magnetic models use a patented system and represent a cutting edge production technique of which we are particularly proud. Richelieu flush handles have many different uses: sliding shutters, glass shutters, sliding doors, shutters with a push latch, shutters with pull handles.

This collection introduces objects that are perfected right down to the smallest detail and have unbeatable durability. This is due to both the mechanical precision used to create the various components which interact with one another over time, and to the finishes offered in an endless range of variants.

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[Woodworking] FREUD Drawer Pull Router Bit / Making A Recessed Drawer Pull

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