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Travel Italy

Vintage Italian travel posters are the rarest to find because during the course of the second world war many were lost and they were not as collected and kept as were the French travel posters. So when we find a beautiful art nouveau italian travel poster it can be very rare and one of the few known copies. The Italian Railways or ENIT as you will see in the bottom corner represents the official logo of these posters dating to the 1920's 30's. We have one of the largest selection of Italian travel posters on the internet. If you don't see it pease ask and we will search it out


Gruau Rene

Rimini poster by Rene Gruau on linen 1993

Rimini by Rene Gruau 1993


Rimini by Rene Gruau on linen 2000 Poster is a an original printing done for the station of Rimini on the Adriatic coast of Italy. It is in excellent condition and mounted on linen


Gruau Rene

Rimini poster by Rene Gruau on linen 2000

Rimini by Rene Gruau 2000


Rimini by Rene Gruau on linen 2000 Poster is a an original printing done for the station of Rimini on the Adriatic coast of Italy. It is in excellent condition and mounted on linen


Sport & Ski

Sestrieres Ski poster 1950/78 by Gino Boccasile original vintage...



Sestrieres by Gino Boccasile 1978 on linen excellent The poster was first created in 1950 by Gino Boccasile. Then in 1978 The Ski staton of Sestrieres in collaboration with Fiat held an event in 1978 using the 1950's image. The poster is an official printing and considered an original printing for this event. The poster is on linen and in excellent...


Travel Italy

Rome by Carlo Cussetti 1900 VINTAGE ORIGINAL Italian POSTER

Rome Cussetti


Rome by Carlo Cussetti on linen excellent Original Authentic poster for Rome by Carlo Cussetti. The fellow in the foreground busily reading his roman history and his imagination creates the images of Roman Legions marching by on the very ground where he is. In excellent condition on linen original. 


Travel Italy

Piscina Sarteano VINTAGE Italian POSTER

Piscina Sarteano


Piscina Sarteano near Sienna italian travel poster later printing Originally printed in the 1960's this printing probably from the 70's is in excellent condition on linen

Out of stock

Travel Italy

Rome Expo Int'l 1911 by Rochegrosse VINTAGE ORIGINAL Italian POSTER

Rome Rochegrosse


Exposition Internationale Rome by Rochegrosse on linen excellent Original Authentic poster for Exposition in Rome in 1911. The poster is actually made for the French public to travel on the PLM french railways system to Italy. The view of the Romans of the time of the Medici's is excellent. Wonderful poster. In excellent condition on linen original. 



Travel Swiss

Lugano by Daniel Buzzi 1964 Wine Festival

Lugano Vendemmia


Lugano Vendmmia 1964 by Daniel Buzzi original on linen excellent Original Authentic poster for lake Lugano Wine Festival by Daniel Buzzi 1964. Festa della Vendemmia printed in Switzerland. In excellent condition on linen original. 



Travel Italy

Scopri Venezia c1980's Italian train travel poster

Scopri Venezia


Scopri Venezia travel in train to Venice excellent Original Authentic poster for travel by Train to Venise. Scopri Venezia showing the Doge Palace served on a tray with white gloves. 

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lugaon palace hotel poster 1930
Mario Borgoni - 1910-20
30 inches x 40 inches"
ref #Borgoni Taormina

"Grand Palace Hotel - Lugano"
Imp Trub & C - c1925
25 inches x 39 inches"
ref #Palace Hotel Lugano

italie travel
Enit Florence - 1955
27 inches x 39 inches
ref #Italie Enit

"Exposition Rome 1911"
Rochegrosse - 1911
30 x 40 inches"
ref #Rochegrosse Expo Rome

rimini gruau
Rimini gruau
Rene Gruau - 2000
27 inches x 38.3 inches"
ref #Rimini Gruau Sun

Rene Gruau - 1993
27 inches x 38.3 inches"
ref #Rimini Gruau Mermaid

trento silvestri
Silvestri - c1930
26 inches x 39 inches"
ref #Trento

"Lugano Vendemmia"
Buzzi - 1964
approx 25 inches x 40 inches"
ref #Lugano Vendemmia

valle d'aoste
cassandre Venezia
"Vallee D'Aoste"
G. Alefreddi Torino - 1947
27 inches x 39 inches"
ref #Valle D'Aoste Arpy

Cassandre - 1951
25 inches x 39 inches"
ref #Cassandre Venezia

Vintage Italian Travel Poster Classics Sarl is proud to present this selection of vintage Italian Travel posters. We are trying to find and present vintage art posters that are not just the ordinary and common vintage posters that you see on all the other poster sites, but vintage Italian travel posters that we've selected carefully, that we feel are the quality and level to be associated with out website. We offer the following types of posters; antique posters, French car posters, Italian travel posters, art prints, military posters, war posters, cappiello posters, boccasile posters, vintage French travel posters, vintage Italian automobile posters, vintage Italian travell posters and many more too numerous to name. We hope you have enjoyed visiting our gallery and if you check back we update with new additions of vintage poster art on a weekly basis.


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Posters italian vintage

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Vintage Italian Café

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