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[Top 10] Minecraft Best Dimension Mods

In vanilla Minecraft, the world consists of three dimensions: the Overworld, the Nether and the End. Although fans have called for it, new dimensions are unlikely to find their way to vanilla Minecraft anytime soon. Despite this, fans of the game have created some amazing mods that generate new dimensions in the game. Today I’m going to be counting down some of the best dimension mods in Minecraft. 

10. The Lost Cities

The Lost Cities mod is a dimension mod introduced in 2017 that allows players to play in an old abandoned city. The city takes over the entire overworld and it is full of places to explore.

Why this Mod Makes Minecraft More Fun:

  • Lost Cities is very configurable. Allowing players to add custom buildings, blocks, control how cities are generated, and more.
  • Features highways, bridges, tunnels, subways, and lots of dungeons.
  • Vanilla clients can connect.

Get the Mod Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/the-lost-cities

9. Tropicraft

A mod that dates back to 2011, Tropicraft gives players their own slice of paradise! With inspiration from the creator’s Puerto Rico vacation, this mod is sure to put you in a state of relaxation. 

How this Mod Makes Minecraft More Fun:

  • Mod specific items including coconuts, pineapples, beach chairs, etc.
  • New animals, including swordfish and seagulls.
  • Improved beaches.

Get the Mod Here:https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/tropicraft

8. Twilight Forest Mod

Introduced in February of 2015, the Twilight Forest Mod features new creatures, dungeons, and boss battles. With over 31 million downloads since its release, this dimension mod is a fan favorite.

How this Mod Makes Minecraft More Fun:

  • Unique mod exclusive features.
  • Ongoing development.
  • Multiple optional mods that enhance the Twilight Forest textures.

Get the Mod Here:https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/the-twilight-forest/files/2818055

7. The Betweenlands

A successful mod with over 8 million downloads, the Betweenlands presents players with a mysterious dimension that includes a unique experience outside of vanilla Minecraft.

How this Mod Makes Minecraft More Fun:

  • Unique biomes, bosses, and creatures.
  • A unique farming system with new crops.
  • Over 300 new blocks, 350 new items, and 250 new sounds.

Get the Mod Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/angry-pixel-the-betweenlands-mod

6. Erebus

Created in 2014, the Erebus mod is a dimensional mod that introduces not only a whole new dimension but also the opportunity for players to start a world from scratch.

How this Mod Makes Minecraft More Fun: 

  • Mod is designed for compatibility with other magic and tech mods.
  • Available on Java, and Minecraft Pocket Edition. 
  • Introduces unique mobs that are tougher to beat. 

Get the Mod Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/the-erebus

5. The Dimensional Doors

A unique mod that features randomly placed doors in your world that take you to different dimensions. The Dimensional Doors mod has had over 3 million downloads since its release in 2018.

How this Mod Makes Minecraft More Fun:

  • Several types of dimensional doors that give access to teleportation and dungeons that vary.
  • Unique tools and weapons.
  • Includes a door that will create a new and empty dimension that will allow players to build whatever they want.

Get the Mod Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/dimensionaldoors

4. Mystcraft

Created in 2014, Mystcraft is a recreation of the lore of Myst video game series released in 1993. This mod encourages exploration and creativity and is sure to give you your fair share of nostalgia.

How this Mod Makes Minecraft More Fun:

  • It allows players to create custom dimensions.
  • Randomly generated dimensions.
  • Mystcraft extensions are available.

Get the Mod Here:https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/mystcraft

3.  AbyssalCraft

AbyssalCraft is an exploration mod that focuses on magic and four different realms that provide hours of fun gameplay. If you like witchcraft and wizardry, this mod is for you! 

How this Mod Makes Minecraft More Fun: 

  • Mod specific mobs are featured in all dimensions including the Overworld.
  • Including the four realms, the overworld also receives 6 new biomes. 
  • Mod adds loads of fun content like magic, and rituals. 

Get the Mod Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/abyssalcraft

2. The Aether II

Perhaps one of the most talked about dimension mods in Minecraft history, the Aether mod has gained the attention of YouTubers like AntVenom and CaptainSparkles. The second installment of this mod is just as popular. 

How this Mod Makes Minecraft More Fun:

  • Custom prologue with NPC’s that lead you to the Aether.
  • New textures, mobs, blocks, and structures.
  • Known for its beautiful scenery, and up to date development.

Get the Mod Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/the-aether-ii

1. Extra Planets

One small step for Steve… one big step for Steve-kind. This 4-year-old mod is nothing short but incredible. Based on our Solar System, this mod allows players to not only the overworld but also planets and moons.

How this Mod Makes Minecraft More Fun:

  • Custom vehicles, multiple biomes for all planets and moons, custom ores, and tools.
  • Villages on all planets and moons.
  • 10 planets, and 12 moons currently with more on the way.

Get the Mod Here:https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/extraplanets

That concludes my list of the top 10 best Minecraft Dimension Mods. Whether you decide to spend your time creating your own dimension or exploring the amazing ones created by the teams behind these mods, these additions to Minecraft will have you entertained for hours. Happy Exploring! 

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5 best Minecraft mods for new dimensions

In vanilla Minecraft, there are three dimensions that players can roam: the overworld, the nether and the end.

Experienced Minecraft players have explored these dimensions time and time again. Although Minecraft is a wildly expansive game, being limited to just three realms might start to get old after a while.

Luckily, there are plenty of downloadable mods that gamers can use that add entirely new dimensions to Minecraft. Here are some of the best mods that incorporate new dimensions for Minecraft players who love to explore far and wide.

Greatest mods with new dimensions added into Minecraft

5) Dinosaur Dimension

Image via CurseForge

Dinosaur Dimension is a mod that adds a new form of realism to Minecraft. The Dinosaur Dimension mod is great for Minecraft players who love to consider the lore and history of their Minecraft worlds. This mod adds a new Jurassic dimension that allows gamers to travel to prehistoric times.

4) The Midnight

Image via CurseForge

Midnight is quite a popular Minecraft mod with a brand new dimension. It includes tons of eerie, otherworldly biomes for gamers to explore. Most of The Midnight realm is dark with neon light sources, adding new colors and visuals to the game. This mod will surely make for a strange new Minecraft experience.

3) Galacticraft

Another popular Minecraft mod is Galacticraft, a mod that adds the Milky Way galaxy as a brand new dimension. This mod is perfect for gamers who are fascinated by space travel and exploration. With this mod, players can fly to the moon, space stations and other planets within the galaxy as if they were an actual astronaut.

2) The Twilight Forest

Image via CurseForge

The Twilight Forest is perhaps one of the most famous Minecraft mods that introduces a new dimension into the game. The Twilight Forest is so well made that it is one of the highest rated Minecraft mods of all time.

This new dimension has amazing visuals and definitely adds to Minecraft’s fantastical theme. There are impressive new structures and incredible mobs such as giants and the snow queen. This mod has been around for years now.

1) Aether/Aether II

Image via CurseForge

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Aether is one of the first Minecraft mods ever to be made. It adds a new dimension of the same name that is essentially the polar opposite of the nether. The Aether features new mobs, blocks and structures that fit well within the canonical vanilla Minecraft, making the mod an incredibly impressive addition to the game.

Aether II is an updated version of the mod that adds even more elements to the realm. In a way, Aether II might be what the new dimensions would look like if it were part of regular Minecraft and received an update, sort of like the 1.16 nether update. Any Minecraft gamer looking for more worlds to explore will undoubtedly want to check out this classic mod.

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[Top 10] Minecraft Best Dimension Mods

There are a lot of fantastic Minecraft mods to choose from, but by far the coolest are the dimension mods. These mods create entire new worlds to explore, often accompanied by dozens of new enemies and items to collect. This article will take you through the 10 best dimension mods

10. Candycraft

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the Candycraft mod. This mod adds in a brand new dimension complete with a ton of new blocks, gear, loot, animals, and boss fights

How Candycraft Makes the Game More Fun:

  • The candy dimension really does feel like a fleshed-out world complete with its own set of basic tools as well as candy variations of all the passive mobs. This is complete with being able to tame gummy seahorse and ice cream penguins, which is as amazing as it sounds
  • The candy dimension is also home to some pretty challenging boss fights with some really interesting mechanics. Don’t worry, they’ll drop some loot that will make it worth your while

Get Candycraft Here:


9. Twilight Forest

An oldie but a goody, Twilight Forest has held up despite being almost eight years old. It’s maintained its status as one of the best dimension mods because of how amazingly detailed and fun every ounce of it it

How Twilight Forest Makes the Game Fun:

How Twilight Forest Makes the Game More Fun:

  • The Twilight Forest is flushed out in every sense of the words, with many unique biomes with their unique mobs. Add that to hundreds of new items and gear, new tameable pets, and tons of structures and you have a dimension that feels amazing to explore and experience
  • The boss fight in the Twilight Forest have also really held up, the mechanics they introduced and the loot they drop was revolutionary for the time and I’m happy to say that they’re still just as cool to take on today

Get Twilight Forest Here:


8. Orespawn

While Orespawn isn't strictly a dimension mod, it has multiple new dimensions to explore in addition to all the other additions it has

How Orespawn Makes the Game More Fun:

  • Orespawn is great because of how it takes every great aspect of Minecraft and pumps it up to the extreme. Multiple dragon boss fights, dozens of new ores, hundreds of new pieces of gear, and hundreds of new mobs both peaceful and hostile. It’s Minecraft pushed to its limits and its awesome
  • Orespawn’s dimensions are all huge, detailed, and stuffed with fun creatures to fight and great loot to get

Get Orespawn Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/mmd-orespawn

7.  Abyssalcraft

Fans of eldritch horror will love Abyssalcraft, a mod that focuses on adding in monsters and items that comes from a dimension that looks like it came straight out of a Lovecraft novel

How Abyssalcraft Makes the Game Fun: 

  • Includes monsters with extremely impressive models, these things are legitimately terrifying and embody the eldritch beings that the mod is inspired from
  • Abyssalcraft goes beyond monsters when setting up its atmosphere, also adding in new dimensions to explore and experience the home of these monsters yourself

Get Abyssalcraft Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/abyssalcraft

6. The Aether 2

The sequel to the extremely popular Aether mod, The Aether 2 improves on everything that the first did. Including an even better dimension with even better items and mobs

How The Aether 2 Makes the Game Fun:

  • New and improved world generation to greatly increase the variance in the structures and terrain you’ll find in the Aether generation
  • Brand new creatures and items, some inspired from the original mob and some not. But all of them are super creative and very fun to mess around with

Get The Aether 2 Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/the-aether-ii

5. The Beneath

Anyone who enjoys mining in Minecraft must download this mob. The Beneath is a dimension about twice the size of the Nether and it's a massive mining dimension filled with all sorts of ores

How The Beneath Makes the Game Fun:

  • An interesting challenge because this mining dimension comes with mobs with increased health and damage
  • Also comes with a new block, the teleport block. This block is not only a great help when exploring this dimension, but is also great to mess around with any time

Get The Beneath Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/the-beneath

4. Dimensional Doors

This is a super unique dimension mod because this mod can actually allow the player to create dimensions of their own in addition to finding them naturally

How Dimensional Doors Makes the Game Fun:

  • Randomly spawns in doors that the player can open to enter an eerie dimension with plenty of secrets and scary ambiance
  • Allows the players to craft items that will create mini pocket dimensions that can be decorated however you want

Get Dimensional Doors Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/dimensionaldoors

3. Runic Dungeons

Runic Dungeons is a super fun mod that adds in a ton of magical dimensions that each have plenty of different new creatures to fight and loot to collect

How Runic Dungeons Makes the Game Fun:

  • Allows the player to make their own portals to allow them to travel and jump between any number of dimensions they want
  • Includes a ton of really cool and powerful magical items that can do all sorts of great things

Get Runic Dungeons Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/runic-dungeons

2. The Bumblezone

Players looking for a sweet challenge should play The Bumblezone, a mod that adds in a dimension entirely focused around bees and honey

How The Bumblezone Makes the Game Fun:

  • Adds in a really cool looking honey themed dimension, with quite a few new honey and bee themed decoration blocks which look awesome
  • This mod is also good for challenging yourself, as the bees will get quite upset if you try and take their honey. Their combined strength makes not even a full set of diamond powerful enough, so come prepared!

Get The Bumblezone Here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/the-bumblezone-forge

1. Advent of Ascension

Out of all the mods on this list, none of them can top Advent of Ascension in terms of the sheer amount of content found in this mod. With over 20 brand new and fully fleshed out dimensions you will never be bored of this mod

How Advent of Ascension Makes the Game Fun

  • Each one of these dimensions has monsters and creatures unique to that dimension. Hundreds of monsters and dozens of boss fights that are all distinctly different provides an insane amount of content
  • With over 20 dimensions filled with its unique creatures, monsters, blocks, weapons, and biomes, the amount of things to do in even one dimension is mind-boggling

Get Advent of Ascension Here: https://adventofascension.gamepedia.com/Download

There are plenty of dimension mods to choose from and different worlds to explore, so I hoped this article helped you figure out which one you wanted to explore next

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Dimension Mod Main Block Access Objective Theme Discription Dravite Hills / Eden Divine RPG Dravite Grass To make a portal to Eden, Divine Rock is needed. Divine Rock is crafted by using one stone and one Divine Shard. Divine Shards are a drop from certain bosses: the Ancient Entity, The Watcher, and the Ayeraco Horde. The portal is made just like a Nether portal, but out of Divine Rock, and is lit with a Twilight Clock. Collect Shards and Fragments Yellow , Level 1 Eden is the first Twilight Dimension players will go to. It also has the weakest mobs out of all the 5 Twilight Dimensions. Regardless, players should not underestimate this dimension, as mobs are still quite powerful, and can knock the player off the edge of the world. You will need good armor, like Netherite Armor. Also, Angelic Armor is smart to have, as you can fly away from the mobs in this dimension. Azurite Forests / Wildwood Divine RPG Azurite Grass The portal is made of Dravite Blocks which are crafted with 9 Dravite Fragments, meaning you'll need 90 fragments to make a portal. To make a portal, place the Dravite Blocks the same way that you would a Nether Portal, and then light it with a Twilight Clock. Dravite Fragments are obtained from the previous dimension, Eden . Collect Shards and Fragments Blue , Level 2 The Wildwood is the second Twilight Dimension that players will travel to. Uvite Islands / Apalachia Divine RPG Uvite Grass To get to the Uvite Islands, you will need 90 Azurite Fragments to create 10 Azurite Blocks. Then, you place down the blocks similarly to a Nether portal. Then, you light the portal with a Twilight Clock and enter. Collect Shards and Fragments Pink , Level 3 The Uvite Islands are the third Twilight dimension. In this dimension, almost every mob is automatically hostile. It is recommended to have a decent set of armor for the Uvite Islands. Iceika Dungeons Of Arcana Mythril Mountains / Skythern Augite's Depth / Mortum Vethea Haven Eternal Isles / Nevermine / Advent Of Ascension Haven Grass Finding a Portal , using Realmstones , Ancient Teleporter or Bluprints . Also go to Lilyeta and Ancient Cavern . Kill the Rockrider and the Elemental Guardians . Dangerous heaven The Haven is a dimension in allegiance to the god Luxon. It is one of the few dimensions which does not have a prerequisite dimension, and can be entered using the materials gathered in the overworld. It is often considered one of the easier dimensions in the mod, and is quite commonly the first dimension the player enters. The Realmstone for this dimension is a drop from Goalbies and Magickes, both of which spawn in the Extreme Hills biome of the overworld. Abyss Eternal Isles / Nevermine / Advent Of Ascension Abyssal Grass Finding a Portal , using Realmstones , Ancient Teleporter or Bluprints . Horror and blood The Abyss is a dark and gloomy landscape that has tentacles that sprout from the ground and trees that have eye-balls hanging from them and on the sides of the logs that the trees are made of.The Abyss is very unsettling. The dimension consists of very dark colours which are mostly variations on the colour red much the Nether, except much creepier. The grass is a dark brick red colour much like the trunks and most generation in general. Precasia Eternal Isles / Nevermine / Advent Of Ascension Finding a Portal , using Realmstones , Ancient Teleporter or Bluprints . Overgrown jungle Precasia is a prehistoric dimension. It can be traveled to very early in the player's adventure. Precasia consists of a jungle-like world, with various ancient structures. Prehistoric animals, such as the Dyrehorn and Megatherium, roam the surface world. These animals are very dangerous, and some have immunities to various damage types. Dinosaurs can also be found here, hiding away in their underground dens. These dinosaurs are far more powerful then the other animals. Fossils can be mined below the surface, while some powerful equipment can be found locked away in the ruins of ancient civilizations. Mysterium Eternal Isles / Nevermine / Advent Of Ascension Finding a Portal , using Realmstones , Ancient Teleporter or Bluprints . Mystery and mushroom Mysterium is a mysterious mushroom dimension. It can be traveled to very early in the player's adventure. It take place inside the minds of the Eeos that inhabit it. Mushroom-themed mobs such as Fungiks and Fungats spawn naturally, but other types of mobs, such as Banshees and Runic Golems can also be found in the structures that generate there. A lot of the mobs of Mysterium have special effects, namely poison. Iromine Eternal Isles / Nevermine / Advent Of Ascension Finding a Portal , using Realmstones , Ancient Teleporter or Bluprints . Murderous metals Iromine is a black-gold metallic, chaotic dimension. Iromine is a very dangerous place to be. It contains mechanical plants that apply buffs/debuffs when stepped on. Monsters from Iromine are mostly mechanical creations, such as the Mechamatons and Mechachrons. Explosive Polytoms linger in the air. The sneaky Quickpockets are also about, ready to steal the player's items. Here the player will find the Professor in his lab. Lunalus Eternal Isles / Nevermine / Advent Of Ascension Finding a Portal , using Realmstones , Ancient Teleporter or Bluprints . Space Lunalus is an outer space themed dimension. The generation consists of many pink and blue planets with a void underneath. Monsters from here are all aliens, ranging from Visulars to the explosive Explodots. The player can visit the Zarg Homeplanet and encounter the dangerous Zargs and Zorps, or go to the Lunar Prisons to meet Inmate X and Inmate Y. Deeplands Eternal Isles / Nevermine / Advent Of Ascension Finding a Portal , using Realmstones , Ancient Teleporter or Bluprints . Big cave The Deeplands is a rocky cavern dimension. Massive fossils are scattered about. Mobs from the Deeplands are all rock-themed, including the Rock Critters, Rock Crawlers and Rockbiters. The ceiling of the Deeplands contains traps, as well as Deep Cases, which contain valuable loot, such as the Deep Bow and Subterranean Armor. Gardencia Eternal Isles / Nevermine / Advent Of Ascension Finding a Portal , using Realmstones , Ancient Teleporter or Bluprints . Giant garden Gardencia is a garden dimension. Massive flowers dot the landscape of Gardencia. The generation of Gardencia consists of many islands surrounded by a large ocean. The mobs of Gardencia are themed around flowers and vegtables, such as the Flower Faces and Squashers. Greckon Eternal Isles / Nevermine / Advent Of Ascension Trade with the Portal Master in Mysterium L'Borean Eternal Isles / Nevermine / Advent Of Ascension Finding a Portal , using Realmstones , Ancient Teleporter or Bluprints . Dustopia Eternal Isles / Nevermine / Advent Of Ascension Finding a Portal , using Realmstones , Ancient Teleporter or Bluprints . Runador Eternal Isles / Nevermine / Advent Of Ascension Trade with the Portal Master in Mysterium Barathos Eternal Isles / Nevermine / Advent Of Ascension Finding a Portal , using Realmstones , Ancient Teleporter or Bluprints . Vox Ponds Eternal Isles / Nevermine / Advent Of Ascension Finding a Portal , using Realmstones , Ancient Teleporter or Bluprints . Lelyetia Eternal Isles / Nevermine / Advent Of Ascension Finding a Portal , using Realmstones , Ancient Teleporter or Bluprints . Ancient Cavern Eternal Isles / Nevermine / Advent Of Ascension Finding a Portal , using Realmstones , Ancient Teleporter or Bluprints . Celeve Eternal Isles / Nevermine / Advent Of Ascension Finding a Portal , using Realmstones , Ancient Teleporter or Bluprints . Crystevia Eternal Isles / Nevermine / Advent Of Ascension Finding a Portal , using Realmstones , Ancient Teleporter or Bluprints . Labricon Eternal Isles / Nevermine / Advent Of Ascension Finding a Portal , using Realmstones , Ancient Teleporter or Bluprints .
Sours: https://minecraftology.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Dimensions

Mod minecraft dimensions

Have you already played and explored ALL three dimensions in Minecraft and even the End doesn’t excite you anymore? Worry not! Because I scoured the internet to find you the 22 best dimension mods for Minecraft of all time. So you have plenty of dimensions to explore now!

Top Dimension Mods

Midnight Mod

Find everything on the Midnight Mod in this post.

Dimensional World


Created by: Jomsims

Do you ever wish that you had an entire new world in Minecraft to just test stuff in? Then this is the minecraft dimension mods item you have been looking for. This mod introduces a whole new dimension for you in Minecraft, created specially for mining. You can craft a Portal or a gateway using specially crafted bricks (you can find the recipe in the download link), and you will be able to travel through it into another word, the Mining World. Beware though! Traveling through the portal won’t be that easy (there is lava involved). Enough spoilers for now! Go ahead and download the mod yourself to see what happens next. Have I got you intrigued enough?


RFTools Dimensions


Gameversion: 1.16.3

With a whopping 22 million downloads, the RFTools Dimensions is one of THE MOST popular mods in Minecraft. But this is not just an ordinary dimension-like mod. This mod actually lets the players design and create their own custom dimensions out of different shapes, sizes, colors, blocks, items, time zones and whatever comes up in that crazy mind of yours! This is made possible by adding machines and all kinds of tools. You will need RFTools to run this mod. So create your very own dimension with this mod and share it with other Minecrafters! 


Hunting Minecraft Dimension Mod


Created by: luppov

Another must-have in our best minecraft dimension mods list: You know how you cannot hunt mobs in the day time, especially when you are playing on servers? Well this mod fixes that for you by providing you a hunting dimension. The sun never shines in this dimension, allowing the mobs to spawn 24/7. However, these mobs in the hunting dimension are special. They have added buffs such as more armor, health and damage that can be changed in the config file. Moreover, the potions you consume now will wear off twice as fast, so beware that things are a bit harder in the hunting dimension!


Dimension Stages Minecraft Dimension Mod


Gameversion: 1.7.10

This minecraft dimension mods download for the GameStage API allows the access to dimensions to be placed behind the stages. These stages, which are an abstract concept of progressions in Minecraft, are a part of the GameStage API mod and you can unlock these stages. So if you do not have access to a particular stage, you won’t be allowed to enter the related dimension. This challenging addon makes the GameStage API mod 10x more fun!




Gameversion: 1.7.10

This updated version of the Dimensional Doors mod adds many types of dimensional doors that allow players to teleport to other dimensions that can include, dungeons, hallways, mazes, treasure rooms and even traps! So beware of where you go around exploring or you might end up in the dimension of the dead, Limbo. So have fun teleporting to random and mysterious dimensions!


Dimensional Cake Minecraft Dimension Mod


Gameversion: 1.13

Do you ever eat something and are magically transported into another world? No? Well I guess that only happens when I eat my favorite cakes! But this is also possible for you now because this mod has cakes for everywhere! These cakes teleport you to other dimensions. For example, the Ender cake, which can be crafted by using a recipe, takes you all the way to the End. 


Just Enough Dimensions


Gameversion: 1.16.1

The Just Enough Dimensions mod lets you register new dimensions or make tweaks and adjustments to the existing ones. Meaning you can now customize dimensions by adding world borders, for example. You can also alter the skies, clouds, fog and many more stuff. So get your hands on this mod to get Just Enough Dimensions. 


Dimensional Control


Gameversion: 1.12.2

This minecraft dimension mod, developed by the professional team of Blood N Bones Gaming gives you more control over the overworld as well as the dimensions now. So if you are tired of the same old dimensions and want to make adjustments and customizations of your liking, this mod will let you replace blocks, configure biome map generation, disable map generation, modify terrain generations and so so much more. So get your hands on this mod or combine it with other mods such as BiomeTweaker to level up your experience! 


Dimensional Edibles


Gameversion: 1.15.2

This mod adds edible items such as cakes and apples, each based on a dimension such as End, Nether, Overworld etc. Upon eating, the items will teleport you to another portal (depending on the item you have consumed). However, the apple variants allow single-use teleportation only. But you can use the cake variants for multiple teleportations. 


Stoneblock Dimensions Minecraft Dimension Mod


Created by: Jgovs

The Stoneblock Dimensions is a pretty basic mod that introduces all new stone block versions of the End and Mining dimensions by disabling the vanilla End and Nether. So you can now transform these dimensions into entirely new ones that are built out of stone blocks.


YAMDA – Yet Another Mining Dimension Attempt


Gameversion: 1.11.2

This mod brings a pretty simple and basic change to Minecraft. It adds a new dimension which is just an all-flat world without any caves, water or lava. Just a plain world designed mainly for mining. It also brings an all new mining dim. You can teleport to the dim by right clicking on a block. So get your hands on this mod if you are looking for a world that is purely made for mining!


Dimensional Dungeons Minecraft Dimension Mod


Gameversion: 1.12.2

Lets continue with this item in our best minecraft dimension mods list: Do you want your world to be filled with unlimited dungeons? Then get your hands on this mod right away because this mod adds a dimension filled with dungeons to Minecraft. You can teleport to this dimension through a portal anywhere in the Overworld. Everything in this dimension is more challenging and exciting! 


Any Dimension Mod!


Created by: Skilynn

This amazing mod adds dimensions made purely out of specific items. For example, there will be a dimension made entirely of diamond, wood, gold or even TNT! Now that is some next level fun, right? You can create portals for these dimensions by following a recipe and voila! You will have created entire worlds of pure diamond, or stones lol. Check out the link below to find out how it works. 


Advanced Mining Dimension


Created by: Cobalt1

Just like a world full of dungeons, there is also a world full of caves. This mod introduces an all new dimension that ONLY has caves in it. The mod is highly configurable and only requires basic resources to build the teleporter for this dimension. You can even access the dimension in early game, thanks to its simple requirements.


Dimensional Cake Rebuilt


Gameversion: 1.12.2

This rebuilt version of the Dimensional Cake mod adapts the textures of the original mod to provide you with cakes that teleport you to other dimensions. What’s changed is that it changes the configurations a bit so that you can now always eat cakes, without necessarily having to be hungry. The mod only has End cake for now, the recipe of which can be found in the link below. 


Buuz135s Dimensional Worlds


Gameversion: CB 1.4.7-R1.0

This mod is a basic dimension mod that you can access by crafting a Mining Dimension Lever. After you have crafted and placed the lever, you can use it to teleport into the mining dimension. In order to get back, you can use the lever that is created when you first arrive in the dimension. So get your hands on this simple mod if you are looking for a good ol’ mining experience.


Vertically Stacked Dimensions


Have you ever wished that your Minecraft world was infinite vertically instead of horizontally? Well this minecraft dimension mods item kinda fulfills your wish by presenting a lightweight yet effective way of expanding the world vertically. This mod, as the name suggests, stacks multiple dimensions on top of each other and connects them via portals. These portals will teleport you to the next layered dimension. Cool, right?


Universal: Interdimensional Escape – SE Hardcore Skyblock


Gameversion: 1.7.10

This Skyblock mod features a void dimension with just a piece of bedrock, dirt and a tree placed in the middle of nowhere. There are also some other items to get you started. This version of the mod has structures enabled, allowing the structures to spawn.


Universal: Interdimensional Escape – Hilltop Base


Created by: Schnattchen

This Skyblock mod features a void dimension with just a piece of bedrock, dirt and a tree placed in the middle of nowhere. There are also some other items to get you started. This hilltop version of the mod will have a base with many floors and segments. 


Universal: Interdimensional Escape – SD Hardcore Skyblock


Gameversion: 1.7.10

This Skyblock mod features a void dimension with just a piece of bedrock, dirt and a tree placed in the middle of nowhere. There are also some other items to get you started. This version of the mod has structures disabled, meaning that the structures won’t spawn.


Elemental Dimensions Minecraft Dimension Mod


Created by: Carlos

This adventurous mod features 5 different dimensions for you to explore. A portal dungeon in the Overworld is added which you can use to access other dimensions. Each dimension (earth, water, sky, spirit and fire) has tough mobs as bosses that you can defeat. The final outcome is a powerful wand that you can use with other items to do all sorts of stuff from teleportation to digging.  


Simple Dimensions


Gameversion: 1.7.10

The Simple Dimensions mod lets you create your own customized dimensions using the vanilla GUI, so you have unlimited customization options for new dimensions. For instance, players can easily create mining or vod dimensions without having to use survival mods like RFTools. This mod is entirely command based (except for the creation of dimensions).


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I Made My Own Custom Modded Dimension!

Top 15 Best Dimension Mods For Minecraft

The world is much more complex than everyone thinks. The reality we can see with our eyes is only one of the many that make up our universe. And although we cannot see them, these other dimensions influence ours in significant ways.

Did I forget to mention the world I’m talking about is the virtual world of Minecraft?

As every Minecraft player knows, each world inside the game features three different dimensions – the Overworld, the Nether and The End.

These three realities are extremely important to the game as a whole, offering something else to do outside crafting and venturing out.

If you’ve managed to brave the Nether countless times, and explored The End so thoroughly that it no longer holds any secret, then you’ve come to the right place: the following mods add new dimensions to Minecraft, each with their own secrets and dangers that only the bravest adventurers will be able to conquer!


15. Advanced Mining Dimension

Advanced Mining Dimension Minecraft Mod

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A dimension made only of caves? A dream come true for any hardcore miner.

Or their worst nightmare, depending how much that miner enjoys his job.

Advanced Mining Dimension adds a configurable dimension made only of caves that will let you create the tunnel network of your dreams. Which are probably some very weird dreams, considering you could dream about much happier stuff.

Still, a fun mod definitely worth trying.


14. Runic Dungeons

Runic Dungeons for Minecraft

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The time of magic is nigh, so ready your staff and your potions: you’ll need them very soon.

Runic Dungeons introduces a new dimension filled with different magical dungeons that can only be accessed after finding the Magic Chalk in temples, crafting a Magical Staff, and then building one of the portals. All unique stuff exclusive to the mod.

Once inside the Runic Dungeons you’ll also be able to gather different amulets that enhance your stats, but only if you have the Azanor’s Baubles mod installed. Power always comes at a price, after all.


13. The Bumblezone

The Bumblezone Mod for Minecraft

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Is that the Flight of the Bumblebee I hear in the distance? Welcome to the Bumblezone!

The Bumblezone is a new dimension that’ll make you feel like you entered a bee’s nest. All you’ll see around you are Honeycomb Blocks, Honey Blocks, Honey Crystals, and tons of bees.

And they will get very, very angry if you touch any of their precious honey. So angry that not even Diamond gear will be able to protect you from their wrath. You’ve been warned.


12. Tropicraft

Tropicraft Mod screenshot for Minecraft

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There’s no better place to go for a relaxing vacation than Tropicraft.

And no, I did not spell Tropics wrong.

Tropicraft is one of the oldest dimension mods ever made for Minecraft. But still one of the best looking out there.

It features luscious vegetation, striking sunsets, and a plethora of items and characters that will make sure you remember your vacation for a very long time.


11. The Betweenlands

The Betweenlands Minecraft Mod

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What could ever be between this world and another, if not the Betweenlands?

The Betweenlands is a dark dimension where an ancient civilization once thrived. A place where mysterious creatures wander in search of unprepared guests, and food sickness and tool corrosion are real dangers.

With over 300 new blocks and 350 new items to boot, the Betweenlands will prove to be a challenge. Even for Minecraft veterans!


10. The Erebus

The Erebus Mod for Minecraft

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If spiders black as night do not scare you, then you should definitely take a trip to the Erebus.

The Erebus is a new dimension in Minecraft populated by all sorts of giants insects that seem vicious and extremely dangerous.

The mob’s vanilla AI has been completely reworked as well, so their behavior is different from what you’d expect. And even passive mobs can turn rabid if you bother them. Scary stuff.


9. Atum 2: Return to the Sands

Atum 2: Return to the Sands Minecraft Mod

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You’d better make sure you have enough water now. Cause it’s time to venture out into the desert!

Atum 2: Return to the Sands is a massive mod that adds a new dimension featuring 9 themed biomes, new dungeons and ruins to explore, new mobs to fight, new special artifacts, and (surprise surprise) a pharaoh boss battle.

What were you expecting to find inside a pyramid in the middle of nowhere? Cookies and rainbows?


8. The Beneath

The Beneath Mod for Minecraft

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Massive is the real name of the game in the Beneath dimension.

This modded dimension is a massive mining dimension. Almost double the size of the Nether.

It features massively powerful mobs, diverse gameplay options, and dangers lurking behind every corner. And lurking in the darkness. Which is enough to kill you by itself. Now that’s hardcore!


7. The Lost Cities

The Lost Cities Minecraft Mod

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Adding a new dimension is a thing of the past.

Changing the entire overworld is the future.

The Lost Cities mod is among the few that do not add a new dimension to Minecraft, but rather change the regular overworld.

With this baby installed, the overworld becomes a sprawling city complete with highways, bridges, tunnels, and even a functioning subway system that’ll have you jumping from one dungeon to another much quicker.

Ah, subways: every adventurer’s best friend.


6. The Twilight Forest

The Twilight Forest for Minecraft

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There’s nothing that screams adventure more than a forest.

And this is more true in Minecraft!

The Twilight Forest is a dimension exploration mod that’s mostly geared toward adventure. It’s filled with new creatures to fight, dungeons to explore, and new loot with unique properties.

Not to mention beautifully haunting vistas that serve as the most amazing backdrop as you take down one of the more vicious bosses you’ll ever encounter during the journey.


5. Dimensional Doors

Dimensional Doors Mod for Minecraft

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When you see a mysterious door out in the middle of nowhere… you know what you have to do, right?

Dimensional Doors is among the most unique Minecraft dimension mods ever released.

It adds a lot of unique features, like doors made out of different materials that lead you into different pocket dimensions. Not to mention some very interesting dungeon mechanics that play on the theme of “multiple dimensions” and the fabric of reality.

So what are you waiting for? Open that door and enjoy a world of possibilities!


4. Mystcraft

Mystcraft Mod screenshot for Minecraft

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Myst has come to Minecraft, complete with all its beauty and its haunting mysteries.

Mystcraft is a dimension mod that brings the mechanics of the classic adventure game over to Minecraft, allowing players to access multiple dimensions called Ages.

You can also write an entire adventure around them, and make sure the legend will continue to be told to younger generations for years to come. Such is the power of mods.


3. AbyssalCraft

AbyssalCraft Minecraft Mod

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That which is not dead can lie eternal, and with strange eons, even death may die.

AbyssalCraft adds a new dimension to Minecraft in more ways than one.

Not only does it bring new worlds to explore (that are extremely dark and very dangerous), but we also get an H.P. Lovecraft influence that certainly increases the game’s rating to AO.

Let’s thank the Great Old Ones that mods are not ESRB rated!


2. The Aether II

The Aether II for Minecraft

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Nothing could ever be the same, high up in the skies.

The Aether II, sequel to the original mod of the same name, adds a new dimension located in the sky.

In Aether it seems everything, and I truly mean everything, is different from the regular Minecraft experience.

New changes to mobs, crafting, and every other mechanic. Heaven or Hell? You decide.


1. Extra Planets

Extra Planets Minecraft Mod

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To infinity… and beyond!

Turn into the Minecraft version of Buzz Lightyear with Extra Planets, an amazing dimension mod that lets you explore all the planets of the Solar System, complete with radiation mechanics that dictate how much you’re able to survive on any given planet.

Fun and educational at the same time? Hard to believe, but playing is believing.

Add space rockets, launch pads, space suits, and some new mobs, and you get the definitive Minecraft dimension mod every player should try. To the Stars!

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Similar news:

A dimension is a separate realm, with different mobs and topology. In Minecraft, dimensions can be accessed by creating and teleporting through the correct portal.

The mod adds 21 new dimensions to the game. Most dimensions are tiered based on how far they are from the Overworld.


Main article: Ancient Teleportation

The primary method for accessing all of the dimensions added by the mod is through a portal made of ancient rock and carved runes. This portal must be lit with a realmstone. See the Ancient Teleportation page for more information on how to build and light the portal.

There are a total of 5 dimensions that are directly accessible from the Overworld; the rest require the player to visit other dimensions in order to get to them.

Tiers and dimension order[]

Main article: Dimensional tiers

The only order to dimensions is the tier system, the player must access some dimensions to access other dimensions. Otherwise, the player is free to visit the dimensions in any order that they want. The dimension list below shows the tiers that the dimensions belong to.

List of dimensions[]

The mod adds 21 dimensions to the game.

Tier 1[]

Tier 1 dimensions are all accessible from the Overworld. Note that The Nether also counts as a Tier 1 dimension, despite being vanilla content.

Tier 2[]

Tier 1 Dimensions typically (but not always) allow the unlocking of two other Tier 2 dimensions from their respective dimension branch. Despite not having its own Realmstone, The End counts as a Tier 2 dimension, as entry into the dimension typically requires visitation to The Nether beforehand.

Tier 3[]

Tier 3 Dimensions usually require the visitation of two or more dimensions.

Note: Runandor can be accessed by entering a portal in the Mysterium dimension.

Tier 4[]

Tier 4 Dimensions require the visitation of four dimensions.


Untiered dimensions do not follow the tiering system.

ImageDimensionPrerequisite DimensionDescription
Nowhere.pngNowhereN/AA small room with various furnished decorations. Currently a work in progress.

Changes to vanilla dimensions[]

The mod adds new content to the vanilla dimensions.


Main article: Overworld

The mod adds 6 news ores, 2 new structures, 47 new mobs, 1 boss, and 7 npcs to the Overworld, among other features. See the Overworld page for more information.

The Nether[]

Main article: The Nether

The mod adds 1 new ore, 2 new structures, 7 new mobs, 2 bosses, and 2 npcs to the Nether, among other features. See the Nether page for more information.

The mod adds a realmstone which can be used to open a portal to the Nether. The realmstone's portal does not apply the 8:1 conversion that the vanilla Nether portal does. The realmstone is not required to access the Nether in the mod; the player can still use the vanilla portal.

The End[]

Main article: The End

The mod adds new drops to the Ender Dragon, but otherwise does not add anything new to the End.

Mod additions to custom dimensions[]

Main article: Custom dimension properties

The mod adds its own properties to its own dimensions which can be utilized in custom dimensions. See the above linked page for more information.

See also[]

Sours: https://adventofascension.fandom.com/wiki/Dimensions

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