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Cost 24 gp Weight 3 lbs.
Damage 1d3 (small), 1d4 (medium) Critical x3 Type piercing
Range Increment 20 ft. (thrown)
Category light Proficiency martial
Weapon Groups light blades, thrown

From a central metal ring, four tapering metal blades extend from this weapon like points on a compass rose. By gripping the crossbar that runs through the weapon’s open middle, a wielder can strike with it as a deadly melee weapon. Alternatively, by gripping it by the outer rim, a starknife’s light, aerodynamic design allows it to be thrown short distances in a manner similar to a chakram.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook. Copyright 2009, Paizo Publishing, LLC; Author: Jason Bulmahn, based on material by Jonathan Tweet, Monte Cook, and Skip Williams.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Equipment (OGL) © 2012, Paizo Publishing, LLC; Authors: Dennis Baker, Jesse Benner, Benjamin Bruck, Ross Byers, Brian J. Cortijo, Ryan Costello, Mike Ferguson, Matt Goetz, Jim Groves, Tracy Hurley, Matt James, Jonathan H. Keith, Michael Kenway, Hal MacLean, Jason Nelson, Tork Shaw, Owen KC Stephens, Russ Taylor, and numerous RPG Superstar contributors


Black Star

Martial20(x3)3 lbs2 ft Melee1d4 (Piercing)+5Whenever this +5 unholy starknife confirms a critical hit, it has a chance to cast either slay living, confusion or crushing despair spell on the target.

Neverending Journey

Martial20(x3)3 lbs2 ft Melee1d4 (Piercing)+5Whenever this +5 holy starknife lands a hit, it dazzles the target for 1d4 roundsm and has a chance to cast blindness spell (Fortitude save, DC 21) on it.

Tangled Claws

Martial20(x3)3 lbs2 ft Melee1d4 (Piercing)+4Whenever this +4 feybane starknife lands a hit, it has a chance to entangle the target.

Virtuous Starknife

Martial20(x3)3 lbs2 ft Melee1d4 (Piercing)+1This +1 cold iron starknife deals an additional 1d3 damage to evil creatures.

Fortune's Temper

Martial20(x3)3 lbs2 ft Melee1d4 (Piercing)+3Whenever the wielder of this +3 holy starknife confrims a critical hit with it, all their allies in a 40 feet area are affected with the effect of the prayer spell for 6 rounds.

Joke of Fate

Martial20(x3)3 lbs2 ft Melee1d4 (Piercing)+3Whenever this +3 agile starknife lands a hit, the target must pass a Will saving throw (DC 24) or become cursed. This curse reverses the effect of positive energy: if it healed this creature before, now it deals damage, and vice versa.

Pocket lightning

Martial20(x3)3 lbs2 ft Melee1d4 (Piercing)+4Whenever the wielder of this +4 shocking burst starknife lands a sneak attack on an enemy, the enemy loses 5 spell resistance for 1 round.

Venomous Petals

Martial20(x3)3 lbs2 ft Melee1d4 (Piercing)+5This +5 caustic starknife deals additional 4d6 acid damage on sneak attacks.

Finnean the Talking Weapon

Martial20(x3)3 lbs2 ft Melee1d4 (Piercing)+3This is a +3 ghost touch heartseaker weapon. This weapon can tear the soul of a living enemy: whenever it lands a hit, it deals additional 1d6 force damage.
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Starknife Combatant (Pathfinder Feat)

Starknife Combatant [General feat]

You are exceptionally skilled at using a starknife as ranged weapon

Prerequisite: 12 CHA; 12 INT; [one of them must be at least 15] Way of the Shooting Star; worshipper of associated deity; Aasimar; weapon focus (starknife); 1 level in either Cleric, Inquisitor, Omdura or Warpriest. The other levels should be in one another of the listed classes (for Warpriest see notes) or in either Bard, Skald, Starwatcher Investigator or Stargazed Oracle. The selection might be restricted by other thematic archetypes.

Benefit:You gain the benefits of Point Blank Shot (without the bonus to damage and only at ranges up to 20 feet), Precise Shot and Far Shot but only with starknives. You don't have to meet the prerequisites.

You can use your highest mental ability score instead of DEX in order to satisfy any feat prerequisite. You can take this feat three times. If you take it a second time you can add half of mental ability score(your choice, but not charisma since you add it already with Way of the Shooting Star) to damage with starknives (to a maximum of 5) and the weapon damage die increases to 1d8, also you may choose to make your starknives crit 19-20 x 2 (you can modify this choice at the start of each turn, it doesn't require an action) If you take this feat a third time the weapon damage die increases to 1d10; moreover your range increment with starknives doubles, finally you gain the benefits of improved far shot (your first range increment is now 60 ft.)

If your starknife has the returning weapon special property (or you have the Returning Star Investigator Talent) you can full attack with it by having it return as a free action. If it doesn't it gains the returning weapon special property. If you take this feat a second time you can always full attack with it by having it return as a free action even if your starknife has no special properties.

By taking this feat for the third time your starknife follows you even when you move after your attack.
Normal:This feat might be used,subject to GM approval, with any other thrown weapon.

It is intended to make viable thrown weapons for classes such as Investigator or Oracle which have no bonus feats. This feat might be restricted (subject to GM approval) if the player takes more than 3 levels in the Warpriest class or in any other class that is not listed in any of the prerequisites.

Talk to your GM, thrown weapon is a combat style that is extremely weak and feat intensive in Pathfinder, this feat helps by taking it on the same level as the archery combat style. It is not intended to make thrown weapons overpowered
Special:It counts as precise shot, point blank shot and far shot for every feat prerequisite, but the feats you take will only apply to starknives. You cannot use deadly aim with this feat, nor arcane strike (unless you only take Starknife Combatant one single time). Moreover you can combine Starwatcher Investigator with any other archetype that replaces Swift Alchemy

OPTIONAL RULE - DRAWBACKS: You don't receive any feat at 13th level. Moreover the feats you select at 11th and 15th level must NOT be combat feats. The GM may rule you take a -1 penalty at Perception checks and a -1 penalty on melee attack rolls made in areas of bright light. If the GM wishes so you may receive a -2 penalty on saving throws against spells with the light descriptor and an additional -1 penalty on attack rolls (this time both melee and ranged) in areas of EXTREMELY bright light.

Stricter GMs may also rule you gain a non-progressing Oracle Curse (only with the 1st level benefit)

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