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Details of Mod of Redemption (No Music)

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Mod of Redemption (No Music)
Download 48.2 MB Sync now ( Origin, Mirror 1, Mirror 7, Mirror 8, Mirror 9, Mirror 10)
Last Updated
one year ago
'Mod of Redemption' is a remastered version of 'Mod of Randomness', never heard of that mod? I'm not surprised, because it no longer works.

Please remember to update the mod when necessary.

- 1 Mount
- 191 Buffs
- 24 Walls
- 289 Tiles
- 295 NPCs (Including bosses & minibosses)
- 11 Bosses
- 11 Minibosses
- 1206 Items

Latest Major Update:
- Complete Lab Overhaul
- Slayer's Crashed Ship
- Tons of fixes
- Stuff
For more, look at the mod's homepage

Thank you Pluto for making the Nebuleus backgrounds

Thank you to the epic Patreons:

Main Features (So far):
- Chicken Invasion!
- Abandoned Lab (Larger than the Jungle Temple)
- Space Boss (King Slayer III)
- Druid Class!
- Vlitch Overlord bosses (3/4 for now)
- Rare Weapons (1/500 Chance of dropping from certain enemies)
- Epic Weapons (1/1000 Chance of dropping from certain enemies in Hardmode)
- Wasteland Biome (After Infected Eye boss)
- Nature Guardians
- Ancient Stone Blocks
- Many Fantasy Weapons (Old Rapier, Noble's Swords, Warden's Bows)
- King Chicken Boss!!
- Chicken Stuff!
- Lots of types of Skeletons (Assassin, Dueller, Noble)
- Varients of Golems (Forest, Molten, Ancient)
- Squire NPC
- Pure-Iron & Ancient Brass Equipment
- Pre-Hardmode Boss (Sprite by Zoomo, edited a bit)
- Kanite Ore (Very early ore, around iron)
- Ancient Trees (Place acorns on Ancient Dirt to grow them)
- Ancient Wood Furniture
- A few insects
- A few Xenomite things.
- Xenomite Crystal boss
- Early Hardmode Boss
- Xenomite Weapons/Tools/Armour
- Infected Enemies
- Stuff
- Dirt Swords!
tModLoader Version
Localizer Package
Localizer Package
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  1. Subaru forester xt
  2. Big stiiizy battery
  3. Graco home depot

tModLoader Mod of Redemption

- Removed Stone Golems
- Undead Violinist spawns after Plantera now
- Removed Reinforced Warden's Bows
- Replaced all Noble's Swords with just one Noble's Sword
- Changed how the Xeno Canister shoots
- Xenomite Crystal has more dust effects
- Strange Portal has a new attack
- Resprited Strange Portal and Unstable Portal
- Changed Nature Guardian Buffs part of the tooltip
- Nerfed all Seedbags
- Large Seed Pouch will give the player a chance to throw 1 extra seed instead of a guaranteed 2-3
- Nerfed EVERYTHINNGGGG! (Well, the things that needed it)
- Secret interactions ;)
- Changed Moonflare Bat's appearance
- Corrupted Paladin should actually throw a Corrupted Paladin's Hammer now
- Changed sprite for the Mystic Stave and the bush proj
- Living Wood and Leaves are getting replaced with Living Twig
- Zombie Slayer's Tactical Bow shoots differently
- Mk-3 Microbots take up 2 minion slots
- Changed Wall's Claw stave attack
- Nightshade will spawn less frequently and glow less
- Fixed Tied's dev set doing something or something
- Projectiles that spawn NPCs (e.g Chicken Eggs) should work in multiplayer
- Removed Strange Contract... For now.
===0.6.9 and Below===
- Changes spawn rates
- Changed Druid staves
- Resprited Corpse-Walker Priest and she has a special attack
- Chickens will occasionally cluck
- New plant that grows at night in the forest
- Resprited some weapons
- Nerfed Zombieslayer's Tactical Bow
- Fixed Wasteland spawning
- Fixed Girus Core making you take damage in the sky
- Animations for some skeletons attacking
- Resprited Living Bloom
- World Staves don't deal damage anymore, just buff
- Projectiles from staves have a faster velocity
- Something new with Omega Obliterator ;)
- Nature Guardians for Druid Staves
- Bunch of balancing
- Master Druid Charm now is post-moonlord
- Some Druid Accessories are nerfed
- Resprites of Wasteland enemies
- Can now catch Grand Larvas, Flies, and Lost Souls in Bug Nets
- Fixed a mistake in Creation Druid Chestplate that increased damage by 90% instead of 17%
- Resprited Ancient Brass weapons (By FailureOfMankind)
- Nerfed Gilded Sea Axe
- Kanite Pickaxe is slower mining
- Kanite Pistol needs musket balls to craft
- Girus knows when you defeat a Vlitch Overlord...

- Xenium Set

- Mitosis
- Giant Dandelion
- Syringe Pistol
- Xenium Stave
- Betelguise
- Orion
- Canis Minor
- Sirius
- Ophiucus
- Nano Pickaxe
- Total Corruption
- Frozen Grasp
- Angel's Bane
- Noble's Sword
- Loreholder
- Crowbar
- Incandescence
- DNAgger
- Tesla Manipulator Prototype
- Tesla Rifle
- The Mace
- Tesla Cannon
- Xenium Saber
- Swarmer Cannon
- Blighted Gauntlet
- Radiance
- Bleeding Sun
- Tesla Blade
- Tesla Coil Staff
- Portable Hologram Projector
- Xenium Blade
- Xenium Bow
- Deactivated Xenium Autoturret
- Xenium Lance
- Xenium Staff
- Xenium Railgun
- Dragon Slayer's Greatstaff
- Dragon Slayer's Greatlance
===0.6.9 and Below===
- Wall's Claw
- Ghastly Cutlass
- Tranquility

Other Items:
- Dragonheart
- Keeper's Circlet
- Suspicious Xenomite Fragment
- Druid's Mutagen
- Sorcerer's Mutagen
- Warrior's Mutagen
- Ranger's Mutagen
- Summoner's Mutagen
- Hazmat Suit
- Lab Crate
- Electronade
- Medic Kit
- Xenium Bar
- Raw Xenium
- Molten Scraps
- Empty Mutagen
- Floppy Disk(s)
- Keycard(s)
- Medal
- Unidentified Blueprints
- Xenium Refinery
- Xenium Smelter
- Lab Chest
- Empty Bot Hanger
- Occupied Bot Hanger
- Laboratory Workbench
- Laboratory Chair
- Laboratory Table
- Laboratory Computer
- Server Cabinets
- Laboratory Intercom
- Hospital Bed
- Laboratory Fan
- Test Tubes
- Biohazard Sign
- Death Sign
- Electricity Sign
- Patient Zero Mask
===0.5.9 and Below===
- Rope Hook
- Nightshade Seeds
- Grand Larva (Bait)
- Fly (Bait)
- Nightshade Potion
- Charisma Potion
- Nightshade
- Archcloth Banner
- Music Box (The Omega)

- Infection Hive
- Infected Scientist(s)
- Sludge Blob
- Blisterling
- MACE's Fist
- Space Keeper
- Hive Growth(s)
- Omega Android
- Prototype Omega
- Omega Space Paladin
- Skeleton Nobles (Ancient Brass/Pure-Iron/Sky Squire)

- Infected Scientist
- Stage 3 Infected Scientist
- Irradiated Behemoth
- Blisterface
- MACE Project
- Patient Zero

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Of redemption mod

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