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By Aaron Terrett,

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On November 24, , the city of Vicksburg opened the doors of its first Starbucks Coffee shop. Some citizens were elated by the franchise’s decision to bring the cafe to Vicksburg, while others found it redundant. As news of the opening day made the rounds on social media, citizens of Vicksburg were not shy to voice their opinions. Some felt that the cafe was a blatant attempt at monopolizing the town’s coffee choices.

Sitting directly behind the new Starbucks is a locally owned cafe, Caffe Paradiso. Some believe that Starbucks being brought into town spells the decline of Caffe Paradiso.

Vicksburg citizen, Hailey Hampton, went on the record to remind people that “Caffe Paradiso is an amazing alternative. They can make all your favorite Starbucks drinks and they have a larger menu.”

Some other citizens have chosen to not support Starbucks for different reasons. The traffic coming from the Starbucks parking lot spills out into the main road, leaving drivers frustrated. Another reason that some have stated is that Starbucks is supposedly “anti-police” and “anti-military.” Starbucks, however, has denied these claims. The thought that they are anti-military was debunked by an official Starbucks email listing their military donations and stating that the negative comments were a hoax from an account not affiliated with Starbucks. However, the most common reason given for the negative reaction to the new Starbucks is the citizens’ admiration for their local coffee shop.

According to citizen, Thomas Lowery, “local contractors and plumbers refused to even assist in building the place because of where they chose to open.” Not all reactions were negative, however. Some citizens have expressed gratitude over the jobs that the new cafe will bring to town. Vicksburg citizen, Laura Moll, stated, “it brings jobs to a community desperate for them, so there’s that. Not all small businesses can provide the benefits that Starbucks does. It pays for its staff to go to college.”

Others raved about how a well-known chain coming to town makes for a better tourist experience. Some citizens went as far as showing support for both coffee shops. Kim Griffin, who has a son in the military, says “I like Starbucks and local coffee shops. My son is in the military and he likes both Starbucks and local coffee shops. There’s room for both. Most people only drive so far for a cup of coffee.”

For the time being, Starbucks and Caffe Paradiso are coexisting. People who were already buying locally are more likely to continue buying locally. The opening of the new cafe rubbed some citizens the wrong way, but it seems like the new Starbucks is here to stay.

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Starbucks is located at Halls Ferry Road in Vicksburg, Mississippi Starbucks can be contacted via phone at () for pricing, hours and directions.

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What is the phone number for Starbucks?

The phone number for Starbucks is: ()

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Starbucks is located at Halls Ferry Road, Vicksburg, MS

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The website (URL) for Starbucks is:

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Starbucks is open:
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The Board of Mayor and Aldermen has approved a right of way dedication to build a road off of Halls Ferry Road just south of the intersection with Pemberton Square Boulevard.

The area presently is a drive between Chik-fil-A and the old Regions Bank property, which is the site of a Starbucks Coffee that is presently under construction.

“When it goes through there, it will be a city street going right into the (Halls Ferry) sports complex,” public works director Garnet Van Norman said. He said the road will also give Fire Station 8 another outlet.

The next steps, he said, will be finding the money, hiring an engineer and designing the project.

“If we can do this road, it will allow us to relieve traffic on Halls Ferry and the relief of traffic getting to the tennis courts and the fire department,” Mayor George Flaggs Jr. said. “It’s been a long time coming but I see the structure of Starbucks going up and it will be winning situation.”

About John Surratt

John Surratt is a graduate of Louisiana State University with a degree in general studies. He has worked as an editor, reporter and photographer for newspapers in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. He has been a member of The Vicksburg Post staff since and covers city government. He and his wife attend St. Paul Catholic Church and he is a member of the Port City Kiwanis Club.

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A good, strong cup of coffee, whether it comes from a pot brewed at home or from one of Vicksburg’s local shops, is a morning kick-start many have to have each day.

For some, it is a simple cup of coffee, black with no sugar, and for others, the morning must start with a latte, cappuccino, espresso or other specialty drink offered by a talented barista.

Either way, it’s the caffeine many need to ignite their day and spark their creativity.

For those who visit one of the three coffee shops in town, it is also the personalities of those who work there, the special touches and the smiling faces that add to the whole experience.

That is why the news Tuesday of Starbucks coming increasingly closer to opening a location in Vicksburg brought such an emotional reaction.

While rumors swirled about the likelihood of the international coffee shop coming to Vicksburg for months, it was Mayor George Flaggs Jr.’s public acknowledgment of the company&#;s investment in Warren County during a Sept. 5 public hearing that added a double-shot to the news brew.

Add to those comments a site plan filed in February and permits filed by contractors and you have all the makings for a confirmable story.

On social media, there were some who were excited about the news, while others proclaimed their commitment to local coffee shops and support of businesses owned by those who live and work in Warren County.

We completely understand. Many in our office are loyal to a locally-owned coffee shop and will continue to be once Starbucks arrives. Our marketing staff works with many small businesses on a day-to-day basis and are committed to their success. Our hope is the additional competition will strengthen the marketplace, as opposed to hurting locally owned businesses that are already operating within it.

Unlike the news of a Walmart-type business coming to town and offering a large inventory and slashed prices, Starbucks coffee is expensive and apologetically so. Our home-owned coffee shops will have every opportunity to take on this coffee giant and continue to thrive.

Starbucks being so close to finalizing its move to Vicksburg is a positive reflection on the state of our local economy. Starbucks is no fool. They do not spend money just to spend it.

Just like other major retailers and eateries, Starbucks does research to ensure investment in new locations will have a positive return for owners and investors.

The fact that Starbucks is interested and progressing in opening a Vicksburg location shows our economy is strong and improving. Starbucks&#; entry into the marketplace will be an indicator to other retailers and eateries that Vicksburg is a place they too can come and open up shop.

In fact, according to information released by Flaggs during the public hearing, the proposed Starbucks project is just part of more than $ million in new construction already underway or planned for Vicksburg. Some of those projects include a new Popeye&#;s location on Clay Street, a new hotel being constructed on Berryman Road, a planned Family Dollar location on U.S. 61 South and more.

This newspaper company has a long history of solidly supporting local businesses. That’s without question. We particularly appreciate those who understand the importance of marketing locally and do business with us.

Vicksburg is on the right track and the investment by Starbucks and others is proof of that. All of us should welcome the competition and look forward to greater choices in the marketplace.

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