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MY FIRST REVIEW WAS DELETED PAWS HUMANE OF COLUMBUS, GA SO HERE IT IS AGAIN!!! I was once an employee of Paws Humane in Columbus, GA, for two years. Paws was home. I loved working with the animals and I miss it dearly. Every day was a new learning experience and I ate it up. I enjoyed, most of all, the offsite adoption events, that was part of my job. I was part of the wonderful adoption team that found homes for Pauli, Loli, Joffrey Rigby, Gemma, Lyla, Levi, Nina, Savannah, Miss Sassy, Kevin, Terra and Lyla to name a few. My mission each day, as I clocked in was to find homes for these animals that depended on us. The adoption team was family and always will be. Come when Paws welcomed in a new CEO. There is always change when new management comes in but we were not expecting the storm that came with the new CEO. Never did we see the CEO on the floor helping the employees clean the kennels. Never did we see the CEO on the adoption floor talking to customers and helping us succeed in the Paws mission/vision. Never did the CEO leave the cushioned chairs of the office. Never did anyone in the administration office leave the offices to get their hands dirty for morning clean. It was devastating losing our adoption manager/dog behaviorist with no leader at our helm. Two adoption employees stepped up and accepted the challenge, but the CEO stripped everything from us that was enjoyable about the job, making it harder, stressful, and a hostile working environment. The atmosphere became hostile, with all the employees scared for their jobs. We were told ‘paws is not cleaning house’ after one of our adoption managers was fired for another ‘mysterious’ situation. On January 22, I clocked into work not knowing that behind closed doors management was deciding on three employee’s fate. My last adoption was finding a home for two dogs a volunteer begged me to find a home for them together and I did that. At the end of the day the three of us were disposed of like trash for a bit protocol that FOUR adoption counselors were involved in but only THREE of us were fired over a BLOOD BLISTER, the size of a pin prick. The ‘bite’ could have been avoided if Paws would have either hired a QUALIFIED, FULL TIME, dog trainer or not have run off the dog behaviorist, who helped us find homes for all those hard case animals I listed above. The adoption team COULD NOT have done those adoptions without the dog behaviorist. We followed protocol and yet were still fired, disposed of like trash. I gave two years of my life to Paws. You could not find a more caring ‘line staff’. The Adoptions Department, Admissions Department, and Clinic Staff are amazing and the best in the business. The CEO, the Director of Operations and the other positions, in the main office are who do not and will not care about the employees who have given up their holidays, weekends, days off and time with our own animals to come into Paws for these animals every day. They don’t know what hard work their staff actually puts in each day. I put my heart, soul, tears and sweat into Paws and I don’t regret my time at Paws one bit. I was blessed to have received a job at Paws. I miss it and will always recommend people to Paws and to the clinic. I miss the animals. I miss the co-workers that became family. I miss the mission of aiming to make this a no-kill community. I was part of a great mission. I gave my heart to Paws Humane and I was one of the employees disposed of like trash in January of Should shelter employees be treated like trash?


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PAWS Humane is a nonprofit organization in partnership with the City of Columbus to enhance and supplement the services offered by Animal Care and Control, reduce the need for euthanasia of unwanted animals because of severe pet overpopulation, and bring people and animals together through adoption and fostering programs. PAWS Humane is committed to providing the money needed to assure that our community has:

* A homeless pet sanctuary shelter, and find a loving and compatible home for every adoptable animal.

* Affordable spay/neuter services to encourage the sterilization of our domestic animals. Over time, this will reduce the severe pet overpopulation problem in Columbus.

* Humane education instruction to the public and in our schools, teaching the fundamentals of responsible pet ownership.

* Provide pet-assisted therapy with trained shelter animals and accredited volunteers to bring the powerful healing ability of pets to those in need.

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Columbus, GA
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P.O. Box
Columbus, Georgia

Muscogee County Humane Society is an animal shelter in Columbus, Georgia. Contact Muscogee County Humane Society about adopting an animal that they shelter or foster care. So many animals in Columbus need a loving home. Consider adopting from Muscogee County Humane Society instead of buying one from a breeder or pet market.

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Below are some more shelters other than Muscogee County Humane Society that are in Georgia for you to check out. There are so many dogs and cats out there in Georgia that need a permanent home, so please try expanding your search for the pet you want to adopt.

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