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How to replace gas strut on office chairs

If you are having issues with your office chair, such as your chair slowly lowering itself throughout the day, or it no longer adjusts up and down, you might have an issue with the gas strut.

However you don’t necessarily need to buy a brand new chair, as replacing the gas strut on the chair could resolve the issue. To change the gas strut on a chair you will need some tools (all chairs are different so this may vary from regular office chairs to leather office chairs, for example).

Tools required:

Rubber mallet

Adjustable wrench

Mult-use lubricant spray (WD-40)

Replacement gas strut

  • Firstly, set your chair onto its side and make sure that it is in a stable position, then use the rubber mallet to gently tap on the centre of the base of the chair to remove it.
  • Adjust the wrench to fit securely around the existing cylinder, then twist anticlockwise it until it releases from the chair. If it is sticking or not moving from the chair, try some of the lubricant spray.
  • Once you have managed to remove the existing cylinder, you are ready to replace it with the new gas strut. Firstly place the base of the chair on a flat surface and insert the bottom of the gas strut into the base of the chair.
  • Then take the chair itself and place onto the new gas strut until it clicks into place, once done the chair will be ready to use again.

All office chairs differ but the above steps should help you change the gas strut on most office chairs. If you decide that you would rather have a new office chair, we offer a wide variety at Manutan to choose from, whether you want an ergonomic chair, a mesh office chair, a leather office chair or something else.

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chair gas lift not working
Gas springs, also called Gas Lift are very simple mechanical devices used for individually adjusting the height of gaming chairs and office chairs. Modern gas springs are safe and long-lasting devices. However, the chair gas lift not working anymore may happen after a couple of years of heavy use.  If this is the case in a cheap gaming chair, you may want to consider buying a whole new chair.  But if the chair gas lift is not working in a premium chair, then it is really worth the effort to replace the gas spring.

Chair gas lift not working? How to replace the gas lift?

Replacing a worn-out gas spring in a gaming chair or office chair is usually fairly simple and can be done by anyone with a little elbow grease and a bit of technical know-how.

The steps and the procedure for replacing the spring may slightly vary depending on the design and construction of the gaming chair.

Careful – The cylinder of a gas lift contains pressurized nitrogen!

The internal gas pressure of a gas spring is quite high. The cylinder of the gas spring must not be damaged, cut, or altered in any way! If they burst, severe personal injury can be the result!

Replacing the gas lift spring in a gaming chair

Generally, a vertical disassembly of the gaming chair is necessary. If a backrest with tilt and tilt mechanism is present, the repair is recommended with retained backrest attachment. The chair can be placed upside down with the seat on a table edge.

You may need the following tools:

  • Rubber mallet
  • Pipe wrench
  • possibly penetrating oil (eg WD40)
  • Other tools such as an adjustable wrench, ratchet set, or Allan key set are needed when the spring is really stuck and causing problems coming loose

Proceed as follows:

Remove the gas lift from the chair seat

The gas spring is usually only pushed into the receiving bushing of the chair tilt mechanism and can be pulled out with some effort. Spray a bit of penetrating oil where the gas cylinder is inserted into the chair tilt mechanism. The penetrating oil will help loosen the connection a bit. While holding the chair at the base, tap the area around the gas spring evenly on all sides with a rubber mullet until the connection releases and the cylinder slips out.

Remove the gas lift the chair base

Just as the gas cylinder is only pushed into the receiving bushing of the tilt mechanism, so is the gas cylinder only pushed into the gaming chair base. To remove, hold the base upside down. Use the rubber mallet to tap the outward-looking part of the gas spring until it releases from the chair base. Pay attention to it not falling onto the ground, catch it in a bucket or similar to cushion its fall.

Install the new gas lift spring

The last step is simple, you probably already gone through it during the assembly of the chair years ago.
Place the chair base on the floor. Insert the new gas spring with the correct side into the receiving bushing of the chair base and push it firmly in. Then insert the gas spring into to receiving hole of the chair seat.

Then take the chair seat, line up the gas lift cylinder with the bushing of the tilt mechanism, and insert the cylinder into the bushing.

Sit down into it so that everything is pushed firmly together. Test the mechanism to make sure everything is working properly.

Where can you buy them?

The best source for a new gas spring is directly from the chair manufacturer. This ensures you get a genuine product that complies with the specifications and size of the chair. It is important to buy the right spring, as the wrong spring may be too weak or the lifting mechanism may not work as intended. Premium chair manufacturers can supply all the spare parts needed for the chairs they sell.

Heavy Duty – Standard Size Gas Lift 

Mass-produced gaming chairs have gas springs with a standard diameter of 2 “/ 1.1” and an up / down stroke of approximately 5 inches. Before you order, it is best to measure the old gas spring as a reference to make sure that the new one fits the chair.

Last update on 2021-10-06 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

What are Gas Lift Springs?

As the name implies, gas springs are gas lift devices that with the help of pressurized gas allow the raising and lowering of objects. Gas lifts used in chairs actually employ gas and a small amount of oil to provide compression and damping.

A gas spring consists of a steel cylinder containing pressurized gas (nitrogen) and a piston rod that slides through a cylinder through a sealing ring.

How do Gas springs work?

Gas springs consist of a cylinder, a movable piston that moves within the cylinder, a valve, and steel rods that connect the device to the base of the chair and respectively to the underside of the seat pan.

The springs cylinder is filled with a compressed gas usually, nitrogen. The gas is stored in chambers, on either side of the piston, separated by a valve. The chair gas lift not working anymore is usually the result of the sealing rings around the piston rod that have worn out.

A lever attached to the chair’s gas spring lets the user adjust the chair height by opening or closing the valve and allowing the gas to flow from one side of the piston to the other side.

When a force is applied, gas can flow through a small opening (valve) which allows the piston to move within the cylinder extending or contracting the length of the device, thus lowering or raising the chair.

A small amount of oil provides additional damping and lubrication.

Read in detail how gas springs work.

Height adjustment

The gas springs as used in adjustable gaming chairs allow the user with the help of a lever and its own body weight, to easily raise and lower. This saves the user a lot of power and time, to individually adapt the height of the chair to the size of the occupant.


To achieve a damping effect as well as to ensures a slower and smoother movement of the piston, part of the gas spring is filled with a small amount of oil. This also acts as lubrication of the seals between the piston and cylinder.

Safety First

The high internal gas pressure of gas lifts poses a significant risk for damage and injury. Installation and exchange of gas lifts should only be carried out by trained specialists. 

If you replace the gas spring yourself be very careful. If you are not 100 % confident in the procedure seek professional assistance! 


The best gas lift cylinder for your office chair will depend on the dimensions of the chair you have. While we recommend going for a replacement from the same manufacturer, this may be a bit hectic. Rather, getting a universal gas lift cylinder will be enough for most chairs.  

Knowing how a gas lift cylinder works is important since it allows you take proper care of it and replace it when time comes for a new one. Even with the best care, gas lift cylinders will eventually get worn out and need replacement. Gas lift cylinders for chairs don’t have parts you can replace and instead require complete replacement. The good news is that even the very best of them cost a few tens of dollars hence easily affordable.  

In choosing the right gas lift cylinder for your chair, always consider the stroke of the cylinder. This is the distance the chair can travel from the highest to the lowest point. This will determine how high the gas lift cylinder (also called the plunger piston or hydraulic shaft) can raise and lower your chair.  

The Best Gas Lift Cylinders 

After trying out a good number of gas lift cylinders, we settled on the following 7 to be the very best: 

1. Oak Leaf Gas Lift Cylinder, 5” Stroke, Black 

7 Best Gas Lift Cylinders for Office Chair

The Oak Leaf Gas Lift Cylinder is the truly universal gas lift cylinder you should go for. It comes with the standard measurements of 2 inches for the outer cylinder and 1.1 inches for the inner cylinder diameters.  

The Oak Leaf also comes with support for up to 450 lbs. of weight which is way higher than most office chairs will support. With a 5-inch stroke and 15.5 inches of height when fully extended, it provides good height adjustment for office chair users of all sizes.  

It’s very easy to install this gas lift cylinder and you’ll get one of the smoothest operations whether it’s adjusting the height or rotating in the chair. The materials used are steel and high-quality plastic which provide longevity for the gas lift cylinder.  


  • Standard gas lift cylinder diameters of 1.1” and 2” for the inner and outer cylinders respectively.  
  • 5” stroke and 15.5” when fully extended to accommodate people of all heights.  
  • Weight capacity of 450 lbs.  
  • Works smoothly and noiselessly.  
  • Easy installation procedure.
  • Made of high-quality materials for longevity.
  • 30-day return and money back guarantee.


  • Needs proper measurement of your chair.  

Most chairs will fit this excellent gas lift cylinder from Oak Leaf. It also comes at a bargain price and will last for a long time.  

2. Replacement Office Chair Gas Lift Cylinder Pneumatic Shock – 5″ Travel – S6111 

7 Best Gas Lift Cylinders for Office Chair

Next up is the Replacement Gas Lift Cylinder with a 5-inch travel. That means that the chair can move up and down 5 inches with this gas lift cylinder. It measures 2” (50mm) wide and 9.25” (235mm) tall and is in a black color. These dimensions mean that it’ll work with most chairs in the office or at home.  

With a piston stroke of 5 inches, the whole gas lift cylinder measures 16.25 inches when fully extended. In our tests, it proved to be quite smooth and accurate when in use.  

It works quite well for office chairs, executive chairs, task chairs and many more. You won’t need to worry about the quality of the material since steel and hard plastic are used. If properly fitted on to your chair, this gas lift cylinder will serve you for many years to come.  


  • 5” piston travel/stroke.  
  • Fits most office chairs, task chairs, executive chairs and others.  
  • High quality materials (steel and hard plastic) and construction for longevity.  
  • Easy installation procedure.  


  • Needs to be measured for some chairs as it’s not fully universal.  

If you’re looking for a cheap yet quality option to replace your current office chair’s gas lift cylinder, you’ll never go wrong with this one.  

3. #1 Office Chair Cylinder Replacement 

7 Best Gas Lift Cylinders for Office Chair

Coming as a wholesome package with a gas lift cylinder, gloves, removal tools and a manual, the #1 Office Chair Replacement kit provides lots of quality and convenience. The gas lift cylinder has universal measurements of 2’ (50mm) and 1-1/8” (28mm) for the outer and inner diameters respectively. When fully extended, it measures 385mm (15-1/8”) aided by the 4¾” (128mm) travel of the piston.  

The installation process is one of the easiest thanks to the included removal and installation parts such the gloves, Allen keys, screws, and shaft collars. You also get the help of an instruction guide to quickly remove the old cylinder and replace it with the new one. In 5 simple steps, you’ll breathe new life into your office chair.  

Being a Class 4 chair cylinder means that this is one of the most durable and reliable gas lift cylinders on the market. Class 4 gas lift cylinders like this one can support up to 1000 lbs. of weight without any issues. This is backed by a 6-year warranty on the cylinder.  


  • 4.75″ piston travel/stroke.
  • Easy removal and installation procedures.  
  • Removal kit with gloves included.  
  • Class 4 gas lift cylinder. 
  • Universal fit and an industry standard.  
  • Support for up to 1000 lbs.  
  • 6-year warranty.  


Although it costs a few dollars more than comparative gas lift cylinders for office chairs, it’s worth every extra penny you’ll spend on it thanks to the high-quality parts.  

4. ToolKee Gas Lift Cylinder Replacement and Gloves

7 Best Gas Lift Cylinders for Office Chair

The ToolKee Gas Lift Cylinder Replacement kit, also available as the DOZYANT Gas Lift Cylinder, is another great replacement for your malfunctioning gas lift cylinder. The inner and outer diameters measure 1.1 inches and 2 inches respectively. This means they’ll fit most office chairs in the office and home.  

This gas lift cylinder will accommodate all sizes and weights of users having a weight capacity of 450 lbs. It’s a Class 4 gas cylinder which is an assurance of its high quality. It has a 5” stroke with minimum and maximum lengths of 10 inches and 15 inches respectively.  

This gas lift cylinder is also very easy to install with a few steps being all you’ll need. Once in place, it’ll operate smoothly and without any noise. With its high-quality materials, you’re guaranteed of a long life when using it.  


  • 5″ piston stroke/travel.
  • Class 4 gas lift cylinder. 
  • 450 lbs. weight capacity.  
  • Standard measurements which fit most office chairs.  
  • Smooth and noiseless operation.  
  • Quick and easy installation.  


  • Not following the installation procedure can damage the cylinder.  

A quality and affordable option for your office chair.  

5.  MySit Office Gas Lift Cylinder – Heavy Duty 5” Stroke Universal Size  

7 Best Gas Lift Cylinders for Office Chair

MySit Office Gas Lift Cylinder is a heavy-duty gas lift cylinder available in strokes of 2.2”, 5” and 6”. The best size that balances convenience and size is the 5” one which we put to the test. It’s a Class 4 gas lift cylinder with a full length of 18.5 inches. 

Like all the gas cylinders on the list, this one is very easy to install as it comes with the standard fittings. The steel and high-quality plastic parts ensure that you’ll be using it for a long time to come. This is further backed by the 5-year Money Back or Free Replacement guarantee on the cylinder.  


  • 5” piston travel/ stroke.  
  • Class 4 gas lift cylinder.  
  • Easy and quick installation.  
  • 5-year guarantee.
  • A universal fit.  


  • Few extras included in the box.  

Even without the extras such as gloves in the box, the quality and price of this gas lift cylinder are among the very best.  

6. KAPOGEE KGC-120B Highest Grade Class 4 Gas Lift Cylinder/Gas Spring with Disposable Gloves 

7 Best Gas Lift Cylinders for Office Chair

The Kapogee KGC-120B is a Class 4 grade gas lift cylinder with the highest quality parts and features. It has a stainless-steel body with hard plastic to provide guaranteed quality. It comes with the standard dimensions to fit most office chairs. 

This gas lift cylinder comes with a stroke of 5 inches. The compressed length is 10.7” (272mm) while the extended length is 15.5” (392mm). The outer diameter is the standard 2 inches for a universal fit. You also get a pair of black disposable nitrile gloves to protect your hands as you install it.  

This Kapogee gas lift cylinder has a weight capacity of 400 lbs. and offers a smooth and noiseless operation with a 360° turn in your chair. With the steel tube having a welded bottom, you’re assured of a quality product. It is further backed by a 90-day money back guarantee with a lifetime warranty.  


  • 5” chair stroke.  
  • Support for 400 lbs.  
  • Comes with disposable gloves.  
  • Has a universal fit.  
  • Steel tube with welded bottom provides greater strength and longevity.  
  • Lifetime warranty and 90-day money back guarantee.


  • Won’t fit non-standard chairs.  

Having a standard chair with a failing gas lift cylinder can be annoying but this replacement from Kapogee is the solution you need for that.  

7. Heavy Duty 8” Stroke Replacement Drafting Stool Gas Lift Cylinder Shock – Medium Stool Height  

7 Best Gas Lift Cylinders for Office Chair

Wrapping up our list is the Heavy Duty 8” Stroke Replacement Gas Lift Cylinder. It is the largest of the gas lift cylinders on our list thanks to its large 8-inch stroke. When fully extended, it has a total length of 22.25” (565mm) which is an advantage when you have a large chair or need extra height.  

Given its large size and universal dimensions, it can be used by most office chairs and even stools. It comes with an external diameter of 2 inches (50mm) which is the standard fit for most chairs and adjustable stools.  

The materials that went into the making of this chair are the best quality steel and hard plastic making sure it lasts. Compared to other gas lift cylinders, this is the best for large chairs or chairs that require extra height as it offers 3 more inches above the standard 5” of stroke.  


  • 8” chair stroke/vertical travel, 22.25” (565mm) fully extended. 
  • Made of stainless steel and hard plastic.  
  • Universal fit.  
  • Quick and easy installation procedure. 
  • Works with stools, drafting chairs, tall task chairs and most office chairs with a standard fit.  


  • Best fit for large chairs.  

If you’re looking for a gas lift cylinder that will either raise your chair above its current height or one for your non-office chairs and stools, this is the one. It also fits normal chairs at standard heights given its universal dimensions.  

These gas lift cylinders will give you the confidence to use your office chair if the current one has failed. For other office chair adjustments, you can check out this guide.

Buying Guide: What to Look for in an Office Chair Gas Lift Cylinder 

Gas lift cylinders may appear similar but there are some specific differences among them. These differences are what determine which cylinder to go for. They include the following: 

1. The amount of stroke/travel 

The stroke of a gas lift cylinder or chair refers to the distance between the highest point and the lowest that the chair can attain. It’s primarily determined by the gas lift cylinder and is fixed for each cylinder. Most gas lift cylinders will have a stroke of about 5 inches. This means that the chair will rise from the lowest point to 5 inches upwards.  

You need to choose the right stroke for your chair as it determines your comfort. If you get one that’s too short, your chair won’t rise to the height you need. Our advice is that you get one that’s just the height of your current gas lift cylinder (or longer if you want a higher chair).  

The easiest way to measure the travel of your chair or gas cylinder is to lower it completely then mark on the wall the top part of the back. Fully raise it then mark the new position of the top of the back of your chair on the same wall. The distance between the two marks is the current travel of your chair and gas lift cylinder.  

2. Size (fit) 

The size or fit of your chair is another determinant of whether a gas cylinder fits your needs or not. This refers to the size of the cylinder in terms of the gas spring and the column. The gas spring is the top part of the cylinder and is what goes into the chair tilt mechanism below the seat of the chair. 

In a standard chair, the gas spring has a diameter of 1.1 inches (28mm). It also holds pressurized nitrogen gas and lubrication oil. At its very top is a tapering of 17-4 for an industry-standard chair. The gas spring also has the piston (the shiny cylinder) that moves up and down when adjusting the chair height.  

The column of the gas cylinder is the circular part that goes into the base of the chair and houses the gas spring. It’s usually black in color for most gas cylinders. The industry-standard column has a diameter of 2 inches.  

3. Materials and build quality 

The material used to make the gas lift cylinder will determine its quality and longevity as well. All gas lift cylinders are a combination of metal and plastic and are classified into classes with Class 4 being the best quality. Class 4 gas lift cylinders are made of heavy-duty steel and hard plastic for longevity.  

Besides the materials, the quality of the build will also largely determine the longevity of the gas lift cylinder. The cylinders work by use of the pressurized nitrogen gas which allows for the raising and lowering of the chair. If the nitrogen gas escapes due to a poor build quality, the cylinder won’t work properly.  

4. Ease of replacement 

Removing the old cylinder and replacing it with the new one is among the most challenging procedures when replacing a gas lift cylinder on your chair. With the gas lift cylinders above, the procedures are quite direct and can be done in a few minutes with the right tools. Some of the gas lift cylinders here come with the needed tools in the case that you don’t have them at the ready. Generally, the easier the procedure, the better the gas lift cylinder.  

5. Total length of cylinder (protrusion below chair base) 

Besides the stroke of the gas lift cylinder, the other aspect to consider is its total length. That’s the length from the top of the gas spring to the bottom of the column. This determines how much of the cylinder will protrude below the base when the cylinder is fitted to the chair. 

If there’s too much of the cylinder below the base, it means that the cylinder you chose is too long. This can hinder the other functions of the chair such as rotations and moving around. If there’s too little of it, the chair will not be stable and it’s a sign that the gas lift cylinder is too short. 

The safest way is to measure the total length of the current gas lift cylinder on the chair then pick a similar length as a replacement. Measure it when compact and fully distended then match the measurements of your current cylinder to the measurements of your intended replacement. 

These aspects will give you the gas lift cylinder you need for your chair. For a few tens of dollars, you can restore and even improve the workings of your chair in no time. Keep in mind that you don’t need to get an exact replica of the gas lift cylinder currently on your chair. As long as it matches the measurements and it’s a quality one, it’ll serve you well. If your gas lift cylinder can’t get you to the height you want, you can make your office chair higher with our guide here. On the other hand, if you simply want an office chair for a big guy, have a look at this guide.

Are Office Chair Cylinders Universal?  

No. Different office chairs come with different measurements for their gas lift cylinders although the working mechanisms are the same. However, there is an industry standard to which a majority of office chair gas lift cylinders conform to. These have an external diameter of inner and outer diameters of 1.1 inches and 2 inches respectively. The other dimensions such as the height can differ but it’ll still be a universal fit.  


Chair gas replacement lift

If you’ve assembled an office chair, you’ve no doubt seen one of these cylinders. The bottom goes into the wheelbase, the top inserts beneath the seat, and then you can magically raise or lower the seat to a comfortable height with just the flick of a lever, handle or paddle.

Most modern ergonomic office chairs come with these pneumatic cylinders. The “gas” is actually compressed air. And most of the time, they work flawlessly. Especially if you bought your chair from a reputable company.

But if you want to know more about how your height adjustable chair actually works, or what to do if your gascylinder fails and needs to be replaced, you may find this guide helpful.

What is a gas cylinder?

Gas Cylinder Chair

A gas cylinder, also called a pneumatic cylinder or gas lift, is the unit that allows you to raise or lower your office chair with the use of a lever below the side of the seat.

Unlike older chair models that used a threaded spindle lift, where you had to turn the chair counter-clockwise to raise and clockwise to lowe the chair, a gas lift chair uses a chamber with  compressed air to change the height of a chair.

Also called a spring, this chamber mechanism makes it quick and easy to adjust the chair relative to your desk height, so easily find a comfortable and ergonomic sitting position.

How does a pneumatic cylinder work?

As mentioned, a gas cylinder relies on compressed air to raise and lower your seat.

Pneumatic cylinder (animation)

When the lever on  your chair is engaged, it activates the cylinder. If you engage the lever and while releasing your weight from the seat, the air in the cylinder compresses and pushes the piston out of the air chamber, thereby raising your seat.

With the piston pushed out, the air in the chamber is expanded, allowing the seat to be lowered when you activate the lever and push down with y our weight on the seat.

Parts of a Gas Cylinder

#1 Office Chair Cylinder Replacement - Includes Removal Tool, Instructions & Gloves - Heavy Duty Gas Lift Hydraulic/Pneumatic Piston - Fits Most Herman Miller Aeron & Universal Standard Size

Standard pneumatic chair cylinders are composed of the following parts:

The Stand Pipe (aka outer column): This is a 2” diameter main column that connects to the chairs’ five-star base. The bottom of the column in tapered. This is the end you insert into the wheelbase when assembling an office chair. The length of the column and tapered section may vary from model to model, but the 2” diameter for the main column is standard with most cylinders.

Piston (aka inner column):  The 1.1 inch diameter piston that connects to the seat base and raises or lowers to adjust the chair height. The end of this unit is also tapered to fit into the hole in the seat base unit (also known as the swivel unit). The top of the piston on a new cylinder has a plastic cover. You will remove that when installing to expose the button at the top (aka the actuator).

Actuator: The button at the top of the piston that gets pushed and activates the cylinder to raise or lower the chair.

Dust Cover: The telescoping plastic dust protector placed over the main column.

Retainer Clip: The little clip at the bottom of the piston column that keeps it from sliding out of the main column.

Gas Cylinder Retainer Clip

Replacing a gas cylinder

If you’re reading an article about gas cylinders, there’s a good chance you’re here because you actually need to replace one.

Luckily, whether your chair came with a faulty cylinder, you need more “travel” and height, or your faithful pneumatic chair is no longer “pneumatic” after all these years, it’s actually pretty simple to replace a gas cylinder.

The first step is to figure out what size you need.

Gas Cylinder Sizes

As mentioned above, most cylinders come with standard diameter measurements for the stand pipe and piston.

So, before you start looking at new cylinders, first confirm that your current cylinder has the standard 2” diameter at the base of the main column. See the image above for an illustration of this measurement.

**Do not include the plastic cover in this measurement.

Also check to see that you have a standard 1.1” diameter piston.

Once you’ve confirmed that you’ll be able to use a standard diameter cylinder replacement, you’ll then need to figure out how much “travel” you want.

What’s your stroke (aka travel)?

If you’ve read many chair spec sheets (doesn’t everyone spend their time reading chair spec sheets?) you might’ve seen the terms “stroke” and/or “travel” in reference to the chair cylinder.

This simply means that the cylinder will raise or lower the chair within a certain number of inches. For example, a 4 stroke chair cylinder is quite common, meaning the chair can be raised or lowered within a range of 4 inches.

The easiest way to determine the stroke of your current chair/cylinder is to do a quick measurement:

  • Raise your chair up to it’s highest point. Now measure the height from the floor to the seat.
  • Lower your chair down to the lowest and take the same measurement.
  • The difference between the highest and lowest point is your travel or stroke.

As mentioned, you’ll find that 4” is a pretty common travel for chairs, but this number can range from as low as 3” all the way up to 10”.

What travel range is best for you will depend on your height, the height of the chair, and the height of your desk(s). For example, if you need more chair height for a taller desk setup, you can find a replacement cylinder with a longer piston and therefore more travel than your current cylinder offers.

Weight Capacity

Another important consideration when it comes to gas cylinders is the weight capacity.

Most chairs come with a stated maximum load capacity. For example, many big and tall office chairs can hold over 400 lbs, while standard ergonomic task chairs might be closer to 250 lbs.

If weight capacity of the chair frame is important, make sure your replacement cylinder is also up to the task.

For example, standard cylinders can adjust with a capacity up to 250 lbs. But “heavy duty” class 4 pneumatic devices can handle over 450 lbs (this would be necessary on a chair that qualifies for ANSI/BIFMA large occupant standards).

Bottom line: Make sure you get the right class cylinder that’s consistent with your chair’s weight capacity limits.

Final note: Also be sure to check if the cylinder is rotating or non-rotating to match the needs of your chair.

Removing the Old Cylinder

Now comes the fun part. Just kidding, this can actually be kind of a pain. But if you want to revive your trusty old office chair with a fresh new cylinder, you’ll need to take that old one out first.

You can try this method (explained in the video) or keep reading for simple basic steps that we’ve used in the past:

The New Way to Remove and Replace an Office Chair Cylinder (Without a Pipe Wrench)

Remove the tapered end from the wheelbase.

First, tip your chair over so you can access the wheelbase. Then, with a hammer or rubber mallet, start tapping around the edge of the tapered bottom of the cylinder.

Try not to hit dead center where the retainer clip is. Keep tapping around the edges to loosen the unit so you can pull the column from the base.

If you can’t get it free, some people suggest using a flat head screwdriver to remove the retainer clip from the bottom.

This will release the piston from the cylinder. Now you’ll just have a wheelbase with the empty cylinder column stuck in it.

In this case, you should be able to turn the wheelbase upside down and hammer the tapered end of the column through until it’s free.

Remove the piston from the seat base.

Next, you’ll have to remove the piston head from the seat base. To do this, tap around the edge of the top of the piston with a rubber mallet to loosen it. You can use WD 40 to make this easier.

Once it’s a little loose, you should be able to wiggle it free from the seat base.

Find a Replacement

The final step is to go online, find a replacement cylinder, and insert it back into your wheelbase and seat. Again, if you’ve confirmed that your cylinder is a standard diameter, this part should be pretty easy.

You can even find a bunch of standard replacement gas chair cylinders on Amazon.

But if you have any questions or need a specific size cylinder or more obscure unit for your chair, we recommend dealing with a chair parts specialist.

Here are some good places to look online:

Hopefully, this primer on gas cylinders will help you appreciate this all important component of your height-adjustable office or gaming chair.

And if you need a new one, you’ll know just what to do.

The New Way to Remove and Replace an Office Chair Cylinder (Without a Pipe Wrench)

#1 Office Chair Cylinder Replacement - Includes Removal Tool, Instructions & Gloves - Heavy Duty Gas Lift Hydraulic/Pneumatic Piston - Fits Most Herman Miller Aeron & Universal Standard Size

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