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Take a look inside 9 of the most luxurious private jets in the world

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Boeing 747 8 greenpoint
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When it comes to private jets, there are some that are a cut above the rest.

These days, a select lucky few are taking luxury air travel to new heights with state-of-the-art ultra-long-range executive jets from manufacturers such as Gulfstream and Bombardier. And then there are those bold enough to convert commercial airliners into opulent flying palaces.

It's all very impressive.

So we at Business Insider have assembled what we believe to be a collection of the most luxurious private aircraft in the world. Naturally, this list is fluid and subject to change — after all, Elon Musk might surprise us all one day with a pimped-out SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule mounted atop a Falcon Heavy rocket, or a company like Zunum Aero could give us an electric private jet.

But for now, at least, here are the seven most luxurious private jets in the world, according to Business Insider.

This article was originally published by Benjamin Zhang in January 2018. It was updated by David Slotnick in December 2019.

1. Embraer Legacy 500: Unlike, the other jets on this list, the Embraer Legacy 500 is a midsize plane designed to operate shorter routes. At "just" $20 million, it's also the most affordable of the eight planes.

Embraer Legacy 500 31
Hollis Johnson

But that doesn't mean its customer interiors are anything to scoff at. The cabin is lined with rich leather and custom wood veneer.

Embraer Legacy 500 3
Hollis Johnson

While its floors are covered with fine carpets and shining stonework.

Embraer Legacy 500 18
Hollis Johnson

2. Gulfstream G500: At $44 million, the G500 isn't Gulfstream's most expensive offering, but it is the newest. It's expected to enter service later this year.

Gulfstream G500

The G500 features bespoke cabins with seating tailored to the needs of the customer.

Gulfstream G500

The aircraft also has high-speed internet that's 30 times as fast as that of its current competitors.

Gulfstream G500

3. Gulfstream G650ER: At $66.5 million, the G650ER is Gulfstream's flagship product. It has a range of more than 7,500 miles, meaning it can complete flights across the Pacific Ocean.

Gulfstream G650ER

Share Your Builds!

A fun spot to add your cool builds and other things!

Optional things you can have are a name for it, and a description or why you have made it!

Must include your Roblox username.

Inter_pride imperial TIE Interceptor

(Not copy of Zzuhaili Tie Interceptor i made this before Zzuhaili posted theirs) uses propelers to maneuver, i made cause it looks cool and i recently got into star wars, yeah im late


-Speed (457)

Inter_pride Tie Interceptor on a night dogfight

-high roll rate

-it looks cool

-has guns


-terrible maneuverability

-slow climb rate

-wings are very fragile (particularly the part that connects the wings)

-deals little damage

Special Forces TIE Interceptor by Zzuhaili

Latest of my builds, still figuring out how to put a photo here. This air vehicle is very maneuverable and very powerful. Made this to combat the main fighters from the Shredder clan and upgraded to Special Forces by adding Motor Flaps and more SRE's with passenger cap of 4


•High Damage and Speed (537)

•Motor flaps for maneuvering

• Primary, Secondary, and Rear weapons


•Wings are on the outside, might be prone to attacks

•Needs high FPS to shoot accurately

Pz.IV.Kpfw H by kujojo_195CM

Old tank, made it with almost 0 knowledge on tanks months ago hence the awkward gun size, still pretty solid and powerful and has never let me down, tanks through hell and come back with a few hundred blocks gone but still be able to move and attack, dangerous for smaller vehicles and slow aircraft.


  • Stable, smooth drive
  • Working treads
  • Sideskirts (protects said treads)
  • Has a pretty compact yet effective machine gun
  • Not laggy at 1622 blocks


  • Slow
  • Bulky
  • Fires one rocket per round, every shot must count
  • Fragile treads

kujojo195_cm's A330-300

The largest plane I've built so far, and not too laggy as well at 3398 blocks, it flies the Cebu Pacific livery, though crudely painted, pretty recognizable by Filipinos, the interior is pretty cramped due to the airline being low-cost.


  • Pretty fast
  • Tilted gear
  • Working Doors and Airstair
  • Seats alot of players
  • Detailed exterior


  • Glitchy Gears due to the suspensions
  • Glitchy Wings
  • Bland interior
  • Average maneuverability

kujojo195_cm's Stuka and Bismarck

Based on the infamous Junkers Ju-87 Sturzkampfflugzeug (shortened to Stuka), this dive bomber can be really dangerous to slow moving tanks, large warships and sometimes even other airborne bombers, its armed with 8 bombs in total and two guns for defense, the Stuka should have an ear-bleeding siren when it dives, but I have no speakers.

There is also an alternate variant of this aircraft, known as the "Kannonenvogel", or Cannonbird, it has a smaller cockpit than the dive bomber variant, its used to exterminate tanks in mind, it has 2 cannons made up of 8 stacked guns, it can be used for fighting other aircraft as well


  • Very accurate bombs (Bomber variant)
  • Low profile
  • Hard-hitting bombs (Bomber variant)
  • Realistic


  • Slow
  • Easy target for faster aircraft
  • Due to the game's limitations, it has no rear gunner
  • Almost no defenses apart from 2 guns (Bomber variant)


Not so proud of this one so I'm just gonna make a brief description of it, its of course based on the German battleship Bismarck, he's a fast battleship which also served as the flagship of the Kriegsmarine until his sinking at May 27, 1941, which his sister ship the Tirpitz would take his position after the fact, this one is intended for PVP use, that's why he has ugly main guns, the superstructure is pretty detailed but the hull not too much, originally built him flat-bottomed 3 months ago.

kujojo_195cm's IJN Yamato

My first super-battleship the IJN Yamato, 4 days of build time and it now has weapons, it consists of 10 AA defenses and 3 main guns that consist of 9 rockets (3 rockets in each gun), it has two variants, non-PVP (5820 blocks) and PVP (5873 blocks)

the ship, of course, is based on the infamous Japanese battleship Yamato of the battleship class of the same name


  • Fast for its size, 68 studs per second.
  • Large and Fat (can be a disadvantage).
  • Potential to add more detail due to her size.
  • Not laggy.
  • Stable.
  • Heavy broadside, especially when the AA guns are also used (PVP tested).


  • Large and Fat (can be an advantage).
  • Easy target for smaller and faster vessels, planes (haha, cause the Yamato was sunk by planes!), shredders, etc.
  • Very specific method of folding due to the motorlocked deck, its very easy to mess up.
  • Guns are pretty buggy, once one of them makes contact with water it launches the entire ship to space
  • Slow-rotating and inaccurate turrets.

Frost_Nemo's MegaTank

This build is effective against most things

The weapons include: 2 Lava spitters, 12 Rockets, 10 Guns, and 226 cutters


Has 897 blocks


  • Is fast because it is propelled by a dual conveyor drive engine
  • Has a big selection of weapons
  • Two layers of armor
  • Has cutters on the outside
  • Has suspension
  • Can go up to 380 studs per second


  • Cannot hit fast vehicles (300 studs per second or over)
  • Is hard to hit aerial vehicles
  • Is extremely big and easy to hit

TheAviatorGuy2011's Alaska Airlines 737-800

As in real life the 737-800 goes to speeds of 588 knots or 588 MPH and in-game it goes up to 100 Knots Cruising speed 87 knots. and flies smooth in 38 on the gravity slider.

Has Spoilers and working flaps and winglets. I like to build things big and small so I choose to build it small because big takes to long to build.


  • Retractable gear
  • Moving flaps
  • Can paint many liveries
  • Easy to takeoff in customized gravity
  • Has a smooth landing


  • Cannot fly in 180 gravity
  • Can get shredded by island propeller easily
  • Hard to land takes about all of the runway and base

KennethAviation's Blue Angels F-18 Fighter Jet


This F-18 is very stable, can do stunts, and is very accurate! It uses some motorlock and it only fits 1 person. You can do airshows with people who have a similar build.

Smoke comes out of the back of the plane, and it can turn on and off. It has retractable, custom gear that doesn't use motors. This is simple, small, and fun.


  • Stable
  • Realistic
  • Fun to use
  • easy to stunt
  • custom gear


  • Hard to takeoff
  • too steep rotation
  • hard to land

This build also has custom flaps which makes the plane harder to control but easier to do stunts in.

Frost_Nemo's "Slicer"


This can shred ground vehicles and can drift. It is somewhat controllable with pistons to reach small vehicles. It can destroy tanks somewhat quickly and turrets are easy to take out. If the piston gets shot and the shredder brakes off you can explode the vehicle with 0 to easily take out other things

foxy666_Plays Anti Shredder Bug Turret ( A.S.B.T )

Also known as a shredder destroyer, this build is effective at taking out SWARMS, but works on other bugs too. but is REALLY bad at taking out types of omni bugs. the turret will not ever EVER ruin others day and things like that, and will only attack when attacked. but to be sure I am not gonna give the creation away, just to be abused and taken over by the wrong hands. I will tell some little details though. the turret is 3x3 block base and upper part, then two arms going out Left and Right. and on the "hands" (main gun part) it has a motor 2 making the "hand" turn left and right to am at the target. the turret used to have parachute Armour (ill explain that later) but got taken away and replaced with TNT Armour in the middle of the 3x3 blocks. but that's what makes it special. TNT Armour makes the turret really strong, and survive longer around shredders with the only weak-spots are [TOP SECRET] (alternate names, A.S.S.T, S.B.D.T, and T.O.D)



TNT Armour

last resort self destruct

only dies form weakspots

works well attacking army


glitches at times

Sometimes flings itself (fixed)

cant take out all types of shredder bug

Gmansevilemeny12's Lepomis Conveyor Jet

Not built with aesthetic or quality in mind, the purple and orange jet was built to counter shredder bugs and go toe-to-toe with flying death cubes. Built with a modified conveyor engine inside, the Lepomis will reach 3300 studs/sec, a speed that dogfights aren't feasible. To actually be PVP capable and effective, the Lepomis is equipped with an airbrake that locks its speed at 1000 sps. Sporting an average turn rate among other high speed builds, the Lepomis's advantage is its fantastic roll rate, allowing it to stay out of gunsights and rope-a-dope fast turners. The airframe and wing design was made very carefully; at high speeds, planes have a nasty habit of shaking. The Lepomis does not shake and is stable - even in higher speeds.

Another advantage is the Lepomis's armament. the jet has two gun stacks of 5, and two rockets. The advantage is the placement of these weapons on a motor2 turret, enabling the player to effectively hit the target in front of them even though the plane's nose isn't directly facing the target.

RobloxScreenShot20200924 105854951.png

A downside to the plane is the lack of the ability to fight at lower speeds, along with the fact that without thrust, the jet cannot point its nose up; pointing straight down. Another somewhat critical downside of the aircraft is its fragility due to the careful design mentioned above. The aircraft is useless if it gets hit by any weapon. This means that the user must be able to avoid getting hit. The effective potential of the plane also relies a lot on the player's skill.

The Lepomis in combat was recorded by another player:

Weadmaster's light-supertank

RobloxScreenShot20190704 202640940.png

"my inspiration for this was I loved tanks and so I decided to build a tank"

Littlefurryferret's AC-130-001

Basically a modified AC-130 with higher speed and more weaponry.

Looks pretty legit and works pretty well. I managed to destroy a armored tank in several seconds.

Stormthunder8's "Spider man lambo :0"

RobloxScreenShot20190704 204031466 (2).png

"I was messing about with legs and had no ideas lol"

coengp's T2 Light

"Based off of the t2 light in world of tanks"


zzzDominicLiew020zzz's TCA-18 Dimorphodon

This is an Experimental Military Fighter Ion propelled delta wing hover bi plane. I built it as an experiment to succeed my other previous considered failed plane projects with the heart of my love in science and art. I called it TCA-18 because it sounds formal and Dimorphodon cuz of my fav flying petrosaur.



lil cutie cute :3

idea from ceasereece.

there's also a NOT baby version I am currently making, it's basically shin godzilla from the looks of it, smol timelapse here :

”OLYMPIC JET” By Suertemalasuerte


I made this because I was bored but it is really cool.


"Polaris Slingshot small" By ThunderGamingLife

This is based off the Polaris Slingshot(No durr). Its great for racing and can pull of some amazing stunts. Im still gonna add a pic.

HELICOPTER THEIA - BY ooftimestop_OOF111

(sorry if i cant use the normal way, idk how to do it)

It used 3K blocks and couldnt fly until i lowered it to 30 gravity. It was absolutely GIGANTIC. Whenever i launched it, i had my FPS halved. This may be one of the largest if not the largest helicopter in plane crazy.

It soon will have fighters, when it's finished it will be frightening at first sight with fighters swarming you. Unfortunatly i cant balance the back, which it leans towards. So right now it's basically a giant unbalanced helicopter.


Battle: Slow shredder bug vs helicopter Theia when done: Who wins?

Theia: Multiple gun turrets and missile turrets.

Shredder bug: Cutters and slow speed.

Unfortunately for the shredder bug, it would be spotted and shot at, but even though it could maybe evade the missiles, it would be heavily damaged or shot down by the guns. Huge shredder bugs could maybe tank the fire for longer, but i doubt their gonna do much damage without missiles nor guns.

With small fleets, maybe they could stand a chance but they could always be blown to pieces when in their huge ball of cutter cancer. I could also be over estimating the power, and some shredders might live. If your shredders are supersonic fast, than yeah, i don't stand a chance. On the other hand slower ones are much easier to kill.


Rotary: Wolfhound Type - J - By Enderproblox5

The latest in Rotary [My In-Game Company] Technology, the

RobloxScreenShot20200915 112821224.png

Wolfhound [Inspired by the MIG-25 Foxbat] is a state of the art Interceptor with speeds clocking up to 200 MPH With Afterburners, and a high service ceiling, the Wolfhound is a formidable foe and an agile craft. And soon, considering our progress in piston knowledge, we will unveil the Wolfhound Type - Z [Half or Full VTOL Version] and the Type- X [Bomber Version] soon.


  1. Top Speed: 200MPH [A.B Activated].
  2. Service ceiling: 300- 500 Metres.
  3. Munitions: 2 Rocket Pods and 2 wing mounted guns, 2 attachable Sidewinders
  4. Power: 2 Rotary 86C Rocket Engines, 2 Rotary MiX Small Propeller Afterburners, 2 Rotary 19X Jet Engines.
  5. Aerodynamics: Main wing situated next to air intake, three smaller CoL Balancer wings on front.
  6. Seating Capacity: 1 By Default, Type - X Will have 2 Seats.

''This build started off from my love from the greatest Interceptor aircraft in the Cold War, The Foxbat. The aircraft, while fast, is slightly slow at turning, making it vulnerable to agile shredder bugs or high-speed missiles. I made this build last year, on the other hand, and I see many faults in it.

Type 45 Destroyer by IWILLWIN584

This ship is from Dynamic Ship Simulator So I decided to build it in plane crazy. Making a showcase video as well as Planning to add a helicopter in the hangar. Idc that this is a royal navy vessel and a put a US flag


Includes a primary cannon and two smaller ones, guided missile, Torpedos(very close to water surface rockets), and a Helicopter (Coming soon)

Jailbreak Cargo Ship by DanishXDCPA / Fauzn._


I play a popular game called "Jailbreak" too. I decided to build this since I knew how to do motor folding. ( The picture with watermark "@Fauzn._" ( me )

Heavy Ground Targeting plane by ilgazemre

This build heavily uses the fact that explosive blocks are nearly undestroyable. This plane features: 10 guns that can rotate 360 degrees both vertically and horizontally. Two sets of rockets that have their own trigger button. An entire hull made of explosive blocks. Dual lava spitters for shredder bugs. But all of this come at a cost, and that is speed. This plane can go at 200 mph with the super rocket engines and nearly at 1200-1500 with the built in conveyor engine.

Rescue Boat by ethandude350

ethandude350's rescue boat is a fairly small boat used for rescue operations. As it only uses water propellers, it goes to 60-75. It can occasionally be fitted with guns or rockets.ter MK1


Biter MK1 by ARCEUS11222


+Actually fast even though it big

+Have sentry at both front and back

+Have a line of cutter installed at both side for protection i guess

+Can drive on water (but cannot dive)


-Can be easily targeted by shredder bug due to it size

-Can't open mouth unless the minigun at the front rotated to the back

-Extremely slow on water

-Can't steer if spawn at any place but base (Bug i guess)







SAH-17 Comodo by Kaizoku737

Almost similar to Apache but with the addition of a rotor blade, and this helicopter has an exit, I purposely cut it to get out of the helicopter. and this helicopter features 10 rocket and turret in the front.

I called it SAH-17 because sound is really cool and Comodo is reptile from my country it is Indonesia.

RobloxScreenShot20210118 163345103 (2).png

The Shadow II by Superdudegamer365

I decided to call it the shadow II because it's all black. Unfortunately, I don't have a screenshot of my plane. But it has big wings in the back, medium wings in the middle, and small wings in the front. It has 4 guns, 2 rockets facing forward, 2 rockets facing backwards, 2 seats, small size, and very agile. It also goes up to 667 in speed, and has 4 super rocket engines. You might see me flying in it and I have put a lot of work into it. It started as a hover plane, and then it turned into a fighter jet. It also has a lot of trails! I made it because there is this game called Phoenix 2, and I got the influence from the ship of the Razor IV, then i found Plane Crazy, and it was my first build! but most of my other builds are pieces of crap, not gonna lie. Although the cars are pretty cool....

Sikorsky S-64 SkyCrane.png


I had been working on a jumbo jet for days, and I still could not get it to fly, so I made the decision to create something new, I wanted to make a helicopter for a while, so I looked at some images and saw the Sikorsky S-64 SkyCrane, having no experience in helicopters, I found a tutorial and got to work.. It has a door in the side and it can raise, lower and drop its cargo, it can fly reliably, but can be a bit hard to start moving once in the air since it doesn't have rockets or jets to aid in balance.

USS California and HMS Victory by vipEmpire

if only pictures could be placed horizontally. some pretty cool ships tho, cali is 10k blocks and victory is 6k

planecrazytanks's koenigsegg CCGT

koenigsegg's forgotten race car the ccgt from 2007. around 1100/1200 blocks, bunch of motorlock used, a bunch of toggle locking with disconnectors so i can display this in public servers and not vips or pvp servers. has a pair of double wishbones and the front wheels steer. made in a darker white unlike the game's stock color.

Rear view.png

splatoon2s2's shopping cart

a really fast and uncontrollable shopping cart.

shopping cart that I made

Gagelandon6's Rocket Car

My rocket car.gif

It goes extremely fast, first, i thought of building a tank. didn't work. So, I added rocket engines because I wanted to drift.

Wasnt good enough.

Then I added Super rocket engines and removed the turrets.

Liked it.

Too fast however.

I removed to rocket engines and made the wheel compartments closer.

Good enough.

That was the end.

It has:

Two super rocket engines

Four wheels

Ability to drift

Cool look.


Hard to control

Lets_trollsomeone's random custom ship

OMS Autism, it is laggy.


  1. Medium speed
  1. Helipad that helicopters and vtols planes can land on
  1. Guided missile


  1. Fast boat can kill easily


  1. Front cannon.
  2. Rocket cannon
  3. Machine guns.
  4. Guided missile.

Gagelandon6's drifting APC

Pros: Fast. Agile. Small. Has suspension.

Cons: Weak. No armor.

Armament: 20mm Autocannon 2 AA missiles.

It can drift and do donuts, it also has a max speed of 112 studs/s. Has no armor. Great for traversing land and taking out weak aircraft or land vehicles, not boats.

ilgazemre's Multi terrain Gun boat

A gunboat with very good AA that can go on land

Pros: Very good AA, Shredders are not that big of a problem. Very fast, Can dodge missiles with ease. Can go both on land and water.

Cons: Terrible armor, A couple missiles and you are dead. Terrible suspension, You will find yourself use the flip button a lot.

Arnament: 8 barrels of 20mm AA guns, Engine that allows up to 400 speed on land and up to 200 speed on water

ilikememes3719's F-38 Cobra

No real planes are named F-38 Cobra, by the way. this one is an original name.

A very fast fighter jet with motor powered steering, a gun sight, and a cockpit that can be opened and closed.

Pros: Very fast nd maneuverable. Easy to roll, turn, loop, and good for dogfighting

Cons: No armament (yet), and a little wobbly.

Armament: To be determined

SuperDudeGamer365's Modified Thrust SSC

It is like the real one, but it has light as a weapon and uses the Hover Engine Glitch, and me and ACarsFan both made great records with the one car. It also has a second seat. The highest i went was 1,700 speed with it, and it was with ACarsFan! (thank you, ACarsFan!!!!!!)

mrbob6667's Belle AH-1 Cobra

An American Helicopter built in the Vietnam War as a support Heli to assist transport helicopters.

Armament: 4 fireworks (Seen the fireworks in action, split my friends aircraft carrier in two), 6 guns.

heli in flight


Fairly quiet at a distance.

If all four fireworks hit something, it is gone in a matter of seconds.

Hard to hit because of how small it is.


Hard to maneuver.

It 'pretends' to crash but then regains control seconds before disaster, leaving fully vulnerable to enemy weapons.

Guns glitch out often and shoot in the opposite direction.

Guns are loud.


By June 1967, the first AH-1G HueyCobras had been delivered. Originally designated as UH-1H, the "A" for attack designation was soon adopted and when the improved UH-1D became the UH-1H, the HueyCobra became the AH-1G. The AH-1 was initially considered a variant of the H-1 line, resulting in the G series letter.

The first six AH-1s arrived at Bien Hoa Air Base, South Vietnam on 30 August 1967 for combat testing by the U.S. Army Cobra New Equipment Training Team. On 4 September, the type scored its first combat kill by sinking a sampan boat, killing four Viet Cong. The first AH-1 unit, the 334th Assault Helicopter Company, was declared operational on 6 October 1967. The Army operated the Cobra continuously up to the U.S. withdrawal from South Vietnam in 1973. Typically, the AH-1 provided fire support for ground forces and escorted transport helicopters, in addition to other roles, including aerial rocket artillery (ARA) battalions in the two Airmobile divisions. They also formed "hunter killer" teams by pairing with OH-6A scout helicopters; a team normally comprised a single OH-6 flying slow and low to find enemy forces. If the OH-6 drew fire, the Cobra could strike at the then revealed enemy.

On 12 September 1968, Capt. Ronald Fogleman was flying an F-100 Super Sabre when the aircraft was shot down and he ejected 200 miles (320 km) north of Bien Hoa. Fogleman became the only pilot to be rescued by holding on to an Army AH-1G's deployed gun-panel door. Bell built 1,116 AH-1Gs for the U.S. Army between 1967 and 1973, and the Cobras chalked up over a million operational hours in Vietnam; the number of Cobras in service peaked at 1,081. Out of nearly 1,110 AH-1s that were delivered between 1967 and 1973, approximately 300 were lost to a combination of combat and accidents during the conflict. During Operation Lam Son 719 in Southeastern Laos, 26 U.S Army AH-1Gs were destroyed while a further 158 sustained some level of damage.

During Operation Urgent Fury, the invasion of Grenada in 1983, several AH-1T Cobras were deployed to flying close air support and helicopter escort missions. On the first day of the invasion, two of the four Cobras involved were lost to anti-aircraft fire in the attack on Fort Frederick.

During 1989, Army Cobras participated in Operation Just Cause, the U.S. invasion of Panama. It operated alongside its eventual successor in US Army service, the Boeing AH-64 Apache, for the first time during the combat in Panama.

matijos's MX-13 Fighter

This fighter was built in 2 different versions. Originally intended for service everywhere, but has now been replaced with the MX-15 as it is far better. It was still kept in service as a naval aircraft, as it can float really nicely, it has an ejection capsule which, when on water, always floats upright, and is small enough for an aircraft carrier landing.

There are 2 existing versions of this aircraft, one intended for stunts painted in the recognizable Blue Angels colors, the other, for naval fighting. It is a very reliable aircraft, very agile, a small target, and very stable mid-air.


It has a total of 6 Super rocket engines powering it, and 2 water propellers on the back to power it in case of an emergency landing in water.


The service version of the MX-13 has 2 small caliber guns on the back tailwings. The tailwings are placed above the front wings, and the guns are placed somewhere along the middle of the tailwings. This position was specifically chosen to prevent the aircraft shooting itself.

matijos's MX-15 Fighter

MX-15 Cockpit open.png
MX-15 Front.png
MX-15 Top.png

This is the new, more advanced version of the MX-13. The name MX-14 has been skipped, as it was a great jump from one design to the other. This aircraft has replaced the MX-13 everywhere, apart from naval combat, where the MX-13 still remains dominant. This aircraft had also been made into 2 versions. The service version and the Blue Angels version. The service version has a total of 4 guns on the front (2 on each side) and 2 on the back. It has a total of 4 rockets, with 2 on each wing. This aircraft has an opening cockpit.

TheDragonClaw919's Small RC Cars

As a car person, I decided to make some small cars. There are 3 that I made so there are quite special if you ask me. 1 of them is on my YT channel as a tutorial.

Pls tell me how to add pictures, idk how.

I made a BMW, although some aesthetics are off-centered. Its the one on my YT channel, so its available to anyone at the moment. It drifts, and its very fun to drive. Top speed is low, but at turning, it ramps up the speed. I think its because of the placement of the turning propellers, but idk.

Another small car that I made was some sort of Le Mans car. It was extremely horrible. Its so hard to control it. I don't even know why i saved it. Well, it looks kinda good, so I guess it traded performance for looks.

The 3rd one is the Vigilante from GTA 5. Its pretty fast, since it has a jet engine at the front for forward thrust, propellers for turning and downwards thrust when I press Left Shift, which is the boost, and a super rocket engine for boost. Its my BEST small car build so far. I'm planning to make a tutorial on it, so i keep an uncolored version for remembering what the blocks are.

tyinghiop123's Ultimate Driving Classic Sports Car

I recreated the Ultimate driving original Sports car which is really blocky and my version is a bit different from the car and also it is really large


Looks a replica of original

It drifts

Fun to drive



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  3. Msi ghost battery replacement
  4. Paper rose template

19+ Private Jet Roblox Plane Crazy Gif. How to build a private jet (roblox plane crazy). Today i am showing you how to build a private jet.

How To Build F 16 Fighter Jet Roblox Plane Crazy By Toxeed
Hey guys welcome back to another plane crazy tutorial. Hey guys welcome back to another plane crazy tutorial. The official twitter page for plane crazy on roblox!

Plane crazy is a roblox physics sandbox originally created by madattak in 2014, and is now being developed by rickje139.

Features both a pvp and none pvp mode for peaceful building or facing off with your friends! Features both a pvp and none pvp mode for when building a plane, the yellow would be the mass, and the blue is the lift. Please sub i post a lot of plane crazy content and love roblox, i need help to grow and help everyone around me thank! (2 days ago) hey guys welcome back to another plane crazy tutorial.


So, what kind of birthday was it. Yes, that's the last one. Mmmm. And this is intriguing.

Private jet crazy plane

Only not in pizduuuu, - her voice drowned out in the squelch. No, - breathing heavily, but uncompromisingly (or pleadingly?) Said Eva, - stop dropping me. Cum in my pussy. Because of this, I was completely stunned.

Original Private Jet -- Roblox Plane Crazy Showcase

We'll see. The next day, Tatyana caught herself thinking that she could not wait for the evening, so she liked visiting Yuri Mikhailovich yesterday. This time Yuri Mikhailovich. Met her on the phone.

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