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Chromebook is not known for gaming and rightly so. However, things are changing quite rapidly as Google is bringing millions of Android apps on Chrome OS with mouse and keyboard compatibility. So, if you want to know the current state of gaming on Chromebooks, you have come to the right place. In this article, I bring you the 28 best Chromebook games that you should definitely play in Along with that, I have also tried to provide an overview of how gaming is improving on Chromebooks with the launch of Stadia, GeForce Now, and Steam. Now having said all of that, let’s begin the article.

Best Chromebook Games (Updated )

Before we start, let me state that the article is divided into seven sections including Google Stadia, GeForce Now, Steam, Android Games, Web Games, Arcade Games, and finally Linux Games. I would recommend you to start from the beginning, but if you are already aware of certain games then you can skip them. Anyway moving on, let’s start with Android games for Chromebook first.

Android Games

Here, we are going to talk about Android games that are available on Chromebooks, especially those which have been optimized for mouse and keyboard navigation. Keep in mind, to play Android games on your Chromebook, you need support for Play Store. You can enable Play Store on your Chromebook by going to Settings -> Apps on the left pane and turn on Google Play Store.

Note that school-issued Chromebooks won&#;t be able to run Android games since Play Store is locked by the school administrator. In that case, you will have to look for cloud gaming services and Steam that we have mentioned below. Now having said all of that, let’s go ahead and check out the best Android games for Chromebooks.

1. Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is a sandboarding game from the makers of Alto’s Adventure. Just like before, the game is about an endless journey to discover the secrets of an unexplored desert. The longer you play the game, the more interesting it becomes. It features breathtaking visuals and phenomenal background music.

1. Alto's Odyssey Best Chromebook Games

Along the way, you will find many obstacles that will pose a strident challenge to your sandboarding skills. All I can say is, just play this game on your Chromebook –preferably in Tablet or Tent mode and you will be in for an immersive experience.

Install: Alto’s Odyssey (Free, Offers in-app purchases)

2. Asphalt 9: Legends

If you are looking to play a street racing game on your Chromebook, there is no better game than Asphalt 9: Legends. It&#;s simply one of the best car games for Chromebook. What makes this game even more compelling is that the touch controls are optimized especially for Chromebooks. So, you will get a much better experience without any input lag.

2. Asphalt 9 Legends Best Chromebook Games

And besides that, you can play this game in full-screen mode with amazing visuals and graphics rendering. So, just get ready with your gear and take on the street for fearless racing on your Chromebook.

Install: Asphalt 9: Legends (Free, Offers in-app purchases)

3. Among Us

Among Us is one of the best Chromebook games to play with friends and that&#;s why it became a sensation during the course of the pandemic and continues to grow with new maps and features. And the best part is that you can play this viral deception game on your Chromebook. The game is officially available on the Play Store and you can install it straight away to play the game in full-screen mode.

Play Among Us Best Chromebook Games

What I love about Among Us is that it runs really well on Chromebooks, similar to how it performs on smartphones. In case, you don&#;t have Play Store support then follow our detailed guide on how to install Among Us on any Chromebook.

Install: Among Us (Free, Offers in-app purchases)

4. Stardew Valley

If there’s one game that you want to play on your Chromebook then let it be Stardew Valley. It&#;s one of the best farming simulation games and runs quite well on the Chromebook. It offers a large world where you can enjoy your farm life, grow crops, raise poultry, and all those farm gimmicks that you love performing. You can move to the countryside and lead your life in an open-ended world. The best part is that it also has elements of RPG. So go ahead and install Stardew Valley on your Chromebook.

4. Stardew Valley Best Chromebook Games

Install: Stardew Valley ($)

5. PUBG Mobile / Battlegrounds Mobile India

PUBG Mobile does not need any introduction, but if you don’t know, it’s a multiplayer battle royale game where the last man standing wins the deathmatch. PUBG is considered one of the best FPS games for Chromebooks. The game is quite intense and visually stunning. But how does it perform on a Chromebook? Well, we tested it on our HP Chromebook x (8th Gen i5) and it ran fairly well. The game detected “Balanced – Medium” as the default graphics quality, but we stretched it to “HD – High” and still, it performed quite well.

3. PUBG Mobile

Sure, at times, the graphics were a bit choppy and we had to tweak a few sensitivity settings, but overall, on this machine, it was quite good and playable. However, if your Chromebook is not that powerful then I would recommend installing PUBG Mobile Lite.

It’s equally good and offers a good desktop experience with mouse, touch-screen, and WASD controls. For Chromebook users in India, you can install and play Battlegrounds Mobile India without any issue. I installed the game and played it for a while and the gaming experience was very similar to PUBG. In case, you are still looking for more PUBG alternatives, you can go through our list. And yes, Garena Free Fire works pretty well on my Chromebook.

  • Install: PUBG Mobile (Free, Offers in-app purchases)
  • Install: PUBG Mobile Lite (Free, Offers in-app purchases)
  • Install: Battlegrounds Mobile India (Free, Offers in-app purchases)

6. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is one of a kind game that is available on Chromebook through the Play Store. It’s a survival game where you are made the protector of a super-secret underground Vault. You have to protect the Vault from the devils of Wasteland and also keep your dweller happy along the way.

4. Fallout Shelter Best Chromebook Games

One of the most important aspects of the game is to balance the resources such as food, water, and power among the dwellers. The moment you lose that balance, you are at peril and can be attacked at any moment. The game is quite mysterious and I love the plot. If you like this kind of survival game, Fallout Shelter will not disappoint you for sure.

Install:Fallout Shelter (Free, Offers in-app purchases)

7. Baldur’s Gate II

Baldur’s Gate is ranked among the best RPG (role-playing game) games out there. And with Baldur’s Gate II, they have brought an exceptional storyline that is filled with magic, wizard, and monsters. The story is a tale of dungeons and dragons where you have to re-invent yourself and get what you rightfully deserve.

5. Baldur's Gate II

You can further create your characters, customize them with sword, magic and superpower ability. Simply put, if you like RPG games and particularly the ones which are set in ancient times, Baldur’s Gate II is a must-try game on your Chromebook.

Install:Baldur’s Gate II ($)

8. Roblox

If you are hooked to Minecraft then you are absolutely going to love playing Roblox on your Chromebook. Similar to Minecraft, it lets you create, play, imagine, and be anything that you want to be. Roblox is truly a game that lets you shape your own virtual world. And not only that, but you can also face challenges from your rivals and opponents to make it even more exciting.

6. Roblox Best Chromebook Games

There are already millions of immersive worlds to explore on Roblox in which you can take a role and fight against opponents. Simply put, if you love Sandbox games like Minecraft, Roblox is a great alternative on Chromebook that you should try.

Install:Roblox (Free, Offers in-app purchases)

9. Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival is one of those survival games on Chromebook that will keep you hooked to it. The game is all about survival in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies have taken over the human race. Now, your task is to survive and maintain your resilience to thwart the zombies. Along the way, you will have to collect resources, craft weapons, and of course, killing zombies to stay alive. I would say if you like survival games then Last Day on Earth: Survival is a great Chromebook game with keyboard support.

28 Best Chromebook Games in You Should Try

Install: Last Day on Earth: Survival (Free, Offers in-app purchases)

Hitman Sniper

If you love playing Hitman on your desktop then Hitman Sniper, the Android version will take you through a similar experience on your Chromebook. Sure, the graphics is not as good as the desktop version but you have got all the gaming elements to make it an exciting game. You can be Agent 47 and go on a tactical sniper mission where you can use your shooting skills to kill the assassins. Then there is non-stop shooting action in death valley where you have to prove your shooting speed and accuracy. To sum up, Hitman Sniper is a perfect offline Chromebook game and you must give it a shot.

 Hitman Sniper

Install: Hitman Sniper(Free, Offers in-app purchases)

 Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival

Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival is a featured game on Chromebook&#;s Play Store and is also part of the Editor&#;s Choice. It&#;s one of the most popular zombie action games on Chromebook and if you are into survival games then this game will enthrall you to no end. The game has a very similar theme that you have on survival games &#; here, you have to protect your family from zombies and you have to do everything possible to keep the threat away. The best part about this game is that there are multiple endings and 7 different chapters with various challenges. Simply put, you should not miss out on Into the Dead 2 for its great storyline and action-packed challenges.

Install: Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival(Free, Offers in-app purchases)

Shadow Fight 3

If you like games that have exceptional fistfights then Shadow Fight 3 is a raging game that you must play on your Chromebook. It’s based on an epic war where you have to protect the dynasty from the mighty force that is protected by the Gates of Shadows.

7. Shadow Fight 3

In this game, you can choose to become both a Hero or a Legion by wielding your craft and weapons after every challenging task. You can unlock special abilities and armors as the game progresses. To put it straight, if you like games that have developing plots and mysterious superpowers then Shadow Fights 3 is one of the best Chromebook games out there.

Install:Shadow Fight 3 (Free, Offers in-app purchases)


Mekorama is a wildly popular puzzle game that has been available on Android smartphones, but now the game has made its way to Chromebooks thanks to the Play Store support. It’s a puzzle game that keeps on expanding through the user-created miniature.

8. Mekorama Best Chromebook Games

All you have to do is help a tiny robot reach its home through the maze of a puzzling mechanical building. There are a total of 50 puzzles and all of them are going to test your creativity and thoughtfulness. As for the playback, it runs great on Chromebook in full-screen mode with mouse control. If you love puzzles, you are going to love this game to no end.

Install:Mekorama (Free, Offers in-app purchases)

Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys

If you are a Pokemon fan then this game is for you. It’s based on many characters of Rick and Morty in which you can train as many as characters and make them fight against each other. You can also create your own universe where you can catch Mortys and Ricks in the jungle to gain more points.

9. Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys

As you level up in the game, you get armors and protection which can help you defeat characters from other popular shows like Bird Person. Simply put, the game is quite fun and light. If you are in a mood to entertain yourself then Pocket Mortys is a great game available on your Chromebook.

Install:Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys (Free, Offers in-app purchases)

Riptide GP: Renegade

Riptide GP: Renegade is an amazing game where you have to race in the water-filled street with dexterity and great maneuver. In this game, you ride a hydro jet and race against a ton of vehicles and characters. It’s very much like the MotoGP game from yesteryear days, but more challenging and packed with awesome action.

 Riptide GP Renegade

There are two modes: one where you play as a single player in a championship and another is a multi-player online race. And the best part is that the game supports WASD keys which makes it my favorite racing game on Chromebook.

Install:Riptide GP: Renegade ($)


Terraria is another sandbox game like Minecraft and Roblox where you have to find water, food, and resources to keep yourself alive. Thankfully, it’s available on the Play Store and you can easily install it on your Chromebook. Coming to the game, here you start with a bunch of armors like pickaxe and sword which help you find resources as well as defend yourself against zombies and flying eyes.

 Terraria Best Chromebook Games

But do keep in mind, the gameplay has a linear progression so it might not be that immersive. Still, it’s a great survival game and you can play it on any Chromebook irrespective of the horsepower.

If you don’t want to pay for individual games, you can get Play Pass from Google. It is a gaming subscription service that allows you to access more than paid games for a fee of $ per month. Having said that, the service has not been rolled out globally, so if it’s not available in your region, you can follow our guide to access Play Pass in your country.

Install: Terraria ($)

Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic

Who doesn’t remember Sonic the Hedgehog game from SEGA? Well, the great news is that the game has been released on the Play Store and you can install on your Chromebook too. As we all know, the game is about Sonic, a blue hedgehog who fights against the evil Doctor Eggman, a mad scientist.

 Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic Best Chromebook Games

The game has been optimized for touch-screen devices so you can race it on tablet or tent mode at lightning speed. Sonic the Hedgehog comes with all the classic actions like run and spin through loop-de-loops. Simply put, the game is a treasure trove and if you have been a fan of SEGA classics, you can’t afford to miss this game on your Chromebook.

Install:Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic (Free, Offers in-app purchases)


Xenowerk is a game about an underground science lab where you have to battle against lethal mutants. There are a total of 70 levels and each one is equally challenging. The game is designed in such a way that it replicates real-life challenges in the face of extreme crises.


You only have a torchlight in a dimly lit lab and have to make your way to the firepower, but as you move, the mutants attack you from all directions. The game becomes even more interesting while playing on a larger screen. So, Xenowerk is also a survival game but with a good dodge of science.

Install:Xenowerk (Free, Offers in-app purchases)

Line Rider

If you are interested in physics and mechanics then Line Rider is the perfect game to try on your Chromebook. It’s very similar to the Free Rider game, but here you can create your own path and trajectory. You can move through the sledder to ride on the track and based on your speed, torque, and other attributes, Line Rider lands you on the track.

 Line Rider

The challenge is to be more accurate in your calculation and land on the track without any injury. It’s like a physics simulation game and a very good one at that. So, as I said, if you want to visualize physics in a fun game then play Line Rider on your Chromebook.

Install:Line Rider ($)

Dream League Soccer

Since FIFA is not available on Chromebook, you can play Dream League Soccer as an alternative. It’s equally good and has a similar style of gameplay where you can create your dream team and fight against the opponents. Other than that, there are lots of customization features ranging from the stadium to the player’s look.

 Dream League Soccer

Talking about the performance, the game runs perfectly fine in the landscape mode, but you don’t get the 60FPS mode which is available on Android smartphones. Nevertheless, Dream League Soccer is a remarkably good game and it’s playable on Chromebooks with mouse and WASD key support.

Install:Dream League Soccer (Free, Offers in-app purchases)

Web Games is one of the most popular Chromebook browser games and can be played on any inexpensive machine. If you don’t know, has invented a new kind of gaming genre which is also called IO games. It allows you to play with multiple players across the web where you have to save your cell from being eaten by another bigger cell. Best Chromebook Games

Along the way, you will have to gain more mass otherwise smaller cells would engulf you inside. It sounds quite basic, but believe me, it’s an addictive game and you are going to love this new genre. In fact, there are many alternatives to which follow the same gaming philosophy but have slightly different gameplay. So, if you want to play web games, do check out on your Chromebook.


Arcane Legends

Arcane Legends is a massively multiplayer online game (MMORPG) where you can pick a role and build your character in the fantasy world. The game starts in a deserted land where you have to survive anyhow. In your way, you will have to battle against other online gamers and keep on moving to get more points and badges.

 Arcane Legends

The great part is that this graphics-intensive game is available on the web and you can play it right in your browser. So, if you want to play a deathmatch game on your Chromebook, Arcane Legends is among the best.

Play Arcane Legends(Free)

Faster than Light (FTL)

Faster than Light is an award-winning browser game on Chromebook. You can play Faster than Light game using the Humble web player. It runs on Chrome and you get all the advanced action packs and features just like the PC version.

 Faster than Light (FTL) Best Chromebook Games

Talking about the game, it’s pretty simple where you have to save your crew members who are on their journey to the cosmos. As the game progresses, it gets quite intense and I love it. So, if you want to play the popular FTL game on your Chromebook, the Humble Web Player is the best option.

Play Faster than Light($)


If you are looking for an online Chromebook game for your kid that has an adventure theme then Interland is a solid game you should try on your Chromebook. The game has been created by Google and it packs many multiple-choice questions about internet safety and privacy. Interland is a visual treat for kids as the game has great graphics, transition effects, and animation.


Not to mention, the kid also learns about various things about the internet and computers along the way. So, just go ahead and check out Interland on your Chromebook. Your kids are definitely going to love this interactive game.

Play Interland(Free)

Arcade Games


No matter what, Arcade games remain a huge rage among old gamers. Many developers have gone to lengths to bring the yesteryear games on iPhone, iPad, and Windows computers in one way or the other. Thankfully, Android has massive developer support and as a result, it’s now available on Chromebooks too.

 MAME4droid Best Chromebook Games

You just have to download the MAME4droid app from the Play Store and you can play hundreds of Arcade games without any issue. If you are wondering how does it work, well MAME4droid is basically an emulator which packs more than ROMs.

To give you an overview, the app includes popular games like Donkey Kong, Pacman, Elevator Action, Centipede, and more. So, if you love playing Arcade games, this is the best way you can enjoy them on your Chromebook.

Install: MAME4droid (Free)

Linux Games


Minecraft is one of the most popular games and you can play it on your Chromebook as well, thanks to Linux support. Minecraft offers a Linux version of the game and it works surprisingly well on Chromebooks, albeit running in a virtualized container. We have already installed Minecraft on Chromebook and tested it, and the graphics, keyboard navigation, sound output, everything is on point. I would recommend you to go through our above-linked guide and install Minecraft on your Chromebook. In case, you have an ARM-powered Chromebook then follow our guide on how to install Minecraft Java Edition on ARM Chromebooks.

minecraft Best Chromebook Games

Albion Online

If you want to play MMORPG games on your Chromebook then there is no better game than Albion Online. It&#;s a fantasy sandbox MMORPG game where you have to craft every single thing, from weapons to armors. You can go on a world trip, discover new places, fight against the enemies, capture their territories, and develop your own abode.

While there is an Android version of this game on the Play Store, I would suggest installing the Linux version as it&#;s desktop-grade and more graphics-intensive. So if you want to play an MMORPG game on your Chromebook, just pick Albion Online and you would not look back. Before installing the game, make sure you have set up Linux on your Chromebook.

  • How to Install Albion Online on a Chromebook:

Open Terminal and run the below commands one by one.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y sudo apt install flatpak flatpak --user remote-add --if-not-exists flathub flatpak install flathub com.albiononline.AlbionOnline flatpak run com.albiononline.AlbionOnline

T-Rex Run

Don’t we love the dinosaur game when the internet is not available? Well, you don’t need to cut off your internet just to play this game. Chrome OS has a hidden address from where you can access this game even when you are online.

Here is what you have to do it. Open Chrome and paste this command  in the address bar and hit enter. Now, just press enter and there you have it. The dinosaur is running! Enjoy.

best chromebook games bonus

Nvidia GeForce Now

If you want to play desktop-level games on your Chromebook without any restrictions then there is nothing better than Nvidia GeForce Now. Nvidia has launched its cloud gaming service &#; GeForce Now &#; for Chromebooks. It has a much bigger library of games and works pretty well on a Chromebook &#; no matter what your specs are. Also, GeForce Now offers one hour of free gameplay which is amazing. The best part is that you can play graphics-intensive games on your school Chromebook as GeForce Now does not require Play Store or Linux support and you can instantly get started from the browser.

Nvidia GeForce Now

The only issue is that the service is currently limited to North America and Europe only, but we have found a way to run GeForce Now on a Chromebook in any region so head over to our linked guide. As for the games, well, you can play the best computer games on Chromebook such as Among Us, Assassin&#;s Creed Valhalla, Destiny 2, Fortnite, Cyberpunk , etc. right away. How amazing is that?

Check Out Nvidia GeForce Now (Free session for one hour, starts at $ per month)


Steam is the de-facto platform to play games on PC and the good news is that you can run it on Chromebook as well. All you need is Linux support on your Chromebook and you will be off to playing high-end games natively. Having said that, bear in mind, you need powerful specs to run Steam as it runs natively in the Linux container. Also, you will need much higher storage on your Chromebook to download and install games.

How to Install and Play Steam Games on a Chromebook 4

As for how we are able to install Steam and run PC games on Chromebook, well, we are installing the Linux version of Steam and enabling a compatibility layer called Proton (a modified version of Wine) to play AAA titles on Chromebooks. I have played CS:GO and Deceit on my Chromebook from Steam and the gameplay has been decent, at best. You can go through our guide on how to install Steam on Chromebook for detailed information. The tutorial also lets you stream Steam games from your local PC and these Chromebook games also come with controller support.

Moreover, there is some good news for Chromebook users. Google and Valve are working together to run Steam natively on a Chromebook. The project is named &#;Borealis&#; which is actually a container where Steam will run using the Proton layer and Vulkan graphics API. It&#;s a huge deal and we are waiting as to when the project will go official. Going by the recent leaks, it seems in the next months, users will be able to run Steam on their Chromebooks. So yeah, the gaming space on Chromebook is going to be very exciting in the coming days.

Google Stadia

Similar to GeForce Now, Google has also launched its cloud gaming service called Google Stadia. Stadia is a new-age game-streaming platform that allows you to play graphics-intensive and AAA title games on your Chromebook without requiring top-notch hardware.

You can play the best computer games for Chromebook like Cyberpunk , PUBG, Hitman, Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat, Destiny 2, etc on a decently powered machine. It uses Google’s powerful servers on the cloud to run high-end games and in turn, streams the gameplay on your Chromebook with minimum latency. Not to mention, you can run Google Stadia even on your school-issued Chromebook as everything happens on the browser.

Best Chromebook Games Stadia

As for Stadia, Google claims that all you need is a high-speed internet connection and you will get the best experience, supposedly 4K HDR at 60FPS gameplay. I have done a deep dive about Google Stadia vs Microsoft Project xCloud in a separate article so check that out for a better understanding of this new gaming platform. The bottom line is that if you want to play desktop-level games on your Chromebook, Stadia is another great cloud gaming option that you can consider. Lastly, you can check out (visit) which is also a promising cloud gaming platform for Chromebooks.

Check Out Google Stadia (Free trial for one month, starts at $ per month)

The Best Chromebook Games Ranked for You

So that was our list of the 28 best Chromebook games that you should definitely play on your Chromebook. I have tried to include all kinds of games available on cloud services to Android games compatible with Chrome OS right now. Apart from that, I have also mentioned how to run Steam games so that you can taste the potential of PC gaming on your Chromebook. Anyway, that is all from us. If I missed including your favorite game in the list, do comment down below and let us know. Meanwhile, you can check out our list of best Linux games and how to play Fortnite on your Chromebook using GeForce Now.


The Chromebook is becoming a more and more robust laptop option by the year. With increasing crossover functionality for both Linux and Android, it now has access to a plethora of apps and games that in the past would have been unthinkable.

This list is largely made up of games you can download from the Play Store, too, because every Chromebook released for a good few years now has native Android functionality. We want to reflect what&#;s available to the majority of Chromebook users today, and we&#;ve checked to see that the below games work well on most modern Chromebooks.

1. NBA Jam ( Play Store)

Sports games aren&#;t easy to get on mobile (and by extension, Chromebook). EA has been cranking out FIFA games for years, but they just feel stiff and awkward. NBA Jam solves many of those problems by keeping things simple. 2-vs-2, big heads, and spectacular slam dunks make this one of the best sports games on Chromebook and Android.

Those who played the excellent NBA Hangtime in the 90s will particularly enjoy NBA Jam, as it has that same gung-ho, absurd, arcade-like play where you leap 50 feet into the air before smashing the ball down through the hoop.

Local and online multiplayer, a fun campaign, and simple controls make this a must-play even if you&#;re not basketball buff.

2. Among Us (Play Store)

There are few games as popular as Among Us right now, and a big part of the popularity of this murder mystery party game is just how easily it runs across all platforms (cross-play too!).

The idea is that you&#;re one of several jellybean-looking astronauts on a spaceship, working together to keep things running smoothly. But one of you is actually the impostor trying to kill people and sabotage the ship.

This one is really best played with friends rather than strangers calling you a suspect (hence the meme &#;sus&#;) with no justification but works wonderfully on Chromebooks.

3. Game Dev Tycoon (Play Store)

Game Dev Tycoon is an addictive management sim about running a game development studio. It&#;s been around since , and the fact that it&#;s now on PC, mobile and Nintendo Switch speaks to its popularity.

Assemble a talented team of devs, move into an office, and get on the path to becoming the greatest game studio known to humanity! There&#;s a nice narrative thrust, too, as you start the game in a garage in the &#;80s before moving through the eras and the new technologies they bring with them.

The game works great with touchscreen controls or a mouse and is a real kickback kind of experience as you conceive game project after game project and (hopefully) watch the big bucks roll in.

4. Google Stadia

While it&#;s not really a game in itself, given that Google&#;s cloud gaming platform lets you play such games as Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassin&#;s Creed Odyssey and PUBG on your Chromebook, it deserves a mention.

Stadia works by streaming games from Google&#;s servers, then essentially beaming it to your Chromebook via a high-quality (up to 4K) video. If your Internet is fast, then the difference between playing the game via streaming or actual hardware should be negligible. Just go to the Stadia site in your Chrome browser, and you&#;re good to go!

Another fun fact is that you can now trial Stadia Pro for a month for free, which gives you access to a nice little catalog of included games to try.

You can also see how Stadia stacks up against rival cloud services in our Stadia vs. GeForce Now vs. Shadow comparison.

5. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Play Store)

Metroidvanias are all the rage these days, but they wouldn&#;t be where they are today without this seminal entry in the Castlevania series.

Introducing non-linear exploration, opulent pixel art and an unforgettable glam-rock-meets-ghoulish soundtrack, Symphony of the Night is one that you can always go back to, and it remains immortally brilliant – kind of like Big Drac himself.

The surprise release of an Android version offers a new way to revisit this classic, complete with new; perks, like a Continue feature and achievements. Playing it on Chromebook&#;s keyboard (or better still, a gamepad) is much more comfortable than on a touchscreen, too!

6. Alto&#;s Odyssey (Play Store)

The sequel to Alto&#;s Adventure is one of the most mesmerizing and artistically accomplished games on Android. It&#;s also among the Android games that are most universally compatible on Chromebook.

In Alto&#;s Odyssey, you glide on a board across all kinds of desert landscapes, with mysterious cities and ancient rock formations rising in the background. It has its share of challenges, but it&#;s also a serene experience that&#;s perfect to bliss out to on a lazy weekend afternoon.

7. PUBG Mobile (Play Store)

Unlike most of the other games on this list, playing the Android version of the legendary battle royale game on Chromebook comes with some caveats. First, you need to have an Intel CPU inside your Chromebook.

Secondly, how well PUBG Mobile runs on Chromebook depends heavily on your device. Users of Google Pixelbooks have reported that it runs reasonably well, as have those on higher-end Chromebooks. There&#;s an interesting piece over at Chrome Unboxed about how well this version of the game runs on modern Chromebooks, and the outlook is pretty good.

If you do manage to get PUBG Mobile running, you&#;re in for a world of tough old fun as you duke it out against 99 other players to be the last man standing. It&#;s stark, intense, and incredibly compelling.

Note that you can play the full version of PUBG on Chromebook if you subscribe to Google Stadia Pro (which, as we already mentioned, comes with a one-month free trial).

8. Baldur&#;s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition (Play Store)

The ever-increasing support of Android apps on Chrome OS means we&#;re becoming more and more comfortable recommending Play Store games for Chromebook. Not all games work perfectly (many don&#;t, in fact), but one of the titles that&#;s been confirmed to work seamlessly across multiple Chromebook devices is this classic RPG.

Beamdog&#;s port of Baldur&#;s Gate 2 retains everything from the original games and is bolstered by HD resolutions. It&#;s an old-school RPG set in a beautiful pre-rendered world and has you controlling a party of heroes, taking on quests, and engaging in deep D&D-style combat. It&#;s one of the more seminal games of its time, with excellent, colorful writing and an immersive world that laid the path for today&#;s RPGs.

While we&#;re at it, you can also check out other Black Isle Studio games: Baldur&#;s Gate: Enhanced Edition, Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment from the Play Store. All work swimmingly on most compatible Chromebooks. (If they don&#;t, just take advantage of the Play Store&#;s two-hour refund window.)


Gaming minimalism in its finest form. doesn&#;t look like much – a smattering of primary-colored circles floating around on what appears to be a sheet of graph paper. Start playing, however, and it&#;s a viciously-compelling online battle for survival.

Control a circle, guiding it around a large plain expanse in a bid to consume circles of a smaller size (controlled by other players) while you avoid being munched by circles bigger than yourself. That&#;s it. You can cough up some money for in-game skins and so on, but the game can just as easily be enjoyed for free.

Fallout Shelter (Play Store)

This is yet another Play Store game we are featuring in this list. If you need help with adding it or the other Play Store games, you can read our guide on how to install Android apps on your Chromebook.

Fallout Shelter is one of the best options for Play Store games on Chromebook. It&#;s the side-on spinoff of the main Fallout series, which tasks you with building and managing a nuclear bunker in that game world. It plays great and looks wonderful using those distinctive 50s-style cartoon graphics players will recognize from the Pip-Boy.

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Spelunky is, in my eyes, a necessity in everyone’s game collection. The permadeath, randomly-generated mineshaft crawler is a goldmine of unexpected events, crazy mishaps and hilarious situations as you work your way toward stealing the fabled treasure. This is based on the less-pretty version and not the more recent remake, but the systems and mechanics are all there.

Town of Salem (Browser)

Ever played the party game Mafia after a couple of bottles of wine at a dinner party? The browser-based Town of Salem is much along the same lines and similar to Among Us as well, and you don’t need to be inebriated to have fun with it. Play with a whole bunch of players online and try to work out who’s killing locals at night. (Or if you’re the killer, try not to get caught.) Devilishly deceitful.

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Want more games to sink your time into? Check out our list of the best hidden Google games, or turn your Android phone into a retro gaming station with our Retroarch for Android guide.

If you want to use Chrome OS to get some work done, we can show you how to use Microsoft Office on Chromebook for free.

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Gaming on Chrome OS in a pre-Borealis world

While we all impatiently wait for official support for Steam via Borealis, let’s talk about how you can start playing Windows games today with Steam Play (Proton) using Crostini (Linux on Chrome OS). The experience isn’t the best, but it’s frankly better than nothing. This article will assume that you have Linux installed on your Chrome OS device and don’t mind getting your hands dirty on the terminal just a bit.

Chrome OS Flags

Head to chrome://flags in Google Chrome. Here there are two settings we will search for and enable: #exo-pointer-lock (this is required as it helps to provide more accurate mouse positioning and window focus when using Linux applications and games) and #scheduler-configuration set to “Enables Hyper-Threading on Relevant CPUs.” (this is optional). Switching on that second flag can improve processor performance by around 30% if the processor has hyper-threading support, so you might as well give it a go.

Steam Installation

The next step is to open up the Linux terminal and enable bit packages in Linux as Steam itself and most games are bit only. Paste the following command into the Linux terminal and hit enter.

Next, we need to add the Linux non-free repositories. This allows the installation of proprietary software including Steam. Following this step, we’ll need to update the package manager repository cache so the system knows about the latest changes. Paste this first block of commands, hit return, then copy/paste the sudo apt-get update in and hit return again. After this, paste in the final Steam install command, hit return, and let the install run.

Proton for all Games

By default, Proton is only whitelisted for a very small amount of games. In reality, it works for most games on Steam, so we now need to enable Proton to work for any Windows games in our library. Launch Steam and head to the Settings menu where you can enable Proton. It will default to “Proton Experimental”. You can optionally change the default Proton to use a stable version. Settings > Steam Play > Enable Steam Play for all other times > OK.

For the first time setup, make sure we have the required tools installed. We need Proton itself (a fork of Wine) and the latest Steam Linux Runtime (which is a Flatpak-like container with the dependencies for Proton to work). Head to the following sections in Steam to get these installed:

  • LIBRARY > Search by Name > (search for “Proton Experimental” and select it) > INSTALL
  • LIBRARY > Search by Name > (search for “Steam Linux Runtime – Soldier” and select it) > INSTALL

After all of that is done installing, exit Steam completely.

Proton’s OpenGL Back-end

Proton uses the Vulkan graphics API in the back-end by default for translating DirectX calls. This provides better compatibility and performance compared to the OpenGL back-end. Unfortunately, Linux via Crostini does not support that right now. So we need to stick to what we have for now. Copy the sample Proton configuration over, first by copy/pasting this in your terminal:

Install “nano” or use another text editor of your choice to modify the configuration file:

Using your text editor, arrow down to the line you see below and remove the “#” character that is there. This will effectively undo the fact that it was previously commented out. When finished, that line should appear as it does below. Then exit with CTRL + x, confirm you want to save the changes by pressing y, then press ENTER to keep the same file name.

Where the Fun Begins

That’s it! Relaunch Steam and play your favorite games. You’ll see a pop-up reminding you that this is a compatibility tool and that things may not work as expected compared to native Windows. Some games won’t even launch, controllers aren’t supported yet, the mouse behaves odd at times by not being centered correctly or disappearing entirely, it’s easy to lose focus of the game window, etc.

For me, I find playing simple games like Overcooked or Golf With Your Friends to work and be a real treat on my Chromebook. Use to help figure out which games work and what other tweaks may be required. Hopefully you, too, can find some fun titles of your own to play on the go! Happy gaming!

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Games are not a strong suit of Chromebooks, but thanks to the Linux Support, Chromebook games are better than ever, since you can now install and play many desktop-level games on Chrome OS. Steam is one of the best digital game distribution platforms and it’s officially supported on Linux. So, you can get it running on Chrome OS and enjoy desktop games. And the best part is that you don’t need to move your Chromebook to the Developer Mode or install Crouton. Things are quite straightforward now and the installation process is a breeze. On top of that, you now have the option to stream Steam games through the Steam Link app. So without any delay, let’s go ahead and learn how to install and play Steam games on a Chromebook in

Install and Play Steam Games on a Chromebook (Updated )

Here, we have mentioned the steps to install and play Steam games on a Chromebook. Along with that, we have also tested a few Steam games to check if Chromebooks can be a viable alternative for desktop gaming. Keep in mind, if you have a school-issued Chromebook and the administrator has locked Linux on your Chromebook then you won&#;t be able to run Steam. However, if you have got Android app support then you can use the Steam Link app to stream desktop games on your Chromebook. Having said all of that, let’s first go through the Linux method.

  • Run Steam Games on a Chromebook in (Linux Required)

1. First and foremost, set up Linux on your Chromebook by following the linked article. After that, enable GPU acceleration for Linux in Chromebook for better graphics and smoother gameplay. In case, GPU acceleration is not enabled, don&#;t worry, just move on with the steps.

set up Linux


2. Next, open the Linux Terminal and execute the below command. It will update Linux on your Chromebook to the latest build. If you get any errors, don&#;t worry, just move on.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y

update linux

3. Now, click on this link to download the setup file of Steam. Similar to the EXE format on Windows, it&#;s a DEB file for Linux. Next, move the DEB file to the &#;Linux&#; section in the Files app.

steam on chromebook

5. Having done that, double-click on the setup file and click on &#;Install&#;. It will start installing Steam on your Chromebook.

Install and Play Steam Games on a Chromebook

6. After the installation, press the &#;Search&#; key on the keyboard and search for &#;steam&#;. After that, open it.

launch steam

7. Alternatively, you can open the App Drawer and manually look for the Linux folder. After that, open Steam. The Linux folder generally resides on the last page of the App Drawer.

run steam on chromebook

8. Now, Steam will automatically start downloading dependencies and libraries which are needed to smoothly run Steam on a Chromebook.

Install and Play Steam Games on a Chromebook

9. After the update, Steam will automatically open up. Now, sign in to your Steam account. If Steam does not pop up after the update then open it manually from the App Drawer. Note that, if you are using your Chromebook&#;s trackpad, you might have to press on the trackpad rather than soft-tapping it.

steam login

Finally, there you have it. Steam running successfully on a Chromebook. But there is one more setting that you should enable.

Install and Play Steam Games on a Chromebook

Click on Steam at the top-right corner and go to Settings -> Steam Play -> Enable Steam Play for all other titles and click on “OK”. Make sure &#;Proton Experimental&#; is selected in the drop-down menu. This will unlock and allow you to run several Windows games that are not natively available for Linux.

enable steam play

In our testing, we installed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on our Chromebook through Steam, but it failed to run. However, other non-intensive games like Among Us, Stardew Valley, Squad, Tank Force ran absolutely fine and without any graphics issues. I would recommend you to try your favorite Steam games and see if they work on your Chromebook.

Install and Play Steam Games on a Chromebook

  • Stream Steam Games on Your Chromebook With the Steam Link App (Play Store Support Required)

If you don&#;t want to mess with Linux and you have got Play Store support on your Chromebook then you can easily get Steam running on your Chromebook. You need to install the official Steam Link app from the Play Store on your Chromebook. Also, note that you will need a Windows PC in your local network from where you will stream desktop games on your Chromebook. Here is how to go about it.

1. Open Play Store and search for the Steam Link app (Free). Now, install the app.

Stream Steam Games on Your Chromebook With the Steam Link App (Play Store Support Required)

2. Once installed, open it and connect your gaming controller to the Chromebook. If you don&#;t have one, you can skip it. You can play with your keyboard and mouse.

Stream Steam Games on Your Chromebook With the Steam Link App (Play Store Support Required)

3. I am assuming you have already set up Steam on your Windows PC in the local network, either via WiFi or Ethernet. By the way, Ethernet is recommended for lag-free gaming. The Steam Link app will now scan the local network and will display the name of the server. Simply, click on it and pair your PC with your Chromebook.

Stream Steam Games on Your Chromebook With the Steam Link App (Play Store Support Required)

4. After a few automatic tests, you will be connected to your PC&#;s Steam setup. Now, go ahead and you will be able to play Steam games right on your Chromebook. Enjoy!

Stream Steam Games on Your Chromebook With the Steam Link App (Play Store Support Required)

List of Popular Chromebooks

Our tutorial will work with all of the following Chromebooks. It is not an exhaustive list and is only here to serve as an example.

Brand NameModel Name
AcerAcer Chromebook
Acer Chromebook CBH-C2C3
Acer Chromebook CBHT-C
Acer Chromebook CBH-C4QE
Acer Chromebook CBHTMJ
Acer Chromebook CBHT-C3J0
Acer Chromebook CBH-C5JS
Acer Chromebook CBHT-C6XF
Acer Chromebook CBH-C36A
Acer Chromebook CBHT-C16B
Acer Chromebook
Acer Chromebook CBH-C34N
Acer Chromebook CBH-C66Z
Acer Chromebook CBH-C02A
Acer Chromebook
Acer Chromebook CBHT-C4UM
Acer Chromebook CBH-C12A
Acer Chromebook - CPH-K5GD
Acer Chromebook CBH-C7C8
Acer Chromebook Spin - CPWH3
Acer Chromebook - CC1J7
Acer Chromebook Touch - CBHT-C4UM
Acer Chromebook Spin - CPH-K5GD
Acer Chromebox CXI3 - CXI3-I7V16GNKM4
Acer Chromebox CXI3 - CXIGKM4
Acer Chromebox CXI3 - CXIGNKM4
Acer Chromebook Spin 13 - CPWNEA
Acer Chromebook Spin - CPWH3
Acer Chromebook Enterprise Spin 13 - CPWNM7
Chromebook Spin 13 - CPWNG
Acer Chromebook Spin
Acer Chromebook CC0FK
Acer Chromebook CBH-P7ZZ
ASUS Chromebook CNA
ASUS Chromebook Flip CMA
ASUS Chromebook CXA
ASUS Chromebook CXA
ASUS Chromebook 14 CTA
ASUS Chromebook Flip CTA
ASUS Chromebook Flip CTA
ASUS Chromebook Flip CCA
ASUS Chromebook Flip CFA
ASUS Chromebook CSA
ASUS Chromebook CNA
ASUS Chromebook CNA
ASUS Chromebook CNA
ASUS Chromebook Flip CPA
GoogleGoogle Pixelbook Go GAUS
Google Pixelbook Go GAUS
Google Pixelbook Go GAUS
Google Pixelbook Go GAUS
Google Pixelbook Go GAUK
Google Pixelbook Go GAUS
Google Pixel Slate C1A
HPHP Chromebook - 14a-natu
HP Chromebook 11A G6 EE
HP Chromebook x 12b-caTU
HP Chromebook - 14a-natu
HP Chromebook - vnr
HP Chromebook - denr
HP Chromebook - dbnr
HP Chromebook - dbnr
HP Chromebook - denr
HP Chromebook - 14a-nanr
HP Chromebook - 14a touch optional
HP Chromebook - dbnr
HP Chromebook 11a-nbnr
HP Chromebook 11a 11a-nanr
HP Chromebook 11a 11a-nanr
HP Chromebook 14A G5
HP Chromebook Enterprise 14A G5
HP Chromebook 11A G6 Education Edition PC
HP Chromebook 14A G5
HP Chromebook 11A G8 Education Edition
HP Chromebook x 11 G3 EE
HP Pro c Chromebook
HP Chromebook 11A G8 Education Edition
HP Chromebook 14A G5 Notebook PC
HP Pro c Chromebook
HP Elite c Chromebook
HP Pro c Chromebook Enterprise
HP Elite c Chromebook Notebook PC
HP Pro c Chromebook
HP Chromebook x 12b-canr
HP Chromebook x - 14c-canr
HP Chromebook x - 14b-canr
HP Chromebook x 14a-canr
HP Chromebook x 14c-canr
HP Chromebook x - 14ct-ca
HP Chromebook 11 G1 Notebook PC 1NW60UT
HP Chromebook - canr
HP Chromebook 11 G6 Education Edition 3PD94UT
HP Chromebook x 11 G1 EE - Customizable
LenovoChromebook Duet (") 2 in 1
Lenovo 10e Chromebook Tablet
e Chromebook 2nd Gen (") Intel
e Chromebook 2nd Gen (")
e Chromebook 2nd Gen (")
14e Chromebook (14")
Chromebook C (11")
Chromebook C (")
Yoga Chromebook (")
Chromebook 3 (14”)
Lenovo Chromebook S (14”)
Chromebook Flex 3i (11”)
Chromebook Flex 5 (13”)
e Chromebook 2nd Gen (”) AMD
e Chromebook 2nd Gen (”) AMD
SamsungSamsung Galaxy Chromebook
Samsung Chromebook Plus (LTE)
Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2
Samsung Chromebook 4+
Samsung Chromebook 4
Samsung Chromebook Plus (V2)
Samsung Chromebook 3
Samsung Chromebook Plus

Play Your Heart Out with Steam Games on a Chromebook

So that was our short guide on how to install Steam and play games on a Chromebook. While the installation process is not a one-click process like on Windows OS, it’s still quite straightforward and all you need is a bit of familiarity with Linux. So go ahead and install various Steam games to check if your Chromebook can handle graphics-intensive games.

Anyway, that is all from us. But how has been your experience? Let us know in the comment section below. In case, Steam didn&#;t work for you then you can use GeForce Now on your Chromebook. It&#;s a cloud gaming service and does not require Linux support. On top of that, the game library is pretty huge.


Chromebook games for linux

How to install Linux apps on your Chromebook

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Thanks to Linux support on Chromebooks, the Play Store isn’t the only place you can use to download apps. A lot of Chrome OS devices can run Linux apps, which makes them all that more valuable.

Installing a Linux app isn’t as simple as installing an Android app, although the process isn’t complicated once you get the hang of it. The good news is that when done correctly, you’ll feel like a computer wiz since there’s a bit of code involved.

Here:What is a Chromebook and what can it do?

First, check your Chrome OS version

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

The first step is to check your Chrome OS version to see if your Chromebook supports Linux apps. Start by clicking your profile image in the bottom-right corner and navigating to the Settings menu. Then click the hamburger icon in the upper-left corner and select the About Chrome OS option. The version of Chrome OS you’re running will appear.

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If you’re running Chrome OS 69 or later, you can download Linux apps. If not, you’re out of luck. But in this case, make sure to check if there are any software updates available that may bump you up to one of the Linux supporting versions of the operating system. To do so, click the Check for updates button on the About Chrome OS page you should already be on and then let your Chromebook do its thing.

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Now that you’ve figured out that your Chromebook supports Linux apps, the next step is to enable Linux on your machine. It’s easy to do and won’t take a lot of time overall, although this depends on how fast your internet speed is as well as the power of your Chromebook.

Open the Settings on your Chromebook and select the Linux (Beta) option on the left side. Then click the Turn on button followed by Install when a new window pops up. Once the download completes, a terminal window will open. You can use this window to download Linux apps, which we’ll discuss in the next section.

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How to download Linux apps on Chromebooks?

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Here’s the part you’ve been waiting for. But before we get into exactly how to download Linux apps on Chromebooks, there’s one more thing to do. To make sure everything runs smoothly, you have to update your packages by entering the command below into the terminal window.

Once that’s done, you can start downloading Linux apps on your device. To do so, you have to use the command “sudo apt-get install app name -y”, in which you change the “app name” part with the actual name of the app. For example, if you want to download the popular image editor called Gimp, you would use the following command:

  • sudo apt-get install gimp -y

Once you enter the command into the terminal window, the app will be downloaded and placed in the app drawer along with your Android apps. You may need to look up the app name commands needed for the apps of your choice on a case-by-case basis, to ensure you’re installing the right apps. We have the best ones listed below.

The best Linux apps for Chromebooks

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

In addition to the already mentioned Gimp, there are several other great Linux apps available to download. We’ll let you discover them on your own, but to get you started and give you a little taste of what to expect, we’ve listed a few popular Linux apps below, along with commands you can use to download them.

LibreOffice: An alternative to Microsoft Word, LibreOffice includes a word processor, a spreadsheet program, and a presentation tool, among other things.

  • sudo apt install libreoffice libreoffice-gtk3 -y

Transmission: This is a free BitTorrent client that allows you to download and upload files easily.

  • sudo apt-get install transmission-qt -y

FileZilla: If you want to move files from your device to a server, an app like FileZilla makes the process a lot faster.

  • sudo apt-get install filezilla -y

Evolution: If you want to use a desktop mail client instead of a web-based one, the Evolution Linux app is for you.

  • sudo apt-get install evolution -y

Audacity: This is an advanced audio editor and recorder that comes in handy when playing around with various audio files.

  • sudo apt-get install audacity -y

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Which app was the first one you installed? Let us know in the comments! Also, feel free to check out our other Chromebook-related guides below.

How ToChrome OS, Chromebooks, Linux

10 Best Free Linux Games that You MUST TRY in 2019

How to Play Games on Chromebook and Chrome OS

Comparing Chromebooks with other available windows or iOS-based laptops is purely an ambiguous concept. Chromebook is a different species of the computer world that is only confined to streaming videos, browsing the internet, desktop publishing, basic photo editing, and media playback. Since it does rely on the cloud to store data or files, it barely comes with high space capability. Having used only Chrome OS, Chromebook surely does not guarantee a better environment to play high-end games. Besides, most Chromebooks used to have low-end hard drives, and poorly-performed integrated graphics cards resulted in poor performance in gaming or editing.

However, the recent advent of the latest Chromebooks has proved that they are not lagging behind the other contemporary laptops in terms of up-to-date hardwires. There are various types of Chromebooks available out there in the market, but not all of them are fit enough to run the games spontaneously.

Despite Chromebook&#;s ability to play games, this question always shows how we can play games on Chromebook. I think it is important to recognize that not all platforms will enable your Chromebook to play games in a straightforward way.

Play Games for Chromebook/Chrome OS

I have found a few ways to play games on Chromebook or Chrome OS, which need some installations or setup based on their requirements. However, some websites such as Parsec, LiquidSky, and Shadow by Blades also allow the users to play games from any Chromebook the same as other laptops. Still, these websites are not our main priority for this article as they run in any device. Therefore, I am going to discuss all the plausible platforms to play games on the Chromebook by explaining each of their characteristics and installation processes.

1. Android Games on Chromebook (Google Play Store)

You will blunder expecting the same gaming experience from Chromebook like other gaming PCs since the Chromebook will hardly pace with the other high-equipped PCs. As Chromebook solely runs on Chrome OS, we can expect to have the liberty to choose Android apps in our preciously bought Chromebook since Chrome OS supports Android games. As long as the hardware is concerned, having perfect RAM and processor are prerequisites.

If not hassle to buy, it is worth having at least 4 GB RAM and an intel Celeron-based processor to run the Android Games. This will bolster the smoothness of your gaming mechanism in the Chromebook than the other conventional devices. Most of the Android apps and games are optimized for the Chromebook, making it feel more like a native app in Chromebook.

Google Play Store - Play Games on Chromebook

The addition of Android apps support has bridged the gap amongst the desire of the consumers in spite of having the ability of Chromebook to run Chrome browser extensions, web apps, and Chrome apps.

This then leads to an increase of this platform’s value beside the other platforms, allowing the customers to access millions of apps just in a snap. Most of the gamers face challenges to play games on Chromebook due to their lack of adaptation to the touchscreen.

Since most of the games available on Google Play Store are designed for touchscreen interface whereas most of the old-fashioned Chromebooks appear with sub-optimal keyboard and mouse, gamers may have to spend a bit of money to buy the latest Chromebook, which can be used with a touchscreen. The installation processes of the Google Play Store are as follows:

Step &#; 1: Go to the bottom right of the screen and click on the clock menu. Then click the setting icon. Scroll down to the apps menu and click on it will show you the Google Play store. If the Google Play Store is available for installation, then install it straight away.

Google Play Store 1

Step &#; 2: If this is the case that your Chromebook can run Play Store but has not been turned on, you will see an option stating, ‘turn on’ next to Google Play Store and click on it to turn on.

Google Play Store 2

Step &#; 3: After that, your Google Play Store will be ready to use, and you will be presented with terms and conditions in which you have to accept it after reading it. That’s it. You can then see the Play Store logo on your launcher option and click it to play games on Chromebook.

Google Play Store 3

Step &#; 4: Whichever games you want to play, just type it on the ‘search’ option and click on the game, and then you will see install next to the game. By looking at the thumbnails and info, if you think you want to play it, click on the install button to finally play it.

Google Play Store 4

It can be possible that your Chromebook may support Android apps or games, but you cannot play it due to an outdated Chrome OS is installed in your device. Don’t forget to upgrade your Chrome OS version to 53 or above.

To do this, go to the settings icon and select ‘About Chrome OS’ at the top of the screen. You then click the ‘check for and apply updates’ button to select the latest version of Chrome OS and finally finish the process by restarting the device.

2. Sideloading Android Games without Developer Mode

If your Chromebook still doesn’t support Android apps or doesn’t allow you to install Google Play Store, then don’t be disappointed because I will show you how you can install the Play store by switching Chromebook into a developer channel.

This, however, won’t run without impunity as this process can put your system susceptible to any security threats or bugs. Processes of switching to the developer channel are as follows:

Step &#; 1: Go to the settings page as usual and select the ‘About Chrome OS’ to find your version number and current channel.

Step &#; 2: Click on the ‘additional details,’ and it will expand the page where you can see the details of your current version. By clicking the ‘change channel’ button, you can select a new channel on the dialog.

Step &#; 3: There are two options, such as Beta and Develop – unstable. You have to select developer – unstable and click on the ‘Change Channel’ button after carefully scamming through the warning notice.

Step &#; 4: This then will update the device and select the Restart button to fully see the developer channel being used in your device. Now you can download and play games on Chromebook by using the Google Play Store beta app in this new developer channel.

3. Sideloading Android Games with Linux Crostini

There is another option that you might like if you want to sideload Android APKs, including games, by switching your Chromebook into a Dev channel as well as using Linux Crostini. This process is a bit complicating and does not compromise the security restriction the same as developer mode, which changes the whole operating system. Rather, this process only brings future updates into your Chrome OS. The processes follow as below:

Step &#; 1: Follow the process of how to switch into the developer channel as mentioned above.

Step &#; 2: If Linux beta is available, then go to settings, and on the Linux option on the left side, click on the ‘turn on’ option.

Sideloading Android Games with Linux Crostini

Step &#; 3: When the Linux is installed, go to Linux again and click on the ‘Develop Android Apps’ and enable the toggle for ADB Debugging. Then you have to restart your device, and the ADB prompt will appear in which you have to click on ‘Allow’. However, it can be possible that the ADB toggle will not turn on, and in this case, you need to reset your Chromebook. Don’t forget to back up your data before the whole process begins.

Sideload Android Apps 2

Step &#; 4: Terminal needs to be opened from the app drawer and type the following command in the terminal to install the ADB platform-tools followed by press “Y”.

sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb

Sideload Android Apps 3

Step &#; 5: With the help of a WiFi network, type the following command to link the Android system with Linux in Chrome OS.

adb connect

Sideload Android Apps 4

Should the terminal show “Permission Denied” or “Command Not Found” then use the following command followed by the same .

adb start-server

Step &#; 6: A window stating “Allow USB Debugging” will appear in which you have to tick the checkbox for “Always allow” followed by a click on the “OK” button. Now the setup is done. You can now download and move your selected APK, which is not available on the Play Store, to the Linux files and able to play games on Chromebook.

Sideload Android Apps 5

4. Playing Games on Chromebook by Using Steam

If you decide to play desktop games in a huge online platform, then there is no alternative to Steam. Developed by Valve, Steam was initially launched for Windows OS and then evolved into iOS, Android, and Windows phones.

However, the journey did not end as it has reached out to Chromebook these days as well. Thanks to Steam for becoming a giant game distributor, which to me, is simply a gaming guru.

Steam supports the Linux system and makes games for Linux as well, making it a big positive side for Chromebook as Linux Crostini provides a sheer advantage to the Chrome OS for playing these AAA games in this big virtual platform.

Another good news for the gamers is that Google is contemplating to inaugurate Steam officially for the Chrome OS so that the gamers won’t have to grouch of undergoing complex installation processes.

Steam - Play Games on Chromebook

There are two ways of installing Steam. The first way requires the Chromebook to have a built-in Linux beta app which allows the Steam to work as a native Linux app, whereas the other way is to install Linux on its own as a solo OS beside Chrome OS and then install Steam through Ubuntu.

Install Linux OS

There are three ways you can install Linux OS in your Chromebook. Bear in mind that only one method out of three is the official method of downloading Linux in your device, whereas the other two are beneficial but can lead to an impairment of your security.

You may want to install the Chromebook Recovery utility to back up your data and files in your recovery disk (in this case, at least 4 GB flash drive) in case, If the files get deleted after installation. Our team has curated a comprehensive tutorial on how to enable or install Linux on Chromebook, which will help you to set up things in the right way.

Install Steam on Chromebook

Installation processes for Steam are as follow:

Step &#; 1: First, follow any of the above procedures to install Linux on your Chromebook.

Step &#; 2: Press Shift+Ctrl+T to open the Linux terminal and input the following command.

echo ‘deb jessie main contrib non-free’ | sudo tee –a /etc/apt/sources.list

Step &#; 3: Enter the following first command in the terminal first, followed by the second one.

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i sudo apt update

Step &#; 4: Now, for the last time, type the following command and then type “Y” and press down the “Enter” to finally begin with the installation.

sudo apt install steam

Step &#; 5: After that, a window will appear with terms and conditions and once you read it, then select “I AGREE” and click on the “OK” button to proceed further.

Step &#; 6: If you have an existing account on Steam, then you can log in with your Steam credentials and enjoy the diverse games as you explore, or you can open an account if you want.

Steam Games 4

Extra Tips: GPU Acceleration for Steam

When the Linux support was declared two years ago on Chromebook, some of the features were absent, which they have been recently improved, and one such example is the introduction of GPU acceleration for accelerated graphics.

GPU is limited to certain latest Chromebooks, and I reckon that all the Chromebooks that I have mentioned earlier in this article are compatible with GPU. However, you should check whether your Chromebook supports it for you to play games on Chromebook spontaneously with no or least hassle with graphics. The installation process for GPU are as follow:

Step &#; 1: You can either open your Chrome browser and go to the Chrome Flags page or type


Step &#; 2: In this page, go for “Crostini GPU support and from the drop-down menu, change it to “enabled”. You can also click this link to open the dedicated flag, such as


GPU Acceleration 1

Step &#; 3: Click the “restart” button at the bottom and open the terminal to confirm that GPU is installed and working properly by typing the following command. If the device shows “virgl” and Accelerated shows “Yes” then it is working properly. However, the device name can differ based on the graphic card installed in your individual Chromebook.

glxinfo -B

GPU Acceleration 2

5. Playing Games on Chromebook by Using Stadia

If you wish to play games on Chromebook by using a platform that will neither demand a higher Chromebook nor become a limitation for choosing suitable games, then you are in the right place. Google’s Stadia is a platform that solely uses a Cloud gaming system to support your Chromebook.

Stadia takes responsibility for any heavy-lifting games you play because it uses robust hardwires like the Intel x86 processor clocked at GHz with AVX2 and MB L2+L3 cache. Besides, it uses a custom AMD GPU supported by Vega architecture with HBM2 memory, which consists of 56 compute units and teraFLOPS.

Accessed only through Chrome OS, this platform does not require any specific instructions to download or install. Rather, it only requires a smooth internet connection between 10 Mbps to 35 Mbps to provide better quality graphics.

Worth remembering that, Stadia is not like Netflix, where you will get large collections of games for free in a monthly subscription. Rather, Stadia enables you to purchase any game like any platform with its original price.

Stadia Games 1

You can spontaneously plug & play keyboard and mouse by connecting with Chromebook using a USB-C port; otherwise, you can connect with a Bluetooth-based keyboard and mouse. On the contrary, if you want to experience the vividness of your virtual game, then you can take the help of the Stadia controller, which also requires a USB-C connection with a Chromebook. This controller is unique for its comfortable handling, clicky face buttons, lightweight, and stable, ergonomic d-pad design.

Monthly $10 Stadia pro provides you an opportunity to play your favorite games with a resolution up to 4K with a frame rate of 60FPS. You will be stunned with a surround sound system while getting free games on a regular basis alongside regular discounts. Installation processes are as follow:

Step &#; 1: Go to the “Settings” and on the left side of the Settings window, click on the “About Chrome OS” and then click on “Check for updates”. This will ensure that your Chromebook is up to date.

Stadia Games 2

Step &#; 2: Go to You will be redirected to the home screen if the registration email for Stadia turns out the same as your Chromebook email. Otherwise, you will be asked to open one.

Step &#; 3: However, if you wish to play games on Chromebook using Stadia app instead of using Chrome browser, then go to Stadia official website using Chrome browser and on the top right next to the start button, click on the + sign, and then click on “install Stadia”. You can now play games using the app.

6. NaClBox (Native Client Box)

If you want to fiddle around with the 90’s game that could be played using MSDOS, then you should check NaClBox. Fortuitously, Google has developed an emulator called NaClBox, which allows gamers to access the games of the 90s by using the Google Chrome browser. However, you need to choose your preferred subscription for which you have to pay.  Games like Descent, Duke Nukem 1 and 2, and many more games can be played through this platform.

NaClBox, as a cloud-based DOSBOX, allows the developers to seed the codes of those DOS games in the Chrome browser to create a DOSBox port to make them run on Native Client in a way as if they belong to the OS of that computer.

It is neither ActiveX nor Java rather, and it joins with HTML5 and CSS3 to pave the way for the gamers to develop the games, add them to the Cloud system of NaClBox and play games on Chromebook using this native platform. Games are mainly imported from Id software and to NaClBox. Setup processes of NaClBox are as follow:

Step &#; 1: If you have Google Chrome 11 or above, then go to the browser, and on the address bar, type

Step &#; 2: Scroll down the page to find “Native Client” and click “enable” followed by “restart Chrome”.

NaClBox 1

Step &#; 3: Go to and sign up for the account while choosing the right subscription for you for which you have to pay for sure.

Step &#; 4: On the home screen, you have many games to play for. For the purpose of the demonstration, I will choose the Epic Pinball game, but you may select different games.

NaClBox 2

Step &#; 5: Click on “Epic Pinball,” and that will take you to the info of the game. Here you have an option to click “play” to get into the game, “delete” to completely erase the game, which is irreversible, and “add file” to upload the desired files in this apps. Files of the games can be seen at the top right of the screen. Here, blocks mean how much space this game has used.

NaClBox 3 - Play Games on Chromebook

Step &#; 6: If you want to add games in NaClBox, then first purchase the games from any reliable website or source. You can buy old DOS games from, and in this demonstration, I will choose Wing Commander, but you may have other games to upload.

Step &#; 7: Run the setup and install Wing Commander on your Chromebook. Login to your NaClBox and click “Add New Application” and type the name of the game and again click on the “Create” button.

NaClBox 4

Step &#; 8: In this WC folder, you will click on “add files,” and select the installed wing commander file from the desired location of your device and transfer it to your new My NaClBox app. Once the upload is complete, refresh the NaClBox and play it.

NaClBox 5

Finally, Insight

To me, the most convenient way of playing games in my Chromebook is to use Google Play Store, and for this, I need to have a recent or up-to-date Chromebook. This platform will allow you to play a lot of games both in a free and paid option.

Secondly, Stadia seems a valuable platform to me as this will save you from having a nightmare for not owning any robust Chromebook by letting you play games in their hard drive, and the setup is quite easy.

However, my groundswell of support for sideloading Android apps and using Steam is unequivocally less as they put your system at risk as well as involve installing the Linux OS by following various processes. On the contrary, the setup of NaClBox is straightforward, albeit mostly support old DOS games.

I couldn’t find any other productive way of playing games in the Chromebook as long as I acknowledge it. If you think I have missed out on any platform or added more information on each process, let me know by commenting here, and I will try to sort it out. Thank you.


Now discussing:

Chromebooks are lightweight in hardware, allowing you to easily carry them around. However, this also means that they’re not the best gaming devices, due to the weaker graphics options on board. That being said, nothing is stopping you from installing Steam on your Chromebook.

How to Install Steam on a Chromebook

If you’re interested in learning how to install Steam on Chromebook, you’ve hit the jackpot. You’ll learn all there is to know about the process. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions on Chromebooks.

How to Install Steam on a Chromebook

Installing Steam on a Chromebook can be tricky since there are a few things to consider;

  • Can your Chromebook support Linux?

One of our methods for installing Steam on a Chromebook requires that your machine support Linux apps. This will let you install Steam as a Linux app, and you can launch your games and play them as you would on a PC. If your Chromebook can’t support Linux, then this method won’t work at all.

  • Is the Chromebook powerful enough?

Even if your Chromebook somehow runs Linux apps without an issue, the hardware might not let you play games. The Chromebook is simply not equipped to run graphics-intensive games. You need a higher-tier Chromebook to ensure your games won’t overload the hardware.

  • Can your Chromebook run Android apps?

If you can’t run Linux apps, you can still use your Chromebook to run Steam via the Steam Link app. This method is quite limited and requires better graphics than the Linux app method. What’s more, you can’t take the Chromebook with you since it has to connect to a proper PC to run games.

If your Chromebook satisfies at least two of these requirements, then you should be able to install Steam on your Chromebook. Let’s take a look at the first method.

Installing the Steam Linux App

After Steam was officially supported by Linux, it allowed Linux PC owners to enjoy their games. For Chromebooks, the process was also simplified. Earlier, Chromebooks required a set of scripts called Crouton to run Linux in parallel to Chrome OS.

Today, the need for installing Crouton and getting into Developer Mode is over. Since , all Chromebooks are Linux compatible out of the box. As such, it makes the process of installing Steam a lot easier.

That said, Chromebooks don’t come with hardware suited for gaming, and there are times when it’s a marvel if a game on Steam runs. Therefore, if a game doesn’t work, don’t force it.

All you need to do is follow these steps to install the Linux Steam App:

  1. On your Chromebook, find your Settings menu.
  2. If your Chromebook supports Linux, you can find the option at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select “Turn On” on the right.
  4. When a new window pops up, select “Install.”
  5. Let your Chromebook handle the installation process.
  6. When done, you can type “” in the Linux Terminal to update Linux to the latest build.
  7. Download the Linux Steam App.
  8. Move the DEB file to your Linux folder through the Files app.
  9. Double-click the DEB file and install it.
  10. When done, you can locate the file and launch Steam.
  11. After updating, you can sign in.

It’s recommended that you enable the microphone and GPU acceleration for Linux on your Chromebook to enhance your gaming experience. Not all Chromebooks have the feature to accelerate their GPUs, so you’ll have to check if yours can. You also don’t have to turn on the microphone if your games don’t need it, though a microphone does help with games like ‘’Among Us.’’

After you’re done installing Steam and logging in, you should enable a setting called “Steam Play For Other Titles” since it lets you play Windows games not natively on Linux.

  1. On Steam, go to the Settings menu.
  2. Select “Play.”
  3. Select “Enable Steam Play for Other Titles.”

You should now be able to enjoy many of your Steam games. Granted, the extremely hardware-intensive games likely won’t run on your Chromebook, but simpler games should work just fine, depending on your Chromebook’s specs.

Installing Ubuntu Linux OS on Your Chromebook

This is an older method that requires you to go into Developer Mode. If you’re not a fan of Chrome OS and want to run Ubuntu, by all means, try it out. Steam is natively compatible with Ubuntu, so installing it won’t be an issue.

If you want to follow this method, the steps are:

  1. Turn your Chromebook off.
  2. Press the combination for entering Developer Mode, usually ‘’Esc + Refresh + Power’’ buttons.
  3. In Recovery Mode, press ‘’Ctrl + D.’’
  4. When confronted with the “Turn OS Verification Off” press Enter.
  5. Press ‘’Ctrl + D’’ to continue, and from now on, a warning will appear when you reboot again.
  6. Download Crouton here.
  7. Press ‘’Ctrl + Alt + T’’ to open Shell.
  8. Type “” then press the Enter key.
  9. Next, type “” and confirm with the Enter key.
  10. Let the computer install Ubuntu.
  11. When done, go back to Ubuntu by typing “” in Shell.
  12. Type “” and wait until the process is complete.
  13. You can then login and start playing.

Keep in mind that this process will wipe your Chromebook. Before undertaking the Ubuntu installation process, you should back up everything that’s in your local drive. Most Chromebooks store data on the cloud, so that information should be fine.

If both of the options above aren’t for you, we have a third alternative. It might be more limited, but it’s still effective.

Using the Steam Link App

The Steam Link app is basically an app that connects your Chromebook to a stronger PC. You’ll experience some lag since you’re streaming gameplay to your Chromebook, but it works if the other methods fail. Your Chromebook has to support Android apps, however.

Thankfully, many of the latest ones do. If you’re interested in this method, here’s how you do it:

  1. Install Steam Link on your Chromebook.
  2. Launch Steam on your PC.
  3. Launch Steam Link on your Chromebook.
  4. Select “Start Playing.”

Sadly, Steam Link has a few limitations you’ll have to accept.

Steam Link is very finicky with the controllers it supports. The controller has to be Bluetooth-enabled and supported by Steam Link. Because of this, many third-party controllers tend not to work for you if you use Steam Link.

  • You can’t game remotely

You’re stuck to being near the main PC. Since you’re connecting to it, the only way to have a reliable connection is to be in the same room.

  • Wi-Fi speeds affect performance

If your internet speed is poor, then you won’t be able to stream the game to your Chromebook smoothly. You need to have a strong connection to enjoy your games.

The streamed video game is already compressed, and your Chromebook might not even be Full HD. Unless you’re okay with it, the graphics are going to look lackluster on your Chromebook. Its screen won’t be able to compare with many gaming monitors out there.

However, if you’re set on using the Steam Link method, you can still play games on your Chromebook.

Play Steam Games On the Go

These steps and information will help you to install Steam on a Chromebook. Make sure your Chromebook is new and powerful enough, or else no amount of tinkering can help you. Streaming is decent but not ideal since the quality is usually terrible.

What part of installing Steam did you find difficult? Do you enjoy playing Steam games on a Chromebook? Let us know in the comments section below.


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