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If you want to keep track of your time every day in a reliable way and look good doing it, then a timepiece by Relic might just be right for you.

Each Relic watches review focuses on the fact that these designs provide a stylish accessory for a specific reason: this brand was created specifically for those who want a fashionable watch without paying hundreds or thousands of dollars.

You’ll find a number of designs available with this brand along with quality materials. From bracelets to leather straps, large analog dials to hybrid watches, there are even titanium options in the various collections that you’ll find from Relic.

If your style is vintage, but your timekeeping needs are modern, then this is the brand to consider.


When Fossil first started creating watches in the early 1980s, they were attempting to take advantage of the higher incomes and better economic times that were being experienced.

This led them to create high price points on their first collections, which led many households to ignore the brand because of the cost. After all, not everyone views a timepiece for the wrist as an item of fine jewelry or luxury.

If a watch without diamonds costs the same as jewelry with diamonds, many will choose the precious jewels.

To reach a larger market, The Fossil Group decided to create the Relic brand as a way to create similar designs, but at a more affordable price for consumers. Even to this day, the similarity in design between Fossil and Relic watches is readily apparent.

The difference between the two brands involves the quality of the components that have gone into the making of that watch.


Relic watches provide affordable fashion. Because of this, their lifespan is typically limited to 1-2 years in most circumstances. With light wear, some users may be able to get up to 5 years of wearable life out of their timepiece from this brand.

To be fair, Relic watches were specifically created to be an attractive, but very affordable timepiece. There is no apology for this. If you want to have a high-end watch from The Fossil Group, then the organization encourages consumers to look at the various collections under the Fossil brand.

If not, then you can still get a pretty great watch with the Relic brand, but at a price that is much more affordable.

One of the issues that tends to come up with a Relic watch is that the outer coating or colorization of the watch does tend to wear off with heavy use or with high levels of perspiration. The actual components of the watch itself, however, are surprisingly durable considering the low price points that are offered for most collections.


Relic watches are one of several brands that have been licensed to The Fossil Group. This group was established in 1984 and is responsible for the production of timepieces, belts, wallets, and other fashion items. Their items can be found in discount stores, department store chains, and online stores like Amazon as of January 2015.

The core demographic that is targeted by The Fossil Group for the Relic brand are teens and young adults. The designs of each are intended to be innovative, yet vintage in aesthetics. A majority of the manufacturing processes for all of the branded and licensed timepieces created by The Fossil Group are located in China and throughout the APAC region.

There are limited productions of Swiss-made watches for The Fossil Group as well, but these tend to be for premium-priced fashion watches.


Relic watches have one of the most lucrative warranties that are offered in our industry today. The Fossil Group offers all Relic watches a 12-year limited warranty from the date of purchase, covering material and manufacturing defects.

In the warranty period, the hands, movement, and dial are specifically covered and will be repaired, or the watch replaced at the sole discretion of an authorized service center.

There is an $8.50 return shipping and handling fee that applies to all warranty service requests under the Relic brand.

Relic also offers to repair a watch issue that is not covered by warranty and will also replace the battery on your timepiece if you wish. Those charges are as follows.

  • $18.50 for the battery replacement service, in addition to the $8.50 return fee.
  • $45.00 for the repair of all components that are not covered by the 12-year limited warranty. This price does include the return shipping fee.

To qualify for the warranty, the Relic watch must be purchased originally from an authorized retailer.

You can find further warranty details, including the location of international authorized service centers, through this link:


Relic watches are an affordable fashion timepiece for most consumers. A majority of the watches that are offered by this brand are priced for less than $100. If you shop for this brand of timepiece at a department store, you may find prices in the $100-$150 range for some of the top-end collections from this brand.

Some of the Relic watches are even priced below $50. A good example of this is the Relic Men’s Gunmetal watch, which can be found for $49 on some websites. The Relic Men’s Jake Strap Watch often retails for $38 and sometimes even less.


In each Relic watches review, the temptation to purchase a fantastic looking watch at an affordable price can be nearly overwhelming. In many department stores, you can even try on many of these timepieces to see if it will work with your personal style.

Featuring quartz movements and stainless steel bracelets with many designs, these watches feel heavy, are durable, and keep time with relative accuracy.

If you’re looking for an affordable watch, there are many brands that don’t provide the same quality. Give Relic a closer look, and you will be pleased with the results.



Relic watches are only water-resistant up to approximately 165 feet. However, there is no guarantee on this, so use caution with your watch in water – especially if there is any kind of chlorine content in the water as you would find in a swimming pool, for example.


They are a good quality watch brand that is affordable for many. However, their lifespan is typically limited to a few years in many circumstances. They are owned by Fossil Group as well, and they are one of the oldest watchmakers in existence and are famous for their other more higher-end watches that are pricier but more durable.


Most Relic Watches are designed in the United States but are manufactured in China. This only applies to the Relic brand and is not the same as the Fossil brand of Swiss-made watches.

Again, Relic is a part of Fossil Groups, so Relic watches can be purchased online at authorized dealers like Amazon or in Fossil outlets and gift stores.


You may find some similarities between the two watch brands because Fossil is known as the parent company for the Relic brand. Therefore, you will find that the design of each of these watches is very similar in some cases. However, the Fossil brand watches are going to be much pricier and higher-end than the more affordable Relic watches.


If you need a replacement battery for your Relic, you can either contact a Relic or Fossil service center or visit one of their stores.


The Relic brand was mostly created as a way for the manufacturer to supply people with a more affordable, stylish watch. For this reason, they also offer a variety of different styles that people will love – even if you are usually pretty picky about the kind of watch you wear.

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How to Set a Relic Watch

Relic is a stylish, affordable watch brand with dozens of different styles and models, some of which have a date feature. No matter which style of Relic watch you choose, you will find it easy to set. Even if you lost the instruction manual that came with your watch, you can learn to set the time and date (if your watch has a date feature).

Set the date on your Relic date watch model by pulling the crown away from the face of the watch two clicks. Turn the crown forward or backward to move the date dial to the correct date. To set the time, pull the crown three clicks from the base and turn the dial clockwise or counter-clockwise until you reach the proper time. Push the crown in to return it back to the base.

Set the time on an automatic Relic watch by pulling the crown two clicks away from the base and turning the dial clockwise to the correct time. Return the crown back to the base by pushing it inward two clicks.

Set the time on your chronograph Relic watch by pulling the crown three clicks away from the base and turning the dial until you reach the desired time. Set the date by pulling the crown to position two and turning the dial. Pull the crown three clicks and press the buttons above and below to adjust the chronograph settings.

Set your Relic Retrograde with Weekday Sweep watch by pulling the crown to position three when the second hand is at 12:00 and rotating clockwise until you reach the correct weekday. Continue rotating until you reach the correct time, but make sure you have the a.m. or p.m. hour correct. Set the date by pulling the crown to position two and turning the dial counter-clockwise until you are on the correct date.


Many of the Relic watch settings can be achieved by following the same routine, but make sure your particular Relic watch has the required features before attempting to set your watch.

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