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Applied Microphone Technology AMT LS Studio Saxophone Microphone with AP40 Preamp

Condenser for horns.

The AMT LS is the ultimate in a woodwind or brass microphone. The system is meant to clip onto any flanged bell instrument (saxophones and brass). The LS in its stock configuration is the perfect choice for the player that needs control over volume in a beltpack setup. The latest version of the AMT LS allows the player to easily change to and from AMT different preamps and allows for direct connections to either Shure or Sennheiser beltpack transmitters. With a change in a cable, convert your LS mic from a beltpack style preamp, to a "Studio" series model, and then to AMT "Wireless setups". The instrument microphone is suspended in a 4 point isolation ring reducing key and handling noise. Phantom power or 9Volt battery required. Comes with BP40 beltpack style preamp, case, and AMT disconnecting cable technology to allow the microphone to be used as "Wireless" or "Studio" models if needed. Order today and separate from your straight stand.


  • Shock mounted
  • Works wirelessly
  • High SPL tolerance
  • Built-in mic pre

Technical Specification

Applied Microphone Technology AMT LS Studio Saxophone Microphone with AP40 Preamp

  • Element: Condenser
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency: 50Hz - 18kHz
  • Sensitivity: -65dB+ 4dB
  • Impedance: 150 Ohms*
  • Phantom Power: 12 to 52 vDC Self-powered battery
  • Max input SPL: 120 dB
  • Dimension: 3.5" Flex Arm
  • Cable: 6'
  • Weight (Mic only): 36 grams

Factor LS

The LS is insane and so good in so many ways. I’m never one to worry about weight, especially when you’re taking a bike off on the gravel and onto rocks, ruts, and carrying terrain – I’d rather have the durability to be able to handle it, versus a lightweight gram weenie. That said, it checks both boxes of being lightweight but reinforced and durable/burly in high-stress areas.

With the durability and added capacity, it not only makes it super compliant off-road, but also on road. Where I’m training, it can take over an hour to get to the good gravel roads and it’s proven ridiculously fast on the road. I’ve been on 33mm file tread IRC tires mostly, but also 40mm IRC’s – and the bike rolls along so well on pavement. Even out of the saddle, it’s jumpy in the right ways to deliver a good sprint.

What I find incredible is the ability of the bike to maintain traction on steep inclines without spinning out. Clearly, the geometry was addressed to ensure this capacity in these types of conditions.

As for handling off-road and on gravel, I can throw the bike where I want it, and it responds in kind. It feels super solid and confident out there. I left 10mm in the steer tube to allow for raising the integrated bar/stem from Black Inc to suit long events and training rides, but also for having the ability to drop it low for shorter, faster sessions and events that are less aggressive terrain wise.

One last note – it’s so beautiful. I absolutely love the bare carbon layup as it shimmers and glistens in the sunlight. It’s subtle, understated, but powerful.”

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2004 Ukrainian child pornography raids

Child pornography crackdowns in Ukraine

The 2004 Ukrainian child pornography raids occurred a few months before the First Orange Revolution, when police in Ukraine raided a softcore child pornography ring operating in the cities of Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Simferopol. The ring had operated since 2001 and used a modeling agency as a front.[1]

The Crime Investigation Department of the Ministry for the Interior conducted the raids. The deputy head of the department, Vitaly Yarema, said that the bank accounts of the agency, containing hundreds of thousands of dollars, had been frozen.[1]

The raids were conducted after a joint investigation between Ukrainian police and Interpol. In 2005, the United States Department of State announced that there was further cooperation between Ukrainian police and other law enforcement agencies internationally.[2]

The investigation following the raids was completed by 6 April 2005.[3]


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A sad story of pedophilia on how disgusting images fed the web

The journalist Livio Varriale sheds the light on a story about pedophilia that starts from afar and still today finds its roots in the darker side of the internet.

Today, I’m going to tell you a horrible story that dwells on the dark web, a story aboupedophilia that starts from afar and still today finds its roots in the darker side of the internet.

So let’s come to a premise, in the nineties, in a city of Ukraine, a photographic studio was born, it was focused on innocent but at the same time forbidden sites. The story passed over in silence and there rare traces online. The drama is that on the dark side of the Internet there are ogres that abuse children. This is the story of the LS-Studios, by Alexander who had to close his business in 2004 after an FBI raid.

The chronicle tells us that 1500 models, aged between 7 and 14 years, posed for this agency, which fed adult public sites with captivating photos where nudity was not always the height of lust and there were no sexual acts immortalized in the shots.

According to an OSINT research carried out by Matricedigitale, the questionable content is still available online, in the clear web it is possible to find them and it is possible to reach these images with simple searches.

A Twitter user has publicly reported us three links with domains, one of them even, which hosts the photos of Ls-Studios. The thing, unfortunately, disgusting is that on Twitter there are still many active links to directories and torrents where you can download GB of images.

, it is quite simple to find on social networks like Twitter the links to repositories that host archives of child pornography images

As many as 60 links are still active in 2019, we found several links p via Twitter p that explicitly refer to LSMODELS LSSTUDIOS with Tweets written in different idioms, including English, Russian, and Japanese

In conclusion, more than 600,000 photos hosted in the dark web represent a reservoir of pleasure for ogres, in many cases they are available for free, for all those who are attracted to children, but who despise child pornography at the same time. Over time, the models in the picturehave grown up, but their faces have been immortalized and the shots of them still make them legends in the most horrendous part of the internet.

Additional information about the investigation conducted by L Varriare are available at the following links (English, Italian, and Russian):

About the author: Livio Varriale

Pierluigi Paganini

( – pornography, pedophilia)


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