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EMPI Engine Case, /92mm Bore, 10mm Studs, Bubble Top, Aluminum

EMPI Engine Case, /92mm Bore, 10mm Studs, Bubble Top, Aluminum, B

EMPI engine cases are all new construction with numerous design features added in right from the start. All cases are made from high quality aluminum alloy and are fully CNC machined following strict quality control standards. This case is made for EMPI by Auto Linea. 

Case Features:

  • Made from high quality Aluminum with numerous design features.
  • Dual Relief Design for Type 1, 2 or 3 applications.
  • Shuffle Pins (6) on all main saddles for a snug fit, zero gap and longevity.
  • Bubble Top / Raised Roof Design with a strong radius design adding strength and allowing additional clearance for up to an 86mm Crank.
  • Ported and smoothed for better flow.
  • Filled in (not welded) support behind #3 cylinder.
  • Drilled & Tapped for Full Flow – w/plugs supplied.
  • Main Oil Gallery tapped for ease of cleaning.
  • Large Oil pick-up tube.
  • Uses a grooved style cam plug.
  • Also available machined for Sand Seal.

Installation Note: This case will require you to make a modification to the lower portion of the fan shroud where it sits over the engine case for a proper fit.

Application Note: This is considered a universal part and can fit many different applications based on modifications to the vehicle. Application information is just for reference and not applicable to a stock vehicle configuration. Please verify your application before purchase to ensure this part is correct for your project.  

Engine Case, /92mm Bore, 10mm Studs, Bubble Top, Aluminum, EMPI, Sold ea.


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To locate limited warranty information for your vehicle, please refer to your Warranty and Maintenance booklet found in your Owner’s Manual. If you do not have an Owner’s Manual for your vehicle, you can order one at or by calling our toll-free number at What you will also find on the website: 

  • Owner's Manuals Inserts and Supplements 

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For information about loaner availability, please reach out to an authorized Volkswagen dealership. Click here to locate your nearest VW dealer.

You bet. Volkswagen limited warranties are automatically transferred without cost if the ownership of the vehicle changes while the limited warranties are valid.

If your car has been sitting for a while, if it is wet, or even cold outside, the brakes can oxidize and rust may form. So when the brakes are used for the first time, they may make a squealing noise. After a few stops, the rust will essentially wear off and the noise will disappear as well. If brake noise continues, please visit your local VW dealer.

Your tires were carefully selected to match your Volkswagen, so only a tire size that is shown on the “Tire and Loading Information” label on the door of your vehicle (or listed in your Owner’s Manual) is recommended for use.

We recommend changing the oil and filter in Volkswagen vehicles every 12 months or 10, miles, whichever occurs first. The exception is the Routan, which is recommended every 6, miles. Always reference your Owner’s Manual for service intervals and schedule maintenance information.

All limited warranty-related repairs must be completed at your local Volkswagen dealership. If you are having difficulty getting to your nearest dealership, please contact Volkswagen Customer CARE between a.m. to p.m. EST Monday-Friday by clicking here.

Certain model year Volkswagen Golf and Golf SportWagen vehicles. To see if your Volkswagen is part of a recall, please enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) into the VIN Lookup tool here or Your VIN is located on the lower left corner of your vehicle’s windshield and on your vehicle’s registration card. It may also be shown on your vehicle insurance certificate.

Certain model year Volkswagen Golf, Jetta, and Beetle vehicles.

By following the "Forgot My Password" link on the Car-Net Sign In page, you can request an email with steps to reset your password. Or you can contact Volkswagen Customer CARE a.m. to p.m. EST Monday-Friday by clicking here.

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How they make Vw Engine cases and cilinder heads&#;


Yesterday we visited the foundry of our trusty cylinderhead and engine case supplier Auto Linea. BBT and Auto Linea go a long way back now!

We visited their aluminum foundry, and again, this was an impressive operation!

These are some samples of products Auto Linea cast in this plant. In total Auto Linea has 4 plants..


Let&#;s start with the raw material, comes in like this..


and is severe tested, also with a spectrometer before it goes in to their storage&#; also the liquid aluminum from the foundry is tested in this lab&#;


Let&#;s start with the cylinderheads first..

This is the machine, or one of the machines to be more precisely, that make the insert sand castings.


These are those castings! Yes, its sand!! Unbelievable how nice they can form this! Do You recognise in and outlet ports?


Ok the (aluminum) soup is cooking&#; ready for action!!


They put the sand casting in the steel (outer) tooling and close the tooling on this machine&#;


and they &#;serve&#; the hot (aluminum) soup!


What they pour in the tooling&#;

 _resized _resized

When they re-open the tooling they get something like this&#;


Off course there&#;s massive differences in tooling, left You see an export cylinder head (like we sell) and on the right you see a way cheaper cylinderhead for the Brazilian domestic market!

The better the tooling, the better the product&#;

The first batch of the new tooling arrived @ BBT HQ just before we left, so anytime soon You can read on this Blog about the new Cylinderhead that&#;s way better as the old one&#;


The &#;cleaning&#; happens here before shipping the head to another plant for machining a mere km up north&#;


In the next building we could follow the process of the foundry for the engine cases.

They been made in a different way what called &#;a cold box&#;&#;

These are the forms&#;


That been filled with sand&#;


Very special sand that becomes hard when they spray it with a certain gas&#; this is how the open sand castings look&#; before they close them&#;


The (aluminum) soup is also here cooking&#;  time to pour it in the moulds&#;

 _resized _resized

and this is how it comes out of the moulds&#; half an engine case at the time&#;


after that they been shot blasted for 15 minutes in this huge machine, with stainless steel bullets&#;

 _resized _resized

and finally they get sorted and stored in the transport boxes to be transported up North for machining&#;


on the way out we spotted this TL right before the factory door&#;:)


The aluminum foundry of Auto Linea is in a city called Blumenau&#; it&#;s a very Germanized  city and they have the second largest Oktoberfest in the entire world. this is where the Auto Linea export team brought us for lunch&#;

Just wanted to share with all of You this little old German town&#;

 _resized _resized

Jerry seems to like serious German food&#;:)


and as many beers on tap as You can dream off, no, we didn&#;t tried them all&#;


For the sweeties between all of you, these was the desert buffet&#;:)

yes, the food is very good in Brazil&#;


The afternoon we had a harsh 5 hr trip up north to the city of Curitiba, we faced quiet some heavy tropical rainstorms what delayed our travel time enormously&#; but we did arrive safe and and sound, ready for the next&#;

Tomorrow we report about the machining plant of Auto Linea, been there before, but its is a massive operation I don&#;t mind visiting every Brazilian trip.. also to discuss production, new products and quality issues&#;   so&#; stay tuned


Vw case linea auto

cc Twin Port Type 1 Engine With New Autolinea Case

Brand new crankcase cc Twin Port Type 1 aircooled engine hand built by the VW Engine Company, the UK`s leading classic VW engine builders

All engines are sold on a surcharge exchange which is fully refundable on return of your old engine and supplied with a 12 month warranty (terms and conditions apply)

Quality: Top quality

Fitting:Engine fitting gaskets and fitting instructions supplied

Engine Specifications:

  • New Crankcase
  • Reground and Polished Crankshaft
  • New Cylinder Heads
  • New Barrels & Pistons
  • New Stainless Steel Push Rod Tubes
  • New Main Bearings
  • New Big End Bearings
  • New Small Ends Bushes
  • New Camshaft Bearings
  • Con Rods Checked
  • New Oil Pump
  • New or Machined Oil Pump Cover
  • New German Gasket Set & Oil Seals (Elring)
  • New Rocker Covers
  • New Oil Switch
  • New Flywheel
  • New or Reconditioned Oil Cooler
  • Rebuilt Rocker Shaft Assemblies 

Shipping Surcharge: Please note that due to the length or weight of this product an extra £ will be charged, this includes the collection of your old exchange unit to mainland UK addresses.

If delivering to remote potscodes or international addresses shipping quotes are done per order, please contact us a for a shipping quote.

Surcharge Exchange: This item is sold on a £+ VAT surcharge exchange. The surcharge will be added to your order and will be refunded in full once the return of your original unit has been received

Installing VW Case Savers Without Splitting the Case

Crankcase, Bare, cc, Aluminium (Autolinea) **Backorder Status**

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