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The Best Small Class C RVs for Living and Traveling

If you’re in the market for a small Class C RV, you might be finding the options seem endless. With online searches, you have access to hundreds of thousands of models at your fingertips. Even visiting an RV show can feel immensely intimidating.

Whether you’re looking at new or used small motorhomes, the search can get overwhelming quickly. 

We know what’s important to small Class C RV buyers and we’ve rounded up the top options available right now.

Everyone has different needs from their rig, but this list is a great place to learn about small motorhomes and start your search for the best RV for fulltime living. 

The Best Small Class C RVs for sale

Here are our favorite Class C RVs for sale right. Take a look and see what you think!

Winnebago Navion

Small Class C RV Navion by Winnebago
  • Starting at: $159,826
  • Length: 25’ 5
  • Sleeps: 4
  • GCWR: 15,250 lbs

There’s a reason “Winnebago” has become almost synonymous with “motorhome.” They’re the pros.

They’ve been making RVs and travel trailers for the better part of a century, and have consistently impressed buyers with their thoughtful options and reliability.

While they’re not exactly design innovators, their tried and trusted builds should land them a spot near the top of almost any buyer’s list. 

The Navion small Class C RV is no exception. Winnebago offers this model in 3 floor plans, each designed to maximize space for different types of travelers.

For off-the-grid nomads who love going out boondocking, the solar and tank upgrade can be a game-changer. If tank size is a big deterrent to getting a small Class C RV, those add-ons could eliminate that factor completely. 

Winnebago Vita

Winnebago Vita small Class C RV
  • Starting at: $125,171 
  • Length: 24’ 7”
  • Sleeps: 4-6
  • GCWR: 15,250 lbs

Though the Vita is slightly shorter in length than the Navion, you’ll hardly notice the difference from inside. Voted “Best of Show” by both RV News and RV Pro, the Vita small Class C RV boasts the largest galley, the largest bed, and the largest holding tanks in its class.

It also comes with many features included that are anything but standard. That includes a 200-watt solar system, panoramic galley windows, and customizable storage cabinets.

This best small Class C RV goes beyond best in class, breaking ground in a class of its own.

Gulfstream Conquest

Gulfstream Gulf Conquest Class C RV
  • Length: 24’ 1” – 32’ 8”
  • Sleeps: 4-6

The Gulfstream Conquest small Class C RV comes in 15 unique floorplans across a wide range of lengths and sizes. It’s available using the Ford350 or Ford450 chassis, which is reliable and fuel-efficient.

Standard features include a welded aluminum frame, laminated steel frame floor, double-door refrigerator, 6-gallon water heater and a shower skylight in the bathroom.

There are also a lot of add-ons in this small RV, including an RV air conditioner, power leveling jacks and a deluxe comfort plus mattress.

With the flexibility in space, these small Class C RVs are perfect for small groups or families.

Whether you’re looking for a large living area, a spacious kitchen, or a luxurious bedroom oasis, there is a Conquest layout suited for you.

Thor Chateau

Small Class C RV Chateau by Thor
  • Starting at: $88,800
  • Length: 24’ – 31’ 3”
  • Sleeps: 4-8
  • GCWR: up to 22,000 lbs

Another best small Class C model with a ton of range, the Thor Chateau comes in 14 layouts boasting a huge spectrum of functionality. Their large, thoughtful kitchens were designed with budget-conscious families in mind, and offer the space needed for frequent cookers.

All the Chateau floor plans come with bunk beds, a washer and dryer and plenty of seating options for full-time living or frequent RV travel.

This small class C RV boasts soft leather chairs and coaches, a dinette that converts into a bed for extra guests and a deluxe master bedroom with a variety of bed options. The bunkhouse model is great for kids or guests.

Thoreau’s thoughtful design extends to conveniences implemented throughout the space, like popup electrical outlets and multipurpose, convertible features. 

Coachman Leprechaun

Small Class C RV Coachmen Leprechaun Interior

Length: 24’ – 32’ 11”

Sleeps: 4-8

GCWR: up to 22,000 lbs

Coachman’s Leprechaun line has been alive for almost 50 years, that’s a lot of time to get things right.

Coachman claims their Leprechaun line is a “better” Class C RV. That means better standard features like backup cameras and 50-gallon freshwater tanks, better safety features, and upgraded interiors. 

The spacious galley has all the amenities you’d find at home, from a microwave, to a stainless steel fridge and a recessed, 3-burner range with a cover.

Choose between a variety of bed options, from queen-size to murphy, and browse a wide variety of layouts.

An extra bonus with this small Class C RV is it’s built with certified green construction, which is also rot-resistant and delamination resistant.

Toyota Dolphin

Brittany sitting on top of her Toyota Dolphin Class C RV on the beach
  • Length: Starting at 21’
  • Sleeps: 2-4

The Toyota Dolphin is a recently rediscovered line of Toyota RVs. Their tiny size puts them into the micro RV category, making them ultra-portable, fuel-efficient, and drivable.

With some floorplans at just 21’, these truly stretch the boundaries of small Class C RVs, but with the over-cab bed, travelers find them much more spacious than Class B RVs of similar lengths.

If you want a hyper-mobile rig for solo or couple traveling, the Toyota Dolphin might be exactly what you’re looking for. 

Forester MBS

Small Class C RV Forester MBS
  • Length: 24’ 8” – 24’ 11”
  • Sleeps: 4-6
  • GCWR: 15,250 lbs

The Forester MBS is designed for efficiency. Just glancing at the exterior, you can see that it was built to be aerodynamic, something you’ll see reflected at the gas station.

This does cut into the over-cab section many small Class C RV buyers prioritize. While it can still be used as a bunk, you can also opt to turn this space into an entertainment section.

You can choose between 14 floor plans and 3 different types of chassis’ when going with this Class C RV.

All Forester models are also “Certified Green” by TRA Certification, making this a great, ethical choice for your RV. 

Sunseeker LE

Sunseeker small Class C RV
  • Length: 23’ 10” – 32’ 3”
  • Sleeps: 4-6
  • GCWR: Up to 22,000 lbs

Another Forest River classic, the Sunseeker small Class C RV is a bit more versatile than the Forester MBS. The split-level design adds a ton of headroom to the living area, making the overall space feel massive.

Choose between a Chevy or a Ford chassis for this RV, which offers a spacious kitchen and living area.

Many of their layouts dedicate lots of space to a grand, master bedroom area, something many travelers prioritize after a long day out hiking or exploring. 

Fleetwood Jamboree

Small class C RV Jamboree by Fleetwood.

Length: 30’

Fleetwood rethought what a small Class C RV should be with the Jamboree. They claim that this model breaks the mold and redefines the category through innovative amenities.

Amenities like a king-sized bed or an 11 cu. ft. fridge.

If you find yourself drawn to the features of Class A RVs, but want the smaller size of a Class C, this line could be perfect for you. 

Fleetwood stopped making the Jamboree, but you can still find the RVs for sale used.

Fleetwood Pulse

Fleetwood's small motorhome Pulse.
  • Length: 25’ 2”
  • Sleeps: 4-6
  • GCWR: 15,250 lbs

The Fleetwood Pulse small Class C RV fits a whole lot of features into a pretty small package. With smooth lines and a classic, clean design, Fleetwood manages to make this small and simple space feel surprisingly luxurious.

Both floorplans include a spacious separate bedroom, a small-but-smart kitchen with a large fridge, and an enclosed dry bath. 

Like the Jamboree, Fleetwood is no longer making new Pulses, but you can find them used on RV trader websites.

Lazy Daze

Small Class C RV Lazy Daze
  • Starting at: $97,250
  • Length: 24’ – 31’
  • GCWR: Up to 22,000 lbs

Lazy Daze is a lesser-known RV maker that’s become incredibly popular.

Their 6 Class C RV layouts couldn’t be more different and feature some really innovative design choices and convertible, multipurpose furniture like large entertainment spaces that double as bedrooms.

That thoughtful design makes it possible to squeeze more amenities into its small interior. While they’ve managed to pack in a whole lot, the smart layouts feel anything but cramped. 

Click here to see photos of the Lazy Daze Class C motorhome.

What is a Class C RV?

This Thor Class C RV is available for rent.

If you’re new to the world of RVs, you might be experiencing information overload. There’s a whole language of terms and distinctions that can feel foreign and confusing.

One of the most important terms is how we describe the main three types of motorhomes: Class A, Class B, or Class C. 

Class A RVs are the rockstar rigs. They’re the big, boxy RVs always parked outside of concert venues, but they carry more than celebrities.

These are the largest and most luxurious (read: expensive) type of RV, but most buyers don’t need or want to travel with that much luggage and opt for a smaller motorhome.

On the flip side, Class B RVs are the smallest of the lot. These are van-style small motorhomes (some are simply converted vans) and tend to include minimal amenities.

Class B’s are the most affordable and maneuverable option, but most people want a bit more space than they can offer.

That brings us to Class C. These are the classic family vacation RV, with a telltale over-cab section that’s typically used as an additional sleeping area.

This style of RV comes in the largest range of sizes and tends to attract most buyers with a wide range of options in style, size, design, layout, and more.

In this article, we’ll be specifically looking at small Class C RVs. 

Pros and cons of small Class C RVs

Buyers today are looking at smaller motorhomes than have been popular in the past. There are a lot of reasons for this shift, but you should also be aware of the cons to small motorhomes. 



The smaller your RV is, the more places it will be able to fit. Lower clearance means accessibility to more areas, and shorter length means more possibilities for campsites, parking spots, hairpin turns, and more. 


RVs are notorious gas guzzlers, but small Class RVs can be surprisingly efficient. In general, the smaller and lighter your rig is, the easier it will be to haul. The efficiency of the actual engine is still a huge variable, but small Class C RVs tend to be much more fuel-efficient than their larger counterparts. 


With motorhomes, you pay for every square inch of space you buy. That means smaller Class C RVs tend to have much lower upfront costs. This doesn’t just affect the sticker price, things like insurance, storage, and campsite fees all tend to shrink with a smaller rig. 


If you’re a pro at towing or driving giant rigs, this factor may not matter too much to you. But if the thought of driving anything over 25 feet gives you anxiety, a smaller RV might be a good option. It’s also good to consider where you’ll need to take it. If you know you’ll have to drive your RV through a major city, certain lengths might not be feasible. 


Tank size.

Smaller RVs also have smaller black water holding tanks. This isn’t a big issue if you’re a weekend traveler or if you plan to hook up every night. But if you’re hoping to stay off-grid for large spans of time or just don’t see yourself emptying and refilling your tanks too frequently, the small tanks on small Class C motorhomes might be too limiting for you.


This is a tough one because it’s hard to know what is too little or too much space until you’re in it. Some people struggle with the small size of smaller RVs, while other travelers love the cozy togetherness that small space brings.

The best option is to actually get in one. Visit an RV show or rent one for the weekend and see how you feel in the space, if it’s too much, you’ll regret it, but if it’s too little, you might find yourself feeling cramped. It’s a tough sweet spot to hit but if you do, you’ll be thrilled.

Q&A about Class C Rvs

How do I know what size class C RV is right for me?

This is really the hardest question because the answer is different for everyone. The best way to gauge how much space you need is to get in it. Walk through different size models at an RV show and even consider renting an RV in the size you’re considering to test drive the space and see how it feels. 

Are Class C RVs really hard to drive?

Surprisingly, no. Especially newer models packed with features like backup cameras and blindspot monitoring, driving a small Class C RV is pretty manageable. If you’ve never driven anything bigger than an SUV, it will definitely take some time to get used to. Consider renting an RV to see how you feel maneuvering such a large rig.

Is the over-cab bed uncomfortable?

Surprisingly, no! The over-cab bed might be a bit uncomfortable for some users to climb into, but the actual bed is surprisingly spacious and comfortable, perfect for kids or agile young adults. 

Conclusion on the Best Small Class C RVs

Small Class C RVs offer big benefits and surprisingly sumptuous features.

No matter what type of space you prefer or the type of travel you want to use it for, there is a small motorhome perfect for you. 

Hopefully, this article has helped you gain some insight into your search. If you still have questions, ask! Let us know what else you’d like to hear about in the comments. 

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Best Class C Motorhome Reviews – USA & Canadian Models

winnebago rialta

In my previous post (top compact European motorhomes – see article) I discussed some criteria my wife and I have should we elect to replace our aging Winnebago Rialta motorhome. In our attendance at RV shows and researching motorhomes on the Internet, we have yet to discover any US made smaller motorhomes that come close to the features we now enjoy. On the other hand several European motor home manufacturers offer a number of compact full-featured motorhomes (see our article) that we would consider as viable replacements.

In this article I review the Best USA/Canadian motorhomes that come the closest to having the features that made the Rialta so desirable to many RV buyers who want a compact but full-featured motor home.

These Rialta features are:

  • Low profile, aerodynamic and attractive body style
  • Short length (21 feet) enables parking in a conventional automobile parking space
  • Driving and maneuvering it is as easy as a pickup truck
  • Doubles as a deluxe passenger van with seating for 4 adults and 3 kids
  • Large coach windows, with natural light lending an open feeling to the interior
  • Large rear-facing picture window with view from the driver’s seat
  • Good gas mileage: 17 – 19 highway
  • Has the same coach accessories/conveniences of much bigger units.

Two features we don’t have that we might trade-off against having some of the above are: 1) Not having to tear down the bed each day to put up the dinette and 2) Having better service available than we now have due to the no-longer-available-in-US VW eurovan engine and chassis.

See our 2021 Update of Best Compact Motorhomes

We have just posted a 2021 Update to our Best Compact Motorhomes – so check it out for the latest recommendations.

However if you are in market for a pre-owned compact motorhome the following reviews can be helpful as two of the units we previously liked are no longer being produced in 2021.

Here’s our reviews of best small class C motorhomes under 25 feet.

Winnebago Trend

Winnebago Trend

At 24′ 4″ long the Trend is close to being too long for ease of parking and fitting into compact campsites. The 23L floorplan is the most viable for us. It has a defined bedroom with a 49″ wide bed that can remain made-up and a dinette seating that will handle 3 people (maybe a 4th in a pinch). It has seat belts for five people. So two positive gains over the Rialta: the daily bed making chores will be reduced and the Dodge Promaster Chassis and engine which will be easier to find good service than we now experience. Negatives are: 1) we lose some gas mileage 2) we lose our beautiful expansive rear picture window 3) less natural interior light, 4) the truncated corner bed is slightly smaller than a conventional double bed, 5) somewhat boxy appearance, and 6) the list price is above $100,000 (but you should be able to find one for under $85,000).

Editor Note: Since the original publication of this article, Winnebago has discontinued the Trend and replaced it with the Fuse, built on a Ford Transit platform. See our new Review of the Winnebago Fuse Compact Motorhome. It has many of the features we liked in the Trend and a few advantages.

See our article on the Airstream Bambi and other top rated compact travel trailers

Airstream Bambi FB

Thor Compass

Pictured at the top of this page, at 23′ 6″ long the Thor Compass fits within our specs for maximum length. The 23TK model has a comfortable 4 person dinette and a dedicated bedroom with a 49″ wide corner bed setup similar to the Winnebago Trend. (The 23TB model gives you a flip-up queen size bed but the dining area becomes only a two person pedestal table (which I find too small) in front of a couch.) It has a large European style “garage” external storage compartment which I like. The chassis and engine are Ford Transit which should give even better service options than the Dodge Promaster. The Ford is also a diesel which should offer a bit more miles per gallon than the Dodge gas engine. Negative: List price is above 100,000 but you may be able to find one for around $75,000.

For 2020 The Compass has been upgraded (see article) with many nice features.

GulfStream BT Cruiser

GulfStream BT Cruiser

At 24′ 5″ long the model 5245 pushes our limit on vehicle length. Likewise at 10′ 6″ high it is on upper end. But it has a separate queen bed and a four person dinette, and overall an attractive floor plan and amenities. Its Ford E350 Engine and Chassis will be easy to service. It doesn’t have the more aerodynamic and newer Ford Trend chassis and I’d expect a little less MPG than the Trend chassis but the E350 is well established and easy to service. It’s retail price is under $100,000 and I’ve seen advertised prices under $80,000. A decent value.

Leisure Travel Wonder

Leisure Travel Wonder

The Leisure Travel Wonder has a low profile, sleek appearance. It is just under 10 feet high but is 24′ 9″ long, barely under our 25 feet maximum. It is very spacious with lots of storage inside and out. The kitchen is well laid out with good counter space and the bath has a separate roomy shower. Roomy exterior storage space will easily hold our two golf bags. The murphy bed model is a unique feature. It allows you to keep a made up bed, yet not have the bed taking up all that useable floor space during the day. A skylight and larger windows give it an airy feeling inside. Besides it being a little on the long side, the only downside feature is the dining area is limited to two persons. This also limits it seating for day travel to 4 persons. It’s built on a Ford Transit Chassis with a 3.2 liter Turbo Diesel. List price is above $100,000 ($108 to 115K) but you may be able to find a deal for under $100,000.

Phoenix Cruiser

Phoenix Cruiser

The Phoenix 2100 is the most compact full-featured Canadian or American-made Class C we’ve found. In terms of providing useable space and conveniences in a modest-size footprint it is the most space efficient USA motorhome we’ve come across. It’s a compact 21′ 7″ long and under 10′ in height including the AC unit. It has a four person dinette and a full dry bath with a separate shower. Adequate size kitchen with a counter top extension. The slide-out contains a full-size walk around bed that in the daytime folds up into a sofa. The Phoenix provides seat belts and seating for 6 people so it works as Van alternative for comfortable day trips. In comparison to the Rialta, we’d lose our nice big rear picture window and quite a bit in MPG. I’m also unsure about exterior storage; a must-have for us is the ability to carry two golf bags. The Chassis is the Ford E350 with the 6.8 Liter V-10 gas engine (gas mpg?). Comes factory direct with a nice selection of premium convenience options for under $100,000.

Phoenix Cruiser 2100

A really Sharp, but expensive, compact Class C RV

PleasureWay Plateau

After I wrote this original version of this article I saw a video of the Pleasure-Way Plateau XLTS (see my review) and saw some nice features that would challenge the top Compact Class Cs featured in this post. Except that MSRP is $145,000 plus! But if you’ve got the cash and desire a full-featured compact Class C, it might be the unit for you.

Another new 2018 compact motorhome I am anxious to see up close is the North American Hymer Aktiv 2.0. It is a Class B, but from the pictures I’ve seen it seems more spacious and airy inside than the usual Class B. See our report here on Best Class B RVs or Van Campers

Concluding Remarks. The Phoenix Cruiser and the Thor Compass come closer than other US-Canadian RV makers to the European standard of right-sizing RVs, but not good enough in our opinion. Guess we’ll have to wait for the US-Canadian RV market to change before we can seriously consider replacing our Rialta. We are looking for a model under 23 feet, under $100,000 price, external storage for at least two golf bags, with all the usual RV accessories and comforts, and most of the the criteria we listed at the beginning of this article as plus-features of the Rialta. Know of any model that comes close? Write me in the comments.

See our 2021 Update of Best Compact Motorhomes

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What are your favorite compact Class C motorhomes? Let me know in the comments below.

Your Travel Guide: Ross Reinhold

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Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means we will earn a commission on the products or services you purchase using the links. There is no additional cost to you and the earnings help keep this website running. Read the Affiliate Disclaimer for more information.

When we were shopping for our first motorhome, I remember saying to Kait “let’s go look at some Class C RVs.” She immediately responded with a firm “no” and that was the end of that discussion.

When we look back on that moment, Kait and I both agree that if we had seriously considered small Class C RVs, things could have turned out very differently.

We can play the “what if” game all day, but the reality is, we have switched motorhomes multiples times since hitting the road full time in 2015. Before buying our most recently RV, we took a closer look at small Class C RVs under 25 feet.

small class c rv

Main Benefits of Small Class C RVs over Class B RVs:

  • additional interior space with regards to height, width and length
  • larger bathroom (wet or full bath)
  • more storage inside and storage bays outside
  • larger tanks (fresh water, gray tank, etc…)

Best Small Class C Motorhomes Under 25 Feet (A-Z)

This list contains all the small Class C RV manufacturers in alphabetical order. I hope you’ll find it useful in your RV shopping journey.

Note: some RV manufacturers label a small Class C RV as a Class B Plus RV. These small Class C RVs do not have the standard cab over body of a traditional Class C RV. However, they are still built on a cutaway chassis unlike a true Class B motorhome, which is built on a standard van chassis.

List of Small Class C RVs


Airstream Atlas Small Class C motorhome

Based in Jackson Center, Ohio. Airstream (a division of Thor Industries) released the Atlas small Class C RV which was inspired by the Airstream Interstate series. The Airstream Atlas is built on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis with what they highlight as a “residential-style bathroom” in the rear.


Born Free Motorcoach

Born Free Motorcoach built several small Class C RVs under 25 feet before the company closed its doors in 2017. Models to look for on the used market are: Built for Two, President, or Reign. Born Free also manufactured wheelchair-accessible RVs.

Search for “Born Free Built for Two for sale” and you’ll find several listings for these used small Class C RVs. Below is a walk-through we filmed of one of Born Free’s used RVs to give you an idea of the build quality and layout.

Website: This small Class C motorhome manufacturer no longer has a website, but you can find information by looking up owner’s groups like the Born Free Leap’n Lions RV Club.

Coach House

Coach House Platinum Small Class C RV

Based in Nokomis, Florida. The Coach House Platinum series is a one piece fiberglass body on three cutaway chassis options: Ford E-450 Super Duty, Mercedes Sprinter 3500, Ford Transit 3500 Turbo Diesel. This RV manufacturer sells factory direct to consumers.


Coachmen RV

Based in Middlebury, Indiana. You can find new and used small Class C motorhomes by Coachmen (a Division of Forest River Inc.). Popular used models include: Freelander and Leprechaun. Newer models include the Cross Trek and Orion on the Ford Transit chassis and the Prism on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis.



Dynamax Isata 3 Class C RV under 25 feet

Based in Elkhart, Indiana. Dynamax (a division of Forest River Inc.) manufacturers the Isata 3 on the Merceds Sprinter chassis with several slide layout options to maximize space inside this small diesel Class C motorhome.


Fleetwood RV, a division of REV Group

Based in Decatur, Indiana. Fleetwood has been manufacturing RVs since the 50s. If you’re in the market for a used small Class C RV, look at the Fleetwood Jamboree, Tioga or Pulse built on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis.


Forest River RV

Forest River Sunseeker TS Ford Transit Small Class C RV

Based in Elkhart, Indiana. Forest River makes the Forester series and Sunseeker series on the Chevy, Ford and Mercedes chassis. You can find the Forest River Lexington model on the used Class C RV market.



Based in Middlebury, Indiana. The Melbourne series on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis are the smallest Class C RVs made by Jayco (a division of Thor Industries). We stopped by their factory in Indiana to learn more about the company and filmed a tour of the Jayco Melbourne above.


Lazy Daze

best class c rv manufacturers

Based in Montclair, California. Lazy Daze has been manufacturing Class C RVs since 1956. The manufacturer sells direct to customer with a loyal customer base. Last we checked, there was a one year wait for a new Lazy Daze Class C motorhome.

We had a chance to tour the Lazy Daze factory and really liked the classic on display next to the brand new models.


Leisure Travel Vans

Based in Winkler, Canada. Leisure Travel Vans specializes in Class C motorhomes on the Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter chassis. We had the opportunity to test out the LTV Wonder on the Ford Transit Turbo Diesel chassis. Watch the video tour above to learn more about the features.

Leisure Travel Van used to make the Libero, a small Class C on the Chevrolet Express cutaway chassis. Keep an eye out for these on the used class C RV market.


Pleasure-Way Industries

Based in Saskaoon, SK, Canada. Pleasure-Way used to manufacture several small class C RVs including the Plateau XLTS on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis. The latest models listed on their website are Class B RVs.


Phoenix USA RV

Phoenix TRX Class C RV

Based in Elkhart, Indiana. Phoenix USA RV started out as a Class B RV manufacturer and expanded to small Class C RVs. You can find several used and new models under 25 feet including the Phoenix Cruiser and Phoenix TRX.


Regency RV

Regency RV Ultra Brougham Small Class C RV

Based in Fort Worth, Texas. The Ultra Brougham and Ultra Continental by Regency is built on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis that comes in several layouts including a murphy bed on a slide.


Renegade RV

Renegade RV Vienna Class C RV

Based in Bristol, Indiana. Renegade RV (a division of REV Group) is well known for their Super C motorhomes, but they also manufacture small Class C motorhomes including the Vienna and Villagio on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis.


Thor Industries

Based in Elkhart, Indiana. Thor Industries is a large RV manufacturer with several small RVs to choose from. Models include: Chateau, Compass, Four Winds, Gemini and Quantum.


Tiffin Motorhomes

Based in Red Bay, Alabama. Tiffin Motorhomes is a luxury Class A motorhome manufacturer entering the small Class C RV market. The Wayfarer built on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis is over 25 feet with a slide.


Winnebago Industries, Inc.

Winnebago EKKO AWD Ford Transit Small Class C RV

Based in Forest City, Iowa. Winnebago is a well established RV manufacturer that has been making RVs since 1958. The newest addition to the Winnebago small Class C RV line up is the Ekko on the Ford Transit chassis. Popular small Class campers by Winnebago include the View/Navion on the Mercedes Chassis. Other models include: Chalet, Fuse, Minnie, Minnie Winnie, Outlook, Porto, Rialta, Via, Vita.


Small Class C Alternative

Alternatives to a small Class C RVs include:

Thanks for reading! If you’re new to the RV lifestyle and want to learn more, check out our Beginners Guide to RVing.


5 Best Small Class C RVs in 2021

When a motorhome is too much, but a campervan is not enough, the small Class C RV is a happy medium that provides both maneuverability and comfort.  

Today we’re sharing five of the best small Class C RVs.

These RVs will provide luxury without sacrificing functionality.

Let’s dive in.

What is a Class C RV?

Class C RVs are sometimes called mini-motorhomes. They’re typically built on an auto-manufacturer van frame with an attached cab. Identified by the bed-over-cab, these RVs are easily noticeable. 

Class C RVs make a great choice if you don’t want to tow another vehicle as they’re typically small enough to drive around without too much trouble.  Small Class C RVs even fit in many standard parking spots.

So what are the best 5 small Class C RVs for 2021? 

We’ve rounded them up for you right here:

#1 Entegra Odyssey 

They say good things come in small packages, and it’s true with the Entegra Odyssey. In this 26 foot RV, you get a queen bed, dinette, and sofa in every floor plan. There’s even a bunk option if you’re bringing the family.

This small Class C RV can get you off grid and navigate urban streets.

This Class C RV is a great choice.


  • 26′ 8″ long
  • 1 slide
  • 55 gal fuel tank
  • 42 gal fresh water
  • 31 gal black tank
  • 40 gal grey tank

We love this small Class C for its E-Z Drive system, which truly makes it easy to operate. It includes computer-balanced driveshaft, front and rear stabilizer bars, Hellwig helper springs, and rubber isolation body mounts.

#2 Gulf Stream Conquest 6237 

The Conquest Class C comes in more than a dozen floor plans; the specs below are for the 6237 model. Gulf Stream is known for handcrafting their cabinets and RV walls in-house, a tradition that continues today.  


  • 24’1″ long
  • no slides
  • 37 gal fresh water
  • 31 gal black tank
  • 31 gal grey tank

We love this Conquest Class C RV because it’s compact and easy to drive while still providing plenty of storage space outdoors and indoors. 

It’s great for a family, with a full over-cab bunk for the kids. And it’s a solid and safe rig, built with Gulf Stream’s “Cradle of Strength” construction system.

#3 Leisure Travel Vans Wonder 

The Leisure Travel Vans Wonder model looks more like a big van than a traditional Class C RV. And, they’ve packed in a ton of features in a less than 25-foot space.


  • 24’9″ long
  • no slides
  • 25 gal fuel tank
  • 30gal fresh water
  • 28 gal black tank
  • 28 gal grey tank

We love the Wonder Van because it feels like pure luxury.  

The design is over the top; it’s more like a small European condo than an RV. It’s clean, modern, and bright while still packed with features and amenities to maximize the space.

#4 Jayco Melbourne 

The Jayco Melbourne comes in 3 different floor plans, varying mostly based on sleeping preferences.  

We like the 24K best, so we’ll discuss it here, but the other two models are quite similar. The 24L most notably has a full slide, and the 24T offers two twin beds in the back.


  • 25’2″ long
  • 2 slides
  • 26 gal fuel tank
  • 43 gal fresh water
  • 31 gal black tank
  • 31 gal grey tank

We love the 24K Jayco Melbourne because it has both a living room and a bedroom slide.  

The bedroom slide allows for a genuinely separate bedroom with a walkaround queen bed and a sliding door, a rare feature in a rig only 25 feet long.  

#5 Thor Four Winds 22E 

Another small Class C with no slides, this rig is best for those looking for a compact and straightforward, easy to drive RV.  Thor Four Winds offers floor plans from 22 to 31 models, and this is the smallest one.


  • 24’7″ long
  • no slides
  • 55 gal fuel tank
  • 40 gal fresh water
  • 29 gal black tank
  • 25 gal grey tank

We love this Thor Class C because of the innovative design with a corner queen bedroom. This design saves on floor space and also provides a comfy little nook to hideaway. 

It’s rare to have a private space in such a small rig, but this corner queen provides precisely that!

Choosing the Right Small Class C RV

With all of these great RVs, it’s amazing how many features and functionality coachbuilders are squeezing in these small frames. 

And there’s something for every preference. 

If you’re keen on Motorhomes, the Entegra Odyssey will float your boat. 

Suppose you’re more of a van person, definitely the Leisure Travel Vans Wonder. And if you want to bring the whole family, consider the Gulf Stream Conquest. Happy Trails!

If you didn’t find a Class C that works for you, check out our 7 Favorite Small RVs.

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