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  • Metal body with realistic markings.
  • Stock power of 330 fps.
  • Rubber butt pad.
  • Polymer Stock and grip.
  • Solid built.
  • Available in different variants.


    Length - 930mm
    Weight - 2744g
    Magazine Capacity - 22 Rounds
    Power Source - Spring Pump Action
    Blowback - None
    Shooting Modes - Semi Only
    Hop-up - Fixed
    FPS - 330

    An extremely popular shotgun, the M870 Sheriff feels like the real thing. Used widely by law enforcement agencies around the world. You are looking at a pump action 6mm caliber M870 shorty by G&P.

    About G&P:

    G&P Industrial Co. Limited was established in 1995. In its early stages, the company produced military equipment and distributed wargame products. In 1996, the company responded to market demand by introducing a line of high lumen flashlights, using the G&P brandname for the first time. Since then, G&P has been a trusted name among military equipment enthusiasts. G&P's flashlights-used by police and military forces in several countries-are today recognized as being the brightest and of the highest quality in the world. The company also actively invests in the development and production of airsoft market (including completed airsoft, upgraded parts, conversion kits, and wargame and police equipment). In 2002, it introduced an SVD Dragunov gas blow back semi auto airsoft rifle airsoft that initiated the first wave of airsoft manufactured in real firearms factories. At the same time, the company introduced the G&P SP SYSTEM series of high-quality airsoft and related products. These received unanimous market approval and increased the G&P brand's renown for high quality.


    x1 G&P M870 Sheriff (Medium).
    x1 22 Rnd Magazine.
    x1 Manual.
  • Sours: https://www.redwolfairsoft.com/shotguns-g-p-g-p-m870-sheriff-medium.html

    G&P Metal M870 Long Breacher Shotgun (Black)

    M870 is a US made pump-action shotgun which is widely used by the public for sport shooting, hunting and self-defense. It is also used by law enforcement and military organizations worldwide. Also M870 has hundreds of variations in different gauges or custom made variants like saw-off models.

    M870 Long Breacher is installed with a long length barrel with Railed gas block, Railed hand guard and a long type receiver rail mount on the body frame for attacting any rail attachments, Also it comes with an AR grip and rear stock adaptor with an I.A. GBB hand grip and MOD Buttstock so user can make his/her M870 with their own AR accessories.

    Full metal long length barrel with Railed gas block and Railed handguard.
    Metal body frame with a long type receiver rail mount.
    Include a new style CNC AR series pistol grip and rear stock adpator.
    Include an I.A. GBB Handgrip.
    Include a AEG type MOD Collapsible Stock.
    Ready to go for 380 – 420 FPS without modification.
    Included 22 rounds Magazine.
    Included 2 pcs QD Sling Swivel.

    Length: 930mm, 1015mm (Stock extended)
    Barrel Length: 460mm
    Shooting Mode: Safety, Semi-Auto
    System: Spring Pump action
    Weight (g):  3250 (gun with magazine), 4610 (with box)
    Color: Black
    Magazine Capacity: 22 rds
    Material: Metal & Nylon Fiber
    Bullet type: 6mm BB
    Power (Muzzle Velocity): 380 – 420 FPS
    Manufacturer: G&P














    Sours: https://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/
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    G&P M870 P.T.E. High Power Airsoft Shotgun - Breacher Railed w/ Medium Barrel (Dark Earth)

    Optic in images not included.The G&P Professional Training Airsoft Equipment Shotgun Series provides the top notch quality shotgun catering to the serious, professional training, gamers and collectors. The M870 full metal shotgun is among the few that offers realistic weight, customization abilities, a whopping 400+ fps high power performance right out of the box, range, accuracy and maximum realism in the world of Airsoft. When it comes to a full size shotgun, the G&P Professional Training Shotgun series are second to none. G&P has taken the Maruzen 870 shotgun design and revamped it with higher quality material, better construction and a much higher power output, range and accuracy.


    • Full metal receiver and barrel assembly for realistic weight and construction
    • Adjustable crane stock
    • Integrated 870 heat shield w/ top rail
    • Tri-railed shotgun pump
    • "Golfball" furniture (grip, rail cover, crane stock)
    • Aggressive full metal door breach muzzle attachment
    • Ergonomic high grade polymer pistol grip
    • Realistic 1:1 scale replica
    • Realistic pump action keeping the shooter in shooting position
    • The ultimate backup weapon., no gas or battery required
    • High power performance, range and accuracy
    • Detachable magazine
    • Double stack high capacity magazine included
    • On-frame safety
    • Integrated front and rear sling adapter
    Length: 870mm-955mm, Adjustable
    Weight: 6.81lbs
    Range: ~100 feet
    Magazine Capacity: 22+2 rds
    Muzzle Velocity: 380~420 FPS (Measured with 0.20g BBs)
    Fire Modes: Single Shot, Pump Action. No gas or battery required.
    System: High Powered Pump Action
    BB: 6mm. Use 0.23g or heavier, Matrix, G&P, Evike or compatible brand high grade bbs for optimized performance.
    Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Retractable Stock, RAS Top Rail
    Hopup: Yes
    Manufacturer: G&P

    *The above image is a banner depicting the line of G&P shotguns. All rights reserved.

    About G&P

    Established in 1995, G&P is among the oldest Military-simulation and training Airsoft manufacturers in the world. Started as a top combat light provider for law enforcement and military agencies around the world, G&P branched into Airsoft manufacturing with the same belief to never sacrifice quality for lower price. Their motto is visible on every G&P product. Every G&P AEG rifle is hand assembled and individually fine-tuned by top technicians in the industry to match G&P's unparalleled quality and reputation. G&P utilizes CNC precision machining and real-steel finish/coating processes on many of their products.

    FPS Range: 380-420

    Buy Sell Trade info here. Possible future feature.
    Sours: https://airsoftc3.com/G&P/p/5306

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    Why Does This Exist? - G\u0026P M870 PTE Airsoft Shotgun

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