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Nova Prime Builds Guide – Warframe

Nova was launched in December 2014, and since then, it has become popular and famous among the players of Warframe. Each Warframe has a set of abilities and builds that can be used in the game against the enemies that let the player win the round.

These abilities make each Warframe different from one another. Nova has some extraordinary abilities that we will be discussing later in the article.

Nova Build

One of the most unique abilities of Nova is that it can slow down its enemies by a great deal and speed up its teammates when required. This ability is somewhat unique. It is termed as an extraordinary ability because slowness is required for the enemies to stop them from killing you and your teammates because they are speedy. Another great ability that it possesses is the Worm Hole that can help it for teleporting through space.

Abilities of Nova

Nova goes well with the energy and the health. It is pretty high with energy but relatively low on armor and shield. However, this lagging in shield and armor gets covered up once combined with the builds that can be used with Nova against its enemies.

The primary abilities of Nova are Null Star, Antimatter Drop, Worm Hole, and Molecular Prime. These are the abilities that make Nova different from any other Warframe.

  1. Null Star – This is the first ability of Nova that can create antimatter particles that orbit Nova and seek nearby targets. This is one of the most famous abilities of Nova that can be used against enemies.
  2. Antimatter Drop – This is the second ability of Nova that is famous for launching a contained particle of Antimatter that can be detonated when collided with anything and creates a lot more destruction and damage.
  3. Worm Hole – This is the third and most famous ability of Nova that allows you to be teleported from space anytime. This is the essential ability of Nova that allows you to be protected from enemies.
  4. Molecular Prime – This the fourth and the last ability of Nova that covers all enemies in a circle with volatile Antimatter.

These abilities of Nova are essential to be combined with the various builds so that they can be used against the enemies. Nova has two usable builds that we will discuss in the latter half of this article. However, Nova is easy to get along with when compared with any other Warframe, and that is why beginners and experienced players both can use this Warframe.

The Best Nova Prime Builds

As we have discussed that there are two main prime Nova builds that will be essential throughout the mission, and you should learn everything about using the builds for yourself so that you can protect yourself using the builds when needed. You can always use Corrosive Projection and Energy Siphon for increasing the energy and providing more damage to the enemies.

Along with Corrosive Projection and Energy Siphon, there is Primed Flow and Primed continuity that can be a wise choice to be used in the mission for saving yourself and collecting the rewards. If you are looking for a solid blueprint, then you have come to the right place.

Main Nova Prime Build: Nova Slow Build

Main Nova Prime Build Nova Slow Build

The first and the foremost Nova Prime Build is the Nova Slow Build. This Nova builds mainly focuses on the fourth ability of Nova that is the Molecular Prime build. This ability helps in slowing down the enemies.

Once the enemies get killed, then they explode and provide more damage to the surrounding enemies. You can also use Vitality and Streamline depending on your team’s strength and efficiency.

Vitality will increase your survivability chances, and Streamline will be helping you in gaining more energy. If you have entered the mission with your team of four players, then it will be easy for you to get through the mission.

You can also use the EV Trinity if you are playing with your team. This EV Trinity, when combined with rejuvenation, will protect you from a great deal of damage, and it will increase your energy level.

Second Build: Tank Speed Nova Build

Second Build Tank Speed Nova Build

This is the second most important Nova build in which you can use the Power Donation and the Normal Continuity. However, you can also use the Primed Continuity and Streamline, but it depends on the efficiency of your teammates.

Also, in this build, the Adaption does not require to be at max. Another possible thing that can be used in this Nova build will be Quick Thinking and Rejuvenation.


In this article, we discussed everything about Nova and how we can use its different abilities in the builds to get through the mission. Though Nova is a difficult Warframe once you get the idea to use the builds and the abilities, then it will be easier for you to get through the mission using Nova.

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Nova Prime was released in December 2014 and quickly became one of the most important Warframes in the game.

Her unique ability to either slow the enemies by a lot or to speed them up is really important in a lot of farm-setups.

Thanks to Plains of Eidolon she is also often used because of her third ability Worm Hole, which makes her teleport through space, leaving behind a worm hole for her teammates. This allows the group to quickly travel through the plains and saves a lot of time.

She is fairly easy to farm, doesn’t need a lot of forma to work and doesn’t require a lot of game knowledge to fulfill her job. She is the perfect Warframe for beginners as well for experienced players.


  • 2 usable main builds
  • Very important in farming groups
  • Easy to build and play
  • High sprint speed
  • Allows fast travel


  • Low damage output
  • Low base health and base shield

The Best Nova Prime Builds

No matter what you try to achieve with your Nova/Nova Prime, using Energy Siphon or Corrosive Projection is usually the right choice.

You also almost always want to use Primed Flow and Primed Continuity, locking up two slots in every build.

Just start from there on out and think about what you want to achieve and how to get there.

If you want to find a solid blueprint of different builds you came to the right place!

Tip: If you want to know more about Nova and her abilities, feel free to take a look at the wikia page!

Main Nova Prime Build: Slow Nova a.k.a. Slowa

Main Nova Prime Build: Slow Nova a.k.a. Slowa

This build revolves around your forth ability Molecular Prime, which will slow your enemies up to 75% and once you kill them they explode and deal additional damage to all surrounding mobs.

This is super strong in all mission types that doesn’t really require you to kill a lot of mobs – good examples are Interception, Rescue, Excavation, Mobile Defense, Capture, Assassination, and so on.

Depending on your team and your strategy it could also be viable in Sanctuary Onslought. Just make sure you stack a lot of strength in order to get the maximum amount of slow and combine it with a long duration.

The longer the duration, the bigger the area of effect. Vitality helps you stay alive, while Streamline helps a bit with energy problems.

If you do have a team with an EV Trinity in it, feel free to switch out Streamline for Constitution or another survival mod like Redirection.

If you don’t play in a premade team with an EV Trinity, you probably want to add some Squad Energy Restore (Large) to your inventory and pop them whenever you and your team need more energy.

Nova Prime Speed nova a.k.a. Speedva Build

Nova Prime Speed nova a.k.a. Speedva Build

This build is basically the same, but here you need a negative amount of strength.

Overextended is the key to a Speed Nova, because the reduced amount of ability strength will speed up all enemies in range.

Now all you have to do is stack a lot of duration and ability range and you get a great area of effect.

Coacation Drift is by no means an inevitability and if you want to invest more Forma, you can simply switch your Cunning Drift into the Exilus slot and put in something like Streamline, Vitality or Augur Reach.

Since speeding up the enemy is always a dangerous game you should make sure that you do have a good group or at least a solid weapon to kill them fast enough.

The Speed Nova build is perfect for missions where killing enemies as fast as possible is your main goal – so pick her for Defense (so you don’t have to wait too long for the mobs to come closer) or Survival (so you can kill more enemies in a short amount of time, which will give you more loot, more experience and more personal life support modules).

Depending on your team and your strategy it could also be a viable strategy in Sanctuary Onslought.

This build allows you to have a bit more efficiency, but you probably need an EV Trinity or some Squad Energy Restore (Large) in your inventory, especially if you plan to stay longer.

Since this build doesn’t use any survival mods, make sure to always run and jump around to avoid getting killed easily.

Unless of course there is a Frost or some similar Warframe in your group.

The Worm Hole Build

Nova Prime - The Worm Hole Build

This build focuses simply on your ability to travel a wide distance in a short amount of time – abusing the power of your Worm Hole.

You can use it in rescue missions as well, but you will mainly put it to use during a bounty hunt on the Plains of Eidolon.

You can quickly get from one point to another and help your team out, because they can use your Worm Holes after you put them out there.

This build uses some duration and ability strength in order to not be super useless when you are doing some fighting and allows you to use your ultimate ability so slow your enemies down.

It isn’t as good as the Slow Nova build, but will still do a decent amount of work.


Nova is one of the core Warframes in the game and if you want to start to seriously farm for relics, experience, mods or different resources, you should probably aim to build Nova as fast as possible.

She is easy to get, easy to play and with one or two Forma you do get a really strong Warframe, even if you don’t have all the mods needed. Just try to understand the main concept of her and build accordingly!

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Nova Warframe

Nova is mostly a support Warframe, capable of manipulating enemies using her electromagnetic abilities and control over molecules.

She controls antimatter, using it to manipulate both the enemies and the outcome of missions by not only supporting her allies and disabling her enemies but also causing damage to multiple enemies around her.

How to Get Nova?



You may acquire the parts to craft Nova by defeating Raptors on the Naamah mission located on Europa.

Her blueprint is available by purchase via the Ingame marketed which can be accessed on the orbiter.

Aside from farming and building her, you have the option of purchasing her with 375 Platinum to obtain her fully built.

Nova Prime

Nova Prime

Nova Prime is the prime variant of Nova which features higher amounts of shields and energy.

Relics that contain Nova Prime:

  • Blueprint:Vaulted: Neo N2, Axi S4 Available: None
  • Neuroptics:Vaulted: Lith C1, Lith M2, Meso C1 Available: None
  • Chassis:Vaulted: Lith N1, Neo N9, Neo V1 Available: None
  • Systems:Vaulted: Lith C1, Meso B3, Meso S1, Neo S2 Available: None



(Nova’s Abilities)

She is capable of creating anti-matter particles to protect her and damager her enemies, create antimatter orbs to wreak havoc upon her enemies, open up worm holes to travel long distances and control the movement of enemies while damaging them.

Her passive ability causes an explosive blast to occur when she is knocked down, affecting enemies within 6 meters toppling them and dealing damage.

Also Read Abilities of

1) Null Star

Null Star Nova

Nova creates antimatter particles that hover around her, increasing her damage reduction and seek out enemies to deal damage too.

This ability is useful for giving Nova more survivability by making her receive less damage as well as allowing her to deal more damage to nearby enemies.

Particles that are hovering around Nova will last indefinitely until they are used and will increase in count depending on her ability duration.


(Nova casting Null Star)


Augment Mod: Allows Nova to recast the ability, forcing the current particles to home in on enemies and deal blast damage which knocks them down.

2) Antimatter Drop

Antimatter Drop Nova

Nova releases an antimatter orb that floats towards the area she is targeting and will continuously float and later on home in on enemies.

The orb may be controlled by aiming your reticle where you want it to go and the speed of which it travels depends on how close your reticle is to it, going slowing the closer your reticle is and faster the further away.

Upon contact with a surface the orb will explode, dealing damage to enemies within a 15-meter radius.

If it comes in contact with an enemy, it will quickly latch on to them before exploding.

The orb is susceptible to damage from both Nova, her allies and enemies alike and will store this damage as energy until it explodes.

Nova may create several antimatter orbs and casting this ability is considered a one handed action, meaning she may fire and move freely while casting the ability.

This ability is very useful as it can easily clear up a group of enemies by concentrating fire on it before it explodes.


(Nova casting Antimatter Drop)

Nova may cast Antimatter drop multiple times, one after the other and can control where they go by aiming at a location or enemy.


The antimatter orb may take damage from multiple sources and will deal damage multiplied by 8x to enemies in a 15-meter radius.


(Antimatter orb exploding)

The antimatter orb can deal great amounts of damage depending on how much it has absorbed which can be a very useful offensive ability.


Augment Mod: Antimatter Absorb increases its range of which it absorbs damage from enemies, allowing easier absorption and guaranteeing more damage when it explodes.

3) Wormhole

Warmhole Nova

This ability allows Nova to open up a worm hole which targets the exact point where you are aiming your reticle.

The worm hole acts as a portal which will instantly teleport you to the location that it is linked to, allowing you to move across great distances.

Both allies and enemies may be teleported through worm holes, allowing you to send enemies flying or help yourself and your allies cross large distances.

This ability is useful for crossing large gaps, heading towards destination fast or throwing enemies in a random direction or even out of the map.


(Nova standing next to a worm hole that she created)


Augment Mod: Escape Velocity causes you and your allies to gain a 50% speed bonus for 7 seconds after using a wormhole.

4) Molecular Prime

Molecular Prime Nova

Upon casting Molecular Prime, the area around Nova becomes primed with antimatter and will cause enemies to suffer from her speed manipulation as well as explode upon death, dealing blast damage to nearby enemies.

The range of the ability is not affected by ability range but rather is affected by ability duration and the longer the duration is, the larger the range will be.

After casting the ability an area will be primed and this area will increase similar to a ring moving outwards, becoming larger and larger based on the initial duration of the ability.

All enemies caught in the radius while the area expands will become primed, causing them to be affected by both the speed manipulation as well as cause the explosions upon death.

Once the initial expansion of the wave (which is affected by ability duration) finishes, all enemies that are primed will remain that way until the duration of the ability is over.

Nova may recast this ability without the need of waiting for the previous effects or the expansion of her previous cast of the ability to end.

The more ability duration Nova has, the larger the range of the ability will be as well as the longer the effect will last.

This ability becomes useful for manipulating the speed of her enemies as well as causing damage to groups of enemies.


(Nova casting her Molecular Prime ability)


Augment Mod: Molecular Fission causes enemies that die and explode from the ability to add particle charges of Null Star to her.

Suggested Builds

Speedva Build


The Speedva Build (Speed Nova Build) focuses on using Molecular Prime to rather increase the movement speed of enemies instead of decreasing it.

This build is mainly used for the purpose of making enemies move around faster in order to quickly and continuously kill them which is famously used on survival and defense missions.

Using this build will reduce most of the damage of Nova’s abilities but in return grant her other benefits and mainly the usage of it is to speed up the movement of enemies.

Null Star will have more will have more antimatter particles, granting much more damage reduction.

Antimatter Drop will create orbs at a slightly less costing amount to energy but will have a low initial damage, however the damage multiplier of the absorbed damage will still remain the same.

As the main usage, having less than 100% ability strength will cause the Molecular Prime ability to instead speed up enemies rather than slow them down.


(Nova casting Molecular Prime during a defense mission)

Slowva Build


The Slowva Build (Slow Nova Build) does the opposite of the Speedva Build, causing enemies in a large radius to become slower.

Instead of increasing ability strength to a high amount, we have modded it to only reach the max slow capability it has while retaining a high duration to expand out further.

With this build, Nova will be able to cast Molecular Prime more than before as well as have a high energy pool to do so.

This build is mainly to slow enemies down as well as deal moderate damage with majority of her abilities.

Null Star will have a smaller range but have slightly increased damage while costing less energy to cast.

Antimatter drop will have an increase in damage while costing less energy and will retain its range as well as its damage multiplier.

As the build is intended, Molecular Prime will slow enemies in a large area, making them easier to kill and acting as crowd control, giving you and your allies the upper hand.

This ability is useful for controlling the movement of enemies, causing them to attack and move slowing which makes it safe for you and your allies to kill the affected enemies.


(Enemies slowed down due to the effects of Molecular Prime)

Antimatter Build


The Efficiency Build focuses on allowing Nova to use her abilities with a high reduction to energy cost and mostly benefits and applies to her Antimatter Drop ability.

With this build, Nova can easily create multiple antimatter orbs making it devastating to enemies since these will absorb damage to be released and hitting one or multiple orbs will only make the damage greater.

Null Star will have no effect as the lack of duration causes it to have no antimatter particles to be created which can be a bit of a downside if one can’t avoid getting too close to enemies.

Antimatter Drop will deal more initial damage as well as cost a significantly low amount of energy which is the main focus of the build which will allow you to spam the ability and deal a lot of damage.

Wormhole will only last a few seconds making it important to be ready to enter after casting.

Molecular Prime will not even last one whole second making it pretty useless with this build.

This build mostly focuses on Nova using Antimatter Drop to bombard enemies with heavy damage allowing you to have a large damage output even from afar.


(Nova killing enemies after creating several antimatter orbs)

Survivability Build


This build is a bit different from the usual builds as it offers more survivability and is meant for Nova users that intend on being more involved in fights, especially those who like to engage enemies with melee to medium range.

With this build Nova can use her Null Star ability to greatly reduce the damage she receives allowing Nova to survive in more situations.

During her combat, she may use Molecular Prime to slow enemies down, giving her and her team the chance to take them out with ease.

Null Star gains the maximum amount of 18 particles, each reducing the damage that Nova takes.

Antimatter Drop retains most of its stats while dealing more initial damage.

Wormhole lasts longer but does not grant the ability to travel further than 17 meters.

Molecular Prime will have a huge radius as well as greatly slow enemies down, allowing Nova and her team to quickly dispatch of enemies while having the safety from enemies attacking due to them being very slow.


(Nova fighting enemies while buffed with Null Star)

Balanced Build


This build is a basic build which allows Nova to use all of her abilities at a lower energy cost while having balance with the other ability stats.

All of Nova’s abilities will have an increase in their respective stats and she will have a decent supply of energy to use.

This is a good build for beginners and experienced players alike as this allows the usage of all abilities freely and can become effective when skillfully used.


(Nova using multiple abilities)



Aside from her common builds, Nova can do much more than just slow enemies while damaging enemies or speeding them up, she may also utilize different builds which can suit to your playstyle.

There are many ways to build Nova and her capabilities are limited only by your imagination and the way you play.

Nova is a great Warframe for controlling the outcome of battles due to her many useful abilities and can be used in several missions due to the utility of her abilities which allow better movement and crowd control along with damage done to enemies.

A lot may not know but Nova can deal a very large amount of damage due to her Antimatter Drop ability which can kill some bosses with one hit.

Depending on the build used by the player, Nova can be very situational and greatly benefit a team or even handle difficult missions on her own.

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NOVA PRIME CROWD CONTROL MADNESS - Slow \u0026 Speed Nova Builds

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