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We come from the previous article where we made clear the operation of the Alpha Clone account in EVE Echoes. Now we continue defining and giving all the details about the Omega Clone account, the entry and payment that would take the next level to receive more experience points.

That's where enters Cognitive Neuroscience to rapidly improve skills. We are going to know the details of the Clone Omega accounts and the reason to start paying monthly one of the massive online games that will give more to talk about for the next few years.

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Omega Clone Account: its two categories

Following the thread of this EVE Echoes Clone Alpha account post, we focus on repeating again the two categories of Clone Omega, the payment account of this Space MMO. It should be mentioned that these two account categories can be acquired at the same time to obtain the highest amount of experience points. Hence, we have the combo at a reduced price:

  • Basic Omega Clone: $ 4,99 per month
  • Clone Omega Standard: $ 12,99 per month
  • Combo Pack: $ 14,99 per month

At the moment we acquire a Basic Omega Clone account the said limitations of the Alpha Clone account are removed and that we remind you quickly:

  • Se eliminates limited market access
  • You can already hire
  • Access to all skills
  • Access to Tier 8 ships and higher
  • The 50% limit is removed when skills are not increased
  • Limits removed when auditing the trade

And the biggest difference for the Clone Omega Standard account is that it gets a higher number of skill points. Skills in EVE Echoes are everything to power attack, defend, trade, create ships and navigate across those more than 10.000 solar systems.

The differences between the two categories of the Omega Clone account

These are them major differences between the two categories:

  • Basic Omega Clone Account: by acquiring this account you receive an additional 5 points per minute, and that becomes a maximum of 35 points per minute. The production of free default points when skills are not trained is at 70% speed, and the limit of free skill points stored is increased.
  • Omega Standard Clone Account: you receive an extra 25 points per minute, and that becomes a total of 55 points per minute. The default production of free points when a skill is not trained is 80% of the speed, and the limit of free skill points that is stored is increased even more than the Basic.
  • El Combo pack: a total of additional points of 25 points plus 5 points per minute is received, which transforms into a total of 60 points per minute. The rate of free point production when no skills are trained reaches 100%, and the storage of skill points becomes infinite. In other words, you can store them all while you pay for this Combo pack and then use them.

Cognitive Neuroscience

We are facing another subscription that its objective is maximize learning of a range of skills. Cognitive Neuroscience greatly accelerates the speed of point production early in our journey through EVE Echoes.

It is designed as a series of three skills and each one with 5 proficiency levels. Each of the three skills under the name of Cognitive Neuroscience offers an increased production of 5 points per minute and that becomes a total of 15 minutes per minute when fully trained. The important thing about this data is that all these points are valid indefinitely.

This is the cost of Cognitive Neuroscience:

  • Cognitive Neuroscience: $ 1,99 Level + 1 / Total +5
  • Advanced Cognitive Neuroscience: $ 5,99 Level + 1 / Total + 5
  • Expert Cognitive Neuroscience: $ 29,99 Level + 1 / Total + 5

This Neuroscience package is designed for those players who need a high demand for skills to master those three skills and bring them to level 5 in the shortest time possible.

And so we end this second part with a last article that will end with define monetization linked to EVE Echoes, a space MMO that will arrive in august so that you become one of the masters of the universe; always with the help of your corporation.

Sours: https://www.androidsis.com/en/eve-echoes-clon-omega/

Art by Major Sniper.

On July 16, a day after the closure of the final beta test, the developers of Eve Echoes hosted an AMA focused on the topic of corporations and alliances. Acknowledgement is given to YouMel Gaming, who did an excellent job of covering the vast majority of questions discussed in the AMA and eliminating the overlaps. The first half mainly deals with corporation specific questions while the second will focus on alliances. To give the Eve Echoes developers feedback or suggestions, you can join the official Discord here

First up was confirmation that war declarations are coming to Eve Echoes, as well as more options for customized flags and logos, including the ability to upload your own. The devs confirmed that corporation name length will be increased to 24 characters from 14. Corporations will be able to form alliances at the launch of the game, and the up-front cost of starting a corporation has been adjusted to 220 million ISK, whereas a mortgage—the ability for an Omega clone to create a corporation with three months to pay off the balance, and all corporate tax going towards that loan—will be 3m ISK. While corporation wallets are negative, all corporate ISK will go towards paying off that loan, and benefits like being able to rent a corporate office are disabled. To get a better idea of how to create or join a corporation in Echoes, this video gives an excellent demonstration. Corporation contracts have been confirmed as well, though the implementation of corporation-to-corporation contracts is still to be decided.

In the second part of the AMA, concerns were brought up about the limit of ten corporations per alliance. The developers assured players that they plan to expand the alliance size, but did not give a specific number. Another point touched on was alliance chat, since at this point in Echoes, only corporation chat is available when it comes to groups. Currently, the servers cannot handle 2000 people in chat, but the devs want to make this possible in the future. The next several questions were about whether alliances will have shared wallets, hangers, and if ISK can be transferred between corporations. The answer to all three was no, but it was confirmed though that ISK can be distributed to members in a corporation for ore buyback programs and such.

Alliance executors will need to pay two million ISK per corporation each week, or the alliance disbands. To help the executor corporation pay the fee, other member corporations can send their ISK directly to the CEO of the executor corporation. Corporations themselves will not have an upkeep fee, just office rental fees to be determined by how many corporations rent an office in the station. The cost of constructing corporation stations is still to be decided. While it is currently not possible to change a corporation’s name after its creation, this will be possible in the future. The developers have already confirmed that sov and colonization of 0.0 will not be available at launch.

For those seeking to make industry corporations, the devs confirmed they there will be corporation skills relating to this activity, along with resource bonuses on their stations and other corp-related functions to be added in the future. Details on Echoes sov were revealed for the first time, with confirmation the system in Echoes will be based around corporation structures. It was confirmed that capitals will eventually be implemented, but it remains to be seen how similar they will be to Eve Online.

Regarding corporation structures themselves, the devs acknowledged that they have a lot of work cut out for them for this project, and will need more discussion among themselves and the community. Currently, there is one structure players can build: the Capsuleer Outpost, a structure unique to Echoes, which can be bought by a single player and is only deployable in low and null sec. It is designed to be a home base for explorers and their friends, and can also be equipped with modules. During the final beta, at least one person was able to set up one which they recorded here.

Structure fuel costs were quite intimidating in the beta, which the developers assured would be toned down at launch. The developers also hinted that structures will help with planetary interaction, but this would be revealed at a later date. It was also confirmed that attacking/reinforcing a structure would work much the same as it does in EVE Online.

Fleet size in the beta was notably small, with only 10 people per fleet. The devs stated that a “joint fleet” will be available at launch that allows up to 50 people. Lastly, with high security space being a no-PVP zone unlike Eve Online, there have been concerns that corporations will chose to hold all their assets in high security or use it as a staging ground to launch attacks at their enemies in low or null sec with impunity. War declarations in high sec are being discussed as a possible solution, and PVP players may be disappointed to learn that killboards and an API will not be implemented at launch and are not a top priority.

Sours: https://imperium.news/eve-echoes-corporation-and-alliance-ama-part-1/
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Jeff Johnson

That sucks. I'm in a similar boat, five bucks a month is a little much for me for a mobile game, considering everything else I already pay for. But, one thing I haven't heard them say is that Alpha clones have a skill point ceiling; that is what absolutely kills Alpha clones for me in Eve Online proper. I have a character that's a few years old, that already has way above the normal Alpha clone skill points, meaning unless I pay a sub to play them, I can't train a single new skill or basically progress in the game at all aside from making money with what I've got. Like I can't learn any new ships I can't already fly, I can't improve my piloting skills in anything I already have, I can't train new types of weapons, nothing, all because Alpha clones have a skill point ceiling you can't breach. If alpha clones don't have that ceiling here, they just have slower skill point gain, that makes a big difference. Really I wonder if limited access to the market will be a bigger issue, because I don't know if that means you can't buy certain ships or weapons, if you can't use ITC centers, or what.

Sours: https://m.facebook.com/notes/eve-echoes/launch-preview-monetization-structure-of-eve-echoes/277685080279645/

Clone states

There are two different ways of playing EVE:

  • You can play for free (i.e. without paying a monthly subscription fee), but you will be limited in which skills your character can train. This is referred to as "Alpha".
  • Paying a monthly subscription to play the game, which allows your character to learn every skill in the game. This is referred to as "Omega".

In-game this system is referred to as Clone States. Characters on Alpha accounts are referred to as "Alpha clones", and characters on Omega accounts are referred to as "Omega clones". If you pay for a subscription (paid for with time cards, monthly payments, PLEX...), your account (and all the characters on that account) receive "Omega" status until your subscription runs out (or you cancel it), at which point they revert back to "Alpha" status. There is no way to tell an Alpha from an Omega clone in-game. The conversion from Alpha to Omega is immediate, while the conversion from Omega to Alpha will always happen when you next log into the game.

If an Omega clone is downgraded to an Alpha clone (because the account's subscription has run out), any skills that character has trained which are not part of the Alpha skill set are locked and become inactive, i.e. they cannot be used, but the invested skill points will not be lost. Any items or ships which require the locked skill become inactive and cannot be used, and the skill training queue will be paused (but can be resumed by logging into the game). If the account's subscription is renewed, then the character is automatically upgraded back to an Omega clone and can once again use all the skills they have previously trained.

Alpha or Omega status is tied to your game account. If you have multiple accounts, then you can choose to pay for a subscription for some, all or none of them, and each account (and the characters on that account) will have the corresponding Alpha or Omega state.

Alpha clones are welcome to join EVE University

Alpha clones

Compared with Omega characters, Alpha characters are limited in the following ways:

  • They may only train certain skills
  • They may train for free up to a maximum of 5 million skill points.
  • They may add skill points to skills in the Alpha set up to 20.5 million skill points with skill injectors.
  • They take twice as long to train skills
  • They pay an additional 2% tax on any industry job (e.g. manufacturing or research)
  • They cannot accept any Level 4 or Level 5 missions from agents.
  • If you are logged into the game with an Alpha character you may not log in simultaneously (multibox) with any other character (on any account)
Arms Race Clone Skill Training

Alpha skill set

The set of skills that Alpha characters may train limits them to:

  • Combat ships up to battleship size, as well as basic industrial ships.
  • Most Tech 2 modules are useable but not all.
    • Battleship weapons, EWAR, most remote assistance modules, drones, harvesting modules, scanning modules and some other are limited to T1 and meta.

Expand the table below to see which skills you can train as an Alpha, and to what maximum level. For a list of skills you start the game with, see starting skills.


While they are well suited for getting introduced to EVE Online, Alpha characters should be seen more as an "indefinite trial" rather than as a "free-to-play" option.


Alpha characters are perfectly viable in low-level PvP and PvE, and in support roles in larger-scale PvP (such as EWAR or tackle for a fleet). However, their performance will not be on par with Omega characters once the latter has trained the skills to start using Tech 2 modules and ships.


Alpha characters can mine (ore or gas) in a Venture (but not use more advanced mining ships), and can perform basic (only Tech 1, no invention) manufacturing. While they will not be as efficient as an Omega character (who have access to more advanced ships and skills which improve mining and manufacturing efficiency, and are not subject to the addition 2% tax levied on Alpha characters), they can nonetheless participate in basic industry. They can salvage wrecks, but they cannot, however, do Planetary Industry.

Alpha characters can trade, but they will pay higher taxes on their transactions and have fewer options at their disposal (e.g. they can only sell items located within 5 jumps, whereas an Omega character has the option to train skills allowing them to sell items anywhere in the current region). Alphas can have 1 active contract at a time (i.e. they can create 1 contract, but have to wait for it to be fulfilled before creating another), but they can accept contracts.

Basic hauling is an option for Alpha characters as they have access to Tech 1 industrial ships.


Alpha characters can do basic exploration.

Choice of race

Alpha clones can train into any race's ship or weapon skills; they are not limited to training their own race's skills. In fact, Alpha clones of all races can train into the same Alpha skill set. However, the Alpha's starting racial skills count toward the free training skill limit while in Alpha clone state.

Omega clones

Omega clones may use any skill, ship and item in the game. Additionally, you may log into the game with more than one account at a time (multiboxing), but only as long as all the accounts being logged in have Omega status.

External links

Sours: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Clone_states

Clone corporation eve echoes

Characters in EVE Echoes include both the player characters that serve as the player's avatar and various non-player characters present in New Eden.

Player characters

Character creation involves choosing a race, bloodline, portrait, and name.

Characters are more commonly called Pilots or Clones.

Alpha and Omega Clones

Alpha Clone

Players begin their journey in New Eden as an Alpha Clone. Alphas have limited ability to fly ships and train skills as well as limited access to many of the game's features including, but not limited to, Planetary Production and Contracts. Playing as an Alpha Clone serves as an introduction and demo of the game.

By default, Alpha Clones gain Skill Points, or SP, at a rate of 30 per minute. This can be increased to up to 45 points per minute if all three Cognitive Neuroscience skill chips are used; 5 points per chip. While no skills are training Free SP is earned, which can be placed in any skill at any time. Alpha Clones are limited to 100,000 free SP earned before it must be allocated to a skill. If this cap is reached, Free SP will no longer be gained, but SP gained by the player will still count toward increasing Tech Level.

Alpha Clones are limited to Tech Level 7 and cannot train skills beyond Basic 5.

For a full list of Alpha Clone restrictions, please see Alpha Clone Restrictions.

Omega Clones

Players can upgrade their Alpha Clone to an Omega Clone either by directly purchasing a clone upgrade from the New Eden Store (for real world currency), or by purchasing PLEX off the market and redeeming it for an Omega Clone. Because PLEX can be purchased with ISK from other players, it is entirely possible to maintain at least a Basic Omega Clone just by playing the game and earning ISK.

There are two types of Omega Clone - Basic and Standard. While both allow full access to the game's ships, skills and features, there are minor differences in the two.

Basic Omega Clone

The Basic Omega Clone is the first tier of paid-for clone status. It costs either 170 PLEX or $4.99 (or your regional equivalent) per month. Basic Omega Clones gain an additional 5 SP per minute (for a total of 35 before COG chips). Basic Omega Clones have a Free SP cap of 600,000.

Standard Omega Clone

The Standard Omega Clone is the second tier of paid-for clone status. It costs either 430 PLEX or $12.99 (or your regional equivalent) per month. Standard Omega Clones gain an additional 25 SP per minute (for a total of 55 before COG chips). Standard Omega Clones have no Free SP cap.

The Omega Clone Duo Bundle is the third and top tier of paid-fore clone status. It costs either 500 PLEX or $14.99 (or your regional equivalent) per month. Omega Clones with the Duo Bundle gain SP at an additional 30 SP per minute (for a total of 60 before COG chips). Duo Bundle Clones have no Free SP cap.

Tech level

A clone's tech level determines the type of skills it can train and what kind of ships it can fly. Tech levels increase after reaching the needed number of skill points listed below - for example, reaching Tech level 3 requires 51000 total earned SP. SP placed into skills do not deduct from your total amount of SP and reaching the next tech level does not reset your total SP back to zero; you retain all SP previously earned.

The table below lists the threshold for each tech level as well as how long it will take to train to that tech level. Extra SP earned, such as from daily log in rewards or weekly maintenance are not factored into this calculation - this is the maximum amount of time to train under the various clone scenarios (in Hours).

Tech Level SP Break Down

Tech levelSkill points Time to Level


Time to Level

(Basic Omega)

Time to Level

(Standard Omega)

Time to Level

(Omega Duo)

Time to Level

(Omega Duo + 3 COG Chips)

11 StartStartStartStartStart
226000 14.4 12.4 7.9 7.2 5.8
351000 28.3 24.3 15.5 14.2 11.3
4110000 61.1 52.4 33.3 30.6 24.4
5700000 388.9 333.3 212.1 194.4 155.6
61650000 916.7 785.7 500.0 458.3 366.7
75620000 3122.2 2676.2 1703.0 1561.1 1248.9
812660000 7033.3 6028.6 3836.4 3516.7 2813.3
924950000 13861.1 11881.0 7560.6 6930.6 5544.4
1043380000 24100.0 20657.1 13145.5 12050.0 9640.0


Skills are integral to a pilots success in New Eden and serve a number of functions, including a ships defensive capabilities, a weapon's damage and how many minerals you receive when reprocessing ore. Please click the Skills link for a comprehensive list of skills and their function.

Sours: https://eveechoes.fandom.com/wiki/Character
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