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Galaxy Brain, also known as Expanding Brain, is a multi-panel exploitable image series comparing the brain size of a person relative to other variables. Though the expanding brain is usually implied to showcase intellectual superiority over various objects, it is more often used in an ironic sense to imply the opposite, where objects of derision are implied to be of higher standard than objects that are usually highly regarded. For example, when used with Whomst, a person who uses "who" will be shown with the smallest brain, while a person who uses the most ridiculous variation, i.e. "whomst'd've", will be shown with the largest brain.


This meme originated as part of the "Whomst" meme where the left column was derivations of the word "Who" were paired with increasingly elaborate pictures of brains depending on how intense the "who" variation was. One of the most popular early examples was posted to /r/dankmemes on Reddit on January 31st, 2017 by janskishimanski in a post that gained nearly 1,200 upvotes.

Original Expanding Brain Meme about Whomst


As "whomst" variations on the Expanding Brain template grew more elaborate, other subjects were applied to Expanding Brain, such as video games and politics. Expanding Brain variations continued appearing on /r/dankmemes and /r/MemeEconomy throughout the month of February.

Expanding Brain Meme about using Harry Potter or Star Wars for political comparisons as opposed to Transformersexpanding brain meme about OverwatchExpanding brain memes about different hoodies

A video version of the meme posted by user BagelBoy in February 2017 gained over 2.1 million views (shown below).

The meme was covered by media outlets including PopSugar, New York Magazine, Mic, and others.

Similar Memes

The template of the Expanding Brain meme has been used with various other characters.

Vince McMahon Reaction

While the Vince McMahon Reaction existed as a video and GIF meme prior to its use as an Expanding Brain meme, the clips of McMahon were used in the Expanding Brain template after that meme got popular.

Fallout 76 HAL3 INFINI TE SQUARE CNIX STAR FIELD ler MRE Kingdom Hearts III advertisingXBOX XBOX 360 XBOX ONE XBOX ONE X XBOX ONE XXX xxx BOX ONE xx xXx Box One_xXx XBOX TWO face text facial expression nose smile head emotion forehead friendship fontIPHONE< 8 IPHONE 8 IPHONE 8 PLUS IPHONEX IPHONE XXX xxx IPHONE xxx xXx iPhone xXx IPHONE Y Vince McMahon face text facial expression skin nose head smile emotion forehead font

Motion Blurred Astronaut

Motion Blurred Astronaut refers to three images of an astronaut in a photography textbook taken to demonstrate the effect shutter speed can have on motion-blur. It began being used in memes in April 2017 due to its aesthetic similarity to other popular memes of the time which use motion-blur and distortion effects.

On April 2nd, 2017, Tumblr user the-captains-on-shore-leave uploaded a picture of a photography textbook demonstrating the effects shutter speed has on motion blur by showing three different pictures of an astronaut. They captioned the post, shown below, "i can’t stop laughing like i know it’s supposed to be educating me on shutter speed but it just looks like a fucking meme." The post has gained over 35,000 notes as of April 11th.

duction to Digital Cinematography 19 Figure 9 The variation of the camera shutter changes the amount of motion blur re time with the shutter of 22.5 (1/400h s). Li- i can't stop laughing like i know it's supposed to be educating me on shutter speed but it just looks like a fucking meme dog dog like mammal text dog breed mammal vertebrate puppy picture frame product

Various Examples
The moon landings were real The moon landings were faked in New Mexico The moon landings were faked on the moon face text mammal headgoing to the moon for scientific reasons going to the moon to brag about it to the soviets going to the moon because you need cheese for your picnic text mammal headbeing a textbook example being a meme being a textbook example of a meme face text mammal head

Drake Sprite Commercial Remix

In 2010, Sprite released a commercial featuring rapperDrake, drinking a Sprite while recording and exploding (shown below).

Eight years later, a series of Expanding Brain memes featuring three respective stages of Drake's explosion. On June 23rd, 2018, Instagram account @SonnySideUp posted a Tanking the Bus Driver edition of the meme, garnering 43,600 likes within the first 90 days. Two days later, it was shared on Reddit. Shortly after, more users began using the format (examples below, center / right).

Saying thank you to the bus driver Asking the bus driver how their day was Offering The bus Driver a Ride home facial hairImpeach Gorsuch Impeach all conservative justices Pack all the courts with progressives Drake Trippie Reddusing the drake template using the expanding brain template combining both of them and making a meme abt them jontykun Drake Trippie Redd facial hair

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Sours: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/galaxy-brain

What Level of Brain-Meme Irony Are You On?


A few weeks ago, posters on 4chan and Tumblr began bragging — ironically, sort of, as all things on 4chan and Tumblr are — about the size of their brains. Because this is how they communicate with one another, the channers and Tumblr bloggers bragged in the form of memes: smart-sounding but nonsensical linguistic escalations, from “who” to “whom” to “whomst,” and depictions of a character known as Feels Guy, or Wojak, who has a comically large brain; images that demonstrated the intelligence of whoever wielded said images.

Since then, the idea of ever-evolving intelligence has itself evolved, spreading across the memescape from Tumblr and 4chan to Twitter, in the form of what has become known as the “Expanding Brain” meme. The “Expanding Brain,” so far the most popular of the “levels of intelligence” genre of meme, is an image macro that uses New Age depictions of what happens inside your skull to show the difference between sheeple and the truly enlightened — from ordinary brain to universe-enfolding Vitruvian Man.


Brain memes, like the Wojak variant, have their origin in the “Whomst” progression, an escalating, ridiculous series of not-quite-words that make someone sound smarter. Just as using “whom” instead of “who” makes one sound exponentially smarter, “whomst’d’ve” makes you sound like an omega-level mutant capable of warping reality with your powerful brain. From there, iteration changed the brain meme from one about intelligence and pretension to one about the very nature of argument itself.

One of the predecessors and close cousins of these brain memes is an image macro known as “layers of irony,” a four-panel comic that follows a set form, always beginning with a disembodied head that one can only describe as “very vaporwave” asking, “how many layers of irony are you on?” The idea here is that being ironic online has no upper bound, that there is always another layer of irony to enfold oneself inside.

Memes have often divided readers into tiers — those who know or understand something, and those who don’t. It’s why the most viral of them strive to be “relatable” — specific descriptions of near-universal experiences. For a while now, internet communities have tossed around half-tongue-in-cheek diagrams of “levels” of fandom or hipsterism, with everything from classical music (from Mozart, the most basic, to the notoriously difficult composer Karlheinz Stockhausen) to leftism (John Oliver at “Level 1,” Maoism at “Level 5,” all the way up to “mandatory gay married” at “Level [infinity symbol]”).

The brain meme takes this kind of social sorting and presents it in an easy-to-understand diagram. But it’s also itself evolved — from a meme about raw intelligence to a meme about argumentative sophistication. The latest brain memes draw strength from the very structure of the web-content economy itself — the never-ending shouting match across social networks that is colloquially referred to as the Discourse. First and foremost, these memes encompass the many stages of a topic’s life on social media. Its breakout, the backlash, backlash to the backlash, and the counterintuitive take nobody was really looking for. Why spend days waiting for a new #slatepitch when controversies can simply be gamed out and packaged into a sort of reader’s-digest version of the Discourse?

If you like something, you can be sure that someone will pipe up to say, “Actually, it’s bad, and that makes me smart”; and then someone will pipe up to say, “Actually it’s good … because it’s bad.” Whoa.


Maybe more than anything else, the brain meme works because it speaks in the low-rent visual language of scammy web ads. Its use of homeopathic imagery and medical stock imagery from places like Shutterstock reflects the aesthetic of the conspiratorial woo-woo social-media brands that warn Facebook users about Monsanto and Reptilians. The very idea of boosting past one’s physiological limits is why people keep falling for “Limitless pills,” and trying out nootropic stacks from InfoWars. The myth that we only use 10 percent of our brain is pervasive in pop culture, even if that myth is false, and ads for cognitive enhancement often rely on imagery of a glowing brain to rope in new marks. Looking at one of these brain memes is like watching the supposed effects of nootropics happen all at once — in which the meme’s writer can simultaneously see the present, as well as the near and distant futures.

This is a potent stew of internet-familiar references: the snippy need to be right online, the quixotic search for a perfect nootropic stack, the jockeying for position in the eternal tournament of irony, and the glowing aesthetics of vaporwave. You don’t have to recognize all of these ideas to like it. But you can’t reach the full astral-thought-projection level if you don’t.

What Level of Brain-Meme Irony Are You On?Sours: https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2017/03/the-brain-meme-will-expand-your-mind.html
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Funny you ask. Why yes, we do. Here you go: imgflip.com/ai-meme (warning, may contain vulgarity)

Sours: https://imgflip.com/memegenerator/Expanding-Brain

expanding brain meme

The meme is typically used online for general humorous observations, satire, social commentary, and ridicule of others. Some users participate in the meme to show off an original, clever, or out-of-the-box idea. Given its quick spread, many instances of the meme are meta, poking fun of the sudden popularity it came to enjoy in internet culture.

The expanding brain images can vary in number and form, but the meme follows a set pattern: It’s laid out in panels of images, alongside corresponding text or images, that convey increasing intelligence and consciousness through images of larger brains, more intense light, and sometimes even depictions of unity with the cosmos. The final panel, or most enlightened level, lands an ironic, facetious, or downright preposterous punchline.

One version of the meme, for instance, progresses using such imagery with the following text:the Earth is round,” “the Earth is flat,” and “the Earth is a cube.” The culmination is an image of Earth rendered in the form of a velociraptor. This meme pokes fun at flat-earthers.

Though pictures are an important part of the expanding brain meme, they’re not essential; people have created text-only iterations, signaling the meme with some context.

In some corners of the internet, the expanding brain meme has become sufficiently familiar that people often compare, in casual conversation, someone’s intelligence, or idiocy, to the last panel of an expanding brain meme.

Sours: https://www.dictionary.com/e/memes/expanding-brain-meme/

Meme expanding brain

The guy thought about the beauty of the girl, when suddenly his brain pierced: - "Scarlet shade ?!" - this thought struck with a sharp impulse. From within. Our hero, realizing in an instant, hastily hiding his face, walked along the carriage.

Funny expanding brain memes

He will die tonight. And one little boy - the one who ate them - got scared and said: And I threw the bone out the window. And you, Kesha, threw a CONDOM out the window !!. I walked down the street and saw it !!.

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