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Polar White () vs. Arctic White () &#; Mercedes-Benz Color Update

Our first Polar White (color code ) C arrived today! To my eye the Polar White is a little brighter and a little more WHITE than the Arctic White. I would say that the Arctic White is a little creamier or has a little yellow in it. Of course, until I parked them right next to each other I would have said they were exactly the same color! I have included the side-by-side pictures for reference. Can you guess which one is which? code C

 C Polar White

Polar vs arctic white

Polar White color code

The Polar White car is the luxury model in spot # The car in spot #35 is a C in Arctic White.

July 30, at pm by Jesse Cannon-Wallace
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Mercedes Benz Genuine Polar White Touch Up Paint Code

Design & Detail, a to the trade showroom, offers fresh, distinctive lines of
furniture, fabric, wall coverings, lighting, carpeting and so much more.Mercedes Benz Genuine Polar White Touch Up Paint Code

Mercedes Benz Genuine Polar White Touch Up Paint Code

Mercedes Benz Genuine Polar White Touch Up Paint Code

Mercedes Benz Genuine Polar White Touch Up Paint Code Automotive Paint & Paint Supplies Paints & Primers Touchup Paint Mercedes Benz Genuine Polar White Touch Up Paint Code Manufacture date** is bottle date, NOT on **Date expiration

Mercedes Benz Genuine Polar White Touch Up Paint Code

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Touch-up pencil Mercedes Benz Polar White (12ml)

Touch-up pencil Mercedes Benz , colour polar white for the reperation of small scratches, caused by stone-chips, inattentive people, etc. When using a metalic laquer, we recommend the usage of a clear paint to guarantee a high gloss.

The Mercedes Benz paint colour polar white was painted - It is perfectly suited for the reperation of small scratches.

Quality and Properties
  • Epoxy quality
  • Isocyanate-free
  • Resistant to solvents, petrol and chemicals
  • Increased UV protection
  • Tough, very hard surface
  • Quick-drying
  • Very efficient
  • High gloss

Physical and Chemical Data

  • Drying time (at 20°C, 50% relative air humidity):
    Dust-dry: after approx. 30 minutes
    Non-sticky: after approx. 2 hours
    Dry to touch: after approx. 8 hours
    Can be polished: after approx. 24 hours
    Cured: after approx. 24 hours
    The drying time depends on surrounding temperature, air humidity and thickness of the applied coat.
  • Temperature-resistant: up to °C
  • Storage stability:
    24 months if appropriate storage provided (=10°°C, relative air humidity max. 60%).
  • Disposal: Put only empty cans into the recycling bin. Bring cans with remainders of paint to the special refuse disposal.
  • Size: 12 ml


  • Derust damaged area with Rust Converter.
  • When there is bare metall, we recoment a primer:

  • grey, 
  • Shake theTouch-up pencil Mercedes Benz , colour polar white till you hear the noise of the mixing balls. In order to mix the paint pigments in the lacquer well, you should shake for approx. 2 - 3 minutes. If you use 2-coat clear lacquer (without mixing balls) 1 minute is sufficient.
  • To fill small scratches, apply 2 - 3 caots (in intervals of approx. 20 minutes): slightly wipe off the brush so it does not drop, then generously fill the scratch. Slight scratches should be filled as thin and narrow as possible,in order to avoid that you enlarge the damage. After approx. 20 minutes drying time, metallic paints should be coated with a clear lacquer, in order to protect the metallic particles from weathering influences.


Mercedes-Benz Polar White / Touch Up & Spray Paint

Please fill in the order form below with information about your vehicle and custom order. A customer service representative may reach out to you for more information regarding your custom order.

See Why It's Different:

Watch a ScratchWizard repair and learn what makes ScratchWizard the Better Touch Up Kit!

  • No blobs
  • No brush strokes
  • No mismatched paint


We stand behind the quality of our paint products. If we are unable to provide you an OEM color match, we will refund your money within 30 days.



Can't find your custom paint color?

Tell us about your car and we'll get you set up with your custom paint.

Polar 149 mercedes white

カミハタ ポラリオ2 水流ポンプ 淡水・海水用【送料無料 但、一部地域送料別途】【♭】


【72時間限定タイムセール】 カミハタ ポラリオ2 水流ポンプ 淡水・海水用【送料無料 但、一部地域送料別途】【♭】:最新コレックション

カミハタ ポラリオ2 水流ポンプ 淡水・海水用【送料無料 但、一部地域送料別途】【♭】
当店通常価格円 (税込)

・水流はプログラム制御。 (水流が0%・50%・75%・% 各5秒間動作を繰り返します。)


水槽錦鯉 錦鯉販売 錦鯉通販の大谷錦鯉店 鯉 錦鯉1匹より販売 水槽錦鯉も販売中
循環ポンプ サーキュレーター アクアリウム 海水魚 淡水魚 熱帯魚 水流ポンプ Polario

カミハタ ポラリオ2 水流ポンプ 淡水・海水用【送料無料 但、一部地域送料別途】【♭】 






♭。カミハタ ポラリオ2 水流ポンプ 淡水・海水用【送料無料 但、一部地域送料別途】【♭】


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Polar White / Touch Up Paint for Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The vehicle color code will list the paint color exactly so finding it is important. In order to guarantee the accuracy of a color, paint should be ordered based on the color code. Learn where to locate your Color Identification Plate .

The color plate is normally located on the drivers door jamb. Mercedes Benz colors with the word (matt) in them are trim colors such as bumpers, lower panels, etc. These color codes may be difficult to find on your vehicle. These secondary colors will be shown below (if any) with the Two Tone Color Combination.

Please do not order based on the color you see onscreen. Because computer and phone screens are all different, the color you see on online may not look exactly the same as the paint you receive. For more information, view the FAQ'S .

Always verify your Mercedes-Benz color code on your vehicle before ordering. Polar White may go by several different names and color samples shown for Mercedes-Benz C-Class are approximate.


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Order Processing: We take business days on average to process, formulate, manufacture, and ship out your order ( days during peak times). This is because your paint is individually CUSTOM-MIXED for your vehicle. Selecting a faster shipping method does not guarantee faster delivery. Orders placed after am EST will be processed within 24 hrs on the next business day.

Order Placement: Verify that you are ordering the correct color for your vehicle by selecting the factory color codes provided in our listing that match your vehicle color code. Orders not placed in this manner may cause you to receive the incorrect color. We cannot be responsible for colors ordered without the correct code unless you have been advised or assisted by our customer service representatives. No returns or refunds will be given unless orders are placed using the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) color code. Work with us, we are willing to go the extra mile to make it right for you.

Refunds: No returns or refunds will be authorized unless orders are placed using the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) color code (see “Order Placement”). You must notify us within 30 days of receiving the order of any physical defects or issues with your product i.e. broken container, missing brush, wrong color sent etc. ANY QUESTIONS, please contact us.

Product Liability: Using our products means you acknowledge having tested them before application and have fully read and understand the instructions and warnings that arrive with your product. Please be careful and use great care when touching up your vehicle.


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