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Icon Name Description Character A Nurse's CallingA Nurse's CallingUnlocks potential in your Aura-reading ability.
The AurasIconHelp auras.png of Survivors, who are healing or being healed, are revealed to you when they are within a range of 20/24/28 metres.
"Still attached to the fragments of her past life, she is drawn to those in need of help."Nurse
K04 charSelect portrait.pngAgitationAgitationYou get excited in anticipation of hooking your prey.
While carrying a SurvivorIconHelpLoading survivor.png, your Movement Speed is increased by 6/12/18 % and your Terror RadiusIconHelp terrorRadius.png is increased by 12 metres.
"At some point, the excitement of hooking one of us becomes more important than the desire to kill us."Trapper
K01 charSelect portrait.pngBamboozleBamboozlePerforming a Vault action is 5/10/15 % faster and calls upon The EntityIconHelp entity.png to block that Vault location for SurvivorsIconHelpLoading survivor.png for 8/12/16 seconds.
Only one Vault location may be blocked this way at any given time.
Bamboozle does not affect PalletsIconHelp pullDown.png. Clown
K12 charSelect portrait.pngBarbecue & ChilliBarbecue & ChilliA deep bond with The EntityIconHelp entity.png unlocks potential in one's Aura-reading ability.
After hooking a Survivor, all other Survivors' AurasIconHelp auras.png are revealed to you for 4 seconds when they are farther than 40 metres from the HookIconHelpLoading hook.png
  • Each time a Survivor is hooked for the first time, gain a stack-able 25 % bonus to all Bloodpoint gains, up to a maximum of 50/75/100 %.

The bonus BloodpointsIconHelp bloodpoints.png are only awarded post-Trial.
"I just can't take no pleasure in killing. There's just some things you gotta do. Don't mean you have to like it." — Drayton Sawyer

K09 charSelect portrait.pngBeast of PreyBeast of PreyYour lust for a kill is so intense that your connection with The EntityIconHelp entity.png is momentarily lost, making you totally unpredictable.
Upon gaining the BloodlustIconHelp bloodlust.pngStatus Effect, Beast of Prey activates:
  • Grants the UndetectableIconStatusEffects undetectable.pngStatus Effect for as long as Bloodlust is active.

Beast of Prey grants 30/40/50 % bonus BloodpointsIconHelp bloodpoints.png for actions in the HunterDailyRitualIcon hunter.png Category.
The bonus Bloodpoints are only awarded during the Trial.
"Where did she go?"

K08 charSelect portrait.pngBitter MurmurBitter MurmurUnlocks potential in your Aura-reading ability.
Each time a GeneratorIconHelpLoading generators.pngis completed, the AurasIconHelp auras.png of Survivors who are within 16 metres of the completed Generator will be revealed to you for 5 seconds.
  • When the last Generator is completed, the Auras of all Survivors are shown for 5/7/10 seconds.
All Blood EchoBlood EchoThe agony of one is inflicted onto others.
When hooking a SurvivorIconHelpLoading survivor.png, all other Survivors suffer from the HaemorrhageIconStatusEffects bleeding.pngStatus Effect until healed and the ExhaustedIconStatusEffects exhausted.pngStatus Effect for 45 seconds.
Blood Echo can only be triggered once every 80/70/60 seconds.
"Attack an enemy with precision and their allies will feel it." — Renjiro's Doctrine 6:3Oni
K18 charSelect portrait.pngBlood WardenBlood WardenAs soon as one Exit GateIconHelp exitGates.png is opened, Blood Warden activates.
  • The AurasIconHelp auras.png of SurvivorsIconHelpLoading survivor.png standing within the Exit-Gate area are revealed to you.

Once per Trial, hooking a Survivor while Blood Warden is active calls upon The EntityIconHelp entity.png to block the exits for all Survivors for 30/40/60 seconds.
"This is my world. And you can't ever leave." — Freddy Krueger

K10 charSelect portrait.pngBloodhoundBloodhoundLike a hunting scent hound, you smell traces of blood at a great distance.
Pools of BloodIconStatusEffects bleeding.png are shown in bright red and can be tracked for 2/3/4 seconds longer than normal.
"Pebbles shimmering in the moonlight; my life drips down in a trail so easy to follow."Wraith
K02 charSelect portrait.pngBrutal StrengthBrutal StrengthYour great strength allows you to shred through your prey's defences.
Breaking PalletsIconHelp pullDown.png and Breakable WallsIconHelp breakableDoors.png, as well as damaging GeneratorsIconHelpLoading generators.png, is 10/15/20 % faster.
"It's more than muscles. A dark power motivates the beast."Trapper
K01 charSelect portrait.pngClaustrophobiaClaustrophobiaYour ties to the EntityIconHelp entity.png manifest when your prey attempts to get away.
Whenever a GeneratorIconHelpLoading generators.png is completed, all WindowsIconHelp window.png and Vault locations within 32 metres of it become blocked for all Survivors for the next 20/25/30 seconds.
  • The AurasIconHelp auras.png of the block Vault locations are revealed to you for the duration.
All Corrupt InterventionCorrupt InterventionYour prayers invoke a dark power that meddles with the Survivors' chances of survival.
At the start of the Trial, the 3 Generators located farthest from you are blocked by The EntityIconHelp entity.png for 80/100/120 seconds.
"It shall be known across the land that the Gods curse the unfaithful." — (The Tablet of Adiris, 3.7)Plague
K15 charSelect portrait.pngCoulrophobiaCoulrophobiaYour presence alone instils great fear.
The Healing speed of SurvivorsIconHelpLoading survivor.png within your Terror RadiusIconHelp terrorRadius.png is reduced by 30/40/50 %. Clown
K12 charSelect portrait.pngCoup de GrâceCoup de GrâceAs the end nears, you go in for the kill.
Each time a GeneratorIconHelpLoading generators.png is completed, Coup de Grâce grows in power and gains 1 Token.
  • Consume 1 Token to increase the distance of your next Lunge Attack by 40/50/60 %.
K22 charSelect portrait.pngCruel LimitsCruel LimitsYour ties to the otherworldly manifest when your prey attempts to get away.
Whenever a GeneratorIconHelpLoading generators.png is completed, all WindowsIconHelp window.png and Vault locations within 32 metres of it become blocked for all Survivors for the next 20/25/30 seconds.
  • The AurasIconHelp auras.png of the block Vault locations are revealed to you for the duration.

"The specimen seems to be able to affect the state of nearby objects, as if they existed in some other form within a dimension alternate to our own." — Hawkins National Laboratory

K17 charSelect portrait.pngDark DevotionDark DevotionThe display of your Powers creates a whirlwind of panic that spreads throughout the land.
You become obsessed with one Survivor.
Hiting the ObsessionIconHelp obsession.png with a Basic Attack causes them to emit a Terror RadiusIconHelp terrorRadius.png of 32 metres for the next 20/25/30 seconds.
  • YOu are granted the UndetectableIconStatusEffects undetectable.pngStatus Effect.
  • The Obsession hears thier own Terror Radius.

You can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.
"And terror shall take hold of a defiant non-believer, who shall falsely announce my arrival." — (The Tablet of Adiris, 48.9)

K15 charSelect portrait.pngDead Man's SwitchDead Man's SwitchYou become Obsessed with one Survivor.
After hooking the ObsessionIconHelp obsession.png, Dead Man's Switch activates for the next 35/40/45 seconds.

You can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.
"I've seen the look on a man's face when he realises he's going to die." — Caleb Quinn

K19 charSelect portrait.pngDeadlockDeadlockYou induce mental suffering by crushing any hope of escape.
Whenever a GeneratorIconHelpLoading generators.png is completed, The EntityIconHelp entity.png blocks the Generator with the most progression for 20/25/30 seconds.
  • The AuraIconHelp auras.png of the blocked Generator is revealed to you in white during this time.

"Nobody escapes us." — Pinhead

K25 charSelect portrait.pngDeathboundDeathboundThose whose lives are intertwined in darkness are destined to suffer together.
When a Survivor heals another Survivor for the equivalent of 1Health StateIconStatusEffects healing.png at least 32 metres away from you, that Survivor will scream, revealing their location and activating Deathbound:
  • For the next 60 seconds, that Survivor suffers from the ObliviousIconStatusEffects oblivious.pngStatus Effect when farther than 16/12/8 metres away from the healed Survivor.
K20 charSelect portrait.pngDeerstalkerDeerstalkerUnlocks potential in your Aura-reading ability.
The AurasIconHelp auras.png of SurvivorsIconHelpLoading survivor.pngwho are in the Dying StateIconHelp dying.pngare revealed to you when they are within a range of 20/28/36 metres. All DiscordanceDiscordanceAny GeneratorIconHelpLoading generators.png within a range of 64/96/128 metres that is being repaired by 2 or more Survivors is marked by a yellowAuraIconHelp auras.png.
  • When the Generator is first highlighted, Discordance triggers a Loud Noise Notification on the Generator.
  • After the Generator is no long within range or is being repaired by just 1 Survivor, the highlighted Aura will linger for another 4 seconds.

"Smartasses get killed. We always see to that." — The Legion

K14 charSelect portrait.pngDistressingDistressingYour horrifying emanation strikes at a supernaturally long distance.
Your Terror RadiusIconHelp terrorRadius.png is increased by 22/24/26 %
Distressing grants 100% bonus BloodpointsIconHelp bloodpoints.png for actions in the DeviousnessDailyRitualIcon deviousness.pngCategory. All Dragon's GripDragon's GripAfter kicking a GeneratorIconHelpLoading generators.png, for the next 30 seconds, the first Survivor interacting with it will scream, revealing their location for 4 seconds, and suffers from the ExposedIconStatusEffects exposed.pngStatus Effect for 60 seconds.
Dragon's Grip has a cool-down of 120/100/80 seconds.
"Such potential in this compound... even the slightest trace causes unnatural effects." — Journal of Talbot GrimesBlight
K21 charSelect portrait.pngDying LightDying LightYou become obsessed with one Survivor.
Each time you hook a Survivor other than your ObsessionIconHelp obsession.png, you gain 1 Token:
  • For as long as the Obsession is alive, all other Survivors suffer from a stack-able 2/2.5/3 % penalty to Repairing, Healing, and Sabotaging speeds per Token, up to a maximum of 22/27.5/33 % or 11 Tokens.
  • The Obsession is unaffected by this penalty and instead granted a permanent 33 % Action Speed bonus to Unhooking and Healing other Survivors.

You can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.
"This isn't a man..." — Dr Sam Loomis

K05 charSelect portrait.png

Following the recent news that the Stranger Things license is expiring this year for Dead by Daylight, the team over at Behaviour has announced another horror icon joining the extensive lineup of crossovers. Enter: Hellraiser. We've already got our first look at what the latest DLC will have to offer now that a new killer has hit the game's Public Test Build.

The first teaser for the upcoming chapter debuted a few days ago (seen in the video at the top of the article), but the latest social media tease goes a little more in detail. The Public Test Build, or PTB for short, is available and brings more than just the usual bug fixes. Included in update 5.2.0 is a new killer, the Cenobite. Cenobites are extra-dimensional beings known from the Hellraiser series, brainwashed into torturing humans for all time. This makes it the perfect addition to Dead by Daylight. 

Also included in the update is Large Text Settings, which is a feature that many players have been asking for concerning more accessibility settings. For what else is new, check out the latest PTB patch notes below, courtesy of Behaviour: 

Update 5.2.0: 


  • Added a new Killer - The Cenobite
  • Match Results - When players leave a Trial with a Limited Item (Example: The Nemesis's Vaccine) they will now be notified that they do not get to keep it. It has been consumed by The Entity.
  • Large Text Settings - The players can enable this option to enlarge all texts in the HUD, increasing readability.


The Nemesis Update:

  • Movement speed while charging Tentacle Strike Tier 3 increased to 4.0m/s (was 3.8m/s)
  • Shattered S.T.A.R.S. Badge effect duration increased to 60 seconds (was 30 seconds)
  • Iridescent Umbrella Badge effect duration increased to 30 seconds (was 15 seconds, but was erroneously displayed as 12 seconds)
  • Ritual of The Nemesis reduced to reaching maximum Mutation Rate one time (was 4)

Dev note: The Nemesis came out in a good state, but has been underperforming slightly in higher skill brackets. These players tend to hit Mutation Rate 3 more often, so a buff here should give him a slight boost at that level of play. Additionally, we have buffed two addons that were underperforming to make them more viable, and made the associated ritual less of a pain to complete.

  • Various bug fixes and improvements to address performance issues on the Family Residence, Sanctum of Wrath and Midwich Elementary School.
  • Blood Lodge, Dead Dawg Saloon and The Game maps are re-enabled
  • Updated a variety of survivors' hair and facial hair cosmetics.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused The Executioner's rear to be too flat when having "The Corrupted" outfit equipped.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a specific hook blocking navigation when a Survivor is hooked on it in Hospital map
  • Fixed an issue that caused the killer to body block the basement when standing at the door frame in the main building of the Blood Lodge
  • Fixed an issue that caused Meg "Jewel of the party" very rare outfit multiple clipping with her body
  • Fixed an issue that caused Meg "Jewel of the party" very rare outfit skirt misshapen when performing various action
  • Fixed an issue that caused female survivors to be missing an animation when stepping on a bear trap with the Calm Spirit perk equipped.
  • Fixed an issue that caused survivors to perform the falling animation when walking down some stairs in the Raccoon City Police Station map.
  • Fixed an issue that caused survivors to float and fall to the ground when cleansing some totems.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the durability bar of toolboxes to appear red when sabotaging a hook.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the walking animation of the Nemesis to be missing when in spectator mode in a custom game.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Victor to be able to pounce on survivors while Dead Hard is being used.
  • Fixed an issue that may cause survivors to remain stuck in a window when downed by the Trickster's knives while vaulting.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Doctor's Shock Therapy and Static Blasts not to negate the Oblivious effect.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the sound notification for the Tinkerer perk to be too low.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Coup de Grace perk icon to remain lit until all generators are done instead of until all tokens are used.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the hook count and the generator count to overlap each other when spectating a custom game.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the pause menu to open and close constantly when holding the Escape key during a match.
  • Fixed an issue that caused player names with a # symbol to get truncated in the HUD.
  • Fixed an issue that caused save file problem.
  • Fixed an issue that caused survivor to receive an incorrect benevolent emblem.

Known Issues: 

The team also shared known issues that they are prepping to fix with the next update, including the inability to remove Survivors from chains, new Rank Crest images, animation glitches, and more. To see what else is new in the PTB, check out the full patch notes right here. 

We don't have a release date for when the full DLC becomes available outside of the testing area, but more will be revealed soon. For now, PC players can get in on the action a little early and report any areas they feel could be improved before Hellraiser officially arrives in Dead by Daylight. 

If comments are still showing as disabled, a site update is happening on our side that has caused a temporary takedown. We hope to have them back up and running soon so our community can go back to sharing their thoughts with us about everything gaming-related! 

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On Tuesday, Behaviour Interactive teased the next killer to join Dead by Daylight. The killer is now on the test realm, and players can play the Twins and give them a shot. They’re a very unusual addition to the game, as they are controlled by one player, but can be operated independently.

The new killer is a pair of conjoined twins named Charlotte and Victor Deshayes. The two of them grew up in the 17th century, and they were hunted as demons by superstitious country folk. Their mother was burned as a witch, and the twins were sent to a mysterious and dangerous temple. The temple’s inhabitants ran risky experiments on the twins, and Victor would eventually die during a scuffle between the torturers and Charlotte. The Entity, the game’s supernatural antagonist, gave Victor new life, and brought both siblings into the fog to serve as Dead by Daylight’s newest killer.

The Twins, like all the other killers, have a special set of skills that allow them to hunt survivors and hang them on hooks.

The player can press and hold the power button to activate Victor, and switch control between the Twins. When the player controls Charlotte, Victor operates on his own, revealing nearby survivors to Charlotte. Survivors can find and crush Victor to shut the Twins down, and Victor will re-grow on Charlotte after a cooldown.

While controlling Victor, the player can Pounce on survivors. This does damage to the survivor, and if they are at full health, Victor clings to the survivor and applies the Broken, Oblivious, and Incapacitated status effects. Survivors dealing with Victor cannot enter lockers or leave exit gates, and Victor reveals all other survivors near his target. The survivor must complete a remove action to detach and crush Victor.

Victor can be crushed if he misses his pounce, and if he lands on an obstacle taller than himself, he is destroyed until he respawns on Charlotte.

The chapter also comes with a new survivor who deepens the lore surrounding the Dead by Daylight setting. Élodie Rakoto’s lore is that she was raised in privilege and comfort. She’s actually former friends with Felix Richter, the game’s last new survivor. The two of them were part of the “Imperiatti,” a group of intellectuals and professionals that wanted to raise their young to positions of power. After she lost her parents to a mysterious supernatural being, she made it her mission to find them, but then ran into cultists, and things went badly from there.

Élodie and the Twins arrive in the next chapter, “A Binding of Kin,” which is due to arrive in December 2020.


Dead By Daylight Killers Tier List: Best DBD Killers Ranked (October 2021)

In the right hands, any Dead by Daylight Killer can be effective against a group of Survivors no matter where they are on a Tier List. That said, there are some Killers who require more effort to make that happen. With the new Hellraiser Chapter having recently released, there's no better time to get into Dead by Daylight and start to learn just which Killers are the most effective and which ones you're going to have to really sweat with in order to win.

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DBD Killers Tier List - Ranked Best To Worst

For this Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List, we've separated the tiers into 3. While there are some mid-to-low Killers in the game, it's best to simplify them by just 3 so that you can get an understanding of which Killers have very little redeeming qualities (ability-wise, not morally though that too) whilst some fall in the middle bracket of having both big strengths and big weaknesses. As for the top tier, they too have their weaknesses but it pales in comparison to their strengths.

Tier DBD Killers
HighThe Blight, The Hag, The Nemesis, The Nightmare (Freddy Krueger), The Nurse, The Oni, The Spirit, The Wraith
MidThe Cenobite, The Deathslinger, The Demogorgon, The Doctor, The Executioner, The Ghost Face, The Hillbilly, The Huntress, Legion, The Plague, The Shape (Michael Myers), The Twins
LowThe Cannibal (Leatherface), The Clown, The Pig, The Trapper, The Trickster

We based this list off of a few subjects including:

  • Map control
  • Lethality
  • Snowball (slugging, etc)
  • Map pool versatility
  • Perk builds considered
  • Add-Ons
  • Power

It should be noted that our Dead By Daylight Tier List will be kept up to date as much as possible, and currently follows the release of the last killer added to the game; The Cenobite in Chapter 21.

Following the Dead by Daylight Chapter 22 release, which is suspected to arrive in December, we'll update it again. That is if we don't get any massive sweeping changes to the killers in the updates before then.

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+ 5

Tier 1 - The Best Killers

  • The Nurse - A highly mobile Killer that uses her Blink ability to teleport around the map and get the drop on Survivors.
  • The Hag - A Killer that uses traps and hexes to form mud figures of herself when a Survivor runs over them. She can teleport to them if she is of a certain distance.
  • The Spirit - A haunted Killer that can phase towards Survivors and track them with ease, even without add-ons. Is often described as one of the most broken Killers in the game.
  • The Nightmare (Freddy Krueger) - A complete Nightmare (hee-hee) of a Killer that uses The Dream World, teleportation, Dream Snares and Dream Pallets to dominate in Trials.
  • The Oni - A highly mobile Killer that uses the suffering of Injured Survivors to power his ability. With it, he is able to travel throughout the map with ease and down Survivors with one hit.
  • The Blight - A versatile Killer that hits off objects like a pinball to speed towards Survivors and around the map. Comes with a steep, but rewarding learning curve for anyone who wants to make Blighty boy their main Killer.
  • The Nemesis - A Killer that (currently) is one of the strongest to play once mastered. He has an incredibly fast Mutation rate that helps his ranged power, and can devastate Survivors' loops and jungle gyms thanks to his zombies.
  • The Wraith - A Killer that cloaks himself with invisibility gives him an edge in speed and sneaking up on Survivors. However, his uncloak animation can give Survivors enough time to move away to safety.
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+ 5

Tier 2 - Average At Best

  • The Demogorgon - A alien-like Killer that places Portals across the map to cut Survivors off from running and Generators. Unfortunately, he can be countered by not running in open areas, and ignoring Portals in areas where Generators are completed.
  • The Ghost Face-A Killer that's able to down people by Stalking them, but unfortunately does not have the mobility to keep Generators on lockdown. Breaking him out of his Stalk mode is also very easy, making his power weaker.
  • The Cenobite - A Killer that can use his chains to slow down and hinder Survivors. Tougher for new players to run around, but more experienced Survivors will be able to hold his powers hostage and outmanoeuvre them with ease.
  • The Shape (Michael Myers) - Another Killer that relies on stealth and Stalking, but unlike The Ghost Face he cannot be broken out of stalking. Unfortunately, he has a slow up at the beginning of a Trial due to his Movement Speed.
  • The Legion - Killers that rely on their power to put people in the Mend state in order to find other victims. Frustrating to go against, but ultimately their power can still be hard countered by smart Survivors.
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  • The Deathslinger - A ranged Killer that uses a chain-gun to hook Survivors and pull them in with a small Terror Radius for maximum sneak. Fails at jungle gyms or locations with a lot of line of sight blockers.
  • The Plague - A Killer that uses her power to infect and weaken Survivors, forcing them to cleanse and make her stronger. The downside is that her power can be weak or hard to pull off without some powerful add-ons.
  • The Executioner - A Killer that excels at locking down Generators and hard-countering items and perks that help Survivors escape its grasp. Can be countered by looping normally, but being aware of the Killer's long-range attack.
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  • The Twins - A duo of Killers that work together to hunt and kill their prey. Great at locking down areas and being two places at once, but one Killer is able to do more things than the other which makes them feel unbalanced and easy to take advantage of.
  • The Hillbilly - A chainsaw-wielding Killer that can dash forward at great speeds to get around the map and force Survivors out of safe locations. His downfall is at Windows and Pallets where using his chainsaw becomes tricky.
  • The Doctor - A Killer that uses electrical shocks to make Survivors scream, making him most effective at locating and hunting down Survivors. Smart survivors however will still be able to loop him, and his mobility is not all that great.
  • The Huntress - A Killer that uses long-range hunting hatchets to cut Survivors off at Pallets, Vaults and Windows. Her downside is that she has a slow Movement Speed, making it easier for Survivors to block off her attacks by breaking line of sight.
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+ 5

Tier 3 - Weak Killers

  • The Trapper - A Killer that uses bear traps to shut down areas, but has such a slow start setting up that it will either effectively win you the Trial by paying off, or cost you everything.
  • The Clown - A Killer that can both slow Survivors down and speed themselves up, but is still heavily countered by strong Pallets and looping.
  • The Pig - A Killer that uses reverse bear traps to slow down the progression of a Trial. Unfortunately, that is also her downfall as the RNG of these traps vary wildly and can considerably doom her.
  • The Cannibal (Leatherface) - A Killer that can get one hit downs with his chainsaw sprint. Unfortunately, he is easy to counter and loop through Windows, Vaults and even Pallets.
  • The Trickster - A blade-wielding Killer that is a weaker Plague and Huntress combined, his slow Movement Speed and weak power makes it easy for Survivors to toy with him.
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Killer dbd 2020 new

Dead by Daylight: Chapter 18's New Killer Teased

It would seem that it is almost time once again for a new Dead by Daylight Chapter to be announced and released as developer Behaviour Interactive is now teasing Chapter 18. Like pretty much every Chapter before it, it's begun with a cryptic message, a brief video showing off what's definitely going to be the newest Killer to join the game, and endless speculation from fans as to who or what the new Killer might be.

If you haven't seen it yet, you can check out the teaser for the new Killer below. It focuses heavily on a wooded area at first accompanied by some strange noises that sound like they're coming from something halfway between a human and an animal. It ends with the only motion in the video being an arm that suddenly comes up attached to what looks to be a clawed hand that then comes down on whoever the victim is to do what the Killer does best.

That's not much to go off of, but then again, Dead by Daylight teasers never really are. They're typically a slow drip of information about the Killers and Survivors coming each Chapters that start this way, but the good news about the way these teasers work is that it rarely takes much time after a Chapter is teased for its contents to be fully revealed.


That timeframe also gives the community plenty of opportunities to speculate about what might be coming in the Chapters. Based on whatever's shown in the teasers, the guesses first get divided into two categories: Original or licensed content. Dead by Daylight's last Chapter was an original one and the one before that was licensed with the release of the Silent Hill content, but the game's creators have already said the game has an "unwritten ratio" for going back and for the between the two types of Chapters, so it's impossible to say for sure from what we know whether this will be licensed or original. It's always safer to lean towards the idea of it being original content so that players aren't disappointed when their horror icon wishlists aren't fulfilled, but we'll know soon enough when Behaviour Interactive has more to share on the matter.

New Killer \

Dead by Daylight’s newest killer has been out for a few weeks now, but it didn’t take long for fans to realize that the character is buggy. The Twins, as they’re known, are meant to be a dangerous pair of scavengers, with big sister Charlotte protecting her little brother Victor. It would be wholesome if Victor wasn’t such a terrifying little nightmare goblin. However, the duo is a little less deadly than intended thanks to a plethora of bugs, like Victor clipping into the ground, vanishing in mid-air, and sending survivors into a broken void when they try to kick him.

The Twins are considered a weak killer right now by Dead by Daylight fans, as other killers, namely the Huntress and the Doctor, haunt every map. It’s an unfortunate situation, but there’s still a part of the fanbase that loves the Twins regardless. Part of it is due to their potential once their issues are fixed; an online game can always change things and improve characters.

The Twins have the benefit of being a cool, unique addition to the game, even if they don’t quite work correctly. There are few other games where you can play a pair of French peasants, plucked out of time and space so they can be used to terrorize a cast of plucky teens and desperate survivors.

One Dead by Daylight fan, Jocelynbee, said she was excited for the new killer as soon as she saw Charlotte.

“[The developers] come up with some really unique ideas that don’t even necessarily play on iconic horror tropes,” she told Polygon over Twitter. She first interpreted Charlotte as a mom, and she’s a mom herself, so she was instantly drawn to the Twins. “I was really excited to find out how the Twins play style would be since every killer is so different.”

“The Twins are a very fun killer to play against and being chased by a flying screaming baby which you can kick is hilarious,” wrote one fan on Reddit. (Due to child abuse policies, developer Behaviour Interactive does not allow fans to refer to Victor as a baby on forums like Discord.)

[Fan Art] Come on, guys. Charlotte deserves more attention. from deadbydaylight

“We are well aware that this patch has some technical issues,” said Mathieu Côté, game director on Dead by Daylight, in a call with Polygon. “Nowadays, with so many consoles, so many different platforms, interlinked with crossplay, we cannot release a patch on one platform and not release it on another.”

Add in console certification issues and dealing with the various first parties, and the whole patch process becomes a waiting game for fans, and a headache for the developers. “This patch was one of the more difficult ones to release,” says Côté. “It’s not just the content, the new chapter and things like that — there are other things that are a part of that patch, whether it’s from the back end, whether it’s part of the graphics update, there’s a lot of different things we’re channeling at the same time.”

Please Charlotte, I didn't mean to bully your brother from deadbydaylight

This leaves Dead by Daylight players in a weird place. The Twins are, in many ways, still a work in progress. In three months they might look entirely different. Côté said more changes are on the way for the Twins.

“Whenever we release something, there’s always a period — let’s say at least two weeks — where things sometimes change drastically,” Côté explained. “Because no matter how much testing we do on these things beforehand, getting it into the hands of a million people allows use to see things there’s no way we could have caught.”

Since launch, Behaviour has already tweaked the Twins; Victor can now trap survivors in lockers by clinging onto the doors. “We wanted to create a brand-new mechanic that didn’t exist before something really fun to play really creepy,” Côté said. “It might not be the most efficient, but it’s certainly gonna be one of the super fun ones.”

Fans love to yeet Victor and kick evil gremlins, but the Twins still have room to grow. The newest survivor to the game, Élodie Rakoto, arrived alongside the Twins as part of the Binding of Kin chapter. It means that this update really builds on the game’s wild lore — she’s a paranormal investigator who forced her way into the game, instead of being kidnapped. Even when the game struggles with technical issues, the characters shine though.

“Behaviour nailed the theme with the name, and the lore, and their powers, even down to their perks,” said Jocelynbee. “They’re one of the only killers with a tender aspect to them, as well.”

For her, moments like watching their idle animation where Charlotte holds Victor’s little hand are enough to fall in love … even if mere moments later, Victor will be leaping at her face from the shadows.


Now discussing:

Dead by Daylight

2016 video game

0000 video game

Dead by Daylight
Dead by Daylight Steam header.jpg
Developer(s)Behaviour Interactive
Publisher(s)Behaviour Interactive[a]
  • Ashley Pannell
  • Dave Richard
  • Mathieu Coté
Producer(s)Stéfan Beauchamp-Daniel
  • Fadi Beyrouti
  • Jean-Philip Desjardins
  • Rémi Veilleux
Writer(s)Farah Daoud-Brixi
Composer(s)Michel F. April
EngineUnreal Engine 4

June 14, 2016

  • Microsoft Windows
  • PlayStation 4, Xbox One
    • NA: June 20, 2017
    • AU: June 22, 2017
    • EU: June 23, 2017
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Android, iOS
  • Stadia
  • Xbox Series X/S
  • PlayStation 5
    • NA: November 12, 2020
    • EU: November 19, 2020
Genre(s)Survival horror

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetricsurvival horror video game developed by Behaviour Interactive.[1]Dead by Daylight was released for Microsoft Windows in June 2016,[2][3] released in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in June 2017,[4][5][6] released in Nintendo Switch on September 24, 2019, and a mobile port on iOS and Android on April 17, 2020. The Stadia version was released in October 2020. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions is released on November 2020.[7] The game is played as a one-versus-four online multiplayer where one player takes on the role of a savage killer and the other four play as survivors trying to escape the killer and avoid being caught and sacrificed to a malevolent force known as the Entity.

Alongside original characters, the game also includes characters from various horror franchises such as Halloween, Left 4 Dead, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Saw, Evil Dead, Fun World's[8]Ghost Face, Stranger Things, Silent Hill, Crypt TV, Resident Evil, and Hellraiser.

As of January 1, 2018, Behaviour Interactive became the game's publisher, acquiring publishing rights from Starbreeze Studios.[9]


The player repairing a generator with a toolbox with another Survivor

A group of four survivors must elude one killer bent on sacrificing them on hooks to "The Entity", an almighty malevolent being. The survivors' perspectives are third-person, while the killer's perspective is first-person.[1] The survivors can only fight back by stunning the killer or using items such as flashlights to blind the killer.[10] Survivors can also vault over obstacles much faster than the killer, therefore providing a means of escape. Survivors use these obstacles and tools to help them elude the killer for as long as they can.

In order to escape, survivors must repair five generators scattered across the map to power up the exit gates. They must then open the exit gates and leave the area, or find an escape hatch to jump into. Repairing can be made quicker with items such as toolboxes.


Most killers only have one form of locomotion, moving at a pace that is moderately faster than that of a sprinting survivor. When hunting the survivors, the killer must capture them by either striking them with their weapon (one strike injures survivors, two strikes puts them into a dying state) or grabbing them in one move by catching them unexpectedly.

The first time a survivor is hooked, they may attempt to escape the hook, although the rate of doing so is low. Hooked survivors are normally rescued by other survivors. If the survivor escapes or is saved and eventually hooked a second time, they will enter the 'struggle phase', in which the survivor has to resist the Entity trying to stab them by performing skill checks, until they are either saved by an ally or killed by the Entity. If the survivor is saved during the 'struggle phase' and is hooked a third time, they will die instantly with no opportunity of survival.

The killer, despite walking at a fast pace, is slower than survivors in other movements, such as vaulting obstacles. The killer cannot leap over obstacles that survivors can throw down into their path, but instead have to go around them or destroy them.

The killer also has an aura-reading ability, constantly revealing the location of generators, hooks, and sometimes survivors.

Every killer has their own unique power. For instance, the "Wraith" can "cloak", turning invisible and moving faster (but being unable to strike survivors while hidden), and the "Hillbilly" wields a chainsaw which allows him to dash quickly along the map and instantly knock down survivors he comes into contact with. These powers can be altered using add-ons obtained through gameplay.

As a survivor, players must escape the map, which can be done in one of two ways: either by repairing five generators to provide power to the exit gates; or by escaping through the hatch. The hatch opens when there is only one survivor remaining in the trial.[11] If the killer closes the hatch or a gate is opened, the Endgame Collapse will initiate, giving the survivors only two minutes to escape before the timer runs out or they are caught by the killer.[12] The survivors' movement options consist of sprinting, walking, crouch-walking, or crawling. They must elude the killer by losing their line of sight in a chase or by successfully hiding from them.

When dealing with the killer, survivors can make use of a handful of Items – searching chests across the map which will sometimes yield med-kits, flashlights (which can be used to temporarily blind the killer), toolboxes, keys, or maps.

Most killers have an innate "terror radius" that surrounds them. Survivors inside this radius will hear a heartbeat, which increases in intensity with proximity to the killer. They can also see a red light (called the "red stain") emanating from the killer's head onto the ground, which reveals the direction they are facing and can help survivors determine when the killer is about to round a corner. Some killers have the ability to suppress their terror radius and red stain under certain conditions, enabling them to surprise unaware survivors.


Survivor interactions with many objects in the game can cause random skill checks to trigger. The player can either perform a good skill check which has no consequence, a great skill check which speeds up progression of the action the player is taking, or a bad skill check which usually notifies the killer of the survivor's location and may also cause a loss of progress. Great skill checks require more precision, and may not always be possible depending on the type of interaction or the perks being used by either the survivor or the killer. Killers have the ability to damage generators, which will slowly regress their repair progress over time until a survivor resumes repairing it.

If the killer catches a survivor, the killer can pick them up and carry them to one of many sacrificial hooks scattered throughout the play area. While being carried, the survivor can attempt to wiggle out of the killer's grasp before they reach the hook, and attempt to run away. If the killer succeeds in impaling a survivor on a hook, a teammate can rescue the impaled survivor or, more rarely, the impaled survivor (with a 4% chance) can rescue themselves from the hook. Self-rescue is only possible the first time a survivor is hooked.

Once five generators are repaired, a survivor must find a switch next to one of two exit gates and hold it for 20 seconds in order to open the door. The game only ends when all survivors have either escaped or have been killed – thus, while some survivors may escape and finish early, those still inside must keep playing. Players who have escaped or died have the ability to observe the remaining players through the game's conclusion, or return to the menu and join a new game.

If only one survivor remains then repairing generators is usually not practical. When only one survivor is left in the trial, regardless of whether the other three survivors escaped or were killed, an open escape hatch will appear in a random location. If the survivor finds this hatch first, they can escape through it, but if the killer finds it first, then they can close it. If the killer closes the hatch then the two exit gates become powered as though the generator objective was completed, allowing the remaining survivor one final way to escape the trial.

The hatch can also appear when there are two or more survivors remaining in the trial, though it will appear closed instead of open. This will happen when the number of generators repaired equals one more than the number of survivors left alive in the trial (for example, three generators repaired with only two survivors remaining). If one of the survivors possesses a special kind of key, either obtained from a chest in the trial or brought into the trial, they can open the hatch and escape. Otherwise, the hatch will remain closed, opening automatically when only one survivor remains in the trial.[13]


Survivors and killers each have the option to utilize up to four perks in their load-out, which gives their characters special abilities. Perks differ between survivors and killers; a survivor perk may not be used by killers, and vice-versa. Survivor perks can range from giving a burst of speed when running from the killer, to being able to self-heal without a first aid kit, to unlocking the ability to sabotage meat hooks without a toolbox. Killer perks may range from seeing survivors' auras, hindering their struggle time while being carried, and locking down generators to prevent them from being worked on.

There are a number of "general perks" that start unlocked for any character to learn. Additionally, each specific character starts off with a set of three perks that are unique to them.

Perks, add-ons and items can be unlocked through the Bloodweb, a skill-tree where each character can spend in-game currency. Advancing far enough in a character's Bloodweb allows unlocking "teachable" versions of the character's unique perks, which effectively converts the respective unique perk into a general perk, making it available for other characters to learn in their Bloodwebs.



Players may assume the role of one of the 28 survivors: some of these characters have been created specifically for the game, some are licensed from other horror franchises.

Additionally, five legendary skins have been added which turn their respective Survivor into alternate Survivor characters.


Players also may assume the role of one of the 24 killers: some original and some licensed. Each killer has a power that is specifically unique to them.

KillerLicense Power
The Trapper OriginalCan place bear traps to catch and injure survivors. These traps can be disarmed by survivors.
The Wraith Able to become near-invisible by ringing a bell.
The Hillbilly Can sprint with his chainsaw that instantly puts survivors into the dying state without add-ons. Repeatedly revving the chainsaw can cause it to overheat, making it unusable for a short time.
The Nurse Can teleport a significant distance through obstacles at the cost of heavily reduced base movement speed.
The ShapeHalloweenCan stalk survivors to temporarily gain increased vault speed, lunge range and the ability to instantly put survivors into the dying state.
The Hag OriginalCan place traps and can teleport to them when a survivor gets close to them.
The Doctor Can cause survivors to scream, revealing their locations and gradually building madness and making skillchecks more difficult.
The Huntress Can throw hatchets to injure survivors from afar.
The CannibalThe Texas Chainsaw MassacreCan use his chainsaw for increased movement speed and a sweeping attack that instantly puts survivors into the dying state.
The NightmareA Nightmare on Elm StreetSurvivors can fall asleep either naturally over time or when hit by The Nightmare, suffering specific debuffs as a result.
The PigSawCan crouch, hiding her terror radius and giving her an ambush attack with a long range. Can also place reverse bear traps onto survivors, which will instantly kill them after a period of time if not removed.
The Clown OriginalCan throw bottles of poison gas to slow survivors and blur their vision, as well as bottles that can increase the movement speed of both survivors and The Clown after a short delay.
The Spirit Can travel quickly through an alternate dimension where she cannot see survivors, but can see other environmental cues such as scratch marks or moving grass. Survivors are also unable to see The Spirit when she does this.
The Legion Can activate the ability to move faster, vault over obstacles and inflict deep wounds, which must be mended by the survivor.
The Plague Can infect survivors by vomiting on them. Fully infected survivors cannot heal themselves without cleansing in fountains. The Plague can consume the corrupted fountains, causing her vomit to be able to injure survivors on contact.
The Ghost FaceFun World's[14]Ghost FaceCan crouch, as well as activate the ability to hide his terror radius and stalk survivors. Fully stalked survivors can be put into the dying state instantly. A survivor can deactivate this ability by looking at The Ghost Face for a short period of time.
The DemogorgonStranger ThingsCan traverse the map through portals and use an extended lunge attack. Survivors nearby portals can be detected by The Demogorgon.
The Oni OriginalCan consume the blood of survivors to charge a dash attack that can instantly put them into the dying state..
The Deathslinger Can shoot survivors with a speargun to reel them towards himself.
The ExecutionerSilent HillCan attack short distances through obstructions, as well as leave trails that inflict survivors with a status effect allowing him to send them to cages.
The Blight OriginalCan bounce into walls at a high speed to hit survivors more easily at the cost of reduced range of motion.
The Twins A pair of conjoined twins; one twin can detach the other, who can then be independently controlled.
The Trickster Can throw knives to slowly injure survivors.
The NemesisResident EvilCan use his tentacle to infect survivors with the T-virus. Infected survivors will take damage if hit by his tentacle again.
The CenobiteHellraiserCan bind survivors with chains, reducing their movement speed until they break free.

Additionally, six legendary and ultra-rare skins have been added which turn their respective Killers into alternate Killer characters.



The game takes place across fifteen maps which are based on the places the killers became murderers: The MacMillan Estate (Trapper), Crotus Prenn Asylum (Nurse, Clown), Autohaven Wreckers (Wraith), Coldwind Farm (Hillbilly), Haddonfield (Shape), Backwater Swamp (Hag), Léry's Memorial Institute (Doctor), the Red Forest (Huntress, Plague), Springwood (Nightmare), Gideon Meat Plant (Pig), Yamaoka Estate (Spirit, Oni), Ormond (Legion), Hawkins National Laboratory (Demogorgon), Grave of Glenvale (Deathslinger), Midwich Elementary School (Executioner), and Raccoon City (Nemesis). The Cannibal, the Ghost Face, the Blight, the Twins, the Trickster, and the Cenobite did not receive maps. Over time, the evilness of the killer's actions accumulated there until it attracted the attention of the Entity, an unknown force of darkness from a place with no name. Most realms are split into multiple maps with similar features but small variations.

Most maps features a map-specific building or landmark that remains in the same place in the map every game. Most maps also feature a building known as the "killer shack," which is the same throughout all maps and appears in one of a few predetermined locations. Every new game, a room known as the "basement" is placed in one of several predetermined locations, which includes the killer shack (if present).

The basement is a special room consisting of one item chest for the survivors to scavenge in, and four lockers for them to hide in. It is also home to a special four-pointed hook that cannot be destroyed or tampered with in any way by survivors. The basement only has one way in, making it a very secure place for a killer to bring their victims without fear of other survivors saving them.


The Entity, a supernatural being hailing from the ancient blood web, is awakened from its slumber and summoned by actions of great violence and malice. The killers, mostly serial murderers, or victims of terrible tragedy, are pulled out of reality by it and convinced or forced to do its bidding. In order to maintain its existence, the Entity requires sacrifices, and demands that they hunt and kill the survivors so it can feed off their hope and steal a piece of their souls upon death. In order to continue this hunt, The Entity blocks off the Gateways of death and puts the dead into a dreamlike state that leads the survivors back to The Entity's world to get hunted again.

The survivors are pulled into the Entity's constructed world when they wander too close to the places the killers were taken from, disappearing from the real world without a trace. They end up at a lonely campfire, where they rest between trials, until a killer pursues them again. Each trial takes place in a series of realms constructed by the Entity of areas from where the killers were taken. The survivors' only hope of escape is to complete a series of generators scattered throughout each realm to power up large gates to escape. If the killer has killed all but one survivor, the Entity will offer the latter a final means of escape in the form of a hatch. Escaping from the grounds always takes the survivors back to the campfire, and offerings can be created to be burnt at it and appeal for the Entity's favour. Since the Entity feeds off the hope of the survivors to escape, it helps them just as much as the killers, acting as an impartial observer of the hunt, stepping in only to claim those hung on its hooks.

Downloadable content

Behaviour Interactive, as of September 2021, released 24 individual DLCs in total. Each DLC has included both a new survivor and killer, except for five where only one character was introduced (Bill from Left 4 Dead, Leatherface from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Ash from Evil Dead, Fun World's[15]Ghost Face, and Pinhead from Hellraiser), and two where 3 characters were introduced (Steve Harrington, Nancy Wheeler, and the Demogorgon from Stranger Things and Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine, and the Nemesis from Resident Evil). 16 of the 24 DLCs released have also introduced new maps that are accessible to all players. The DLCs release with an average of three months interval between each one. Prior to the release of every DLC since the Clown, a Public Test Build (PTB) is discharged, which allows the developers of the game to test and receive community feedback on the major upcoming changes. Once the PTB has been out for roughly two weeks, it is disabled for further maintenance on the pertinent upcoming DLC, such as bug fixing, adding missing features, etc. before the DLC officially gets released. The estimated time span between the opening of the Public Test Build and a new DLC's release is approximately 2–3 weeks, and the DLC typically releases a few days after the shutdown of the PTB.

10 out of the 24 currently released DLCs have featured licensed killers and survivors from both popular horror franchises and other video games. The DLCs can be acquired in two ways; by either purchasing them normally through Steam, or non-licensed characters can be purchased through a shop within the game using an in-game currency called Iridescent Shards. This alternative way of obtaining the DLCs was introduced in the 2.0 update (Curtain Call). Each DLC has its own trailer and a so-called "spotlight" that exhibits the killer and survivor as well as a new in-game map. The relevant DLC does not need to be purchased in order for any map to be played on.

Three DLCs, The Last Breath, Left Behind, and A Lullaby for the Dark, have been distributed for free.

In August 2021, Behavior Interactive announced that, effective November 17, 2021, the Stranger Things DLC, individual characters from the DLC, and their cosmetics would no longer be available for purchase, and the Hawkins National Laboratory map would be removed. All characters from the DLC as well as their cosmetics can still be used by players who purchased them before the removal date.[16]


  • Licensed DLCs This symbol denotes DLCs that unveiled licensed characters
Title Release Date Removal Date Killer Survivor(s) Map Ref.
The Last BreathAugust 18, 2016The NurseNea KarlssonThe Asylum (Crotus Prenn Asylum)[17]
HalloweenLicensed DLCsOctober 25, 2016The ShapeLaurie StrodeLampkin Lane (Haddonfield)[18]
Of Flesh and MudDecember 8, 2016The HagAce ViscontiThe Pale Rose (Backwater Swamp)[19]
Left BehindLicensed DLCsMarch 8, 2017-William "Bill" Overbeck-[20]
Spark of MadnessMay 11, 2017The DoctorFeng MinTreatment Theatre (Léry's Memorial Institute)[21]
A Lullaby for the DarkJuly 27, 2017The HuntressDavid KingMother's Dwelling (Red Forest)[22]
LeatherFaceLicensed DLCsSeptember 14, 2017The Cannibal--[23]
A Nightmare on Elm StreetLicensed DLCsOctober 26, 2017The NightmareQuentin SmithBadham Preschool (Springwood)[24]
SawLicensed DLCsJanuary 23, 2018The PigDavid TappThe Game (Gideon Meat Plant)[25]
Curtain CallJune 12, 2018The ClownKate DensonFather Campbell's Chapel (Crotus Prenn Asylum)[26]
Shattered BloodlineSeptember 18, 2018The SpiritAdam FrancisFamily Residence (Yamaoka Estate)[27]
Darkness Among UsDecember 11, 2018The LegionJeffrey "Jeff" JohansenMount Ormond Resort (Ormond)[28]
Demise of the FaithfulMarch 19, 2019The PlagueJane RomeroTemple of Purgation (Red Forest)[29]
Ash vs Evil DeadLicensed DLCsApril 2, 2019-Ashley "Ash" Williams-[30]
Ghost FaceLicensed DLCsJune 18, 2019The Ghost Face--[31]
Stranger ThingsLicensed DLCsSeptember 17, 2019November 17, 2021[16]The DemogorgonSteve Harrington, Nancy WheelerThe Underground Complex (Hawkins National Laboratory)[32]
Cursed LegacyDecember 3, 2019The OniYui KimuraSanctum of Wrath (Yamaoka Estate)[33]
Chains of HateMarch 10, 2020The DeathslingerZarina KassirDead Dawg Saloon (Grave of Glenvale)[34]
Silent HillLicensed DLCsJune 16, 2020The ExecutionerCheryl MasonMidwich Elementary School (Silent Hill)[35]
Descend BeyondSeptember 8, 2020The BlightFelix Richter-[36]
A Binding of KinDecember 1, 2020The TwinsÉlodie Rakoto-[37]
All-KillMarch 30, 2021The TricksterYun-Jin Lee-[38]
Resident EvilLicensed DLCsJune 15, 2021The NemesisLeon S. Kennedy, Jill ValentineRaccoon City Police Station (Raccoon City)[39]
HellraiserLicensed DLCsSeptember 7, 2021The Cenobite--[40]
Hour of the WitchOctober 19, 2021-Mikaela Reid-[41]



Dead by Daylight received "mixed or average reviews", according to review aggregatorMetacritic.[42]GameSpot awarded it a score of 9 out of 10, saying "At launch, Dead by Daylight suffered because of its reliance on peer-to-peer hosting and absent social features, but over time it rectified these issues. And while a brief and premature tussle with skill-based matchmaking turned the new player experience into a bit of a horror show (a problem which is now [was] fixed), thanks to its community of players Dead by Daylight is without peer in the asymmetrical competitive multiplayer arena, and has grown into one of the most robust horror experiences around."[46] Luke Winkie of PCGamer awarded it a score of 88 out of 100, saying “In the five years since Behaviour Interactive released Dead by Daylight on Steam, the game has developed razor-sharp mechanical intrigue, an ultra-complex web of versatile builds and strategies, and a diverse suite of characters, each equipped with relative strengths and weaknesses."[47]


During its first week, Dead by Daylight sold more than 270,000 copies.[48][49] The game sold more than 1 million copies within 2 months.[50][51] On November 16, 2017, more than 3 million copies were sold.[52] As of May 2019, the game sold more than 5 million copies.[53] In August 2020, the game reached more than 25 million players across all platforms.[54]

Mobile release

On June 19, 2019, Behaviour Interactive Inc. announced the plan to release Dead by Daylight to iOS and Android for free in an attempt to make the game more accessible to players around the world.[55] A different development team was formed that is fully dedicated to optimizing the game for the mobile experience. Dead by Daylight Mobile was initially slated for launch in 2019, however the developers had to push the release to 2020, citing their need for more time to work on bugs and optimize.[56] On February 27, 2019, Behaviour announced that the mobile versions will be published by Chinese video game publisher NetEase Games in Southeast Asia, Japan, and Korea.[57] It was released in EMEA, the Americas, and South Asia on April 16, 2020.[58][59]

In its 48 hours of release, Dead by DaylightMobile outnumbered 1 million downloads.[60] By October 2020, the game surpassed 10 million downloads.[61]

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