Custom ducati monster seat

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Ducabike Ducati Monster 821 1200 Seat Cover CSM1201


Ducabike Ducati Monster 821 1200 Seat Cover,

Give your Ducati Monster 821 1200 a unique quality look with these stunning Italian made seat covers. Custom made to fit each individual seat perfectly. We do advise to have them fitted by a professional.


  • Ducati Monster 821 2014+ (all variations)
  • Ducati Monster 1200 / 1200S 2014-2016

The highest quality aftermarket parts for your Ducati motorcycle – Italian made parts and accessories for your Italian pride and joy!

Ducabike only make products for Ducati, a passion that goes beyond production.

DUCABIKE design and develop their own products – based on many years of experience gained on the road and the track. Every effort is made to give the maximum reliability and the best performance by use of the highest quality materials coupled with the latest production technology.

DUCABIKE is synonymous with passion for motorcycles and in a special way with Ducati bikes.

Ducabike Ducati Monster 821 1200 Seat Cover CSM1201

Comfort and style together in one package! Corbin's Gunfighter model is designed to provide touring quality support for riders who usually ride solo and want to keep a fast look on their Monster.

Up front the seating area has been ergonomically designed to distribute body weight over a greater area. This provides longer-range support and eliminates hot spots. Neutralized seating platform helps to hold you body in place and curbs sliding in the saddle. This also helps to relieve rider fatigue by taking pressure off your wrists and knees.

Our exclusive Comfort Cell foam material on the inside provides a firm, resilient ride that supports your body indefinitely. Over time, Comfort Cell will break in and adapt to provide a personalized fit to your body.

For a solo look, the Gunfighter tail section is shaped to emulate the lines of the bodywork with a fastback tail section. On the inside, the tail is padded and upholstered to provide for short trip passenger capability. Although the shaping of the tail is designed primarily for looks, the Comfort Cell foam still provides a good perch for your copilot on short to medium length trips. Corbin's Gunfighter saddle works with the Ducati seat cowl.

Bucket shaping of the front seating area gives an unprecedented amount of body support. Notice how it curves up at the back to provide four inches of support to your lower back. Towards the front of the bucket we design the saddle narrower to allow for ground reach. Smaller riders may prefer to slide forward and out of the bucket at stop signs for best ground reach.

Our Fibertech base material and patented manufacturing process allows a perfect fit to the lines of the bodywork and tank. This rigid baseplate provides the saddle with a firm foundation to support the carefully designed ergonomics of the foam. The entire seat rides on rubber bumpers to protect your paint job and mounts to your bike with the stock key lock system. Latch bracket comes pre-mounted on the saddle. Corbin seat installs only in the lower position and provides a seat height equivalent to the Ducati standard saddle.

On the outside we use genuine leather seating for a luxurious ride that breathes with your body. Leather will break in along with the foam to support the personalized fit. We've designed a cover pattern that allows you to keep a custom, yet subtle look or choose from a variety of colored material options at no extra charge for high visual impact. Shown here with Carbon-Fiber leather seating, Asphalt sides, Carbon-Fiber tail, tasteful stitch pattern and Tomato Red welt. Do not order a welt if you plan on using the Ducati seat cowl as it will intefere with installation.

Corbin's saddle mounts like stock with included latch bracket. When new, you may wish to put a washer between seat and bracket to ease locking on the bike. Remove these washers once the rubber bumpers have broken in a bit.

Corbin Italy Version Corbin now uses this special "Italian Flag" logo on all of the saddles we make for Italian motorcycles. If you prefer the standard Corbin stitch, please specify when ordering.
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A Custom Ducati Monster 1200 R


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Seat monster custom ducati

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Fastec Racing's Ducati Monster 600 Custom

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