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Packed with great details, such as an open fire with chicken, wooden logs, tree and opening doors and windows, this log cabin is an ideal base for a wilderness adventure. Minifigure with backpack, paddle and canoe included. For something different, rebuild it into a country retreat or a river hut.

The 5766 Log Cabin is a creator set, the first to have a minifigure. This minifig has khaki legs, a blue torso, a red hat, and a green hiking backpack. This set has 355 pieces and costs $29.99. Customers can also build a River Hut or a Country Retreat out of this set. The Log Cabin also includes a canoe and paddles, as well as two minfigure-sized chicken legs. 



Escape to the LEGO® countryside in this 3-in-1 Log Cabin!

Packed with great details, including an open fire with rotisserie, wooden logs, tree and opening doors and windows, this log cabin is an ideal wilderness getaway. Minifigure included and ready for backwoods adventure, with backpack, paddle and canoe. Rebuild into a country retreat or a river hut.

Includes 1 minifigure with backpackFeatures open fire with chicken on rotisserie, wooden logs, tree, opening doors and windows, canoe with paddle, and horn ornament

  • Unique dark red roof
  • Remove the roof and hinging wall section to play inside!
  • The first LEGO® Creator set to include a minifigure!
  • 3 models in 1: Rebuilds into a country retreat and a river hut
  • River Hut features a brook, bridge, outdoor stove and furniture
  • Country Retreat features a garden, street lamp and porch light
  • Cabin measures over 5” (12cm) wide and 5” (12cm) tall.


Log Cabin Wiki

All the 3 models in the set.

Log Cabin
Log Cabin 2
5766 pic 3

The 2nd Model: River Hut

5766 pic 4

The 3rd model: Country Retreat

5766 pic 5

The left side of the River Hut.

5766 pic 6

The minifigure feeding the duck.

5766 pic 7

Inside of the Country Retreat.

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LEGO: Creator Log Cabin


Log Cabin by LEGO

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Neat build.

Declan - 03/15/2015

Even though this set was really basic, it was still fun to build. I thought the entire cabin was easy to build and so was the tree.

happy kids, happy mom

David - 01/15/2015

This creator set has it all, from trees to huts to river fronts, to a canoe for the minifigure to use and a little canoeing paddle. This is a very detailed set that my kids love playing with, and they especially love the fire placed inside that keeps them warm during the cold winter months.

kept them engaged

Blake - 10/16/2014

This was my first LEGO set, and I really liked it because it was not too hard. I think the hardest part for me was building the roof of the cabin. I really liked the canoe and the accessory of the paddle.

Dream Build!

Samuel - 09/03/2014

This is another Creator set. This time it's a log cabin, very fun, and my kids love playing with it. It has a minifigure, who is the main camper in this scene. This house can be rebuilt into a country retreat or a river hut. It's really cool, I like the details of it, especially the trees and the waterfront.

Build was hard

Makayla - 01/16/2014

The Log Cabin House was a ton of fun for my children to build. It's around 350 pieces so it wasn't too tough, but they loved the fact that it was a 3-in-1 set so they could spend more and more time on it. After building the first log cabin itself, they were able to change it into a river hut, or even into a country retreat. And they were able to use their imagination and the pieces given to build their own little creation. The roof itself can be removed and you can see what's going on inside; such as the open fire, wooden logs, and the windows.

Neat set!

Gianna - 07/06/2013

The LEGO Creator Log Cabin set really reminded us of other Creator sets such as the family house, and even the tree house. It's got a nice wooden exterior that makes it look very realistic and the roof is detachable so you can see what's going on inside the house. When you're outside you can enjoy the beautiful backyard that's equipped with a tree, grass, and other essential items.

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The Log Cabin by Galaxy333 is the latest project to achieve 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas. The 2,623 piece build features a simple cabin the woods that is complete with a lot of foliage and a river. The cabin is able to open up to shoe the interior which just has a bed and a fireplace.

The project now joins Imperial Island Fort, Movie Set, Lifeguard’s Shack, A-Frame Cabin, Spaceballs, The Costume Store, Boston Dynamics Spot 1:4 Scale Motorized Model, Medieval Tavern, Tavern Under the Snow, Women of Computing, Working Mini Golf Course, Brick Walk, Medieval Harbor, Floating Island (Using Tensegrity), Scooby Doo Mystery Machine, Aircraft Engine Workshop, Airport Firetruck Rosenbauer PANTHER 8×8, GameStop Classic Shop, Traditional German Cottage, Outer Solar System, Knight Rider: KITT and the FLAG Mobile Command Unit, Jaws, Basement & Sewerage, Nyhavn – Copenhagen, Denmark, John’s Medieval Watermill, Carl’s House, The Nanny, Minas Tirith, The Apartment, The Medieval Fortress (Castle), House of Time, and The A-Team: Van and Crew as the ones to reach the Second 2021 Review Stage.

Allen "Tormentalous" Tran

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LEGO Creator Log Cabin (5766)

Product Information

  • You can bring the great outdoors inside with the LEGO Creator Log Cabin set. Packed with great details like wooden logs, a tree, a horn ornament, and opening doors and windows, this LEGO log cabin can be an ideal wilderness getaway. Collectors and kids ages 7-12 can love building the cabin setup and pretending to sit around the open fire with rotisserie and enjoy the camaraderie that comes with fireside chats and camp songs. A LEGO minifigure equipped with a backpack is included and ready for a backwoods adventure and to paddle a canoe wherever the river leads. The versatile LEGO Creator Log Cabin set’s bricks can be easily rebuilt into a country retreat or a river hut. Building the country retreat setup can make you feel like you’ve left the city, and it features a garden, street lamp, and porch light, for those long talks on the front porch. Just as easily as the cabin can be turned into the country retreat, it can also be turned into the river hut. The river hut setup features a brook, bridge, outdoor stove, and furniture. You can pretend you’re living off the land, or the water, with the river hut setup. Essentially, the LEGO Creator Log Cabin Set is really three models in one. You can escape to play in several settings in the LEGO countryside by building this Log Cabin set. When you finish constructing the LEGO Creator Log Cabin’s namesake cabin brick by brick, it measures more than 5 inches wide and 5 inches tall. The cabin’s unique dark red roof can be easily removed along with a hinging wall section for indoor play. The LEGO Creator Log Cabin play set can provide you with the enjoyment of a wilderness adventure in which you can live vicariously through minifigures while playing inside the house. The LEGO Creator Log Cabin play set was released in 2011 as a part of the LEGO Group’s Creator series. It is the first set in the Creator series to include a minifigure. The set features 355 LEGO brick pieces that you can arrange in three different models, a fact kids and adults alike can love. The LEGO Creator Log Cabin play set comes equipped with instructions for each of the three models to make setup easy. Each plan can serve as a map for either the log cabin, country escape, or river hut. Before you know it, the LEGO Creator Log Cabin play set can be one of your favorite sets.

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    5702014732735, 0673419143806

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    Log Cabin

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    355 Pieces

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    Plain Blue Torso

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    355 Pieces

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    Plain Blue Torso

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