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93 club car suspension problems

What the ?

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DefaultRe: 93 club car suspension problems

Hi ya' Tom! good to see ya' back!

There is a cable tension adjustment underneath the cart,
an "all thread" rod with 2 locking nuts, loosen them up a bit, and that may cure your "locked up" brakes,

Your shocks however, seem to be a weird situation


Replacement Suspension Components for Club Car Golf Carts

Your Club Car’s suspension is critical to the safety, stability, and comfort of your vehicle. Worn out or damaged components can make it hard to steer and rough going over speedbumps. If you start to notice a stiffer ride or squeaking when you get in and out of your vehicle, it may be time to replace parts of your suspension.

Shop our wide selection of top-quality hard parts, from brands you can trust. Buggies Unlimited carries OEM or aftermarket replacement suspension parts that have been specially developed to meet or exceed the manufacturer’s original equipment specifications. We stock Club Car front suspension and rear suspension, including shocks and leaf springs, as well as bushings, king pins, spindles, and more.

A well-maintained suspension ensures a smooth, safe, and stable ride. Get the most out of your Club Car with the right replacement components from Buggies Unlimited. Do you have questions? Our knowledgeable staff is available to assist when needed!

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Golf Cart Front Suspension Rebuild Kit Club Car Precedent


Golf Cart Front Suspension Rebuild Kit Club Car Precedent

This Golf Cart Front Suspension Rebuild Kit is designed specifically for the Club Car Precedent. This set includes all the required parts to replace bushings, sleeves, nuts, washers and spindle mount with collar. Each Golf Cart Front Suspension Rebuild Kit for the Club Car Precedent includes all components shown in product image. Complete Golf Cart Front Suspension Rebuild Kit Club Car Precedent and Up
Golf Cart Front Suspension Rebuild Kit Club Car Precedent

Pete&#;s Quick Tips &#; If you own an older golf cart and find yourself going through this process due to bad tire wear or rattling or knocking due to metal on metal component wear it is advised to check your rear leaf spring bushings and shock absorber bushings as well. Usually if the shock bushings need replacing in the front end the rear leaf spring bushings are shot or have disappeared totally. You will want to make sure to clean out the eyes on your leaf springs prior to installing new ones. Surface rust and crap tend to build up in this area causing installation of new bushings to be more difficult. Will also lead to excessive wear. Using a small wire brush or rounded file in this area prior to will ease installation of new bushings.

Should you have any problems with checking out or if you have any questions regarding anything golf cart related. Feel Free to call us today! Pete’s team is always standing by to help you. () GOLF

Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 4 in

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Car parts club suspension

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Club Car DS Predator 420 Installation and Review - Vegas Carts Kit

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