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Train Sim World 2 Is Free on Epic Games Store, Sans the $1,000 Worth of DLC

A word of warning though: Train Sim World 2 has nearly one thousand dollars worth of DLC. If you think that’s a lot, just look at the Train Simulator 2021 page on Steam and you’ll notice that it has more than 600 DLCs that cost many thousands of dollars.

However, unlike other games that offer extra content in the form of DLC or expansion, Train Sim World 2’s extra content is meant to allow players to customize their gameplay experience.

Basically, you don’t have to buy everything to fully enjoy Train Sim World 2, just focus on what you like more: ultra-modern high-speed trains, American diesel locomotives, or heritage steam engines. Owning all DLC won’t give you any competitive advantage, so focus on specific trains and/or routes and you should be fine.

In Train Sim World 2, you learn to master iconic locomotives on high-speed services, long freight hauls or accurate commuter traffic. Developer Dovetail Games has paid for all official licenses, and authentically recreated them in the game.

Creating an Epic Games Store account is free, just make sure that you add the game to your library before August 5 at 6 pm. Along with Train Sim World 2, Epic Games offers a second game for free – Mothergunship, a bullet-hell FPS(first-person shooter) where you fight massive bosses and defeat a robotic alien armada that somehow managed to conquer Earth.

See the world with Humble's Train Sim 2021 bundle

Going on a real-life train journey is still off the cards for a lot of people these days, but you can still experience the thrill of pulling into a station, spilling hot coffee over yourself and staring out the window at pretty scenery with Humble's brand-new Train Sim Expedition bundle for 2021. For just under £9 (or $12 for those in the US), you can get Dovetail's Train Simulator 2021 and 18 DLC packs to go with it. That's cheaper than an off-peak London travel card and you get to see the entire country with it.

Running from now until March 2nd, the Humble Bundle Train Sim Expedition Game Bundle pack is split into three tiers, starting at just 73p / $1. This initial tier gets you the base Train Simulator 2021 game along with five DLC packs, while the other two tiers add even more types of trains to the mix, as well as additional scenarios to tackle.

As per usual, you can pay as much or as little as you want for the overall Train Sim bundle, and you can decide exactly how much of your money gets split between Humble, Dovetail and Humble's chosen charity for the month, charity:water (or indeed, any other charity of your choice). Here's a quick summary of everything you'll get in each tier:

Pay more than 73p / $1 and you'll unlock:

  • Train Simulator 2021
  • BR Class 421 '4CIG (DLC)
  • Amtrak Acela Express EMU (DLC)
  • Class 67 Diamond Jubilee (DLC)
  • DB BR 423 (DLC)
  • Thompson Class B1 (DLC)

Then, if you pay more than the average, you'll also get:

  • Strathclyde Class 101 DMU (DLC)
  • BR Class 14 (DLC)
  • Union Pacific Challenger (DLC)
  • Norfolk Southern SD40-2 High Nose Loco (DLC)
  • DB BR 474.3 EMU (DLC)
  • DB ICE 1 EMU (DLC)

Finally, if you pay the full £8.76 / $12, you'll get all of the above, plus:

  • South West Trains Class 444 EMU (DLC)
  • BR Blue Diesel Electric Pack (DLC)
  • Miami Commuter Rail F40PHL-2 (DLC)
  • Amtrak HHP-8 (DLC)
  • DB ICE 3 EMU (DLC)
  • MRCE BR 185.5 (DLC)

I'd also recommend having a gander at Humble's ongoing Asmodee tabletop game bundle if you're looking for some digital board game action to fill your lockdown hours, as this gets you the likes of Pandemic, Ticket To Ride, Splendor A Game Of Thrones: The Board Game, Terraforming Mars and more for just over £7 / $10. It runs until February 25th.

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Since the release of the main game 'Train Sim World' in 2017 the game has grown by several DLCs, which are listed below.
The table lists the DLCs that can be purchased from Steam, Epic Games Store, the PlayStation Store and the Xbox (Microsoft) Store.
It also contains the DLCs that have already been announced but not yet released.

NOTE: Most Train Sim World 1 content is now part of the Preserved Collection for Train Sim World 2. The only Train Sim World 1 content which will not become part of the Preserved Collection are NEC: New York, CSX GP40-2 and Amtrak SW1000R.

Country Color Codes[]

Train Sim World[]


DLC Image Developer PC Release Console Release
Sand Patch Grade (CSX Heavy Haul) CSX Heavy Haul.jpgDovetail Games16th March 2017 (Steam)

29th July 2021 (Epic)

20th August 2020
Great Western ExpressGreat Western Express.jpgDovetail Games14th September 2017 (Steam)

9th March 2018 (Xbox)

24th July 2018 (PS4)

CSX GP40-2Header.jpgDovetail Games29th November 2017 (Steam)24th July 2018
Rapid TransitHeaderrt.jpgDovetail Games14th December 2017 (Steam)24th July 2018




Train Sim World 2[]



Future Releases[]

Notice: All add-on listed here is about the Loco Add-ons and Route add-ons that Dovetail Games announced in Train Sim World roadmap. Dovetail does not promises that everything on the roadmap will be released. If you find something is taken off from the future release list, you can head over to Train Sim World roadmap page to see the reason. This is NOT an official community, so suggestions here will not be accepted by Dovetail Games.


Train Simulator 2020, DLC Now On Sale On Steam

Developer Dovetail Games is hosting a special sale on Steam in which games are going for 90% off their original price. It’s the perfect time to grab the games you want while you are under quarantine, and if you love simulation games, this is the sale you've been waiting for.

Some of the best games in the Dovetail Games sale are Train Simulator 2020 Swiss Edition, Train Simulator World 2020: DB BR 155, and Train Simulator World 2020: Peninsula Corridor. There are multiple other simulation games like Flight Simulator X and Euro Truck Simulator which are very interesting to play and spend your time relaxing. The best part about simulation games is that you can feel every step you take in the game and if you have the proper gear, it can make the experience even better.

Dovetail Games Sales

  • Train Simulator 2020 Swiss Edition for $29.99
  • Train Simulator 2020 for $13.49
  • Train Simulator 2020 Digital Deluxe Edition for $49.99
  • Train Simulator World 2020 for $22.49
  • Train Simulator World 2020: East Coastway for $20.99
  • Train Simulator World 2020: Peninsula Corridor for $17.99
  • Train Simulator World 2020: Rhen-Ruhr Osten for $17.99
  • Train Simulator World 2020: Tees Valley Line for $14.99
  • Train Simulator World 2020: WestSomerset Railway for $24.99
  • Train Simulator World 2020: Ruhr Sieg Nord for $11.99
  • Train Simulator World 2020: DB BR 155 for $10.99
  • Train Simulator World 2020: BR Class 31 for $13.99
  • Train Simulator World 2020: CSX GP40-2 for $19.99

So, what are your thoughts on Dovetail Games' special offers? Are you planning on buying any games from the Steam store while you are under isolation? Personally, I would suggest getting Train Simulator 2020 Swiss Edition and Euro Truck Simulator, which are very relaxing games. Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.


Dlc train simulator

To Buy All Of This Game's DLC, You'll Need Over $2,000

Image for article titled To Buy All Of This Game's DLC, You'll Need Over $2,000

If you've ever visited Train Simulator's page on Steam, you may have noticed something surprising about the game: somehow, it has thousands of dollars worth of DLC.

The exact value of the DLC fluctuates, depending on what DLC is on sale—but as of this writing, Train Simulator 2014, which launched yesterday on Steam, has DLC that totals this much money:

Image for article titled To Buy All Of This Game's DLC, You'll Need Over $2,000

$2837.69—nearly three thousand dollars, for what seems to be mostly extra types of locomotives and routes that you can purchase. Sure, there are other games in which you could spend this much money on—typically, free-to-play games—it's just not the sort of money you'd expect to be able to spend on a train simulator game, of all things.

It's worth noting that much of the DLC for Train Simulator 2014 seems to be legacy DLC—that is, it's the same DLC that was on Train Simulator 2013. That would explain why Train Simulator 2014 could have so much DLC so soon after release.

When asked about the DLC, Rail Simulator—the people behind the game—issued the following statement to Kotaku:

We are very proud of the breadth and depth of DLC we offer to customers, but we don’t expect people to buy everything we make. We give players the opportunity to customise their digital collection in a way that best suits their interests. For example, we know that some of our players will only collect ultra-modern high speed trains from around the world, others will want to specialise in American diesel locomotives, while some specialise in heritage steam engines. And so on. Our comprehensive range allows players to pick and choose the locomotives and routes they are most passionate about. We make it very clear that buying all our DLC is not essential to enjoy the game and that players do not receive a competitive advantage from owning it all.

I'm curious, though: have you ever spent this much money on a game? Would you?

Train Sim World DLC 🚄 Mit 200 km/h durch England 🚆 #16 Great Western Express deutsch german

The Future of Caledonia Works

This is the Caledonia Works “Roadmap” for the 2021-25. Our planned DLC which Cameron, Gwion, Joe & myself will be making for Train Simulator. DLC will be made in no particular order or timeframe & will be subject to change. As far as the future can tell, we plan on staying in Railworks but if a future Train Sim opens up which we can make dlc for, we are always open to trying new things. All announced/released DLC will be made for Locomotion Script 1.4 but will have an optional update to Locomotion Script 2.0 when it is finished.

However, once this list of DLC is finished, I will more than likely hang up my hat & move onto bigger things I know Jesus has called me to in my life. CW will still be going but I will not be so heavily involved with TS anymore & will leave it to Gwion, Cameron & Joe. But thats a few years away yet, for now the four of us have some work to do. ☺️  We pray you are excited as we are for our list of upcoming DLC from Caledonia Works. – Kris


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Meet Dovetail Games’ Train Simulator — currently the most expensive video game on Steam. The asking price isn’t much: a mere $30 depending on the region you’re in. It’s what comes after, if you want to get a good set of trains to play with, that makes the game run up a whopping total. (This is not counting gambling programs or being a whale in a mobile game like Clash of Clans, of course, where you can throw away millions if you’d like)


As calculated on Steam itself per November 3, 2019, you’re going to need a grand total of $9,765.47 to own every single piece of downloadable content (DLC) for Train Simulator. In contrast, it’ll only run you $510 to own all the DLCs in The Sims 4, including the micro expansions.

At this price level, you might as well buy real train sets and have something to show for your bank statement. At least higher end physical toys tend to eventually become prized collectibles (according to American Pickers, and those boys don’t lie).

On the plus side, you’ll only need to buy each DLC once, as they’re fully compatible with the yearly iterations of the game.

Just to show you precisely how ridiculous it costs to own everything in this game, a redditor named u/Shahar603 posted a graph comparing Train Simulator DLC to real world items. Yes, you can buy a brand new car for less.


But just because you can buy all the DLCs, doesn’t mean you should.

Fans of the Train Simulator franchise say that there’s nothing particularly eyebrow raising about the price tag because train enthusiasts can focus their purchases on specific train collections; like UK trains, or American continental trains. For players on a budget, just get an odd route or two and add a few trains you like into the mix.

The idea behind Train Simulator’s business model is that it’s designed to be a lot like a model train set. It could cost you millions of dollars to own every (physical) model train available — so you’ll just want to stick with a few.

Similar debates have cropped up over games that suffer (or are enriched by, depending on your perspective) an abundance of DLC. The Sims 4’s selection of available content has prompted many a fan to ask for advice on what the best DLCs are worth picking up. (In that game’s case, most Redditors suggest picking up Seasons as a must-have and to watch overviews of the other full-priced DLCs before buying them. Skip the “stuff’ packs, as they’re overpriced junk you can get free fan-made alternatives of.)

The same goes for games like Hearthstone. In Blizzard’s overwhelmingly popular collectible card game, it’s a good idea to crib deck ideas from professional players and simply acquire the cards you need to fill out your pre-planned deck instead of spending thousands of dollars unlocking random card packs. (Thankfully, you can get every card you want to build up a few good decks with less than a hundred dollars by disenchanting gold cards and Legendaries you don’t need.)

Most players aren’t going to blow almost $10k on Train Simulator, but you might be wondering what owning every single piece of DLC in the game might look like. To that end, YouTuber Kwebbelkop — the absolute madman — bought each and every one of them last year. Total cost at the time: $8,546.72.

We should note that some members of the Train Simulator steam community say that the YouTuber cut his video before making the purchase and only did it for clickbait. Regardless, many members of the forum can attest to owning a huge chunk of the DLCs, and their reports aren’t all positive. Buying all the DLC and activating them before launching the game lengthens load times.

Also, some say that despite spending hundreds of hours in Train Simulator, they haven’t even touched a large chunk of their more modest collections. Even owning all of the “factory” routes and missions, according to one player’s estimation, would take upwards of 2,000 hours to “play”.

So why would anyone spend this much money on the game? Unless you’re a huge YouTuber with 11 million subscribers, there’s absolutely no point in owning all the content for Train Simulator or any other game that costs upwards of a thousand dollars to buy DLC for. Doing that makes you a whale, and you don’t want to be that as much as companies want you to be.


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