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Pokemon Yellow Cheats, Codes and Many Hacks that You can not Ignore

Are you a Pokemon Games fan? If yes, then you are in the right place! After the massive success of Pokemon Blue and Red, Pokemons Games have come with an improved version. Yes, you read that, right! The improved version of Pokemon Games is Pokemon Yellow.

Moreover, despite the old colours and features of the game, people are enjoying it much! What is more prevalent in these games are the cheats. And in this post, you are going to know about some of them.

Pokemon Yellow: This game is a special edition for Gameboy. The developer of the game is Game Freak, and the publisher is Nintendo.

Before I tell you about the cheats, there is a bit of relevant advice for all the gamers. If you want that your tricks must work, then you have to use the US version Pokemon Yellow room. And you have to use this version with the recommended GBC stimulator. This critical step will help the players to make the cheat they are using work!

List of Popular Cheats in the Game:

There are so many Pokemon Yellow cheats that you can use in the game. Other than the stimulator, the players can also use a GameShark device. Moreover, this device is attached to the Game Boy Color. And if you are using an emulator, then you can enter the specific games in the cheat menu.

We have listed the Best Pokemon Yellow cheats below:

  • Masterball Cheat: This cheat brings you several Master Balls. You can get these Master Balls at the Poke Mart free of cost with this particular cheat.
  • Rare Candy: The Rare Candy cheat will help you in levelling up your Pokemon.
  • Walk Through Walls/ Ghost Cheat: This cheat enables you to walk anywhere in any direction on the map. This cheat also gives some tips on how to use the feature.
  • Pokemon Yellow Cheats: These cheats include an unlimited amount of amazing tricks. Some of the cheats enable the player to have an encounter with any Pokemon in the game. Various codes will help the player to set the different Pokemon levels, and they can even load more levels. Some of these cheats are; Legendary Pokemon Encounter, Wild Pokemon Modifier, and Infinite Money.

This game is a Special Pikachu Edition. Go through the cheats and enjoy your game!

Pokemon Yellow Codes:

These codes come with the collection of different systems that have received the appreciation from the users. These cheats also include Master Balls and some encounter codes for all types of Pokemon. There is an important tip that you should save your game before activating any cheat. In case anything goes wrong in the game, this step will be of great help.

  • If the player wants to make the opponent Pokemon Sleep and Burn then apply the code: e8cf

Apply the code and enjoy the game!

  • If you want that all the Pokemons that are there in your team should look like Mew, then use the code: Battle d8cf
  • If the player wants to buy the Master Balls free of cost, then you have to use the code: CCF
  • Catch Wild Mewtwo d7cf
  • Wild Mew d7cf
  • Catch Wild Dragonair d7cf
  • Wild Zapdos bd7cf
  • Catch Wild Articuno ad7cf
  • Pokemon level 01BE26D1
  • Catch a Pokemon level D1
  • Pokemon level 5 d1
  • Catch a Pokemon level 15 f26d1

Pikachu Unlock Surfing Pikachu:

You can use this feature without actually using the Pokemon Stadium. The player has to keep the Pikachu in the first place for Surfing Pikachu Unlock.

  • d1
  • d1
  • d1
  • d1

Cheats for Flying and Enemy Attack:

  • For flying Pikachu with Ballons: f99d4
  • To start with a Charizard: 01B41ED1
  • For the infinite PP(4th position): fd0
  • The enemy cannot attack and if the enemy unburned at the beginning of the match the use e8cf

Useful Pokemon Yellow Tips:

For the players, it is effortless to use the cheats in the game. Moreover, using the cheats help[ the players to be more skilful and perfect in their gameplay. But other than the tricks there can be some useful steps that can prove to be helpful. What is the use of the game if it does not serve the purpose of fun. Moreover, that is what the makers intend to you. Therefore, for that, there are various tips that the player can use to enjoy the game.

  • The player can catch the Mew without using the cheats. There are the tips which will guide the players to pick the mews without making the use of the tricks.
  • Moreover, the players can catch the Gyrados and Dragonair more easily. Yes, you read that right. 
  • Therefore, you can find these two pokemon without the cheats.
  • Although cheats are there for cycling roads without making the use of the bike, the players can do cycling with no bike. Although it is not that useful, it can prove to be very interesting. After all, it is fun that we intend to find in the game.

Pokemon Yellow walkthrough is a new guide for the game. Moreover, it has all the information on the changes and glitches. The guide may help you to change between the original and digital versions. And this walkthrough can also help the players to load all the Pokemon locations!

Stay tuned for more information.

Sours: https://nextalerts.com/gear-up-pokemon-games-lovers-we-bring-you-an-interesting-list-of-pokemon-yellow-cheats-codes-and-more-details/

Gameshark Pokemon Yellow Codes – Complete List (October )

One of our biggest childhood dreams was trying to become Pokemon teachers. But, obviously, it is not easy to find any of these magnificent creatures that filled our imaginations. However, video games bring us a little closer to fulfilling that dream. Therefore, from HDGamers , we bring you all the Gameshark Pokemon Yellow codes .

Valid and active Gameshark Pokemon Yellow codes

The greatest virtue of every Pokemon master was always being patient and knowing his adventure partners perfectly. Above all, how to capture and rescue others with the least possible damage. That idea, in a way, is what allowed to build these Gameshark Pokemon Yellow codes.

In this sense, with these codes we will be able to capture, from the beginning, different Pokemons and thus live an incredible adventure with those little friends. In addition, these tricks will give us a series of skills that will give us a unique experience.

Due to how extensive and varied these codes turn out to be, at HDGamers we have decided to distribute them according to their usefulness. Therefore, in the list that you will see below; You will be able to see the benefits that each command grants according to its category.

Codes to catch Pokemon

  • ad7cf: With this code you catch an Articuno.
  • bd7cf: With this code you catch a Zapdos.
  • d7cf: With this code you catch a Motres.
  • d7cf: With this code you catch a Dratini.
  • d7cf: With this code you catch a Dragonair.
  • d7cf: With this code you catch a Dragonite.
  • d7cf: With this code you catch a Mewtwo.
  • d7cf: With this code you catch a Mew.
  • d1: With this code you catch a Pokemon Level 5.
  • a26d1: With this code you catch a Pokemon Level
  • f26d1: With this code you capture a Pokemon Level
  • D1: With this code you catch a Pokemon Level
  • D1: With this code you catch a Pokemon Level
  • E26D1: With this code you capture a Pokemon Level
Sours: https://hablamosdegamers.com/en/codes/gameshark-pokemon-yellow-codes/
  1. Attack on titan gas
  2. Focal clear replacement pads
  3. Wegmans transitional care center
  4. Shoe station tallahassee hours

Pokemon Yellow

01FBA5CF All Pokemon have enough experience to level up to Level They just have to fight to level up. You don't learn skills when you level up with the code, you just get tons of HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, and Special. Also some Pokemon might make the game freeze when they are about to level up with the code. If that happens, just change FB to F8, F9, or FA. 01??6BD1 HP Modifier (Larger) 01??6CD1 HP Modifier (Smaller) 01FF87D1 Infinite PP (1st Position) 01FF88D1 Infinite PP (2nd Position) 01FF89D1 Infinite PP (3rd Position) 01FF8AD1 Infinite PP (4th Position) 01??8BD1 Level Modifier 01??8CD1 Max HP Modifier (Larger) 01??8DD1 Max HP Modifier (Smaller) 01??8ED1 Max Attack Modifier (Larger) 01??8FD1 Max Attack Modifier (Smaller) 01??90D1 Max Defense Modifier (Larger) 01??91D1 Max Defense Modifier (Smaller) 01??92D1 Max Speed Modifier (Larger) 01??93D1 Max Speed Modifier (Smaller) 01??94D1 Max Special Modifier (Larger) 01??95D1 Max Special Modifier (Smaller) 01FF55D3 Have All Badges D0 Protect Status 01FFD5CF Never Miss & Have More Criticals 01??7BCF Buy Item At Store Modifier (Slot 1) 01??7DCF Buy Item At Store Modifier (Slot 2) BD1 No Random Battles 01??1ED1 Start With A Pokemon Modifier 01F00DD7 Infinite Time (Safari Zone) DA Infinite Safari Balls A13D7 Float On Air ED3 Infinite Quantity 1st Position D3 Infinite Quantity 2nd Position D3 Infinite Quantity 3rd Position D3 Infinite Quantity 4th Position D3 Infinite Quantity 5th Position D3 Infinite Quantity 6th Position AD3 Infinite Quantity 7th Position CD3 Infinite Quantity 8th Position ED3 Infinite Quantity 9th Position D3 Infinite Quantity 10th Position 01FF15D0 Infinite HP (In Battle) CD0 Infinite PP (1st Position) DD0 Infinite PP (2nd Position) ED0 Infinite PP (3rd Position) FD0 Infinite PP (4th Position) 01??21D0 Enemy LV Modifier 01??D8CF Change Monster Pic 01??26D1 LV Modifier Of Creatures Before You Battle 01??D7CF Capture Pokemon Modifier E8CF Enemy Can't Attack & Burned At Beginning of Match A3D5 Infinite Casino Coins A4D5 D1 Pacific Pikachu D1 01??76D1 Trainer ID# Modifier 01??77D1 01??78D1 Exp. Modifier 01??79D1 01??7AD1 D3 Infinite Money D3 D3 01FF09D3 Seen All Pokemon On PokeDex 01FF0AD3 01FF0BD3 01FF0CD3 01FF0DD3 01FF0ED3 01FF0FD3 01FF10D3 01FF11D3 01FF12D3 01FF13D3 01FF14D3 01FF15D3 01FF16D3 01FF17D3 01FF18D3 01FF19D3 01FF1AD3 01FF1BD3 01FFF6D2 01FFF7D2 01FFF8D2 01FFF9D2 01FFFAD2 01FFFBD2 01FFFCD2 01FFFDD2 01FFFED2 01FFFFD2 01FF00D3 01FF01D3 01FF02D3 01FF03D3 01FF04D3 01FF05D3 01FF06D3 01FF07D3 01FF08D3 01FF09D3 01??72D1 Skill Modifier (1st Position) 01??73D1 Skill Modifier (2nd Position) 01??74D1 Skill Modifier (3rd Position) 01??75D1 Skill Modifier (4th Position) 01??1BD0 Skill Modifier (1st Position) 01??1CD0 Skill Modifier (2nd Position) 01??1DD0 Skill Modifier (3rd Position) 01??1ED0 Skill Modifier (4th Position) Change ?? 1CD3 Total Item Number Modifier 01??1DD3 Item Modifier 1st Position 01??1FD3 Item Modifier 2nd Position 01??21D3 Item Modifier 3rd Position 01??23D3 Item Modifier 4th Position 01??25D3 Item Modifier 5th Position 01??27D3 Item Modifier 6th Position 01??29D3 Item Modifier 7th Position 01??2BD3 Item Modifier 8th Position 01??2DD3 Item Modifier 9th Position 01??2FD3 Item Modifier 10th Position Change ?? S. Ticket 40 Gold Teeth 41 X Attack 42 X Defend 43 X Speed 44 X Special 45 Coin Case 46 Oak's Parcel 47 Item Finder 48 Silph Scope 49 Poke Flute 4A Lift Key 4B Exp. All 4C Old Rod 4D Good Rod 4E Super Rod 4F PP Up 50 Ether 51 Max Ether 52 Elixer 53 Max Elixer 01??63D1 Pokemon Modifier Change ?? to 01 Rhydon 02 Kangaskhan 03 Nidoran(m) 04 Clefairy 05 Spearow 06 Voltorb 07 NidoKing 08 Slobro 09 Ivysaur 0A Exeggutor 0B Lickitung 0C Exeggcute 0D Grimer 0E Gengar 0F Nidoran(f) 10 NidoQueen 11 Cubone 12 Rhyhorn 13 Lapras 14 Arcanine 15 Mew 16 Gyarados 17 Shellder 18 Tentacool 19 Gastly 1A Scyther 1B Staryu 1C Blastoise 1D Pinsir 1E Tangela 21 Growlithe 22 Onix 23 Frearow 24 Pidgey 25 Slowpoke 26 Kadabra 27 Graveler 28 Chansey 29 Machoke 2A Mr.

Sours: https://www.gamegenie.com/cheats/gameshark/gbcolor/pokemon_yellow.html
Image: www.nintendo.co.uk

Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition was released for Gameboy back in The game was developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo. Pokemon Yellow is actually an enhanced version of Pokemon Red and Blue.

We have compiled a list of cheat codes for Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition. The cheats listed below will definitely help you in your progress in the game.

Random Codes for Pokemon Yellow:

Buy Master Balls For Free &#; CCF
All Pokemon On Your Team Look Like Mew In Battle &#; d8cf
Make Your Opponent Pokemon Burn and Sleep &#; e8cf
Catch Wild Articuno &#; ad7cf
Catch Wild Zapdos &#; bd7cf
Catch WIld Motres &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Dratini &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Dragonair &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Dragonite &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Mewtwo &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Mew &#; d7cf
Catch a Pokemon at Level 5 &#; d1
Catch a Pokemon at Level 10 &#; a26d1
Catch a Pokemon at Level 15 &#; f26d1
Catch a Pokemon level 20 &#; D1
Catch a Pokemon level 25 &#; D1
Catch a Pokemon level 30 &#; E26D1
Catch a Pokemon level 35 &#; D1
Catch a Pokemon level 40 &#; D1
Catch a Pokemon level 45 &#; D26D1
Catch a Pokemon level 50 &#; D1
Catch a Pokemon level 75 &#; B26D1
Catch a Pokemon level &#; D1
Catch a Pokemon level &#; D1
Catch a Pokemon level &#; 01BE26D1
Catch Wild Gyarados &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Lapras &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Ditto &#; cd7cf
Catch Wild Eevee &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Vaporeon &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Jolteon &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Flareon &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Porygon &#; 01aad7cf
Catch Wild Omanytle &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Omanyte &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Omastar &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Majikarp &#; d7cf
Catch WIld Kabuto &#; ad7cf
Catch Wild Kabutops &#; bd7cf
Catch Wild Aerodactyl &#; 01abd7cf
Catch WIld Snorlax &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Hitmonlee &#; bd7cf
Catch Wild Hitmonchan &#; cd7cf
Marowak &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Lickitung &#; bd7cf
Catch WIld Koffing &#; d7cf
Catch WIld Weezing &#; fd7cf
Catch Wild Rhyhorn &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Rhydon &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Chansey &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Tangela &#; ed7cf
Catch Wild Kangaskhan &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Horsea &#; cd7cf
Catch Wild Seadra &#; dd7cf
Catch Wild Goldeen &#; dd7cf
Catch Wild Seaking &#; ed7cf
Catch Wild Staru &#; bd7cf
Catch Wild Starmie &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Mr. Mime &#; ad7cf
Catch Wild Scyther &#; ad7cf
Catch WIld Jynx &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Electabuzz &#; d7cf
Catch WIld Magmar &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Magmar &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Pinsir &#; dd7cf
Catch Wild Tauros &#; cd7cf
Catch Wild Seel &#; ad7cf
Catch Wild Drowzee &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Dewgong &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Grimer &#; dd7cf
Catch Wild Muk &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Shellder &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Cloyster &#; bd7cf
Catch Wild Gastly &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Haunter &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Krabby &#; edd7cf
Catch Wild Gengar &#; ed7cf
Catch Wild Onix &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Hypno &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Kinger &#; ad7cf
Catch Wild Voltorb &#; d7cf
Catch WIld Electrode &#; dd7cf
Catch Wild Exeggcute &#; cd7cf
Catch WIld Exeggutor &#; ad7cf
Catch Wild Cubone &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Slowbro &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Magnemite &#; 01add7cf
Catch Wild Magneton &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Farfetch&#;d &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Doduo &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Dodrio &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Slowpoke &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Primeape &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Growlithe &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Arcanine &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Poliwag &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Poliwhirl &#; ed7cf
Catch Wild Poliwrath &#; fd7cf
Catch Wild Abra &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Kadabra &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Alakazam &#; d7cf

Image: blazekick.com

Catch Wild Machop &#; ad7cf
Catch Wild Machoke &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Machamp &#; ed7cf
Catch Wild Bellsprout &#; 01bcd7cf
Catch Wild Weepinbell &#; 01bdd7cf
Catch Wild Victreebell &#; 01bed7cf
Catch Wild Mankey &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Tentacool &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Tentacruel &#; bd7cf
Catch Wild Geodude &#; 01a9d7cf
Catch Wild Graveler &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Golem &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Ponyta &#; 01a3d7cf
Catch Wild Rapidash &#; 01a4d7cf
Catch Wild Parasect &#; ed7cf
Catch Wild Venonat &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Venamoth &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Diglett &#; bd7cf
Catch Wild Dugtrio &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Meowth &#; dd7cf
Catch Wild Persian &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Psyduck &#; fd7cf
Catch Wild Golduck &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Vulpix &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Ninetales &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Jigglypuff &#; d7cf
Catch WIld Wigglypuff &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Zubat &#; bd7cf
Catch Wild Golbat &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Oddish &#; 01b9d7cf
Catch Wild Gloom &#; 01bad7cf
Catch Wild Vileplume &#; 01bbd7cf
Catch Wild Paras &#; dd7cf
Catch Wild Clefable &#; ed7cf
Catch Wild Butterfree &#; dd7cf
Catch Wild Weedle &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Kakuna &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Beedrill &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Pidgey &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Pidgeotto &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Pidgeot &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Rattata &#; 01a5d7cf
Catch Wild Raticate &#; 01a6d7cf
Catch Wild Spearow &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Fearow &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Ekans &#; cd7cf
Catch Wild Arbok &#; dd7cf
Catch Wild Pikachu &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Raichu &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Sandshrew &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Sandslash &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Nidoran &#; fd7cf
Catch Wild Nidorina &#; 01a8d7cf
Catch Wild NidoQueen &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Nidoran (male) &#; d7cf
Caych Wild Nidorino (male) &#; 01a7d7cf
Catch Wild NidoKing &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Clefairy &#; d7cf

Surfing Pikachu (You&#;ll nee to Unlock Sufing Pikachu without needing to use Pokemon Stadium. Make sure you place Pikachu in the first position)


Catch Wild Bulbasaur &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Ivysaur &#; d7cf
Catch Wild Venusaur &#; ad7cf
Catch Wild Charmander &#; 01b0d7cf
Catch Wid Charmeleon &#; 01b2d7cf
Catch Wild Charizard &#; 01b4d7cf
Catch Wild Squirtle &#; 01b1d7cf
Catch Wild Wartortle &#; 01b3d7cf
Catch Wild Blastoise &#; cd7cf
Catch Wild Caterpie &#; bd7cf
Catch Wild Metapod &#; cd7cf
Flying Pikachu with Balloons &#; f99d4
Surfing Pikachu &#; d1
Start with a Charizard &#; 01B41ED1
Infinite PP (4th Position) &#; fd0
Enemy Can&#;t Attack and Burned at Beginning of Match &#; e8cf
Infinite Money d3
Have All Badges &#; 01ff55d3
Protect Status &#; d0
Never Miss and Have More Criticals &#; 01ffd5cf
No Random Battles &#; bd1
Infinite Casino Coins &#; a3d5
Infinite Time (Safari Zone) &#; 01f00dd7
Infinite Safari Balls &#; da
Float On Air &#; a13d7
Pacific Pikachu &#; d1
Infinite HP(in Battle) &#; 01ff15do
Infinite PP (1st Position) &#; cd0
Infinite PP (2nd Position) &#; dd0
Infinite PP (3rd Position) &#; ed0

Image: youtube.com

Infinite HP

Infinate Hp(1st Pokemon) CD1

Infinate Hp(2nd Pokemon) D1

Infinate Hp(3rd Pokemon) C4D1

Infinate Hp(4th Pokemon) F0D1

Infinate Hp(5th Pokemon) CD2

Infinate Hp(6th Pokemon) D2

Surfing Pikachu

The following code will unlock Surfing Pikachu without using Pokémon Stadium.

D1 (To overwrite the first attack with Surf)
D1 (To overwrite the second attack with Surf)
D1 (To overwrite the third attack with Surf)
D1 (To overwrite the fourth attack with Surf)

Catch any wild Pokemon:


Replace &#;??&#; with the following values:

9A: Venusaur
B0: Charmander
B2: Charmeleon
B4: Charizard
B1: Squirtle
B3: Wartortle
1C: Blastoise
7B: Caterpie
7C: Metapod
7D: Butterfree
A5: Rattata
A6: Raticate
6C: Ekans
2D: Arbok
0F: Nidoran (female)
A8: Nidorina
Nidoran (male)
A7: Nidorino
8E: Clefable
6B: Zubat
B9: Oddish
BA: Gloom
BB: Vileplume
6D: Paras
2E: Parasect
3B: Diglett
4D: Meowth
2F: Psyduck

Image: youtube.com

6E: Poliwhirl
6F: Poliwrath
6A: Machop
7E: Machamp
BC: Bellsprout
BD: Weepinbell
BE: Victreebell
9B: Tentacruel
A9: Geodude
A3: Ponyta
A4: Rapidash
AD: Magnemite
3A: Seel
0D: Grimer
8B: Cloyster
0E: Gengar
4E: Krabby
8A: Kingler
8D: Electrode
0C: Exeggcute
0A: Exeggutor
2B: Hitmonlee
2C: Hitmonchan
0B: Lickitung
8F: Weezing
1E: Tangela
5C: Horsea
5D: Seadra
9D: Goldeen
9E: Seaking
1B: Staru
2A: Mr. Mime
1A: Scyther
1D: Pinsir
3C: Tauros
4C: Ditto
AA: Porygon
5A: Kabuto
5B: Kabutops
AB: Aerodactyl
4A: Articuno
4B: Zapdos

Image: youtube.com

Catch a Pokemon level 5:
Catch a Pokemon level
Catch a Pokemon level
Catch a Pokemon level
Catch a Pokemon level
Catch a Pokemon level
Catch a Pokemon level
Catch a Pokemon level
Catch a Pokemon level
Catch a Pokemon level
Catch a Pokemon level

Miscellaneous Codes

Unlimited money:

Buy anything from Pokemart:
First slot:
Second slot:
Third slot:
Fourth slot:

Image: youtube.com

Use one of the following values.
Master Ball ($0)
Ultra Ball ($)
Great Ball ($)
Pokéball ($)
0A: Moon Stone ($0)
0B: Antidote ($)
0C: Burn Heal ($)
0D: Ice Heal ($)
0E: Awakening ($)
0F: Parlyze Heal ($)
10 : Full Restore ($)
Max Potion ($)
Hyper Potion ($)
Super Potion ($)
Potion ($)
1D: Escape Rope ($)
1E: Repel ($)
20 : Fire Stone ($)
Thunderstone ($)
Waterstone ($)
HP up ($)
Protein ($)
Iron ($)
Carbos ($)
Calcium ($)
Rare Candy ($)
2E: X Accuracy ($)
2F: Leaf Stone ($)
Nugget ($)
PP up ($)
PokéDoll ($)
Full Heal ($)
Revive ($)
Max Revive ($)
Guard Spec ($)
Super Repel ($)
Max Repel ($)
3A: Dire Hit ($)
3B: Coin ($10)
3C: Fresh Water ($)
3D: Soda Pop ($)
3E: Lemonade ($)
X Attack ($)
X Defend ($)
X Speed ($)
X Special ($)
4B: Exp. All ($0)
4F: PP Up ($0)
Ether ($0)
Max Ether ($0)
Elixer ($0)
Max Elixer ($0)

HM and TM:

Second slot:
Third slot:
Fourth slot:

Image: youtube.com

Use one of the following values.
C4: HM01 Cut
C5: HM02 Fly
C6: HM03 Surf
C7: HM04 Strength
C8: HM05 Flash
C9: TM01 Mega Punch
CA: TM02 Razor Wind
CB: TM03 Swords Dance
CC: TM04 Whirlwind
CD: TM05 Mega Kick
CE: TM06 Toxic
CF: TM07 Horn Drill
D0: TM08 Body Slam
D1: TM09 Take Down
D2: TM10 Double Edge
D3: TM11 Double Beam
D4: TM12 Watergun
D5: TM13 Ice Beam
D6: TM14 Blizzard
D7: TM15 Hyperbeam
D8: TM16 PayDay
D9: TM17 Submission
The: TM18 Counter
DB: TM19 Seismic Toss
DC: TM20 Rage
DD: TM21 Mega Drain
DE: TM22 Solar Beam
DF: TM23 Dragon Rage
E0: TM24 Thunderbolt
E1: TM25 Thunder
E2: TM26 Earthquake
E3: TM27 Fissure
E4: TM28 Dig
E5: TM29 Psychic
E6: TM30 Teleport
E7: TM31 Mimic
E8: TM32 Double Team
E9: TM33 Reflect
EA: TM34 Bide
EB: TM35 Metronome
EC: TM36 Self-Destruct
ED: TM37 Egg Bomb
EE: TM38 Fire Blast
EF: TM39 Swift
F0: TM40 Skull Blast
F1: TM41 Soft Boiled
F2: TM42 Dream Eater
F3: TM43 Sky Attack
F4: TM44 Rest
F5: TM45 Thunder Wave
F6: TM46 Psywave
F7: TM47 Exposion
F8: TM48 Rock Slide
F9: TM49 Tri-Attack
FA: TM50 Substitute

First move:
Second move:
Third move:
Fourth move:

Acid Armor
3E: Aurora Beam
8C: Barrage
2C: Bite
3B: Blizzard
Body Slam
7D: Bone Club
9B: Bonemerang
3D: Bubblebeam
Comet Punch
6D: Confuse Ray
5D: Confusion
A0: Conversion
0F: Cut
6F: Defense Curl
5B: Dig
Dizzy Punch
Double Kick
Double Team
Dragon Rage
8A: Dream Eater
Drill Peck
Egg Bomb
7E: Fire Blast
Fire Punch
Fire Spin
5A: Fissure
Focus Energy
1F: Fury Attack
9A: Fury Swipes
2D: Growl
4A: Growth
0C: Guillotine
6A: Harden
1D: Head Butt
Hi Jump Kick
1E: Horn Attack
Horn Drill
Hydro Pump
3F: Hyper Beam
9E: Hyper Fang
5F: Hypnosis
3A: Ice Beam
Ice Punch
1A: Jump Kick
Karate Chop
8D: Leech Life
Leech Seed
2B: Leer
7A: Lick
Light Screen
8E: Lovely Kiss
Low Kick
Mega Drain
Mega Kick
Mega Punch
7B: Minimize
Mirror Move
Night Shade
Pay Day
Petal Dance
2A: Pin Missile
8B: Poison Gas
Poison Sting
4D: Poison Powder
3C: Psybeam
5E: Psychic
Quick Attack
4B: Razor Leaf
0D: Razor Wind
9C: Rest
2E: Roar
9D: Rock Slide
Rock Throw
1B: Rolling Kick
1C: Sand-Attack
0A: Scratch
Seismic Toss
Self Destruct
9F: Sharpen
2F: Sing
Skull Bash
8F: Sky Attack
A3: Slash
4F: Sleep Powder
7C: Sludge
7B: Smog
6C: Smokescreen
4C: Solar Beam
Spike Cannon
String Shot
A5: Struggle
4E: Stun Spore
4A: Substitute
2A: Super Fang
0E: Swords Dance
Tail Whip
Take Down
Thunder Wave
5C: Toxic
A1: Tri Attack
0B: Vicegrip
Vine Whip
Water Gun
7F: Waterfall
Wing Attack
6E: Withdraw

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Unlimited HP( in battle):
Unlimited item in 1st position:

Unlimited PP (1st position):
Unlimited PP (2nd position):
Unlimited PP (3rd position):
Unlimited PP (4th position):
Enemy can not attack and burn at beginning of match:
All Badges:
Protect status:
Never miss and have more criticals:
No random battles:
Unlimited casino coins:
Unlimited time (Safari Zone):
Unlimited Safari Balls:
Float on air:
Pacific Pikachu:

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Android pokemon yellow cheats

Game Boy | Submitted by pokefreak

Get Mew For Free

To get mew through a glitch, you should not have defeated the youngster with the slowbro near bill's house or the gambler between lavender and celadon yet. Also you must have FLY. Make sure you have a weak pokemon below or on lvl 7. Go through the underground passage just outside celadon city. As soon as you exit DON'T MOVE. Save the game then walk one step down and IMMEDIATELY press start - if done correctly the gambler will not see you. In the start menu go to a flying pokemon and fly to cerulean city. The gambler will now have noticed you. In cerulean the start won't work because it thinks you are in battle go over nugget bridge and find the youngster with the slowpoke don't walk directly at him or the game will crash let him walk to you. Defeat him and go to Lavender town. Go to route 8 where the gambler is and the START screen will automatically appear press B and you will find a battle. It will be MEW. Catch him and he is yours.

(Editor's note - this cheat is untested, but you never know)

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Best Team for Pokemon Yellow

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