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    • Before: Dexterity +43, Determination +38, Skill Speed +28, Vitality +45
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  • According to HotFix from Nov. 16th 2015.
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Name/Icon Requirements Base attributes Bonuses Information Hempen Tabard

Hempen Tabard

Disciple of War Lv. 5
Item Level 5 Defense: 11 (HQ 14) Magic Defense: 11 (HQ 14)

Strength +1
Dexterity +1

Repair/Melding/Desynthesis: WeaverDyeable: Yes Custom-made Tunic

Custom-made Tunic

Disciple of War Lv. 5
Item Level 6 Defense: 11 Magic Defense: 11

Dexterity +1
Determination +1

Repair/Melding/Desynthesis: WeaverDyeable: No Unique
Untradeable Hempen Acton

Hempen Acton

Disciple of War Lv. 8
Item Level 8 Defense: 12 (HQ 15) Magic Defense: 12 (HQ 15)
Strength +1 (HQ+2)
Dexterity +1 (HQ+2)
Repair/Melding/Desynthesis: WeaverDyeable: Yes Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket

Disciple of War Lv. 10
Item Level 10 Defense: 13 (HQ 16) Magic Defense: 13 (HQ 16)
Strength +2
Dexterity +2
Vitality +1
Direct Hit Rate +1 (HQ+2)
Repair/Melding/Desynthesis: LeatherworkerDyeable: Yes Hard Leather Harness

Hard Leather Harness

Disciple of War Lv. 12
Item Level 12 Defense: 14 (HQ 18) Magic Defense: 14 (HQ 18)
Strength +2
Dexterity +2
Vitality +1 (HQ+2)
Skill Speed +2
Repair/Melding/Desynthesis: LeatherworkerDyeable: Yes Guardian Corps Coat

Guardian Corps Coat

All Classes Lv. 13
Item Level 13 Defense: 12 Magic Defense: 25 Fits: All ♀

Strength +2
Dexterity +2
Intelligence +2
Mind +2
Vitality +2
Piety +1

Repair/Melding/Desynthesis: WeaverDyeable: Yes Untradeable Bohemian's Coat

Bohemian's Coat

All Classes Lv. 13
Item Level 13 Defense: 12 Magic Defense: 25 Fits: All ♂

Strength +2
Dexterity +2
Intelligence +2
Mind +2
Vitality +2
Piety +1

Repair/Melding/Desynthesis: LeatherworkerDyeable: Yes Untradeable Cotton Shirt

Cotton Shirt

Disciple of War Lv. 14
Item Level 14
Sours: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Final_Fantasy_XIV_armor/Body/Ninja
  1. Dokkan tier list
  2. Relic skeleton watch
  3. Storage units gatlinburg tn
Name/Icon Requirements Base attributes Bonuses Information Aetherial Toadskin Jacket

Aetherial Toadskin Jacket

Disciple of War Lv. 28
Item Level 30 Defense: 36 Magic Defense: 36

Strength +6
Dexterity +6
Vitality +6

This item may have up to 4 random additional bonus stats.

Repair/Melding/Desynthesis: LeatherworkerDyeable: Yes Untradeable Aetherial Steel Cuirass

Aetherial Steel Cuirass

Item Level 30 Defense: 73 Magic Defense: 73

Strength +6
Vitality +6
This item may have up to 4 random additional bonus stats.

Repair/Melding/Desynthesis: ArmorerDyeable: Yes Untradeable Manor Scale Mail

Manor Scale Mail

Item Level 30 Defense: 73 Magic Defense: 73

Strength +6
Vitality +6
Critical Hit +8
Determination +4

Repair/Melding/Desynthesis: ArmorerDyeable: No Unique
Untradeable Manor Shirt

Manor Shirt

Disciple of War Lv. 28
Item Level 30 Defense: 40 Magic Defense: 40

Strength +6
Dexterity +6
Determination +5
Critical Hit +6
Vitality +6

Repair/Melding/Desynthesis: WeaverDyeable: No Unique
Untradeable Toadskin Jacket

Toadskin Jacket

Disciple of War Lv. 30
Item Level 30 Defense: 29 (HQ 36) Magic Defense: 29 (HQ 36)
Strength +5 (HQ+6)
Dexterity +5 (HQ+6)
Vitality +5 (HQ+6)
Direct Hit Rate +6 (HQ+8)
Materia SlotMateria SlotAdvanced Melding requiredAdvanced Melding requiredAdvanced Melding required
Repair/Melding/Desynthesis: LeatherworkerDyeable: Yes Steel Cuirass

Steel Cuirass

Item Level 30 Defense: 58 (HQ 73) Magic Defense: 58 (
Sours: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Final_Fantasy_XIV_armor/Body/Dark_Knight

During the latest Live Letter from the Producer for Final Fantasy XIV, the team revealed new artifact armor sets coming to the Endwalker expansion for all current jobs in the game. Director and producer Naoki Yoshida held up prints of each gear set--with the exception of the upcoming Reaper and Sage jobs--which you can see below. (All screenshots are from the official FFXIV livestream and taken from the r/FFXIV Discord channel.)

As for other new information on the critically acclaimed MMORPG, the Endwalker benchmark sequence was revealed which contains gameplay from the expansions new zones and battles--it may also be some indication of what's happening next in FFXIV's story. To catch up on what's to come, check out everything we know about FFXIV Endwalker, which launches on PS4, PS5, and PC on November 19 for those who preorder and November 23 for everyone else.


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Dark Knight

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Black Mage

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Red Mage

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White Mage

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Sets ffxiv armor

How to Obtain the Best Equipment in FFXIV: Shadowbringers

The final patch for Shadowbringers has arrived. This means players are free to race through final content and gear up in anticipation of Endwalker.

Final Fantasy 14 has become almost too popular, with many North American servers currently suffering from player congestion. Some players are new, but many more are returning to finish off Shadowbringers and be ready for the next expansion, Endwalker. The game has been updated to patch 5.58, which removed many of the daily and weekly restrictions.

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Those that have reached level 80 will find a huge variety of endgame options. Some may choose to battle through challenging raids, while others may prefer more casual but farmable content. By intermixing all of these options, one will quickly become unstoppable.

Quested Gear in Final Fantasy 14

Most endgame equipment will be found in dungeons, raids, and trials.

Paglth’an Dungeon

Players who have completed the Shadowbringers main storyline and advanced through all update patches will be able to enter the final dungeon, Paglth’an. This is the home of the Amalj’aa beast tribe. By defeating the three bosses of Amhuluk, Magitek Fortress, and Lunar Bahamut parties can receive chests containing item level 505 armor and accessories.

Diamond Zeta Weapons

Shadowbringers’ trial series reimagines the iconic Final Fantasy VII Weapons as Imperial war machines. Players who head back to The Lochs in Stromblood zones can speak to the Resistance Officer for the quest Ruby Doomsday. This will set off a quest chain where players will have to destroy Ruby Weapon, Sapphire Weapon, and Emerald Weapon. The final encounter will be against Diamond Weapon aboard the Cloud Deck. Beating it on the Extreme difficulty will drop a random item level 525 Diamond Zeta weapon. Clearing the battle will also reward a Diamond Totem, 10 of which can be traded in for specific Diamond Zetas.

Eden Raid

Those looking to further research The Empty region within The First can embark on the Eden raid series. This area can be unlocked via the quest In the Middle of Nowhere from the Anxious Crystarium Guard within the Crystarium. This questline will involve enemies and themes from Final Fantasy VIII across three tiers: Eden’s Gate, Eden’s Verse, and Eden’s Promise. Normal level fights will yield various Lost Antiquity currencies that can be exchanged for item level 510 Edenmete armor. Completing the fights under Savage difficulty will instead reward item level 530 Edenmorn armor and 535 Edenmorn weapons.

Nier Raid

Another option is the 24-man raid series based on Nier Automata. This starts with the level 70 quest Word About Komra from the Gossipy Dwarf in Kholusia. This will lead to level 80 quests that introduce several raids including The Copied Factory, The Puppet’s Bunker, and The Tower of Paradigm’s Breach. The bosses in that final raid will drop item level 520 Obsolete Android or YoRHa Type-55 armor, dependent on job. Additionally, this raid series drops coins that can be turned in to upgrade Cryptlurker equipment.

Resistance Relics

Those that want to gain a “free” ultimate powered weapon can forge the expansion’s Relic. They may be the overall best weapons due to customized sub-stats. Players will need to have cleared the past Return to Ivalice story from Stormblood and entered the Bozjan Southern Front. In total players will need to gather the following per weapon:

  • 4 Thavnairian Scalepowders: 1,000 Tomestone of Poetics
  • 20 each of Tortured, Sorrowful, and Harrowing Memories of the Dying:Heavensward FATES or inside Bozjan
  • 6 Bitter Memories of the Dying: Level 60 dungeons, Duty Roulette Leveling, or Bozjan
  • 15 Loathsome Memories of the Dying: Crystal Tower Raids, Castrum Lacus Litore, or Bozjan Critical Engagements
  • 15 Timeworn Artifacts: Delubrum Reginae or The Palace of the Dead
  • 15 Raw Emotions: The Dariada, Delubrum Reginae, Heaven-on-High, or level 70 dungeons

Additionally, the following will be needed one time, but are not needed for all future Resistance Relics:

  • 18 each of Haunting and Vexatious Memories of the Dying:Stormblood FATES, Shadow of Mhach Raids (Haunting), or Return to Ivalice Raids (Vexatious)
  • 30 each of Compact Axles, Compact Springs, Battles of the Realm, Beyond the Rift, Bleak Memories of the Dying, and Lurid Memories of the Dying: Alexander Raids, Omega Raids, Eden Raids, respectively. Also, all can be found from Zadnor content (Skirmishes for the first item, Critical Engagements for the second type).

Purchased Gear in Final Fantasy 14

Other equipment options can be bought via various currencies or directly with Gil.

Law’s Order Armor

While pursuing Resistance Weapons, players can also reap rewards from the instanced dungeons. Delubrum Reginae will drop Bozjan Silver Coins, which can be traded to the Resistance Supplier for Bozjan Gold Coins. These can then been used to buy item level 510 Law’s Order armor. This might not seem impressive at first, but all armor pieces contain five Materia slots without the need for over-melding. This armor can also be upgraded with Augmented Bozjan armor to make Augmented Law’s Order. These have the special Haste sub-stat, making them superior to even Eden gear while within Bozjan content.

Blade’s Armor

Similar to Law’s Order equipment, The Dalriada raid inside Zadnor will reward Bozjan Mythril and Bozjan Platinum Coins. These can be traded in further for item-level 525 Blade’s Armor. This makes them better than Nier Automated-related gear, but they lack the superior Materia slots or Haste of Augmented Law’s Order.

Cryptlurker Currency

By completing any level 80 content players will receive Allagan Tomestones of Revelation. Presently, players can gain 900 a week and 2,000 total; but this will be changed when Endwalker releases, with Revelation being folded into Poetics. For now, Tomestones of Revelation can be used to buy item level 520 Cryptlurker armor. By clearing Eden’s Promise players can also receive Blades of Lost Antiquity, four of which can be turned into Defragmented Tomestones. With one of these along with 1,000 Revelations (700 for Paladins), one can purchase item level 520 Cryptlurker weapons.

Upon beating either all three Nier raids, or the final parts of Eden, players can gain Crypt Ester, Crypt Twine, Crypt Dusting to further upgrade weapons, armor, and accessories to item level 530, respectively.

Exarchic Crafting

High-level crafters can use exotic materials to forge item level 510 Exarchic gear, including weapons (however, it is unlikely that Square Enix will add such weapons for Sage or Reaper). These items have lower base stats, but can be over-melded with five Materia.

This gear can then be brought to Hillicen for Eulmoran Certificates of Grandeur. With enough certificates and Tomestone of Allegory, players can gain item level 520 Augmented Exarchic gear (however, further melding is forbidden). The nice thing is that a specific item slot costs a fixed amount of certificates. This means one can craft or buy the cheapest item, convert them to currency, then receive the real intended gear.

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Final Fantasy 14 A Realm RebornHeavenswardStormblood, and Shadowbringers are available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.


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Best LOOKING Lv 80 Set? FFXIV Job Glamour Tier List

[Top 10] FF14 Best Armor Sets

Sure, leveling is important but what about your gear?

With the introduction of Shadowbringers and two of its major patches, Final Fantasy 14 has added a slew of new clothing, armor, weapons, and accessories along with some of the strongest and gear sets we’ve seen so far in the game. Ranked based on item level and stats, all of these gear sets are level 80 and were introduced in Shadowbringers. Most of the sets are also categorized by class responsibility (fending, striking, healing) rather than a specific class (paladin, ninja, conjurer), so you don’t have to worry about collecting a set for each job. So, without further ado, here are the top ten best and most grind-worthy gear sets in FF14 at the moment.

10) Deepshadow Gear Set

Various classes pose in their Deepshadow gear

While standing at number ten on our list, the Deepshadow gear sets still pack a whopping item level of 460, and if you’d prefer a darker and flowy look, complete with capes, then this is the set for you.

How to get the gear sets:

  • They can be purchased from Aymark in Eulmore in exchange for Allagan Tomestones of Phantasmagoria
  • 495 tomestones are needed for head, hands, and feet items. 825 tomestones are needed for body and leg pieces while 375 tomestones will get you belt items.
  • The tomestones can be acquired from level 80 dungeons, raids, or trials

Deepshadow Gear Set Details

9) YoRHa Type-51 Gear Set

An Au Ra girl wearing the YoRHa Type-51 maiming set

The YoRHa Type-51 gear sets were part of FF14’s crossover with another one of Square Enix’s highly successful games, NieR: Automata. With an item level of 460, the gear set designs are inspired by NieR: Automata’s android protagonists 2B, 9S, and A2’s outfits.

How to get the gear sets:

  • YoRHa Type-51 gear sets drop in The Copied Factory raid, which is the first part of the YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse raid series.

YoRHa Type-51 Gear Set Details

8) Augmented Deepshadow Gear Set

An Elezen male wearing an Augmented Deepshadow set

While the Augmented Deepshadow gear sets are practically identical to the regular Deepshadow sets, they have an item level of 470, giving them a stat boost that doesn’t require too much grinding. 

How to get the gear sets:

  • Can be purchased from Shee-Tatch in Eulmore
  • You will need the item piece you wish to augment and either Deepshadow solvent, twine, or coating depending on what item you have chosen.
  • Deepshadow solvent, twine, and coating can be bought from various venders including Ghul Gul, Fathard, Ilfroy, Xylle, or Yhal Yal.

Augmented Deepshadow Gear Set Details

7) Edengrace Gear Set

An Elezen male wearing an Edengrace maiming set

The first of the Eden gear, the Edengrace sets have an item level of 470.

How to get the gear sets:

  • Can be purchased from Ghul Gul in Amh Araeng or Yhal Yal in Eulmore in exchange for Books of Sepulture, Descent, Resurrection, or Inundation, which are obtainable in the Eden’s Gate Savage raids.
  • Eden coffers will also drop as rewards in the raids, and upon using the coffer, the item piece will transform to your current job
  • The Resurrection raid will yield bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, and belts. Descent drops boots, gloves, head and head items. Inundation drops boots, legs, and head items while Sepulture drops chest items and weapons.

Edengrace Gear Set Details

6) Neo-Ishgardian Gear Set

A fan favorite steam-punk look

The Neo-Ishgardian gear sets are a little different than most of the other gear sets on this list because they don’t drop from dungeons, raids, or trials. Instead, they’re craft restricted items. While you’ll need to be a level 80 crafter and super attentive during the crafting process, if you want a nifty steampunk look with an item level of 480 then the grinding will be worth it.

How to get the gear sets:

  • Must be level 80 crafter in various crafting classes, depending on which gear piece set you wish to craft
  • For an in depth walkthrough of the crafting process, check out this guide here

Neo-Ishgardian Gear Set Details

5) Idealized Gear Set

A player showcasing the Idealized Bodyguard's Coat

The Idealized gear sets have an item level of 480, making them the fifth best in the game, and unlike the others on this list, there are Idealized sets for each specific class (Ninja, Dark Knight, Conjurer, etc.) rather than the more broad multiple class sets (Striking, Fending, Healing, etc.)

How to get the gear sets: 

  • Idealized gear set items have a chance of dropping from the level 80 trial, Memoria Misera, on Extreme
  • Idealized gear appear in coffers that will transform depending on what class you currently have equipped

Idealized Gear Set Details

4) Edencall Gear Set

Various classes wearing Edencall gear sets

The Edencall gear sets are the fourth best in the game with an item level of 480 and are the second best of the Eden gear series.

How to get the gear sets: 

  • Can be purchased from Ghul Gul in Amh Araeng in exchange for Golden Antiquities 
  • Certain types of Golden Antiquity will be tradable for certain armor pieces. Helm is tradable for any head pieces, Armor for body pieces, Gauntlets for hand pieces, Chausses for leg pieces, Greaves for feet pieces, and Bangles for any accessories.
  • Depending on which Eden’s Verse raid you complete (Fulmination, Furor, Iconoclasm, or Refulgence) determines which item pieces may drop.

Edencall Gear Set Details

3) Crystarium Gear Set

An example of the Crystarium gear set designs

The Crystarium gear sets currently boast third most powerful in the game with an item level of 490 and high stats.

How to get the gear sets:

  • Purchasable from Aymark in Eulmore in exchange for Allagan Tomestones of Allegory.
  • 495 tomes are needed for head, hands, and feet item pieces. 825 tomes are needed for chest and leg item pieces while only 375 tomes are needed for belt item pieces.
  • Allagan Tomestones of Allegory can be obtained from level 80 dungeons, raids, or trials.

Crystarium Gear Set Details

2) Augmented Crystarium Gear Set

A player showing off their Augemented Crystarium gear

The Augmented Crystarium Gear Sets are the second best in the game so far and are an augmented version of the Crystarium Gear Sets in third place, boosting their stats and giving them an item level of 500. 

How to get the gear sets: 

  • Purchased from Shee-Tatch in Eulmore
  • You will need the Crystarium gear piece you want to augment and one Crystalline Glaze per piece.
  • Crystalline Glaze is purchasable from Ghul Gul in Amh Araeng or Yhal Yal in Eulmore.

Augmented Crystarium Gear Set Details

1) EdenChoir Gear Set

A Lallafell player wearing the Edenchoir fending set

The EdenChoir sets are similar to the Edencall ones; however, they are the strongest gear sets that have been introduced in the game thus far with an item level of 500.

How to get the gear sets:

  • Dropped in the Savage Eden’s Verse raids 
  • The pieces obtained from treasure coffers in these raids will automatically transform to match your current class.
  • Depending on what Savage Eden’s Verse raid you complete, different pieces of armor will drop. Fulmination drops bracelets, earrings, necklace, rings, or belt. Furor drops boots, gloves, or head armor. Iconoclasm also drops boots, gloves, and head armor as well as leg armor. Lastly, Refulgence drops chest armor and weapons.

EdenChoir Gear Set Details

Also, be sure to check out: 

Sours: https://www.gamersdecide.com/articles/ff14-best-armor-sets

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More information about Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.5 have surfaced, including screenshots of armor sets players will be able to obtain. Previously, an official website was released showcasing key artwork for the upcoming patch. However, images now accompany this information, along with a bit more details regarding Paglth’an and the Sorrow of Werlyt questline. [Thanks, Gamer!]

First and foremost, Square Enix shared images of armor players can obtain from Paglth’an. The dungeon itself is an Amalj’aa settlement located near Thanalan and is threatened by an external force. The armor from this Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.5 dungeon is modeled after the Amalj’aa and their attire. You can take a look at screenshots below.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.5 Screenshots Armor
Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.5 Screenshots Armor
Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.5 Screenshots Armor

Additionally, this update included more information regarding the story. However, the website itself does contain spoilers about possible main story scenario information players may not have yet encountered if they have not finished the most recent patch. That being said, it expands upon the events of Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.4 and mentions specific events.

And lastly, the Sorrow of Werlyt questline will finally involve the Diamond Weapon. More screenshots of this scenario have been shared which provide another glimpse at Final Fantasy XIV‘s spin on the weapons from Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy XIV is immediately available on PlayStation 4 and PC. The first part of Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.5 will arrive on April 13, 2021.

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