Free love tarot what is he thinking

Free love tarot what is he thinking DEFAULT

We've all been there. One minute things are going great between you and your love interest, and the next they seemed to have cooled off. When this happens, you want nothing more than to know what happened between you, what the other person is thinking, if you'll stay together, or how you'll move forward

That's why we created a love Tarot reading that is truly unlike anything else out there! Using only the cards in the Major Arcana, our Two Hearts Tarot Reading has you pull one card for yourself and then another for your loved one. Then this one-of-a-kind spread combines these two cards to see how your individual energies are actually working together at this moment in time!

Keep reading to learn more about how this reading can offer you unparalleled insight and love advice that is catered to YOUR unique situation...

Two Hearts Tarot Reading

Reading Section 1: Your Energy

Your individual energy, character traits, influences, and values at this particular moment in time

What you bring to your love connection has a HUGE impact on the way your relationship plays out. This part of the reading focuses on your individual traits, the outside influences at play, and what you're bringing forward into this relationship, helping you see the impact you're having on your romance.

Reveal what's going on between you and your love interest right now »

Reading Section 2: Their Energy

Your lover's individual energy, character traits, influences, and values at this particular moment in time

Just as you bring something to the table, so does the other person! Consider this section a "behind-the-scenes" view of your loved one's current state. Sometimes we think we fully understand someone else's thoughts and motivations, but you might be surprised at what this Tarot reading tells you about what's actually going on with your partner!

Reveal what's going on between you and your love interest right now »

Reading Section 3: Current Relationship Dynamics

How both you and your lover's energies are affecting each other and where your romance currently stands

This is the section that makes this reading so special! The two cards above are combined, providing a view of how your connected energies are blending together -- or how they're putting you at odds. In turn, this gives you the most comprehensive look at where your romance currently stands!

Reveal what's going on between you and your love interest right now »

Reading Section 4: Advice

Your suggested next steps based on the specific combination of your and your lover's cards that will help you move forward in whatever way is best for YOUR situation

It's one thing to get love advice, it's another to get advice that's highly personalized to you and your significant other! This section of this relationship Tarot reading looks at what's currently going on in your romantic dynamic, offering advice that will help you move forward in the best way possible for the two of you.

Stop asking yourself questions like "What happened between us?" or "What is he thinking?" Discover the truth about what's happening between you and your love interest in this very moment with a Two Hearts Tarot Reading!


Tarot spread: does he think about me?😍

Every day millions of women find themselves sifting through each detail of their love life, attempting to figure out what their man is thinking. It’s stressful and a waste of time. If you are in this messy situation, look no further. Tarot cards can let you know what your man is thinking. So don’t lose another second wondering what you are to him. Let the hands of destiny guide you on your path to love in this four-card FREE tarot reading. This tarot reading will not only give you insight into his thought but a glimpse into your future together. Find out if your love will last. Really, what is there to lose?

Pick a card: “What does he think of me?”

Card 1. «What does he think about me?»

Card 2. «How does he feel about me?»

Card 3. «What goals does he have for me?»

Card 4. «Where will our relationship lead?»


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[[{"card":"1.jpg","name":"Empress","content":" He considers you to be a real mistress of your destiny, strong, purposeful, rebellious, with tremendous fortitude and nerves of steel. He understands that you can be trusted with secrets and you can be relied on in a difficult situation.
A man does not yet know how the relationship between you can develop in the future. He would like more than he has at the moment. Sometimes it seems to him that he is not worthy of you. Hence, some shyness. He constantly thinks, hesitates, cannot decide on something important.
When dealing with a man, at least sometimes be gentle, be flexible so that he can quickly make an important decision for himself.
"},{"card":"koren-sil-zemli-tuz-pentakley.jpg","name":"The root of the powers of the earth. Ace of Pentacles","content":" The man does not stop mentally admiring your success in life. And even if these successes are not as frequent and significant as we would like, but from the outside, everything is seen in a completely different way, in an exaggerated form.
He thinks of you as a completely independent and financially independent person who took place in life, decided on his further goals and priorities, clearly knows what he wants from fate. The man must understand: you have achieved all the benefits that are present in your life on your own, thanks to your hard work, unbending character, and patience.
"},{"card":"Mag.jpg","name":"Mage","content":" A smart girl with powerful sexual energy, attractive to the opposite sex and very pleasant to talk to - this is the characteristic of a conceived man about you.
From time to time, it seems to him, that you are superficial in love, that you lack that depth, thanks to which the highest feelings arise and the closest relationships between lovers are built.
Be more feminine, do not act as if you are fighting for leadership in the game \"what, where, when\", because not every man will like to look like a man who does not know or understand something against a girl.
"},{"card":"Mir.jpg","name":"World","content":" The man considers you a very talented person with a rich inner world and a subtle perception of the surrounding reality. But also a conceived man is well aware that for the most productive realization of your talents you do not have enough life experience and determination.
He sees that deep down, on a subconscious level, you are afraid of cardinal changes.
A conceived man considers you as a candidate for the role of his second half and fully admits the idea that he can create a strong family with you, raise wonderful children and be happy.
"},{"card":"ogon-vozduha-vodoley-korol-mechey.jpg","name":"King of Swords","content":" A responsible, serious, shrewd and chaste girl with a good upbringing, who knows how to control her life, but sometimes shows impatience with others - this is what a secret man thinks of you.
become truly \"your own\" for the specified man, you need to moderate your aggression, show less authority and inflexibility, be more forgiving, and do not forget that all people have shortcomings. And a man also considers you capable of objective judgments and evaluations, so he often tries to hear your sound advice on a particular occasion.
"},{"card":"povelitel-blagorazumiya-8-pentakley.jpg","name":"Lord of Prudence. 8 Pentacles","content":" It may sound a little unexpected, but the conceived man not only bows before you, but also looks up to you. He considers you to be a successful person in all respects and also wants to be the same. There is a bit of envy here, but not black, capable of causing harm, but white, friendly. This is not even quite envy, but rather rivalry, a competitive spirit that gives strength and makes you move forward.
In general, a man has a favorable opinion of you, but in his heart, he believes that you do not take him seriously. And until he is as successful as you, he will not be able to become a closer person to you.
"},{"card":"povelitel-izobiliya-3-kubkov.jpg","name":"Lord of abundance. 3 Cups","content":" A friendly, sociable, cheerful girl, from whom she emanates a continuous positive, cheering up everyone around - such thoughts are present in a man when he thinks about you. He loves fun, has a large social circle, and will be happy to be friends with you, spending time with fascinating conversations. But for a serious relationship with far-reaching plans, he is looking for a more serious lady who could convince him of her reliability, loyalty, and pragmatism.
For a man to consider you as a full partner, you are advised to be more serious, deep restrained in emotions, and scrupulous in details.
"},{"card":"povelitel-materialnoy-pribily-9-pentakley.jpg","name":"Master of material gain. 9 Pentacles","content":" nature who knows how to subjugate the forces of the Universe and attract powerful flows of monetary energy into her life. The queen of finance, a girl with devilish luck and an iron character. Such thoughts about you make a man think about his financial situation. Communicating with you, he cannot get rid of the thought that not everything is going smoothly with his money. He feels confused, and sometimes even inferior.
Deep down, he admires you and is tormented because he is in love with you. You are sexually attracted to him, and he would love to create a family with you, but he just doesn`t know what you think about it.
"},{"card":"povelitel-otchayaniya-i-zhestokosti-9-mechey.jpg","name":"Lord of despair and cruelty. 9 of Swords","content":" When communicating with you, a man does not leave the thought that you are deeply unhappy. And although you are almost always in high spirits, it still seems to him that you are upset about something, perhaps someone offended you. Thanks to such thoughts, he has compassion, a desire to console and help, improve your life, bringing joy into it. Since the conceived man is a defender by nature, he subconsciously will strive to save you from trouble, to protect you from problems and hardships. This is one of the most successful types of men for marriage.
If you are attracted to a conceived man, you can safely start a serious relationship with him and even go down the aisle.
"},{"card":"povelitel-ukroshennoy-sily-8-mechey.jpg","name":"Master of Tamed Power. 8 of Swords","content":" A bohemian, subtly feeling nature, but at the same time a strong personality who will not give himself into offense, will rise like a mountain if her interests are hurt or honor and dignity are offended - such is the opinion of a man-made up of you. From the outside, he sees you as an obstinate and slightly capricious girl. But, at the same time, you feel that you have a solid core, thanks to which you achieve success where many of the fairer sex give in.
In the mind of a man, you are the ideal girl not only for serious relationships but also for marriage, as well as raising children together.
"},{"card":"Solnce.jpg","name":"Sun","content":" When he saw you for the first time, a man immediately realized that you are the very girl he was looking for for so long, who is ready to idolize, cherish and cherish, protect from enemies and pamper with expensive gifts. However, the conceived man is a far-sighted, detailed, and sedate person. He was not used to rushing and making decisions in the heat of the moment. For this reason, the rapprochement between you occurs gradually.
First impressions have cooled, and the desire to immediately lead you down the aisle has become a \"wait and see\" category. So the man thinks. But don`t waste your time either. Live and see too. On his behavior, reactions, actions, feelings. Try to evaluate the man from all sides and see if you need him.
"},{"card":"Sud.jpg","name":"Court","content":" The man cannot fully understand you. On the one hand, you allow him some liberties, which gives him hope that he will be able to take care of you. On the other hand, for some reason, hesitate with conclusions, speak in hints, without specifics, without going into details. A man has conflicting feelings. He is sure that you play with him like a cat with a mouse. Despite everything, the man even likes it, although, in fairness, I must say that sometimes you go too far.
Try to decide what you want, and let the man know about it soon. Otherwise, you will remain on friendly terms.
"},{"card":"povelitel-vosstanovlenogo-mira-2-mechey.jpg","name":"Master of the restored world. 2 of Swords","content":" A man perceives your personality as a storehouse of mysteries and mysteries. He certainly wants to unravel your soul, look into your heart, understand who you are, without embellishment, and feigned positive. Very often, you hold back your emotions in the presence of a hidden man. This, even more, envelops your image with a veil of mystery, gives it uniqueness and that zest that is so attractive to the stronger sex.
If you want, this man will always be there, he will not leave you and will not betray you. If you do not allow him to adore you in public, he will continue to do so in secret, becoming your eternal secret admirer.
"},{"card":"povelitel-zemnoy-vlasti-4-pentakley.jpg","name":"Lord of Earthly Power. 4 Pentkalei ","content":" A girl who stands firmly on her feet knows her worth and, choosing a worthy partner, will not waste time on trifles. And even if at the moment you cannot boast of a strong financial position, you still give a man the impression of a person who does not deny himself anything. You have business acumen, you have a commercial streak, and the ability to turn any situation to your advantage. These qualities are visible in communication. And the hidden man is very perceptive, so it is not difficult for him to understand your inner nature.
You are deeply sympathetic to him, he is not averse to having an affair with you, which over time can develop into something more serious.
"},{"card":"voda-vody-rak-koroleva-kubkov.jpg","name":"Queen of Cups","content":" In the mind of a conceived man, you are a positive and successful girl. And most importantly - calm, delicate, and restrained. It is these qualities that are among those that he values ??most in people. Watching you, a man never ceases to admire your degree. Your behavior appeals to him, he gradually falls in love. But we are not talking about a hot, passionate, spontaneous hobby. Here, rather, true love, deep, conscious. The one for which people are ready to sacrifice a lot.

With this man you will find a truly happy union, devoid of quarrels and global problems.
"},{"card":"vozduh-ognya-strelec-ricar-zhezlov.jpg","name":"Knight of Wands","content":" A daring madam, capable of taking risks for the sake of her goal, successful and beautiful, desperate and tireless, lady-perfection - such thoughts about you hover in the mind of a conceived man. He likes the fact that you are ambitious, knows how to take a blow, does not succumb to provocations, and panic in situations where many people would at least be at a loss. You don`t get lost in difficult situations. A man is sure that you have the power to solve any problems.
Small doubts prevent a man from getting closer to you. He notes that you are often impatient with others\/interlocutors.
"},{"card":"vozduh-zemli-deva-ricar-pentakley.jpg","name":"Knight of Pentacles","content":" The man you have envisioned is very observant. And he, too, is watching you very closely. Perhaps you do not notice this, but he always evaluates your actions and words, as if trying on and wondering if you can become his second half for life. By nature you are proactive, but with this man, you cannot fully demonstrate the specified quality. Surely this is the embarrassment of the unknown. After all, it is impossible to calculate the intentions to the end and find out about the desires of a man.
In fact, he expects the first step from you. This can be a transparent hint in the form of an act or a frank conversation.
"},{"card":"zemlya-vody-stihiya-voda-pazh-kubkov.jpg","name":"Page of Cups","content":" Your man is a real romantic. He never stops dreaming of your happy future. If you are not in a love relationship with him, he certainly hopes for their occurrence and successful development. For this, he does everything he can and considers necessary. Perhaps his actions do not lead to the desired results or even spoil everything, but he acts at the behest of his own, and most importantly, a heart that is deeply in love with you. You are also dreamy and romantic.
In the thoughts of a man, you appear before him in the form of a Turgenev girl, gentle and meek, capable of real feelings, with a huge kind heart and an open soul.
"},{"card":"zemlya-zemli-stihiya-zemlya-pazh-pentakley.jpg","name":"Page of Pentacles","content":" A man is seriously fascinated by your nature, creative and harmonious in all respects. He`s also crazy about your looks. He considers you not only attractive and sexually attractive, but a real beauty queen, worthy of only the best. He is not sure that he will be able to provide you with the life that you deserve. From this and indecision, lack of initiative and concrete steps towards the creation of serious relations. And even if a man is active about you, deep down he feels shyness and confusion, and outward emancipation, free-spirited behavior, and deliberate negligence of speech are feigned.
"},{"card":"Zhrica.jpg","name":"Priestess","content":" The man you have conceived is not greedy for outward beauty. Evaluating women, he digs much deeper, peering into their inner world, evaluating character traits, analyzing words and deeds. A man feels you on an intuitive level. He is sure that the feminine principle is present in you, which contributes to the harmonious development of the feminine essence. In his opinion, you are an ideal partner, lover, girlfriend, and wife.
He likes that you are calm and consistent in your actions, does not show impulsiveness, and before you do or say something, carefully weigh all the pros and cons.
"}],[{"card":"1.jpg","name":"Empress","content":" He considers you to be a real mistress of your destiny, strong, purposeful, rebellious, with tremendous fortitude and nerves of steel. He understands that you can be trusted with secrets and you can be relied on in a difficult situation.
A man does not yet know how the relationship between you can develop in the future. He would like more than he has at the moment. Sometimes it seems to him that he is not worthy of you. Hence, some shyness. He constantly thinks, hesitates, cannot decide on something important.
When dealing with a man, at least sometimes be gentle, be flexible so that he can quickly make an important decision for himself.
"},{"card":"bashnja.jpg","name":"Tower","content":" In this time, a man is re-evaluating his values, his worldview, and the inner world. He realized that he had lived in a completely different way, he had gone the wrong way, and this led him to a dead end. And, having met you, it dawned on him: you are the only girl who can give him a new life, reconsider your priorities and radically change life orientations.
He strives to always be with you, because his soul at such moments cleared, and he sees the right path along which to move. The culmination of a man`s desires is the desire to tie his and your fate forever.
"},{"card":"Kolesnica.jpg","name":"Chariot","content":" Love blooms in the soul of a hidden man. He languishes in anticipation of meeting you, always hoping for a successful outcome. Sometimes he is overcome by doubts: what if you refuse him or unexpectedly push him away when you meet someone more suitable in terms of social status, character, life convictions.
A man is endowed with powerful energy. This means that, if necessary, he will devote all his inner strength to conquer your heart. He is ready to overcome countless obstacles, whatever they may be, wait for your decision for years, take care of you, win you from rivals, and fulfill all your desires and whims.
"},{"card":"koren-sil-vody-tuz-kubkov.jpg","name":"Ace of Cups","content":" Enthusiasm, flirting, light falling in love, which in the presence of favorable conditions can eventually develop into a real deep feeling. A man feels an aching tenderness towards you, he is sure that the meeting with you was given to him by the Higher Forces, that you are the very girl who can become for him the only for life.
The first time after meeting he was looking at you closely and did not feel any such emotions. But then, after looking closely and appreciating all your qualities, the confidence came to him that you are his betrothed, which should not be missed.
"},{"card":"ogon-ognya-lev-korol-zhezlov.jpg","name":"King of Wands","content":" Confusion often comes to a man when he talks to you or thinks about you. His feelings are undermined by the fact that you show excessive haste in everything: in conclusions, decision-making, discussion of serious issues. A man simply cannot keep up with you and cannot change his point of view as quickly on this or that occasion.
Attempts to hint to you about the need to be more perspicacious encounter inappropriate resentment and pride. If you value a man who is attracted to you, try to act less harshly, be more feminine and, at least at first, do not show obvious masculine qualities.
"},{"card":"Otshelnik.jpg","name":"Hermit","content":" A man next to you feels that he is, as they say, at ease, in his place, where he is comfortable and calm. You have a calming effect on him. But at the same time, the man falls in love with you. At the moment, the process of developing his love feelings for you is taking place. He is full of hopes that you will reciprocate, not disappoint, and be able to meet all his expectations.
Communicating with you, the man is more and more convinced that you are sent to him by fate for great achievements, spiritual growth, and self-knowledge ... You are almost sacred to him. He will never offend you or hurt others.
"},{"card":"povelitel-bogatstva-10-pentakley.jpg","name":"Master of Wealth. 10 Pentacles","content":" After meeting you, the man was pleasantly surprised by the strong impression you make on him. Out of the blue, love came to him. But not the one to which he was used to, but real, clean and even, without impulsive leaps and emotional outbursts. A man opened new facets of his soul, realizing that you are exactly the one he was looking for for so long, with which he can find peace and happiness.
Thanks to your worldly wisdom, degree of gravity, and stability, you awakened in a man that a feeling that gives a clear awareness and acceptance of their position. He loves you now. And if your attitude towards him does not change over time, love will grow stronger every day.
"},{"card":"povelitel-materialnogo-uspeha-9-kubkov.jpg","name":"Master of material success. 9 Cups","content":" The man is thrilled in front of you, you just turned his head, easily and naturally. You didn`t need to make any effort to do this. The man is aiming for a serious relationship with you. Perhaps a little time will pass and he will make you a marriage proposal. He is pragmatic and reasonable, tactful, and not assertive.
For you, this is the ideal type of man to marry. With it, you will feel like behind a stone wall. And nine more cups predict material success for you and your partner if the relationship and marriage will take place. You will not feel the material need when you are with this man.
"},{"card":"povelitel-narushenyh-udovolstviy-4-kubkov.jpg","name":"Master of disturbed pleasures. 4 Cups","content":" Everything seems to be going great. The man likes you. But, on the other hand, something constantly interferes with the development of his feelings and their transformation into something more serious and fundamental.
Your relationship cannot find a reliable foundation, which threatens to collapse every minute and bury everything that was achieved with such difficulty under its rubble. This is where apathy, uncertainty about the future, aloofness, and even minor grievances originate. But the chances are great that real feelings will take over. Therefore, do not waste time, but help a man`s love to grow stronger and be reborn into true love.
"},{"card":"povelitel-pechali-3-mechey.jpg","name":"Lord of Sorrows. 3 of Swords","content":" You are so deeply entrenched in a man`s soul that he cannot live without thinking about your future together. Observing your success, seeing that you are a self-sufficient, assertive, and enterprising girl, sometimes he cannot understand how to win your heart completely.
Deep down, a man suffers that he cannot completely possess you and find a path that will lead him to his goal.
He is anxious in his soul and from the fact that he is not sure if you want to be with him, create and strengthen relationships. And the most important thing is whether you wish to go down the aisle with him. A man`s doubts and fears are largely based on the fact that there are many worthy suitors around you.
"},{"card":"povelitel-ugnetennosti-10-zhezlov.jpg","name":"Lord of Oppression. 10 of Wands","content":" The man is at a crossroads because he has no idea what to expect from you tomorrow. You do not give him any specific promises, but at the same time, you entice and seduce him.
Intuitively, he understands that you prefer initiative men, so you need to take risks. He believes that the risk will be 100% justified. And if so, accept his assertive courtship favorably.
If a man does not interest you as a chosen one, you should not give him false hopes. And the man`s sympathies for you cannot be stabilized due to your secrecy. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, you are not saying a lot. The feelings of this man are completely in your hands.
"},{"card":"povelitel-utrachennoy-radosti-5-kubkov.jpg","name":"Master of Lost Joy. 5 Cups","content":" A man`s tenacity knows no bounds. He is 100% sure that you are the girl destined for him. His feelings for you are so deep and ardent that he is tormented even for the most insignificant reasons. For example, he is jealous of the first person he meets, critically evaluates every word you say, looking for hidden meaning and secret messages in it.
Such emotions often drive a man into melancholy. He seems to be in prostration, not realizing his actions. From time to time he manages to curb his passion for you.
If you connect your life with him, the passions will subside and everything will be great.
"},{"card":"povelitel-velikoy-sily-9-zhezlov.jpg","name":"Lord of great power. 9 of Wands","content":" For you, this man is one of the most important people in your personal life. It is not surprising that he loves you so much, despite everything, even your some detachment, occasional excesses in behavior, and lack of tact in communication.
A man feels that he has found a life partner in your face. There is no only firm confidence that the path to family happiness will be smooth and unhindered.
Here you are free to do as you please: to convince the man of what he hopes for, or to let him know that difficulties will still arise. But, in any case, your destinies are connected karmically. This means that the heart of a man is in your power.
"},{"card":"povelitel-zavershennoy-raboty-4-zhezlov.jpg","name":"Master of the completed work. 4 of Wands","content":" The man thanks fate for bringing him to you. He cannot get enough of every second spent in your company. About you, he experiences the whole gamut of emotions that anticipate the birth of true love. But, as an experienced person, he is not going to rush, realizing that each action has its own time.
It is noteworthy, but the man is sure that he will not be able to win your favor just like that. And at the same time, he understands that as a result, he will be able to achieve your location.
A man is ready for difficulties, he is not afraid of them but takes it for granted, as inevitable circumstances that can only temper his feelings.
"},{"card":"Shut.jpg","name":"Jester","content":" Time is ticking, and a man cannot decide on his feelings for you. And even for himself, he is not yet able to identify his emotions. A man has an easy, open, positive character, not inclined to depression and long, unnecessary thoughts.
He is ready to offer you his hand and heart even now. But uncertainty gets in the way. Only you can help him in this matter. To do this, you need to demonstrate to the man that you are a responsible person, ready for any positive changes, will be able to support him in all endeavors, and will never reproach him for small mistakes in life.
"},{"card":"Umerennost.jpg","name":"Moderation","content":" For the envisioned man, you are a faithful friend. He perceives you as an equal partner, but not for love pleasures, but simply for a fun pastime or the development of any financial\/creative project.
Yes, he admits the thought of intimate relationships and even marriage with you, but he lacks emotion, passion, tenderness. Therefore, in this case, the family will be based not so much on love as on pragmatism and some calculation. And not necessarily on the material calculation, but, for example, on the rational, assuming the convenience of coexistence.
"},{"card":"Zhrec.jpg","name":"Priest","content":" Of course, a man has the deepest affection for you. It is based on the feeling that you are superior to the other girls around him. Everything is relative. So a man, comparing you with many other potential companions\/wives, chooses in your favor.
As he communicates with you, he becomes more confident that you are a wonderful spiritual leader, a girl who is able not only to maintain and strengthen marriage but also to act as a family spiritual mentor. That is, to seal the bonds of marriage with those invisible, but strong karmic threads, which no one can break.
"},{"card":"Zvezda.jpg","name":"Zdezda","content":" The man feels that there is a close relationship between him and you on a higher, spiritual level. Both of you are creative individuals, and for such people, spiritual kinship is very important for finding inspiration and successfully realizing your creative potential. The man is not sure that he can win you over, but he hopes so. He is in love with you, and this gives him the strength to discover new talents in himself.
Next to you, he feels incredible elation. The man is overwhelmed by grandiose ideas about your relationship, he makes plans for the future but is not quite sure what is attractive to you as a life partner.
"},{"card":"voda-ognya-oven-koroleva-zhezlov.jpg","name":"Queen of Wands","content":" A man is attracted to you, including sex. You attract him like a magnet. But we are not talking about deep feelings yet. Everything in your union is so dynamic that tomorrow`s emotions may become the opposite. Accordingly, thoughts and actions will also change. The good news is that you can significantly influence these dynamics, turning situations in those directions that are beneficial to you.
In the process of communicating with you, a man does not leave the thought that you are not only strict, noble, and fair in life, but you also have an irresistible craving for luxury. And he is not sure that in the future he will be able to constantly provide you with sufficient material benefits.
"},{"card":"vozduh-vody-ryby-rycar-kubkov.jpg","name":"Knight of Cups","content":" The man is crazy about you. But, despite this, he feels some hidden intentions in you. It seems to him that your soul has a double bottom. Maybe in fact it is not so. But he understands everything in his way. His feelings for you are deep enough, you just can`t weaken them. The man will fight for his dream, which is to be with you. For this, he is ready, if not for everything, then for a lot for sure. In particular, he can give up some of his desires and aspirations. But you shouldn`t stay idle either.
Prove to him that you are straightforward, that you do not have insidious plans, that you are not hiding anything, and that you are determined to have an honest relationship.
"},{"card":"zemlya-vozduha-stihiya-vozduh-pazh-mechey.jpg","name":"Page of Swords","content":" A man sees you as a chance for a happy life. He feels that next to you, luck will smile at him in his personal life. You have revived in him the hope for success and the ability to create a really strong and friendly family. And the enigmatic man sees a picture of the future, where you are the mother of his several children.
A man is proud not only for you, for your external attractiveness, light disposition, and decent demeanor, but also his choice. He understands that he was lucky to fall in love with a girl of rare charm, with a subtle sense of humor and unearthly beauty. Trust this man for a happy marriage.
"}],[{"card":"1.jpg","name":"Devil","content":" A man is looking for a meeting with you, as he has a powerful sexual attraction to you. But there is another important reason for him, why he seeks to see you as often as possible. In your society (in the company or alone - it doesn`t matter) a man raises his self-esteem, flatters his pride, mentally, and sometimes demonstratively boasts of his intellectual and social superiority. Most often this happens unnoticed by you and other interlocutors.
A man wants to see you to get rid of inner complexes and constantly remind himself that he is a strong-willed person.
"},{"card":"Sila.jpg","name":"Strength","content":" A man passionately wants you to become (remain) not only his beloved, the main girl in life and a faithful companion but also a spiritual mentor, as well as a keeper of peace of mind. So far, your relationship cannot be called ideal, since the long period of lapping is not over yet. But over time, everything will settle down, and complete harmony will come in your relationship, of course, if you want it.
The desire to bathe in the tenderness that you give him also keeps the man next to you. He recalls that it is very difficult to find a girl as feminine and sexually attractive as you.
"},{"card":"Spravedlivost.jpg","name":"Fairness","content":" It is said that people intended for each other are karmically connected. So in your case, the laws of karma worked. The conceived man felt in you a person who can become related to him in soul and mind, understand his inner world, and protect him from numerous mistakes in the future. He wants to live according to his conscience, as his heart prompts. Therefore, I chose you. After all, you, like no one else, can understand his actions and thoughts.
A man has a rare flair for harmony and balance in relationships. He understands that it will be possible to achieve such a balance with you. Also, the man feels responsible for the created (planned) relationship, he can be relied on, he will not let down or deceive.
"},{"card":"Vljublennye.jpg","name":"Lovers","content":" Strong and deep feeling is what keeps a man close to you. It seems that no one and nothing can confuse a man, disappoint in his choice. And it is true. He plans to live with you all his life, of course, if you so wish. You can be trusted, you are a sincere and sincere person. And many males appreciate such qualities.
You are lucky to meet your true love, so enjoy it! Do not be afraid of the vicissitudes of fate, together with this man you will easily overcome any adversity and cope with any problems. A man will never leave you willingly.
"},{"card":"koren-sil-vozduha-tuz-mechey.jpg","name":"Root of air forces. Ace of Swords","content":" Demonstration of determination, an intoxicating sense of freedom and light, casual flirting, a fun pastime in the company of a beautiful lady, whom he is almost in love with - these are the motives for a man to date with you.
He loves to enjoy and does not like to deny himself anything. And with you, he is very good. So he seeks to envelop you with his care and tenderness so that in the future you will meet with him with even greater pleasure.
It is important for a man that you also feel comfortable and relaxed in his company. By tying your fate with him, happy, easy life awaits you.
"},{"card":"povelitel-borby-5-zhezlov.jpg","name":"Master of the fight. 5 of Wands","content":" You don`t spoil the man too much with your attention, even though you like him. It`s just that you have this demeanor with those who are trying to gain your favor. And a man loves riddles, tests, competitions. For him, the very process of achieving the goal is attractive. And in this case, his goal is to win your heart.
Every man wants to feel like a knight, a pioneer, a pioneer. So your knight is trying to open up new facets of your character, to find your sensitive spots, by clicking on which you can achieve what you want.
The more you resist playing cat and mouse, the more attractive you become for a man.
"},{"card":"povelitel-borby-5-zhezlov.jpg","name":"Master of the fight. 5 of Wands","content":" You don't spoil the man too much with your attention, even though you like him. It's just that you have this demeanor with those who are trying to gain your favor. And a man loves riddles, tests, competitions. For him, the very process of achieving the goal is attractive. And in this case, his goal is to win your heart.
Every man wants to feel like a knight, a pioneer, a pioneer. So your knight is trying to open up new facets of your character, to find your sensitive spots, by clicking on which you can achieve what you want.
The more you resist playing cat and mouse, the more attractive you become for a man.
"},{"card":"povelitel-doblesti-7-zhezlov.jpg","name":"Lord of Valor. 7 of Wands","content":" Loving and being loved, feeling reciprocity, your willingness to create a lasting and lasting relationship is the main reason a man communicates with you. And you also remind him of a gentle princess who needs to be protected from enemies and protected from all sorts of problems, shielding himself from life`s hardships and substituting his shoulder if necessary.
The enigmatic man is a real fighter in life, staunch and courageous. With this, you will feel like behind a stone wall. He loves to feel like a real hero, protector, and conqueror. And you fully provide him with this opportunity.
"},{"card":"povelitel-illuzornogo-uspeha-7-kubkov.jpg","name":"Master of illusory success. 7 Cups","content":" Your relationship with this man is filled with the highest meaning, fatalism, fatal signs. And all because fate itself wants you to be together. The man feels it.
Thanks to his developed intuition, he drew attention to you, singled out among many girls, saw in you the cherished light, to which he flies like a moth. He is drawn to you on a subconscious level. He always dreamed of finding his real second half, with which you can connect life and find a reliable family.
You give him a feeling of complete moral satisfaction, happiness, a sense of accomplishment, and unshakable confidence in the correctness of his actions.
"},{"card":"povelitel-lyubvi-2-kubkov.jpg","name":"Lord of love. 2 Cups","content":" The concept of a family for a conceived man is a strong union, a happy relationship, devoid of problems, quarrels, and scandals. Several children must be born in a family, and lovers will never offend each other. In your face, a man wants to find a faithful companion of life, the keeper of the family hearth, a caring mother of his children, a passionate lover, an adviser, and a like-minded woman, a devoted friend.
In the understanding of a man, you fit all of the above and very important parameters for him ... This man is an excellent candidate for a serious relationship with a focus on marriage.
"},{"card":"povelitel-nenadezhnogo-usiliya-7-mechey.jpg","name":"Master of Unreliable Effort. 7 of Swords","content":" Immediately after meeting you, the man pursued purely pragmatic goals: due to his friendship with you, he wanted to acquire something, what he needed. But as he communicated with you, he did not notice how to love feelings that arose in his soul. Now his pragmatism has faded into the background. A man is afraid of failure, exposure to his original plans. After all, this can jeopardize the relationship between you, especially in his soul the man has already realized the stupidity and meaninglessness of his original aspirations.
His conscience gnaws at him, which he will try to calm down by performing noble deeds aimed at give you care, love, tenderness.
"},{"card":"povelitel-pobedy-6-zhezlov.jpg","name":"Lord of victory. 6 of Wands","content":" The man has already walked up, fed up with freedom and independence. He passionately wants to find himself a second half, which he can lead down the aisle. Getting to know you has become a gift of fate for a man. He understands this, so he seeks to win your favor.
It should be noted that he is ready to go to great lengths for the purpose laid before him. For example, neglect things that are dear and important to him, give up some of his principles, deviate from certain rules that were once established for himself, and were impeccably executed.
Appreciate this attitude and do not miss the chance to become happy in marriage.
"},{"card":"povelitel-porazheniya-5-mechey.jpg","name":"Master of the battle. 5 of Swords","content":" A man`s goal is to restore his self-esteem after numerous defeats on the love front. You are ideal for the role of a \"spiritual healer.\" The man gradually begins to fall in love with you.
Do not be angry with him for the fact that initially he was not drawn to you my feelings, but banal selfishness, a desire to assert himself, erase failures, losses from his memory, forget those life situations and circumstances for which he is very ashamed in front of himself.
Now his masculine self-esteem is restored, his heart is open to new love, he is completely ready to create a serious relationship and subsequent marriage.
"},{"card":"povelitel-schastya-6-kubkov.jpg","name":"Lord of Happiness. 6 Cups","content":" While communicating with you, a man pursues the highest and noblest goals: to find peace and comfort in your society, to relax and not think about adversity, to hide from problematic reality, to forget, to go headlong into the world of love, tenderness, understanding, and care.
He dreams of starting a family with you, conceiving a child, living a long and happy life. If you are sympathetic to a man and your interests at the moment coincide with his desires, do not drive this fan. On the contrary, show him that you also want to start a family and have a child. Believe me, understanding this, he will be the happiest man on Earth.
"},{"card":"povelitel-upushennogo-uspeha-8-kubkov.jpg","name":"Master of missed success. 8 Cups","content":" The man is already tired of looking for a beautiful but at the same time honest and loyal girl. He was desperate, but you met on his way. He is immensely happy to meet you.
A man wants a relationship that will not be tainted by destructive jealousy, betrayal, deception, and quarrels. He sees in you the girl who can give him happiness in his personal life.
The only thing that confuses him a little is your overly modest behavior. He seems to understand that you also like it and that you are not against a serious relationship, but your unreasonable shyness does not allow him to fully demonstrate his desires.
"},{"card":"povelitel-utverzhdennoy-sily-3-zhezlov.jpg","name":"Master of the approved power. 3 of Wands","content":" You are a determined, grasping and adventurous girl. You have great leadership skills and an innate flair for commercially viable projects. The man did not understand this immediately, but after some time after the meeting, during which he immediately liked you.
The first reason why he is next to you is a prosperous relationship, spiritual unity, and creative union.
The second is the acquisition of a full-fledged business partner, ally, advisor, a person who can support both in deeds and advice. If you agree to marry this man, your union will be based not only on deep feelings but also on a spiritual connection.
"},{"card":"povelitel-zasluzhennogo-otdiha-6-mechey.jpg","name":"Master of the well-deserved rest. 6 of Swords","content":" Seeing you, the man realized that you are not an easy girl, but a solid riddle that you want to solve. At first, he was driven by curiosity: can I win her, fall in love with me and achieve a relationship, and what if I`m lucky to find my true love? Then feelings began to arise, and it became clear to the man that you are his soul mate.
The enigmatic man is very fond of changes, he is easy-going and wants to see a girl next to him with the same easy character, not burdened with unnecessary prejudice. This is who you are.
Excellent character compatibility gives you the opportunity to create a happy union.
"},{"card":"voda-zemli-kozerog-koroleva-pentakley.jpg","name":"Queen of Pentacles","content":" The man plans to charm you, seduce and, if possible, bind you forever. And if he has already seduced you, then expect the next, more serious steps. After all, the main goal of a man about you is to make you forget about all the men (potential partners) that surround you.
It should be noted that the envisioned man is so attractive that he can be called real tempter, conqueror of women`s hearts. And although earlier he did not differ in homebody and modesty, in a relationship with you he became different. He was tired of flitting from one girl to the arc. It`s time to start a serious relationship. His choice fell on you.
"},{"card":"vozduh-vozduha-bliznecy-ricar-mechey.jpg","name":"Knight of Swords","content":" A man wants to be happy in his personal life. He met you and realized that you are quite consistent with his inner ideas about what his soul mate should be like. However, not all your character traits are to his liking.
The goal of a man is to re-educate you, softening some qualities, and \"blind\" you to the ideal wife for himself. This is not so bad, because the intentions of a man are the best. He does not want to \"mold\" you into a \"monster\" or \"puppet\". He wants you to be softer and more flexible. And not to command you, be a tyrant or the undivided head of the family, but to enjoy the company of a calm, relaxed, and gentle girl every day.
"},{"card":"zemlya-ognya-stihiya-ogon-pazh-zhezlov.jpg","name":"Page of Wands","content":" A man is trying to create a serious relationship with you, he hopes that you will agree to become his chosen one and be with him always, in sorrow and joy, regardless of his financial situation.
A conceived man is an enthusiast, a strong-willed person, he knows how to achieve his goal. He sees such character traits in you. You feel good together, you suit each other not only in character but also in your inner essence, life orientations, and priorities.
If you connect your fate with this man, he will teach you to make the right choice in difficult situations, will share his life experience, will support in any endeavors.
"}],[{"card":"1.jpg","name":"Wheel of Fortune","content":" Your relationship is developing more than successfully. If they remain so in the future, your union will turn into a strong, durable, and happy marriage, in which several children are destined to be born. The chariot or wheel of fortune portends a rapid leap forward, victory, the movement towards the goal. You and the man will be \"one\". You will have common global tasks that you can easily accomplish.
Moving forward together and acting together, you will reach unprecedented financial heights, many doors will open before you, you will realize a lot of opportunities that a generous destiny will provide you.
"},{"card":"Luna.jpg","name":"Moon","content":" Both of you are subject to dreams, love romance, and prefer not to notice the small problems that initially entangled your union. Such an attitude to everyday issues is sometimes justified. But not always. Your relationship, if you continue to turn a blind eye to emerging problems, may come to a standstill. Your union will be mired in deception, both of you can become entangled in your own mistakes.
As a life partner, a man is perfect for you, just like you care for him. But you both need to change some character traits, to be more far-sighted, serious, judicious.
If you want the relationship to develop in the future, do not be reckless.
"},{"card":"Poveshennyj.jpg","name":"The Hanged Man","content":" Don`t be intimidated by this card. She does not predict something tragic and even more deadly. Your relationship with a man has not yet matured to something more global. Everything has its time. The card says that the likelihood that you will marry a man is very high. But premarital relationships need to mature.
You both need to gain life experience. Learn to understand each other, prioritize goals from secondary ones, forgive and forget old grievances.
The Hanged Man says that with experience you will receive an important insight, thanks to which you will build your life the way you want.
"},{"card":"Smert.jpg","name":"Death","content":" Don`t worry about the scary name of the map. It is not as negative as it seems. Of course, your relationship with the envisioned man can become obsolete and destroyed. And the probability of this is rather big. However, there is the possibility of maintaining and strengthening the relationship. Both of you can contribute to their gradual transformation into marriage. However, for this, it is important to go from renewal to maturity in karmic terms.
Most likely, you and a man will have to meet\/live together in a civil marriage for a long time to get used to each other as well as possible. If you truly love each other, you will be able to withstand any test.
"},{"card":"koren-sil-ognya-tuz-zhezlov.jpg","name":"Ace of Wands","content":" Now the relationship between you and your man is pretty even and smooth, apart from minor troubles that are not able to have a significant impact on life events. But ahead of your tandem changes await. And they will be auspicious. Both of you will have a lot of great opportunities.
Together you are a force that can bypass almost any obstacle.
You will be especially successful in new endeavors. You may receive an inheritance. It will happen unexpectedly. The capital, which will be at your complete disposal, will greatly help to improve your financial situation, establish your own business, and live comfortably for many years.
"},{"card":"ogon-vody-scorpion-korol-kubkov.jpg","name":"King of Cups","content":" You will be a great couple. Although now you look amazing together. But years will pass, the final grinding into each other will end, and then a new, happier stage of the relationship will begin.
The Higher Forces are on your side, fate will not put up obstacles, and fortune will almost always accompany. However, the well-being of your union is fragile so far. If you carelessly, you can break it, and if you show rudeness, it can be destroyed. It will be extremely difficult to restore it after the destruction.
The card indicates that you will be happy living in your own comfortable home. And not abroad, but in the native land.
"},{"card":"ogon-zemli-telec-korol-pentakley.jpg","name":"King of Pentacles","content":" Your relationship has been threatened with destruction more than once. But you and your companion have enough patience, well-developed intuition, prudence, and composure to eliminate problems that arise. If in the future you do not lose these qualities and do not loosen your grip, your union will happily exist for many years.
The card promises prosperity and longevity. But you should not flirt with Sherlock Holmes and go too far. Then there will be a split between you, threatening to turn the relationship into a forced existence with each other. And do not allow yourself and the man liberties on the side, otherwise, rivals\/rivals can take away your happy future.
"},{"card":"povelitel-dominiona-2-zhezlov.jpg","name":"Lord of the Dominion. 2 of Wands","content":" Right now, you cannot distance yourself from a man, keep neutrality or defend your position too zealously. Although this will not lead to global conflicts, it will significantly cool you towards each other. Subsequently, this will hurt the development of relations. The marriage in this case can turn out to be empty, exhausted. You will be together, but you will not be interested in each other`s problems and desires, share your joys and troubles. And this is no longer an alliance, but a forced coexistence without mutual support, care, and understanding.
Try to settle all the troubles that arise at once, so that there is no bad aftertaste.
"},{"card":"povelitel-garmonichnoy-peremeny-2-pentakley.jpg","name":"Lord of Harmonious Change. 2 of Pentacles","content":" Your relationship is destined to develop according to the \"chaotic leaps\" program. You will then experience an ardent passion for each other, then instantly cool down, dealing with personal issues. Such \"fun slides\" are good only at first, but for a stable marriage, they can cause a split. Overheating and freezing of relations should not be allowed. Even though in your heart you agree to be on the sidelines in marriage, you will still play the role of the head of the family behind the scenes.
You and the cards in your hands: do not allow yourself and the man to move too far from family problems, try to find a middle ground in everything, and stick to it all the time.
"},{"card":"povelitel-materialnogo-uspeha-6-pentakley.jpg","name":"Master of Material Success. 6 Pentacles","content":" Happy times await your union. The card says that you can adequately overcome some difficulties and get married. The difficulties will most likely be associated with financial instability. But you shouldn`t measure all life values ??with money. You need to avoid the manifestation of pride and isolation in yourself.
For a happy coexistence, it is important to help each other in everything, try to understand and, if necessary, forgive.
After passing all the tests, you will become is truly close in spirit, your relationship will acquire a different shade, a higher meaning. Throughout your life, you will be mentors, helpers, advisers, and companions to each other.
"},{"card":"povelitel-materialnogo-zatrudneniya-5-pentakley.jpg","name":"Master of Material Embarrassment. 5 Pentacles","content":" Your relationship can develop according to two scenarios and lead, respectively, to two completely different results.
The first scenario: everything goes as it goes, you and your man do not apply any efforts to improve your relationship, make it perfect, avoid problems and achieve complete understanding.
The second scenario: both of you try to understand each other`s aspirations and desires, worry about a joint future, make an effort to ensure that further avoid conflict situations and everyday problems. In the first case, marriage is possible, but it cannot be called completely happy. In the second case, after overcoming difficulties, you will find happiness.
"},{"card":"povelitel-materialnoy-raboty-3-pentakley.jpg","name":"Master of Material Work. 3 of Pentacles","content":" Your natural determination and determination, as well as your man`s foresight and pragmatism, will pay off. Your union is doomed to happiness. You have everything for this.
The only thing that can hinder the successful development of relations is your mutual unwillingness to build them in such a way that they are strong and long-lasting. Both of you are confident, preferring to take more risks than sit and wait for the weather by the sea. You`re in luck. With the ideal development of relations, a truly happy marriage awaits you, where the family hearth is a full cup, the children are healthy, and an atmosphere of friendliness and mutual understanding reigns in the house.
"},{"card":"povelitel-nepolnogo-uspeha-7-pentakley.jpg","name":"Lord of Incomplete Success. 7 Pentacles","content":" Your relationship can turn into a fertile marriage in every sense. The card is one of the most favorable for partners. All your life, both of you will be under the protection of the Higher Forces, of course, if you want to be together.
Alone, each of you will have a completely different fate. A very successful union, where everything will be: unprecedented luck, and wealth, and healthy children, and mutual respect, and deep feelings, and passion that will not fade away even after many years.
However, the seven pentacles warns that happiness will not come instantly. Life will improve gradually. You need to be patient.
"},{"card":"povelitel-otdiha-ot-borby-4-mechey.jpg","name":"Overlord of Rest from Struggle. 4 of Swords","content":" A long and happy union awaits you. With this man, you are provided with peace and tranquility. Your marriage, if, of course, you want to marry a man, will become a model of family happiness. Problems can arise, but not so serious that the marriage does not take place or falls apart before it gets stronger.
Misunderstanding between you and your partner, secrecy, escape from reality into your small world can shake a relationship and bring some coolness into it. If this happens, the marriage may continue to exist, but there will be no sincere, warm relationship with your husband.
Behave naturally and most importantly - do not withdraw into yourself.
"},{"card":"povelitel-polnogo-uspeha-10-kubkov.jpg","name":"Lord of Total Success. 10 Cups","content":" Your relationship is harmonious. If you want to go down the aisle with a secret man, happy times, peace of mind, and no global problems await you.
With this man you will understand what it means to be a truly happy married lady. He will give you warmth, affection, and love will be an exemplary family man and an excellent earner.
Your union will be something like the beginning of a long, bright, and prosperous path, where no obstacles will meet. You will always be surrounded by only good people who wish you well. And enemies, even if they meet, will not be able to harm you.
"},{"card":"povelitel-razrusheniya-10-mechey.jpg","name":"Lord of Destruction. 10 Swords","content":" You and your man have a good chance of turning your relationship into something more serious, like marriage. However, your path to happiness will not be smooth. To avoid problems and stagnation in the relationship, try not to let things\/problems take their course. Better keep everything under tight control.
Living in constant psychological stress is not an option. But don't worry, it won't take long to control the relationship, just before the wedding. Then everything will be formed by itself, life will get on its usual tracks and flow measuredly. Peace will be established in your family nest after you jointly overcome the adversity that one of the most negative Tarot cards warns about.
"},{"card":"povelitel-skorosti-8-zhezlov.jpg","name":"The Speedlord. 8 of Wands","content":" You and the conceived man represent a bright tandem of extraordinary, decisive, strong-willed personalities, each of whom wants to have their own opinion on all events in life, and opportunities for realizing potential, and personal space. <\/ p> Sometimes you look like birds from the famous Krylov fable. You aim in one direction, and he moves in the opposite direction. But more often than not, you still find a compromise.
If you like such a life, bright and not devoid of violent passions, fate is not against your union. If you want complete peace of mind in your marriage, stay friends with this man.
"},{"card":"voda-vozduha-vesy-koroleva-mechey.jpg","name":"Queen of Swords","content":" Both of you are independent, love freedom, and are not ready to sacrifice it for the sake of a meaningless goal, the essence of which you do not understand. You are active, observant, and perceptive, therefore, on a subconscious level, you strive in every possible way to test each other for strength, loyalty, the ability to keep a blow at gunpoint.
The Queen of Swords predicts that your union will not develop quickly, from that, and will become as strong as stone. Destiny will gladly connect your paths in life. But it will take some effort from both of you. From a man - to be a progressive person, personally from you - to show prudence, moderation, and feminine wisdom.

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Do you really want to know: Does He Love Me? Get 3x Tarot Spread + Your Secret Destiny Predictions.

How does he feel about me? Does he think about me? 

Be prepared for a deep look.

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Your Answers Here and Now.

You feel angry, helpless and sad because something terrible has happened to you.

If you can't recognize yourself at the moment because you are full of anger and hatred towards a person or a situation, you are now longing for a way out. The negative feelings take over your everyday life and you just don't know if you can go on like this.

Anger is a feeling that triggers many emotions in us. Sadness, pain, disappointment, helplessness and irritability. You want to bring little things to the boil. You want to scream, to beat yourself and preferably get rid of all your frustration somewhere.

Try some of these love spells. 

You may have also verbally attacked a person. Although you are aware that this does not benefit you. You finally want to be you again and long for a way out of this relationship.

When you have realized this, you are on the right path to become more relaxed again. With Love Tarot you can get the right help. Especially if you have lost control of a situation. 

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This tarot spread is about the potential of how someone feels about you. If you have been exploited, if you have not received recognition for what you have given, then you do not feel valued and a great pain comes over you. You want your family, friend or colleagues to finally understand what moves you deeply. 

Your anger accompanies you constantly, but you want to feel more love and serenity again. When you finally want to find inner peace again, you can do that with a little help from outside. It is important that you feel ready at this point to open up and face your anger.

In the morning you want to be able to get up again and start the day filled with hope - without fear of the future. The fear of what awaits you tomorrow can be overwhelming. That is why it is all the more important that you get help and advice. 

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About the Reading - Love Tarot - Draw One Card


The one card love tarot spread gives accurate answers to questions of love, including relationships, affairs, crushes, dating and more. Does he love me? Does she love me? Draw a tarot card to find out.


In this reading, illuminate aspects of your love life by using each tarot card as a guide for innerworkings of the heart, sensuality, and romance.

How it Works

You may use this reading as many times as you like to answer questions regarding your love-life whether you are single or attached. To begin, bring a question about your love life to mind, or simply think of your romantic self as your reading unfolds.

When the card appears, a three-paragraph description of the card surfaces. Every interpretation here is based on the card as it applies to love, and it is different from the card’s more general meanings.

You will find an overview of the card, card symbols, and a prescription letting you know what actions you might take to smooth a situation over or keep the fire burning. 

Each meaning provided here is original and not available elsewhere. If you desire the full meaning of the card, you can access it through the Tarot Card Meanings page.

Charmaine’s Take

Love Tarot is, from one way of looking at it, a series of brief vignettes or poems based on each card and providing wisdom for those looking for answers concerning their love life.

You will find that this is an affirmative reading though it also mentions toxic traps to look out for, ways to spice things up, and encourages you to remain independent as well as romantic. 

Each symbol on the tarot card has a specific meaning when it comes to love. You can also look the card over yourself and decide what it means to you and your particular romantic situation then merge your ideas with those provided through the reading.

If you feel on the verge of making a big decision, be sure to meditate on your reading before acting impulsively which could worsen a situation rather than bring it to clarity. On the other hand, at times an impulsive action from the heart is what is called for.

Whatever it is you are looking for in love, I hope that you will find it and that the Love Tarot reading illuminates a path forward for you, or gives you the patience you need to be at peace as the adventure pans out before you.

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Tips for the Love Tarot Reading

They say no one is an empty vessel; therefore, when you begin this reading, bring to mind your thoughts on yourself and love. What do you desire? What are you afraid of? What is most romantic? What questions are on your mind? You can focus on one person or question, if you like.

When the card is revealed, first explore the card’s image. What symbols stand out to you? Who is the character in the foreground and/or background, and do you think they represent someone in your life or an aspect of your own personality?

Next, consider the landscape. What does the landscape remind you of? Is it a symbol for your psychological state or where you want to reside in the future? For example, The Empress relaxes in a forest clearing in a golden light - do you want to bring more tenderness into your life?

You may have a particular question on your mind such as, “Where should we go on our first date?”; "How does he really feel about me?"; "Does he miss me?"; "What does he think of me?"; "Will he contact me again?"; “How can I spice up my love life?”; or “Is So-and-So worthy of my affections?”.

If you then draw The World card, you might answer these questions respectively:

Question - “Where should we go on our first date?”

Answer - Go somewhere high up like the restaurant on the top floor of a hotel or a mountaintop picnic. Or, go somewhere out of town like Paris or a nearby city that feels foreign. Alternatively, you could arrange your kitchen so that it feel new and cook foods from a place you want to travel to together.

Question - “How can I spice up my love life?”

Answer - Try speaking to one another in a different language. Play with foods from another country like red, syrupy grenadine or Japanese suppon which is a soft shell turtle said to improve virility.

Question - “Is So-and-So worthy of my affections?”

Answer - You may need to spend some time alone in order to know the answer. This does necessarily imply a separation, but implores you to travel or meditate in new lands that inspire you. Do not dwell on your question, but life your life expansively, and your answer will come in time.


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She knew about the scientist Pascal and the existence of the Pascal language, knew about Barthes' semiotics and the end of Fukuyama's history. But Academician Marr and his Japhetic theory of the new doctrine of language remained out of sight of a student with a specialization in linguistics. Can this be. Or maybe not so in our time. However, there and then I was required not to patch up the gaps in the education of a student of a commercial university.

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Probably I will never be able to experience. I loved him too much. my first child. I gave too much of myself to him to be able to hate him now.

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I understand you, I understand. And your sister is getting something like that. That the father of what she himself will say, but not what he says to her now, but quite differently, opposite. Maybe she is waiting for him to say: I love you, daughter.

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