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Study Guide to Accompany Managerial Economics häftadEngelska, 2008

The Study Guide to Accompany Managerial Economics, Third Edition provides students with the homework drill necessary to fully understand and apply concepts covered in the textbook Managerial Economics, Third Edition. * Contains multiple choice questions to guide students through their development of crucial graphing and algebraic skills * Builds student vocabulary needed to succeed in the subject * Fully explicated solutions are provided for each question * Extensive online resources are available at including updates to the book, PowerPoint slides, an Instructor's Manual, and answers to discussion questions * A wiki site linked at provides additional examples as well as contributions from readers and instructors


Managerial Economics Study Materials 2021 – Download Study Notes PDF

Download Managerial EconomicsStudy Materials 2021. In this article, we are going to provide the Study Notes for Management Studies. These Study Books will be helpful to the courses like MBA, BBA, B.Com & M.Com. Candidates are advised to download these Materials from our Exams Time website by the links given below. Through this article, you will learn the important concepts of Demand Elasticity, Forecasting, Demand and Revenue Analysis, etc.  Our main aim is to provide qualitative books and notes to the students for their Exam Preparation.

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Managerial Economics Study Materials - Download Study Notes & Unit wise PDFs

Managerial Economics Study Materials

Name of the SubjectManagerial Economics 
CategoryManagement Studies
Useful forMBA, BBA, B.Com Courses
Course TypePost Graduation & Under Graduation
Article onManagerial Economics Study Materials 2021
Study Material FormatPDF
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Chapters and Topics in Managerial Economics Study Materials

The topics of this subject are given below. To know more about the subject go through the article and refer to all the books prescribed to this subject.


  • Scope of Managerial Economics
  • The Firm: Stakeholders, Objectives & Decision Issues
  • Basic Techniques


  • Demand Concepts and Analysis
  • Demand Elasticity
  • Demand Estimation and Forecasting


  • Production Function
  • Cost Concepts and Analysis I
  • Cost Concepts and Analysis II
  • Estimation of Production and Cost Functions


  • Market Structure and Barriers to Entry
  • Pricing Under Pure Competition and Pure Monopoly
  • Pricing Under Monopolistic and Oligopolistic Competition
  • Pricing Strategies


  • Competition in Telecommunication Service Provision.

Management Economics Study Notes

Click on the below link to download the Study Materials :

Managerial Economics Study Materials

Unit Wise PDFs – Managerial Economics

Here we have mentioned the unit-wise PDFs of the Managerial Economics subject. Click on the below link to download it :

Subject in the Universities

This subject will be useful to the students of Business Administration students of Master’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, and also for Commerce Graduates. The following university students can also download these materials :

  • Sikkim Manipal University
  • St.Xavier’s College, Kolkata
  • University of Calicut
  • BIJU Patnaik University of Technology
  • Rai Technology University

Subject in the Semesters

Managerial Economics subject will be studied by the students in the following semesters of their respective courses :

  • MBA I Semester
  • B.Com II Sem
  • M.Com I Semester

Important Questions in Managerial Economics

  • Discuss the nature and scope of managerial economics.
  • What is the role of managerial economics in preparing managers?
  • Write notes in about 200 words on the following:
    a) The incremental concept
    b) Opportunity cost
    c) Scope of managerial economics
    d) The Invisible Hand
  • Find the present value of Rs.10,000 due in one year if the discount rate is 5 percent, 8 percent, 10 percent, 15 percent, 20 percent, and 25 percent.
  • Classify the market structures based on certain factors and support your answer
    with the help of examples.
  • Discuss the important technical barriers to entry.
  • Distinguish between perfect competition and imperfect competition, giving

Recommended Books for Managerial Economics

To know about Managerial Economics follow the information in the books given here.  For many more details and Recommended books follow our article to know about Managerial Economics.

  • Managerial Economics (MBA Sem – I) by Dr. Rajeev Jadhav and Dr. Abhijit Gajghate
  • Managerial Economics: Revised Edition (2020) For BBA by Dr. V. C. Sinha, Dr. Ritika Sinha, et al.
  • Managerial Economics by D N Dwivedi
  • Managerial Economics | Seventh Edition | By Pearson by Keat Paul, K Young Philip, et al.

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Download Managerial Economics Notesfor MBA 2021. We provide the complete MBA 1st Sem managerial economics study material which includes managerial economics notes, managerial economics books, managerial economics syllabus for MBA, managerial economics reference books, managerial economics question paper, managerial economics questions and answers and available in managerial economics pdf form.

Managerial Economics Notes

Table of Contents

The managerial economics study materialcan be downloaded in managerial economics pdffrom the below article.

Introduction To Economics​

(Click on Article List to Read)

  1. What is Economics?
  2. Nature of Economics
  3. Scope of Economics
  4. What is Business Economics?
  5. Difference Between Micro and Macro Economics
  6. Laws of Economics
  7. What is Business Cycle?
  8. What is Inflation?

Demand Analysis

  1. What is Demand?
  2. Types of Demand
  3. Determinants of Demand 
  4. Law of Demand
  5. What is Demand Schedule?
  6. What is Demand Function?
  7. What is Demand Curve?
  8. Demand Curve Shifts

Supply Analysis

  1. What is Supply?
  2. Determinants of Supply
  3. Law of Supply
  4. What is Supply Schedule?
  5. What is Supply Curve?
  6. Supply Curve Shifts

Elasticity of Demand & Supply

  1. Elasticity of Demand
  2. Price Elasticity of Demand
  3. Types of Price Elasticity of Demand
  4. Factors Affecting Price Elasticity of Demand
  5. Importance of Price Elasticity of Demand
  6. Income Elasticity of Demand
  7. Cross Elasticity of Demand
  8. Elasticity of Supply

Consumer Demand Analysis

  1. Utility in Economics
  2. Consumer Demand
  3. Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility
  4. Indifference Curve
  5. Demand Forecasting
  6. Methods of Demand Forecasting
  7. Criteria for Good Demand Forecasting

Cost & Production Analysis

  1. Production in Economics
  2. Production Possibility Curve
  3. Production Function
  4. Types of Production Functions

Cost and Revenue Analysis

  1. Types of Cost
  2. Short Run Cost
  3. Long Run Cost
  4. Economies of scale and Diseconomies of Scale
  5. What is Revenue?

Market Structure

  1. Types of Market Structures
  2. What is Market Power?

Market Failure

  1. What Market Failure?
  2. Price Ceiling and Price Floor

Managerial Economics Tutorial

We have also prepared the Managerial Economics Tutorial which is specifically designed for MBA student, who wants to learn Managerial Economics in MBA.

Read:Managerial Economics Tutorial

Managerial Economics Notes PDF

Managerial Economics Notes

Managerial Economics in MBA is a crucial skill to learn. The course is mainly analytical in nature and focuses on clarifying fundamental concepts from microeconomic viewpoint. It studies the problems and principles of an individual business firm or industry.

Download PDF

Managerial economics, or business economics, is a division of microeconomics that focuses on applying economic theory directly to businesses. The application of economic theory through statistical methods helps businesses make decisions and determine strategy on pricing, operations, risk, investments and production. The overall role of managerial economics is to increase the efficiency of decision making in businesses to increase profit.

Managerial Economics MBA Syllabus

Broadly managerial economics MBA syllabus is divided into 5 unit and it is mentioned below. You can download the syllabus in managerial economics pdf form.

Unit – I

Introduction to Managerial Economics: Economics and Business Decision Making; Economics: Scope of economics; economics as a tool for decision making; Business Economics: Definition and scope; the distinction between economics and Business Economics; Economic Indicators and Business Cycles.

Unit – II

Demand and Supply Analysis: Demand, Generalized Demand Function, The law of demand, Shift and movement along demand curve, Elasticity of demand: Price, Income and Cross Price elasticity of demand, Demand Estimation: Basic concepts , Supply, Generalized supply function, Supply functions, Shifts and movement in the supply curve, Supply elasticity, Market equilibrium, Changes in the market equilibrium, Changes in demand (supply constant), Changes in supply (demand constant).

Unit – III

Cost & Production Analysis: Production in the short run, Total product, Average and marginal products, Law of diminishing marginal product, Production in the long run, Production isoquants, Characteristics of isoquants, Marginal rate of technical substitution, Isocost curves, Finding the optimal combination of inputs, Short run costs of production, Fixed and variable cost, Short run total costs, Average and marginal cost, Marginal cost curves, Long run costs, Derivation of cost schedule from a production function, Economies and diseconomies of scale, Economies of scope

Unit – IV

Managerial Decisions in Competitive Markets: Features of perfect competition, Profit maximization in the short run, Profit maximization in the long run, Managerial decisions for firms with market power, Measurement of market power: The Lerner Index, Determinants of the market power: Economies of scale, Barriers created by government, Profit maximization under monopoly: output and pricing decisions, Monopolistic competition: short run and long-run equilibrium, Pricing decision in an oligopoly: The Kinked Demand curve model.

Unit – V

Market Failures and Price Regulations: Market failures and need for regulation, Regulations and market structure, Firm behavior, Price regulation

Managerial Economics Questions and Answers

Some of the managerial economics questions and answers are mentioned below. You can download the QnA in managerial economics pdf form.

  1. Define Managerial Economics.
  2. Discuss the nature and scope of Managerial Economics. What are the other related disciplines?
  3. Distinguish between Micro and Macro Economics.
  4. Is Managerial Economics a Positive or Normative Science? Discuss.
  5. Discuss different types, determinants, exceptions of demands.
  6. Discuss the concept, determinants of supply.
  7. What do you understand by the law of supply and exceptions to the law of supply?
  8. Describe total utility and marginal utility.
  9. Explain the meaning of indifference curve and list its properties.
  10. Explain the concept of price, income, cross elasticity of demand.
  11. Describe the steps and criteria in demand forecasting.
  12. Explain the law of diminishing returns.
  13. Explain the concept of cost and discuss various types of costs.
  14. Write a short note on pure, perfect, monopolistic, oligopoly competition.
  15. Explain the causes of market failure.

Managerial Economics Question Paper

If you have already studied the managerial economics notes, then its time to move ahead and go through previous year managerial economics question paper will help you to understand question paper pattern and type of managerial economics questions and answers asked in MBA managerial economics exam. You can download the syllabus in managerial economics pdf form.

MBA Managerial Economics Books

Below is the list of managerial economics books recommended by the top university in India. You can buy them from Amazon.

Managerial Economics

  • Author: P.L Mehta
  • Publisher: Sultan Chand and Sons, (2014)
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #102 in Economic Policy & Development
  • Customer Rating: 3 out of 5

Managerial Economics

  • Publisher: Pearson Education; 6th ed.
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #1567 in Management
  • Customer Rating: 3.8 out of 5

Managerial Economics

  • Publisher: Pearson, 4th ed.
  • Author: Peter and Jain
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #29 in Production, Operation & Management
  • Customer Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Managerial Economics Reference Books

Below is the list of managerial economics books recommended by the top university in India.

  1. Yogesh Maheswari, Managerial Economics, Phi Learning, New Delhi, 2005 Gupta G.S.
  2. Moyer &Harris. Managerial Economics, Tata Mcgraw-Hill, New Delhi
  3. Geetika, Ghosh & Choudhury. Managerial Economics, Cengage Learning, New Delhi, 2005
  4. Managerial Economics, Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, 2011
  5. P. L. Mehta, Managerial Economics, Sultan Chand and sons, Pearson Education
  6. Dominick Salvatore, Managerial Economics, adapted by Ravikesh Srivastava, Oxford University press
  7. Mote V.L., Samuel Paul and G.S. Gupta, Managerial Economics Concepts and Cases, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Ltd., New Delhi, 2001


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In the above article, a student can download Managerial Economics Notes. We have provided the complete managerial economics study material which includes managerial economics notes for mba, managerial economics books, managerial economics syllabus for MBA, managerial economics question paper, managerial economics reference books, managerial economics questions and answers, managerial economics tutorial in managerial economics pdf form.

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Study Guide to accompany Managerial Economics: Analysis, Problems, Cases, 8th Edition

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Truett and Truett's Eighth Edition shows how to use economic analysis to solve problems and make effective decisions in the complex world of business. The highly successful problem-solving approach, clear and accurate presentation of economic theory, and outstanding cases combine to make the best presentation of managerial economics yet.

About the Author

Lila J. Truett is the author of Study Guide to accompany Managerial Economics: Analysis, Problems, Cases, 8th Edition, published by Wiley. Dale B. Truett is the author of Study Guide to accompany Managerial Economics: Analysis, Problems, Cases, 8th Edition, published by Wiley.

New To This Edition

  • New chapter "Games, Information, and Strategy."
  • New introduction featuring "10 principles of economics for managers" highlights the role of managerial economics in helping managers to make sound decisions.
  • Revised discussion of linear demand curve and marginal revenue. (Non-calculus demonstration of difference between slope of linear demand curve and slope of MR.)
  • Updated real-world examples.
  • Additional end-of-chapter questions and problems.


  • Numerical examples, set off from the text copy, call attention to the steps that must be taken to solve specific types of problems, including elasticity calculations, cost minimization, profit maximization, present value, and more.
  • Managerial Perspectives boxes provide high-interest, current examples of how real-world firms have addressed issues and decision problems discussed in the text.
  • Extended International Capsules present the global dimension of managerial economics as it is applied in the international marketplace. Students gain a global perspective unique among managerial economics texts.
  • Integrating Cases challenge students to apply what they have learned in making solid decisions on complex issues.
  • End-of-chapter problems provide a wide range of exercises that students can work through to enhance their abilities in applying techniques presented in chapters.
  • A numbering sequence for end-of-chapter problems makes it easy for students and instructors to identify calculus-based problems, providing flexibility in the use of calculus.

Economics study guide managerial

Managerial Economics

Managerial Economics can be defined as amalgamation of economic theory with business practices so as to ease decision-making and future planning by management. Managerial Economics assists the managers of a firm in a rational solution of obstacles faced in the firm’s activities. It makes use of economic theory and concepts. It helps in formulating logical managerial decisions.

The key of Managerial Economics is the micro-economic theory of the firm. It lessens the gap between economics in theory and economics in practice. Managerial Economics is a science dealing with effective use of scarce resources. It guides the managers in taking decisions relating to the firm’s customers, competitors, suppliers as well as relating to the internal functioning of a firm. It makes use of statistical and analytical tools to assess economic theories in solving practical business problems.

Study of Managerial Economics helps in enhancement of analytical skills, assists in rational configuration as well as solution of problems. While microeconomics is the study of decisions made regarding the allocation of resources and prices of goods and services, macroeconomics is the field of economics that studies the behavior of the economy as a whole (i.e. entire industries and economies). Managerial Economics applies micro-economic tools to make business decisions. It deals with a firm.

The use of Managerial Economics is not limited to profit-making firms and organizations. But it can also be used to help in decision-making process of non-profit organizations (hospitals, educational institutions, etc). It enables optimum utilization of scarce resources in such organizations as well as helps in achieving the goals in most efficient manner. Managerial Economics is of great help in price analysis, production analysis, capital budgeting, risk analysis and determination of demand.

Managerial economics uses both Economic theory as well as Econometrics for rational managerial decision making. Econometrics is defined as use of statistical tools for assessing economic theories by empirically measuring relationship between economic variables. It uses factual data for solution of economic problems. Managerial Economics is associated with the economic theory which constitutes “Theory of Firm”. Theory of firm states that the primary aim of the firm is to maximize wealth. Decision making in managerial economics generally involves establishment of firm’s objectives, identification of problems involved in achievement of those objectives, development of various alternative solutions, selection of best alternative and finally implementation of the decision.

The following figure tells the primary ways in which Managerial Economics correlates to managerial decision-making.

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