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Cancellation is a regular part of transactions on any online selling platform, including eBay. Buyers and sellers on eBay can cancel orders as long as both parties mutually agree to do so. Sellers can cancel transactions up to 30 days after making a sale whereas buyers can request a cancellation up to an hour after the purchase. In certain situations, auction bidders can also retract their bids.

So how can you cancel an eBay order? Is it just as easy as changing your username on eBay? Is it too difficult that it can impact your confidence as a seller or a buyer?

If you’re wondering how to cancel an eBay order as a seller or buyer, consider the following steps.

How to Cancel an eBay Order as a Buyer

Canceling an order on eBay as a buyer — whether you’ve won an auction or purchased it via Buy It Now — requires you to get in touch with the seller and request them to cancel the purchase for you.

A rule of thumb with eBay cancellations: let sellers know immediately. If the seller has already shipped your order, cancellation is no longer possible.

There are two situations when it comes to canceling your eBay order as a buyer: canceling within an hour and canceling after an hour.

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Canceling within an hour.

You can easily request a cancellation within an hour of your purchase — as long as the seller hasn’t sent in your order. Sign in to your eBay account and go to your Purchase history, which you can find when you click the My eBay tab (located at the upper right side of your eBay web page).

Once you’re in the Purchase history, find the order you want to cancel. Select the More Actions dropdown menu and click Cancel This Order. Once you click Submit, eBay will send a cancellation request to a seller, confirming if that they haven’t sent the order. If eBay approves your cancelation, they’ll send you an email notification. If you’re unable to cancel the order, request for refund once you receive the item.

Canceling after an hour.

If more than an hour has passed since you placed the order and you decided to cancel it, the cancellation requires the seller’s approval. You can’t cancel an order if the seller has already shipped the order or if the seller filed an unpaid item case against you. Otherwise, you’re free to cancel an order as long as you contact the seller first.

Similar to the steps mentioned above, go to your Purchase History and find the order you want to cancel. Select More Actions and click on Contact Seller. Select “Request to cancel this order” on the list of topics, then click the Contact Seller button. A text box will appear so you can use this space to tell the seller why you want to cancel. Once you’ve offered an explanation, click the send button.

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Once you’ve submitted a request to cancel your eBay order, wait for the seller’s decision on your cancellation request. If the seller agrees to cancel the order, they have 10 days to send you a refund of your payment. If you paid via PayPal, it takes three to five business days before you receive your refund. If you paid via credit card, you may have to wait up to 30 days before you get a refund (depending on your card provider).

As mentioned, if the seller declines your cancelation request, you’ll have to wait until you’ve received the item before you request a return or a refund.

To request a refund, go to Purchase History, go to your order and click More Actions. Click on the “Return This Item” and select a reason for the return. If the item you received is damaged or faulty, you can upload up to 10 photos with the return request. Once you’ve sent your request, the seller has three days to respond to your return request. If the seller doesn’t respond, you can request eBay to help resolve the situation.

There are many ways a seller can respond to your refund request. They may offer a partial or a full refund or offer a replacement/exchange item. If you changed your mind about the item or missed the seller’s deadline for refunds and returns, the seller has the right to deny your request for a refund.

“Can I cancel an order on eBay before paying?” you may ask. Whether you made an impulse purchase, bought something accidentally, or found an auction item at a better price, you can still cancel your eBay order before or after you pay for it.

“Can I retract a bid?” You can but you have to determine if you’re eligible to retract your bid. Normally, eBay does not allow buyers to retract bids on an auction but there are a few cases where you can retract your bid:

  • You cannot contact the seller
  • You entered the wrong amount
  • The item’s description drastically changed since you placed your bid.

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How to Cancel an eBay Order as a Seller

Selling an item is the exciting part of running a business on eBay business. The thrill, however, can be short-lived, especially when the transaction cannot be completed or you’ll need to cancel the eBay order. It can be the buyer’s fault, the seller’s or both.

Sellers cancel transactions when their items are damaged, lost or otherwise sold since they posted the listing on eBay. In these cases, completing the transaction is impossible, which is why cancelation is necessary.

So how do you cancel an eBay order as a seller? There are two types of cancelations.

1. Canceling auction bids.

Sellers cannot leave negative feedback for buyers who don’t pay but they can file for an Unpaid Item (UPI) case, which can impact a buyer’s record. If the buyer has excessive UPIs, sellers may not agree to sell to them since unpaid items are a huge hassle for shops since they have to file the UPI cases.

If you want to cancel an auction bid:

  • Go to the listing and click the number of bids (which is located next to the price).
  • Scroll to the bottom of the bidding history and click on “cancel bids.” Once you’ve chosen this icon, you will be redirected to the bid cancelation form.
  • Enter the information about the auction, as well as the bids you want to cancel.

2. Canceling eBay Sales.

This isn’t an option unless the buyer requests it. Buyers can change their minds and when they do, canceling a sale becomes acceptable. But if your items are out of stock or damaged or you can’t send out the item, the cancelation will count against you. Before you cancel a sale, learn more about actions that may cause “transaction defects” because these can lead to suspension, selling limits or permanent removal of your eBay account.

To cancel an eBay sale:

  • Go to My eBay and click on Sold to find the item.
  • Click on the More Actions and select “Cancel This Order” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the reason for the cancelation and follow eBay’s instructions.

As mentioned, sellers have the right to cancel their orders but there are repercussions. There are two streams of discussions associated with sellers canceling eBay sales and bids.

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Are There Consequences with eBay Order Cancelations?

First, buyer-requested cancelations are frustrating ordeals that come with fewer repercussions (most of them short-term). Dealing with them, on top of other online business management concerns, can be stressful, especially if there is payment involved. PayPal fees are tangible losses, especially if the buyer paid for the item before they canceled their eBay order.

Without payment involved, wasted time is one of the biggest repercussions that come with buyer-requested cancelations. But for most sellers, they’d rather deal with a buyer-request cancelation than a longer returns process.

Seller-requested cancelations, however, have more serious consequences. Many canceled transactions can lead to selling penalties and bad feedback. For this reason, sellers should be careful in maintaining the quality of their products, as well as the inventory of their stock.

Order cancellations can either be easy or stressful, depending on the nature of your situation. Stressful cancelations can be prevented by being mindful with your shopping or with your inventory. eBay can easily cancel orders as long as you have the right reasons for it — whether you’re a buyer or a seller.


When you order something from Ebay, you are allowed to cancel that order in certain circumstances. There are rules that govern a cancellation of ebay order.

This is different from cancelling an ebay bid. Generally, you can cancel an Ebay order within an hour of making the order. Here’s how to.

How To Cancel Ebay Order

First. go to with your favorite browser and sign in to your account. In the upper right side, put your mouse pointer over ‘My Ebay and select ‘Purchase History’ from the drop down menu that appears.

Under ‘Orders’. you should see a list of your recent orders. There are options on the right side of every order. Go to the order you want to cancel and click on ‘More actions’ from the menu on the right side.

Then select ‘Cancel Order‘. Then submit the form. Ebay will send the Cancel order to the seller and conform that the item you ordered has not been shipped yet.

How To cancel Ebay Order After an Hour

Time flies. Sometimes you might realize you want to cancel an Ebay order you made but it’s already an hour since you made the order. Hoping the seller has not shipped the item yet, you can contact the seller and request for cancellation.

Watch: How To Cancel a bid on Ebay

From your Ebay homepage, put your mouse cursor over ‘My Ebay’ and select ‘Purchase History’. From the list of orders, click ‘More Actions’. on the right side of the order you want to cancel. Then select ‘Contact Seller‘.

Select the reason and fill in the form and follow the on screen instructions to request the seller to cancel the order for you. If the order has already been shipped, then you might want to Request to Return the item and get a refund.

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Orders cancelation & refund

If you want to manage your Channel orders in M2E Pro, simply enable the Create Order in Magento option under eBay > Configuration > Accounts > Orders. Then, Magento orders will be created for ones imported from eBay.

In the Orders section, you also can select the condition for eBay orders to be automatically created in Magento. Depending on your selling strategy, Magento order will be created when:

  • Checkout is completed— the buyer placed the order on eBay.
  • Payment is received— the buyer placed the order and made a payment on eBay.

Find more details about eBay orders management in this article. 

From time to time, customers can reconsider their purchase and ask for a refund. With the Cancel/Refund eBay orders option enabled under eBay > Configuration > Accounts > Orders, you can process your cancelation and refund requests from your Magento.

Cancel/Refund eBay orders feature is available on eBay US, CA, UK, DE, and AU marketplaces.

Check out this article to learn about the updated eBay order statuses.


Unpaid eBay orders are displayed as Pending in the M2E Pro order grid (eBay > Sales). You can cancel a Pending eBay order by clicking Cancel in the corresponding Magento order. M2E Pro will submit the information about cancellation to eBay and sync the order status accordingly.

Please remember that eBay allows canceling orders up to 30 days after a sale, even if your buyer has already made a payment.


Paid eBay orders are displayed as Shipped or Unshipped in the M2E Pro order grid (eBay > Sales).You can issue a full refund for such orders by creating a Credit Memoin the related Magentoorder.The order will be canceled and the status update will be submitted to Channel.

When you issue a refund for the order on eBay, the Credit Memo is not created for the related Magento order automatically. You need to do it manually in your Magento.

eBay order will be refunded in full regardless of the number of items specified in the Credit Memo.


Cancel a Transaction

What happens after you cancel a transaction

If you’re a managed payments seller, or if the buyer paid using PayPal, a full refund will be issued automatically.

If the buyer used another payment method, they will be asked to confirm that they received their refund before the cancellation is complete.

Once the buyer has been refunded, you’ll receive a Final Value Fee credit.

Buyer-requested cancellations

If a buyer asks you to cancel an order, they’ll need to send you a cancellation request.

Once you receive their request, you’ll have 3 days to approve or decline it. If you approve it and the buyer has already paid for the item, you have 10 days to refund them. If you haven’t refunded them within 10 days, they can file a claim through the eBay Money Back Guarantee.

When you refund a buyer after accepting their request to cancel a transaction, we’ll automatically relist your item for you. If you don’t want your item to be relisted, simply uncheck the Relist item after cancellation box when issuing the refund.

When a buyer cancels a transaction, they can’t leave negative or neutral feedback or lower detailed seller ratings for you.

Getting a final value fee credit

To receive a final value fee credit, the cancellation must be completed.

If the buyer paid using credit or debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal, the refund is complete when eBay shows that their account is refunded. If they paid using any other method, the refund will be considered complete when they confirm they’ve received their money back.

eBay will credit the final value fee to your account 7 to 10 days after the cancellation request is complete.

If you’re a managed payments seller, eBay will usually refund your payments processing fees if you fully refund a buyer to resolve a refund, return, or cancellation request.


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