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Semi-canon (Pre-SGW Archie)

Status of Relationship

One-sided crush on Blaze’s side (Pre-SGW Archie)

Also Known As

Blazadow, ShadBlaze

Shadaze is the het ship between Shadow and Blaze from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.



Archie comics

Shadow and Blaze mostly interacted in the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Archie comics. They first met when Shadow was fighting Metal Sonic and ended up in the Sol Dimension. Shadow almost drowned but was rescued by Blaze and Marine. The three defended the island against Metal Sonic, and the hedgehog parted with the two later on.

Shadow and Blaze met again when they were looking for Sol Emeralds. While they were against each other at first, they eventually teamed up. At one point, Blaze was hurt and Amy ordered Shadow to carry her. In the end, Shadow was the one who convinced Rouge to let Blaze keep the Sol Emerald instead of taking it to G.U.N.

IDW Publishing comics

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No notable interactions happened between the two but they met in a few games.

In Sonic Generations, the two were among the many characters cheering on while the Sonics fought the Time Eater, and later were both seen attending Sonic’s birthday party, although Shadow was not there at the beginning. The two are also playable characters in every game of the Mario & Sonic series, where they can be members of the same team in team sports (except in the Nintendo 3DS version of London 2012, where each event only has one of 5 specific sets of 4 characters, and the two are in different sets). They also both appear as playable characters in spin-off games such as Sonic Dash, Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, and Team Sonic Racing.


Shadaze gained popularity when the pair interacted in Sonic Universe, although it already had prior support. However, it is not as popular as rival ships such as Shadouge or Silvaze.

Shadow and Blaze have similar personality traits, as both are serious, quiet and rarely spend time in the company of others, although Blaze is friendlier than Shadow.

The two have apparently interacted before in Sonic Generations. If you look closely in the scene before Classic Sonic jumps through the portal, you can actually see Shadow next to Silver and Blaze. You can also see them apparently talking.



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  • Blaze was originally designed to look more similar to Shadow, although the design might have simply been a silhouette.
  • In Sonic and the Black Knight, Shadow and Blaze’s alternate reality doppelgängers are two notable Knights of the Round Table from the Arthurian legends, namely Sir Lancelot and Sir Percival.


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Fan art


Shadow & Blaze VS DeviantArt (FT Tails)

Shadow & Blaze VS DeviantArt (FT Tails)


Blazadouge — the polyship between Shadow, Blaze, and Rouge the Bat
Knuxadaze — the polyship between Shadow, Blaze, and Knuckles the Echidna
Shadamaze — the polyship between Shadow, Blaze, and Amy Rose
Shadilvaze — the polyship between Shadow, Blaze, and Silver the Hedgehog
Sonadaze — the polyship between Shadow, Blaze, and Sonic the Hedgehog



Sonic Prime: 10 Characters We Need To See In The Sonic The Hedgehog Netflix Series

It's been a few years since the most recent animated series based on SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog concluded with 2017's Sonic Boom. This was more of a comedic take on the Sonic characters than fans had been exposed to previously. Now, Netflix has officially revealed Sonic Prime, a brand new 24-episode 3D CG series being developed by Wildbrain Vancouver, and it sounds a lot more serious.

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Sonic Prime is supposed to be about taking Sonic into new worlds and dimensions, similar to what happened in the Sonic The Hedgehog movie or Sonic Forces videogame. As such, there are many characters who could potentially appear across all areas of fandom, as Sonic has met many colorful personalities that just need to be included in Sonic Prime.

10 Sally Acorn And The Freedom Fighters

Easily the most beloved of all of Sonic's cartoon adventures is 1993's simply-titled Sonic The Hedgehog, known as "SatAM" to fans (just because it aired on Saturday mornings). In it, Doctor Robotnik is a despotic ruler, who has enslaved the planet Mobius and transformed most of its inhabitants into robots.

Sonic and Tails are part of the Freedom Fighters, led by Princess Sally Acorn, daughter of the rightful ruler of Mobius, who is fighting to end Robotnik's rule. The darker take on Sonic's world resonates with fans even today, and it was the basis for Sonic's beloved long-running comic book series, so it would be great to see at least Sally Acorn return on Sonic Prime.

9 Hyper Metal Sonic / Neo Metal Sonic

While Robotnik/Eggman has always been the central villain for Sonic The Hedgehog, the lesser-used (but more intimidating) recurring villain is Metal Sonic. Often, Metal Sonic is just used to challenge Sonic to a thrilling race in games such as Sonic CD, Sonic Mania, and Sonic Forces, but occasionally he's allowed to break out and become a major threat.

Hyper Metal Sonic was the deadly antagonist of the Sonic The Hedgehog anime movie, but more interesting would be the redesigned Neo Metal Sonic (and Metal Overlord) from Sonic Heroes - who would be a fitting opponent for Sonic Prime.

8 Scratch And Grounder

The original Sonic animated series, 1993's Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, is much-derided by fans and cartoon lovers alike, but it more than doubled the number of episodes of the more beloved successor "SatAM."

The show's most memorable characters are the bumbling badnik duo Scratch and Grounder, who regularly tried to capture Sonic and Tails, and always failed miserably, often to comedic effect. While Adventures is not remembered fondly, a better take on Scratch and Grounder on Sonic Prime would help raise their status considerably.

7 Tikal The Echidna

If there's one area of Sonic mythology that needs to be explored in more detail, it's Knuckles' people. The Echidna clan of Angel Island, the guardians of the Master Emerald, who all died out before Knuckles was born and left him alone on the floating island.

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Sonic Adventure reveals some of the Knuckles Tribe's backstory, including how Tikal and her father argued about his desire to bring destruction with the Chaos creature. Sonic Prime could mine into this backstory, and even have Sonic and Knuckles travel back in time if the show wanted them to, with Tikal as the emotional center.

6 Sonia And Manic The Hedgehogs

Probably the least well-known Sonic The Hedgehog animated series, Sonic Underground was the third Sonic cartoon from DiC Animation and aired in 1999. While it was the first cartoon to introduce Knuckles and shared many ideas with "SatAM," it was particularly criticized for the removal of Tails in favor of Sonic's brother and sister, Sonia and Manic.

It was particularly bad because Sonic's actor, Jaleel White, was forced to play all three siblings, which really didn't work for the female Sonia. Sonic Prime could finally do justice to these characters, and maybe recast them while it's at it.

5 Blaze The Cat

If Sonic is going on dimension-hopping adventures in Sonic Prime, then it would be the perfect time to explore the origins of one of his most popular but least known allies, Blaze the Cat. Blaze is from an alternate dimension, the same as the psychic Silver the Hedgehog, and is the guardian of her universe's Emeralds.

She has similar powers to Sonic, but also has the ability to create fire, hence her name. There hasn't really been an exploration of Blaze's home dimension outside of the much-maligned 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog game, so it's fertile territory for Prime to mine.

4 Princess Elise

Princess Elise is a human, the peaceful ruler of the city of Soleanna, and possibly the most controversial character ever to come out of a Sonic the Hedgehog videogame. 2006's much-criticized Sonic The Hedgehog receives hate for the rushed, unfinished feel to the gameplay, but gamers also make fun of the forced romantic relationship established between Sonic and the very human Elise.

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By involving Elise in Sonic Prime, it would give the character a chance to redeem herself in the eyes of fans. It would also give the writers a chance to expand her character and deepen her connection to Sonic, Silver the Hedgehog, and even Blaze the Cat.

3 The Werehog

While Sonic Unleashed is a mostly fine 3D Sonic game, it was criticized for transforming Sonic into a giant wolf creature for half its playtime, whereupon it became a beat-em-up rather than a fast-paced platformer.

While fans aren't in any hurry to revisit playing the Werehog again, there are a lot of unanswered story questions about the creature that a TV series like Sonic Prime would be well-placed to answer. It's possible for other hedgehogs in other dimensions to be afflicted by the Werehog disease, after all.

2 Chris Thorndyke

If Sonic is going to travel to other dimensions in Sonic Prime, fans undoubtedly will be hopeful that the show will use this excuse to revisit other Sonic cartoons. If this happens, a return to the excellent Sonic X series should be first on the cards, and with it, a catch-up with the show's human protagonist Christopher Thorndyke.

Chris is energetic and hungry for the adventures that Sonic brings, but had a tragic exit. At the end of the Sonic X series, Chris was forced to give up seeing Sonic and his friends ever again in order to return home, so Sonic Prime could finally bring closure to his storyline.

1 Infinite

The main villain of the most recent Sonic game, 2017's Sonic Forces, is a jackal with the powers of the magical Phantom Ruby. Since the Phantom Ruby is a powerful gem that enables inter-dimensional travel, it could be at the center of Sonic Prime's plot since that's the concept of the show, and Infinite would be perfect for us as the main series antagonist.

Plus, Infinite remains something of a mystery. Other than being the ambitious former head of the Jackal Squad mercenary group, not much is known about him. Plus, he makes a sudden disappearance at the end of Sonic Forces so it would be good for the show to explore what happened to him.

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Next5 Anime Characters Who Could Beat Thanos In A Fight (& 5 Who Couldn't)

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Sonic Universe

Comic book series

Sonic Universe was an American comic book series published by Archie Comics in association with Sega, based on the latter's Sonic the Hedgehog. It is a spin-off of the comic book series of the same name, and shared continuity with that title. Sonic Universe centers on several characters featured throughout the franchise and comics, including Shadow the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat, and Silver the Hedgehog.

The series follows a unique format, in which its lead character and story arc change every four issues, and usually occur concurrently with those in the flagship Sonic title, though within different locations. Sonic himself usually does not appear in these stories, except for occasional supporting appearances.

Fleetway, the producers of the UK-based Sonic The Comic series, produced a similar series of stories called "Sonic's World" from issue 26 onwards; it, too, expanded the fictional universe, following various characters in the Sonic universe on their own adventures, which eventually crossed over into the core series on numerous occasions.

Sonic Universe was published monthly by Archie Comics alongside its parent title Sonic the Hedgehog. The first issue was released in February 2009, following the cancellation of Sonic X;[1] issue #94 was the last, released in January 2017. An official Sonic Universe blog was run on Archie Comics' website that would occasionally go into further detail about the events in the stories, such as revealing what happened in the alternate timeline Silver the Hedgehog traveled to in The Silver Saga after he left, but it has since been discontinued.

The series subsequently surpassed Knuckles the Echidna as the longest running spinoff of the main series.

In July 2017, Sega announced the discontinuation of their business relationship with Archie Comics, and thus the latter will no longer release any further Sonic the Hedgehog comics, including Sonic Universe.


Issues #1–50[edit]

Issues #1–4, entitled "The Shadow Saga", follow Shadow the Hedgehog continuing the events from Sonic the Hedgehog #196 and Sonic X #40. Shadow and Metal Sonic end up on the alternate world that is home to Blaze the Cat, who teams up with Shadow to help him defeat the robot and return to his own reality. Following this, Shadow and Rouge the Bat team up with Sonic the Hedgehog to neutralize a weapon that Dr. Eggman intends to use against Sonic's team of Freedom Fighters and possibly other forces opposed to him. This was followed by Shadow's first encounter with future teammate E-123 Omega, and the pair teaming up with Rouge to become Team Dark and retrieve a Chaos Emerald.

Issues #5–8, covered "Mobius: 30 Years Later", featuring a return to a possible alternate reality visited in the main series. In this arc, time-traveler Silver the Hedgehog travels to this time period in an attempt to thwart events that will bring devastation to the future from which he hails. In the process, he ends up joining forces with a new team of Freedom Fighters, made up of children of the heroes from the present reality of the series, to thwart the evil King Shadow the Hedgehog, who unleashes a monstrous fusion of Tikal and Chaos from the video game Sonic Adventure.

Issues #9–12, known as "Knuckles: The Return", in which Knuckles and his teammates, the Chaotix, set out to capture the Echidna villain Dr. Finitevus and punish him for his recent involvement in Knuckles' brief possession by the evil entity Enerjak. As a result of the search, they end up fighting Dr. Finitevus and his temporary allies, a chapter of the Dark Egg Legion composed almost entirely of Platypus members, led by Grandmaster Bill, a former Freedom Fighter. They are joined in battle by the Downunda Freedom Fighters, the local chapter of heroes defending the region. This arc also introduced Thrash the Tasmanian Devil as a temporary Freedom Fighter member, but who acts recklessly and shows particular animosity towards echidnas.

Issues #13–16, called "Journey to the East" (a parody of the Chinese story Journey to the West), this arc took place between issues #209 and #210 of the main series, and featured Sonic, Tails, Sally Acorn, and their ally Monkey Khan traveling to the Dragon Kingdom, Khan's homeland as well as that of their mutual enemies, the Iron Dominion. The purpose of the journey was to break ties between the Iron Queen and King and the four ninja clans who swore allegiance to them. In the process, the group learned more about characters they had previously encountered, formed a temporary alliance with a group of foes known as the Destructix, and were rejoined by estranged ally Espio the Chameleon, who had left the Chaotix to join his people under the Dominion but became free to rejoin the heroes as a result of the efforts of Sonic's group.

Issues #17–20 were a loose adaptation of the SEGA game Tails Adventure, which was also the title of the arc. As in the game, Tails engages the Battle Bird Armada, a group of birds who have set up a facility near the remote Cocoa Island. In the comic's version of events, Antoine and Bunnie D'Coolette, Tails' fellow Freedom Fighters, joined him on this adventure, having traveled with him to Cocoa Island for an overdue honeymoon. In this story it is discovered the Armada are working with Dr. Eggman, but as an independent force not under his control. The arc also establishes connections between the Battle Bird Armada and the Babylon Rogues, who used to work in the faction.

Issues #21–24, named "Treasure Team Tango", starred a variety of SEGA characters but primarily featured Amy Rose (only muscular and with a tattoo of a Skull and crossbones as seen in issues #31 and #32), Cream the Rabbit (only with a ripped right ear as seen in issue #32) and Blaze the Cat. The premise of the arc involved Amy and Cream teaming up with a reluctant Blaze the Cat, dubbed "Team Rose", to locate a nearby Sol Emerald, a magical gemstone that's needed to save Blaze's homeworld. Their search is complicated by the arrival of other parties seeking the gem, including Team Dark, who have been ordered to capture the gem for G.U.N., Team Hooligan, consisting of classic SEGA characters Nack the Weasel, Bark the Polar Bear, and Bean the Dynamite, and Team Babylon, consisting of Jet the Hawk, Wave the Swallow and Storm the Albatross.

Issues #25–28, entitled "The Silver Saga", featured Silver the Hedgehog visiting another alternate future. In this apocalyptic reality, he teamed up with alternate versions of characters from the present-day series under the leadership of Jani-Ca, the daughter of a corrupted Knuckles the Echidna and his love interest in the series, Julie-Su. Together, this group fought against the villainous Enerjak and his minions, who consisted of robotic slaves created from the stolen life force of various characters previously introduced in the series. The first installment marked the series' first landmark issue.

Issues #29–32, called "Scourge: Lock Down", focusing on Sonic's evil counterpart from an alternate dimension, Scourge the Hedgehog. Having previously been handed over to an inter-dimensional police force known as the Zone Cops, Scourge had lost much of his confidence and become the punching bag of many of his fellow inmates. However, things change when the Destructix, former allies of his and led by his girlfriend, Fiona Fox, arrive in the jail with plans to break him out. This arc was notable in that it featured no actual SEGA characters, but rather variations of them exclusive to the comic.

Issues #33–36, known as"Babylon Rising", continued the story of the Babylon Rogues and the Battle Bird Armada. The trio of renegades ended up being forced into rejoining the Armada, and together the two forces set out to locate their lost homeland of Babylon Garden. In this way the arc adapts concepts from the video game Sonic Riders, though again with elements from the ongoing comic series playing a heavy role. This was one of the few arcs to feature Sonic with some prominence, as the Armada eventually attacked the Freedom Fighters' home city in search of their homeland.

Issues #37–40, entitled "Scrambled", focused on the culmination of a rivalry between Dr. Eggman and his nephew Snively. The latter, having departed the Eggman Empire and set out on his own, disrupts Eggman's operations to some degree, forcing him to restore order. After a brief stop in the United Federation, where Snively approaches his half-sister Hope about joining him and Eggman engages military forces under E-123 Omega, Snively heads to the Dragon Kingdom. There Snively rescued his love interest, the imprisoned Iron Queen, before engaging his uncle in a heated showdown.

Issues #41–44, covered "Secret Freedom", starring Silver the Hedgehog and his new teammates, the Secret Freedom Fighters. This group, a black ops style unit created and led by deposed king Elias Acorn, set out to thwart the efforts of the evil wizard king usurper Ixis Naugus, and his traitorous apprentice Geoffrey St. John, who planned to dominate the city of New Mobotropolis though ancient mind controlling magic. In doing so, the group operated in disguise and using codenames so as to prevent their true identities from being discovered by Naugus, who would hurt their vulnerable families and friends if found out.

Issue #45 was the first single-issue story, and served as an adaptation of the racing game Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed. It is not set in the main continuity.

Issues #46–49 starred Team Chaotix in "Chaotix Quest", who traveled to the regions of Mercia and the Great Desert in search of their missing teammates, Ray the Squirrel and Mighty the Armadillo. In the process, they ended up involved in conflicts between the Freedom Fighters and Dark Egg Legion Chapters of both regions. Battling the tyrannical Lord Hood in a raid to free prisoners from his medieval dungeon and fighting against the villainous Jack Rabbit, leader of the rogue Sand Blaster Freedom Fighters.

Issue #50, Forged In Fire was the second milestone in the series, it would feature a story focusing on Metal Sonic battling Shard the "Mecha" Sonic, this issue including a reprint of Sonic the Hedgehog #25, the story in which both were first introduced (as the same entity). Originally this issue was planned to feature an epilogue to the animated series Sonic Underground. This was the last issue to be set in the original Pre-Super-Genesis-Wave timeline, which was overwritten by a new reality following the Worlds Collide crossover due to legal issues between Archie and former Sonic writer Ken Penders.

Issue #51–94[edit]

Issues #51–54 were included in Archie's "Worlds Collide" story arc, a twelve-issue event featuring a crossover between the Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man comic series produced by the company. These issues, rather than being chronologically back to back, were instead released in sequence with the Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog issues, serving as parts 2, 5, 8, and 11 of twelve.

Issues #55–58 encompassed the "Pirate Plunder Panic" saga, which directly followed up on the events of the Worlds Collide Crossover, and had connections to the previous Treasure Team Tango arc and the first Sonic Universe arc The Shadow Saga. Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit, along with recurring anti-villains Bark the Polar Bear and Bean the Dynamite, are transported to the Sol Dimension, the world of Blaze the Cat. The two heroines join up with Blaze and her sidekick, Marine the Raccoon, against a crew of robotic pirates led by the nefarious Captain Metal, in a bid to claim the last of the scattered Sol Emeralds and save Blaze's world from total destruction.

Issues #59–62 covered the "Shadow Fall" saga, which is a sequel of sorts to the video game Shadow the Hedgehog. In this story, a new Black Comet arrives to threaten the earth, carrying the last remaining members of the alien race, the Black Arms, out to avenge their fallen comrades. Team Dark along with a small squad of troops from G.U.N. have been tasked with infiltrating the comet and detonating an atomic bomb on board to destroy it. Shadow is forced to confront his past as an alien soldier when he faces the new Black Arm's leader, Black Death, and the warrior bred specifically to destroy him, Eclipse the Darkling.

Issues #63–66 encompass the "Great Chaos Caper," which runs parallel to the Sonic Unleashed adaptation taking place in the main series. In this, Knuckles and the Chaotix join forces in the hunt for Chaos Emeralds to help the Freedom Fighters in the quest to restore the world to normal after its shattering. In the process, they must contend with the minions of Dark Gaia and the Hooligans, a team of classic Sonic game villains consisting of Nack the Weasel, Bark the Polar Bear, and Bean the Dynamite. Along the way they meet Chip, the Light Gaia.

Issues #67–70 make up the "Total Eclipse" arc, a sequel to both "Shadow Fall" and "Great Chaos Caper", continuing Knuckles and Team Dark's plotlines from both as Eclipse and the Dark Arms land on Angel Island. Team Dark arrives in pursuit of him, and Knuckles reluctantly joins forces with them to hunt down the threat. However, when Eclipse sets out to claim the Master Emerald, Shadow decides to turn it over to G.U.N., enraging Knuckles who fights him to keep the Emerald on Angel Island. Their infighting results in Eclipse taking the Emerald, forcing Knuckles to shatter it and thus leading to his involvement in the main series' storyline. Combined, "Shadow Fall", "Great Chaos Caper" and "Total Eclipse" make up the "Dark Trilogy".

Issues #71–74 are the "Spark of Life" arc, which focuses on the artificial intelligence Freedom Fighter known as Nicole. Taking place in a both the "Digital World" and on Isolated Island (from the game Knuckles Chaotix), it introduces the malevolent computer program Phage and Nicole's creator in the new reality, Dr. Ellidy.

Issue #75 is the standalone story "Fury", in which Sonic and Metal Sonic must race to retrieve one of the Chaos Emeralds. The story involves both characters passing through a gateway known as a Genesis Portal and meeting Silver the Hedgehog, who has been traveling across time and space to shut the portals. Metal Sonic ends up stuck in space at the end of the issue.

Issues #76–78 will form part of the story of Archie's "Worlds Unite" story arc, a twelve-issue event that marks the second crossover between Sonic and Mega Man, as well as featuring characters from several other Sega and Capcom franchises. Like Worlds Collide, these issues will be released in sequence with the Mega Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Sonic Boom comics, serving as parts 1, 5, and 9 of twelve.

Issues #79–82 comprise "The Silver Age", which follows Silver as he confronts the threat of the Genesis Portals. Helping him on his mission are scientist Professor Von Schlemmer (a character from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog) and Gold the Tenrec; opposing them is the evil Onyx City Council and their force of Civil Protection Robots. The events of this arc are set prior to the "Worlds Unite" crossover, despite the issues forming it being released afterward.

Issues #83–86 contain the story arc "Eggman's Dozen", the title of which is a parody of The Dirty Dozen. The title refers to Dr. Eggman's Egg Bosses-his regional enforcers and leaders of the various units of his Egg Army cyborgs-being assembled by Eggman in order to reclaim the Sonic Unleashed location of Eggmanland from the Naugus Twins. These two villains consist of Walter Naugus-the recurring comics villain formerly known as Ixis Naugus (who first appeared in the Sonic the Hedgehog TV series)-and his sister Wendy Naugus-a new character based on the main antagonist from the game Tails' Skypatrol.

Issues #87–90 make up the story "Shattered", in which Knuckles and Amy search for the few remaining shards of the Master Emerald, which had previously been shattered in the final issue of "Total Eclipse". They are joined by Team Dark, who is currently hunting down Eclipse and his Dark Arms; Walter Naugus returns from Eggman's Dozen, plotting to reconstruct the Master Emerald, and disguises himself as an ancient echidna called Nixus to trick Knuckles into giving him the shards.

Issues #91–94 make up the story "The Case of the Pirate Princess".

Trade paperbacks[edit]

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