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I am updating client's computers from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I am having issue with the November update of Media Creation tool. It will not update most of the Windows 7 computer. For varies reasons, I have to be able to keep the Apps and Files of the users.

I have ran sfc /scannow, cleared Temp, renamed $WINDOWS.~BT, and ran the compatibility tool. The tool keeps failing at around 75%.

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Big Green Man



The VLSC if you have a volume license. Otherwise there are sites out there you can download from, but they're not official, and AFAIK Microsoft doesn't post hashes for their ISOs, so it would be hard to verify authenticity.


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This shouldn't violate any rules but I have a copy that I can put up on my Google Drive later tonight if you want it.  I know how hard it is to find good sites to download clean copies of things like ISOs and apps.

Let me know if you're interested.  One professional to another. I have two copies - SP30 and SP239.

They were created using the download tool, saved to ISO.


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Thai Pepper


Any chance you removed any AV you have installed from the PC when running the upgrade?


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can3gxw wrote:

This shouldn't violate any rules but I have a copy that I can put up on my Google Drive later tonight if you want it.  I know how hard it is to find good sites to download clean copies of things like ISOs and apps.

Let me know if you're interested.  One professional to another. I have two copies - SP30 and SP239.

They were created using the download tool, saved to ISO.

That would be amazing. It would greatly help. Thank you.


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Lockout wrote:

Any chance you removed any AV you have installed from the PC when running the upgrade?

I have removed the AV and tried running the upgrade.


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Sent you a PM, PlasticsHead​


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Weird.  I had the "pleasure" of hand upgrading 35 machines to Win 10 at a small company this week.  Done in 2 days.  I had 2 machines bomb one time with 1909 but worked the second time through.  Sadly no imaging or deployment tools there to really automate it and not a standard hardware platform, so manual it was.  It was a mix of USB keys and running the media creation tool to upgrade from the internet.


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Thank you everyone for helping.


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An update for the next guy -

Microsoft allows non-Windows operating systems to download the .iso file directly.  Else, there's a browser hack.



How to download and deploy Windows 10 1903 updates?

LanguageOther EditionsEnterprise EditionEnglish32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_enx32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_enx64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_en_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_en_enterprisex64.isoSpanish32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_Spx32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_Spx64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_Sp_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_Sp_enterprisex64.isoArabic32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_Arx32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_Arx64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_Ar_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_Ar_enterprisex64.isoChinese (Simplified)32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_csx32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_csx64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_cs_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_cs_enterprisex64.isoChinese (Traditional)32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_ctx32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_ctx64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_ct_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_ct_enterprisex64.isoCzech32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_Czx32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_Czx64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_Cz_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_Cz_enterprisex64.isoDanish32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_Dax32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_Dax64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_Da_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_Da_enterprisex64.isoDutch32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_Dux32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_Dux64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_Du_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_Du_enterprisex64.isoFinnish32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_Fix32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_Fix64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_Fi_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_Fi_enterprisex64.isoFrench32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_Frx32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_Frx64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_Fr_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_Fr_enterprisex64.isoGerman32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_Gex32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_Gex64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_Ge_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_Ge_enterprisex64.isoGreek32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_Grx32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_Grx64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_Gr_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_Gr_enterprisex64.isoHebrew32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_Hbx32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_Hbx64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_Hb_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_Hb_enterprisex64.isoHungarian32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_Hnx32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_Hnx64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_Hn_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_Hn_enterprisex64.isoItalian32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_Itx32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_Itx64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_It_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_It_enterprisex64.isoJapanese32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_Jpx32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_Jpx64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_Jp_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_Jp_enterprisex64.isoJapanese (NEC)32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_Jpnx32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_Jpnx64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_Jpn_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_Jpn_enterprisex64.isoKorean32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_Kox32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_Kox64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_Ko_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_Ko_enterprisex64.isoNorwegian32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_Nrx32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_Nrx64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_Nr_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_Nr_enterprisex64.isoPolish32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_Pox32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_Pox64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_Po_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_Po_enterprisex64.isoPortuguese (Brazil)32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_Pbx32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_Pbx64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_Pb_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_Pb_enterprisex64.isoPortuguese (Portugal)32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_Ppx32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_Ppx64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_Pp_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_Pp_enterprisex64.isoRussian32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_Rux32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_Rux64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_Ru_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_Ru_enterprisex64.isoSwedish32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_sdx32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_Sdx64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_Sd_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_Sd_enterprisex64.isoTurkish32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_Tkx32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_Tkx64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_Tk_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_Tk_enterprisex64.isoThai32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_Thx32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_Thx64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_Th_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_Th_enterprisex64.isoSlovenian32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_Slx32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_Slx64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_Sl_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_Sl_enterprisex64.isoCroatian32-Bit: 106986-Win10_1903_Crx32.iso
64-Bit: 106982-Win10_1903_Crx64.iso32-Bit: 106988-Win10_1903_Cr_enterprisex32.iso
64-Bit: 106984-Win10_1903_Cr_enterprisex64.iso
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Windows 10 Version 1903 is superseded by Windows 10 Version 1909. The updated guide is available here:

Downloading Windows 10 Version 1909 OEM and Retail from Microsoft and Making a Bootable USB on a Windows PC

If you need the previous build of Windows 10 or any other previous builds see:

Downloading All Previous Builds of Windows 10

Legacy Guide

Microsoft released Windows 10 Version 1903 to Windows Insiders in March (03) 2019 (19) making 1903 however it was released as a mainstream build in May 2019 and is referred to as the May 2019. The installation media is Build 18362.1.

The Direct Download Links End in V1 as a consequence the ISO is "Windows 10 Version 1903 Version 1". This is slightly confusing naming, Microsoft tend to use Edition/Build and Version interchangably and somewhat inconsistently. However this indicates that this will be a stable build and that Microsoft are planning to release later up to dates ISOs which are Version 1903 but contain Cumulative Updates.

This Installation Media will work for all Windows 7 OEM, Windows 8.x OEM and Windows 10 OEM Licenses for all OEMs Dell/HP/Lenovo…

The Installation Media will work for all Windows 7 Retail, Windows 8.x Retail and Windows 10 Retail Licenses.

Tutorial Video

The Windows 10 Download Page

The Windows 10 Software Download Page is Available Here:

Windows 10 Software Download Page

If you access this link on a Windows 7/8/1 or 10 PC you will be given a Download Link to the Media Creation Tool which is an .exe that will download a series of setup files from Microsoft Servers and Create a ISO from them:

The Windows 10 Media Creation Tool creates a Windows 10 ISO which covers all Mainstream Consumer OEM and Retail Editions.

If you access this link on a non-Windows OS such as Ubuntu you will instead get direct download links as these Operating Systems cannot run Windows Applications:

The Direct Download Links creates an ISO that has all the Editions included in the ISO which one will obtain using the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool but has also some specialised Editions for Workstations.

I will go through downloading a Windows 10 ISO using the Media Creation Tool first and then instruct in doing so with the Direct Download links. I will also instruct on obtaining the Direct Download links within Windows 10 which is useful for the rare cases when people have issues with the Media Creation Tool.

The Windows 10 Media Creation Tool

Select Download Tool:

The Windows Media Creation Tool is updated to Windows 10 Version 1903:

You can right click the Media Creation Tool and select Properties:

Then select the Details Tab:

Here you will see it is File Version 10.0.18362.1 meaning the Media it creates is Build 18362.1:

Double click the Media Creation Tool to launch it:

Accept the User Account Control:

The Windows Logo will Show:

Getting a few things ready will show:

Accept the License Agreement:

Getting a Few Things Ready will show again:

You can use the Tool to Create a Bootable USB Directly however I find it more reliable to Download the ISO and then create it with Rufus. This also keeps the ISO handy in case it is required later:

Select Create Installation Media and then select Next:

Getting Things Ready will show again:

By default Microsoft selects the Language, Edition and Architecture in correspondence to your base Windows Install, the options are usually correct however the Language of all Windows 7 English Installs is assumed to be English (US) so you may want to uncheck this and use English (UK) if you have the wrong flavour of English…

Select your Language:

I will select English (United Kingdom):

The selection for Edition is a legacy feature. Following my feedback, Microsoft have made Windows 10 ISOs multi-edition which addressed the multiple Product Activation issues due to inadequate distinctions between Windows 10 Home OEM and Windows 10 Home Single Language OEM licenses for example which resulted in users accidentally installing the wrong Edition and having Product Activation issues. Here "Windows 10" means the Windows 10 Product Family shown below and not just Windows 10 Home.

As you can see there is only a single option in the Media Creation Tool "Windows 10"

By default you should be using 64 Bit architecture as it has been the industrial standard for some time now:

Once you've made your selection, select Next:

Select ISO file and then select Next:

By default Microsoft gives the ISO the name "Windows". This isn't too helpful as it does not contain the Version or Language or Architecture. It would be better if Microsoft Generated a File Name which contained these things by default but they don't:

So I recommend appending the following to the ISO file name and then selecting save:

It will Download Windows 10:

Then the Media Creation Tool will verify all the files it has Downloaded:

Once it is happy, it will generate a ISO file from these files. This ISO file have unique date and location of creation (your computer) and as a consequence any ISO checksum will be unique.

You will be given a note on Burning a DVD because Microsoft have an inbuilt DVD burner and do not fully have an inbuilt Bootable USB Creator. DVDs should not be used with Windows 10 Installation Media as they are obsolete and not part of most systems. There are also far more installation issues due to incorrectly burnt DVDs. Select Finish:

We will use Rufus to make a Bootable USB on Windows.

Direct Download Links

Windows 10 can also be Downloaded using the Direct Download Links. To get these to show on a Windows Computer press [F12] if in Google Chrome. This will open up Developer Tools:

Once the Developer Tools are open, refresh the page.

The layout should now change and you may now close the sidebar with the Developer Tools:

This will give you the Direct Download Links on Windows:

Microsoft give the first Option of "Edition"… Here they should use "Version" as you can select either Version 1903 (May 2019 Update) or Windows 1809 (October 2018 Update) and both of these are multi-Edition ISOs.

Note there is a problem with the Version 1809 ISO and Version 1803 ISO because the install.wim exceeds 4 GB and hence is over the limit of FAT32 which is the partition scheme required for Windows 10 Bootable USB Media to pass Secure Boot. Microsoft have followed my feedback on this and made sure that the Windows 10 Version 1903 ISOs install.wim is smaller than 4 GB.

Under "Edition" select the Version Windows 10 1903 (May 2019 Update):

Select Confirm:

It will validate your request:

Next select your Language:

Note the two Languages English and English International. English is English (USA) and English International is English (UK):

I will select English International (UK):

Select confirm:

It will validate your request again:

You will have a 64 Bit and 32 Bit Download Link:

You can copy and paste the Download Link into your Browser:



This update includes quality improvements. Key changes include:

  • Addresses an issue that may prevent access to some websites that don’t support HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) when using Internet Explorer 11 or Microsoft Edge.

  • Addresses an issue in which installation may fail with the error, "0x800f081f - CBS_E_SOURCE_MISSING."

Note: After installation, the OS build will be 18362.116.

Known issues in this update



After installing this update, users may experience error “0x800705b4” when launching Windows Defender Application Guard or Windows Sandbox.

Use the credentials of a local admin to create and set the following registry keys on the Host OS then restart the Host:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Containers\CmService\Policy]



Windows Sandbox may fail to start with "ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND (0x80070002)" on devices in which the operating system language is changed during the update process when installing Windows 10, version 1903.

This issue is resolved in KB4512941.

How to get this update

Before installing this update

Microsoft strongly recommends you install the latest servicing stack update (SSU) for your operating system before installing the latest cumulative update (LCU). SSUs improve the reliability of the update process to mitigate potential issues while installing the LCU and applying Microsoft security fixes. For more information, see Servicing stack updates.

If you are using Windows Update, the latest SSU (KB4500109) will be offered to you automatically. To get the standalone package for the latest SSU, search for it in the Microsoft Update Catalog. 

Install this update

This update will be downloaded and installed automatically from Windows Update. To get the standalone package for this update, go to the Microsoft Update Catalog website.

File information

For a list of the files that are provided in this update, download the file information for cumulative update 4505057. 

More information


There are no prerequisites for installing this update.

Restart information 

You will have to restart your computer after you apply this update.

Update replacement information 

This update replaces the previously released update 4497936.


Learn about the terminology that Microsoft uses to describe software updates. 


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