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How to Draw a Labrador Face

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Draw an oval & the base.

Draw the outline for ears.

Draw the outline for the lower body face.

Enhance the drawing as shown.

Draw outline for the eyes & nose.

Draw the ears.

Draw the eyes & eye brows.

Draw the nose holes and draw lines as shown.

Enhance the body as shown.

Make necessary improvements to finish the drawing.


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How to Draw Dog Labrador Retriever Head Portrait

Please PAUSE the "How to Draw a Labrador Retriever Dog (Head Detail)" video after each step to draw at your own pace.

The Time-Lapse (Speed Drawing) video:

The Written step-by-step video tutorial:

For the first few steps, don't press down too hard with your pencil. Use light, smooth strokes to begin.

How to Draw Dog Labrador Retriever Head Portrait 1

Step 1: Draw a big circle as a guide for the Labrador retriever dog's head. First make four small marks to indicate the circle's height and width. Then connect the marks using curved lines to create the shape of the circle. Sketch lightly at first so that it's easy to erase if you make a mistake. If you're struggling to draw the circle, trace the outer rim of a glass, a bowl or any other object with a circular edge. For a more detailed guide on the different ways to draw a circle check out this tutorial: Four simple ways to draw a circle.

How to Draw Dog Labrador Retriever Head Portrait 2

Step 2: Draw a long, curved, horizontal line across the circle to help you place the Labrador retriever's facial features later. On top of the horizontal line, near the left side, draw a shorter, curved, vertical line for another guide.

How to Draw Dog Labrador Retriever Head Portrait 3

Step 3: Draw a small circle on the lower, left side as a guide for the Labrador retriever's muzzle. Use the four-marks technique to draw this circle too. Place it directly below the horizontal guide. The lower, left side of this circle should be outside the edge of the big circle.

How to Draw Dog Labrador Retriever Head Portrait 4

Step 4: Add the guide for the dog's first ear by first drawing a long, vertical line on the right side. At the top, draw a line that slopes diagonally to the right. Pay attention to the length of these lines. Draw a line at the bottom that connects the first two lines to create a big triangle and finish the guide for the Labrador retriever's ear.

How to Draw Dog Labrador Retriever Head Portrait 5

Step 5: On the left side, draw a long, angled line as a guide for the Lab's other ear. The head is blocking most of this ear, so don't draw the whole triangle guide.

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How to Draw a Labrador

Learn how to draw a Labrador, one of the most popular breeds of dogs around. It’s easy when you have some step by step directions.

how to draw a labrador

Labrador Retrievers are perhaps the most recognizable dogs in the country, and every year they are named as the most popular breed in the U.S. Their fun-loving personalities combined with their gentleness and willingness to please their owners makes them the perfect family pet.

This tutorial will help young artists draw a Lab with all their adorable features. The big eyes and floppy ears need to be in the right size, and right place, for them to look like a Lab, and not any other of the many dog breeds that are out there.

Once the drawing is done, their are a few choices for coloring too. Labs not only come in Black, Yellow and Chocolate colors, there are White, Red and Silver breeds too.

how to draw a labrador



Time needed: 35 minutes.

How to Draw a Labrador

  1. Draw a circle for a head.

  2. Add the two eyes.

  3. Draw a nose and add highlight spots.

  4. Draw the mouth shape at the bottom.

  5. Erase the gray legs, add two ears.

  6. Erase the gray lines, add front legs.

  7. Add the back leg shapes and belly line.

  8. Finish the tail and grass line.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

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Easy drawing yellow lab

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