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GuS is a french color blind artist, he doesn't see colors like you do, so he mix them!
Only son of his mother, his art is inspired by his childhood when she gave him pens and sheets of paper to spend his time drawing.
He gets its inspiration from strange maze of 70's paperwall, from block construction games and japanese colorfull robot toys and , of course, from first pixeled videogames.
Then came the 90's and the rise of the urban culture, graffiti and street art
Multidisciplinary artist, GuS is a good rumba flamenca guitarist, he has also performed as street pupetter and he so interested in design that he decided to bluild his own furniture.

GuS est daltonien.
Cette singularité a toujours orienté son parcours plastique et artistique puisqu’il ne peut être dans la nuance.
Enfant créatif qui pratique le dessin avec passion, il grandit sous l’influence esthétique des étranges labyrinthes des tapisseries murales des années 70, des jouets robots japonais colorés et bien sûr des premiers jeux vidéos pixelisés.
Puis émergent dans les années 90, les cultures urbaines, le graffiti et le street-art, style pictural auquel GuS ne pourra rester insensible…
Il a toujours su mêler passions, créations, voyages et rencontres dans son parcours professionnel. Régiseur général de spectacle (lumières, son, décors…) pendant de nombreuses années, il s’est enrichi des ses expériences dans le spectacle vivant aux côtés de metteurs en scène, danseurs, clowns et autres artistes circassiens.
Techniquement il remet au gout du jour une forme de pointillisme dans ses portraits et développe sa pratique du tampon, véritable signature stylistique.
Très influencé par les activistes urbains et la publicité, GuS cherche à joindre le subtile à l’agréable. Dans le grand cirque de la peinture contemporaine, il porte avec brio sa deuxième casquette de lanceur d’alerte en distillant parfois des messages dans ses œuvres. Protection de la nature, grands débats sociétaux, ses œuvres collent à l’actualité et font de leur créateur un observateur éclairé de notre temps.
Artiste touche à tout, il est également guitariste chanteur de rumba-flamenca et son intérêt pour le design l’a poussé a créer ses propres meubles.

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This Artist Used an Air Jordan 1 to Paint a Portrait of Michael Jordan

Earlier this week, noted British artist Dave Whiteshowed us his well-loved Air Jordan 1 OGs, which itself is a piece of art bearing over 20 years of splattered paint. While White evidenced how the AJ1 can act as a canvas for memories, an artist under the Instagram handle @gc showed us how the iconic court runner can also function as a paintbrush. The Guangzhou-based artist used the soles of a pair of Air Jordan 1 &#;Banned&#; sneakers to stamp black and red prints that illustrated a portrait of Michael Jordan.

Take a look at the images above and the video below and let us know what you think in the comments. For more streetwear-related paintings, SEX Skateboards founder Louis Slater shows us his unique artwork.

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The Air Jordan 1 Mid &#;Brushstroke&#; Also Gets Covered In Paint Splatter

Through this upcoming Air Jordan 1 Mid, the Jumpman is showing off their artistic side. With tools and palette in-hand, the imprint is replacing and improving on many of the silhouette&#;s less interesting details.

For instance, the Swoosh is long gone, swapped out for a more aesthetically pleasing, ink black brushstroke. Even the material the logo dresses is on-theme, its canvas like that of an artist&#;s own. Adjacent, tan suedes build out all of the overlays, flaunting far more aggressive artistry. Alongside their red contrast stitch, the panels and midsole are splattered with a number of primary paints.

For a better, closer look, check the official images below. A release is likely on the way to and select retailers.

In other news, the Jordan Zion 1 is debuting tomorrow.

Air Jordan 1 Mid &#;Brushstroke&#;
Release Date: Upcoming

Source: @long7ze


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[ASMR] Jordan 1 La To Chicago wiping off the paint

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