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F1 2015 PlayStation 4 Review

F1 2015 is the best version of itself on PlayStation 4, where developer Codemasters has largely lived up to the promise of current-generation hardware. It has excellent visuals and a seriously upgraded handling model that delivers some of the series' most authentic racing. But it's also a game that suffers from a lack of ambition, and some glaring omissions in terms of features, and broken multiplayer, with the result being an underwhelming racing game.Our F1 2015 PC review covers a lot of those shortcomings, but in a nutshell: F1 2015 lacks major features that were standard from F1 2010 through 2013, including the career mode that let you develop your driver over multiple seasons and engage in heated battles with your teammate for dominance. It lets you race just a single season as a real-world driver (either the 2014 or 2015 F1 season) who of course can’t grow or change as you play. The handling model is refined in some key ways, like how it simulate grip and tire wear, but the cars in F1 2015 don't feel as aerodynamically sensitive or as demanding as they did in some earlier editions of F1, even on full realism settings. If I didn't stomp on the gas too hard, and paid attention to my tires, I felt like the cars were almost driving themselves around the track. That wider margin of error took some of the fun out of it.That's the bad news, and while it’s a big downer that makes F1 2015 tougher to recommend than its predecessors, there's also quite a bit of good to talk about. To start with, it's a sharp-looking game, with gorgeous, lifelike cars and convincing lighting that changes with the weather (and without the soft-focus look that made the PC version so disappointing).

More importantly, the performance was very smooth throughout my time on the PS4. F1 2015 is a pretty great drive on PS4 (notably better than the PC version) — it may lack the features of previous versions, but it offers also some extraordinarily authentic driving on the track. Tire degradation and grip are modeled better than ever before in the series, and that can make for some very special racing that tests every aspect of your race craft.

The rock-solid PlayStation 4 controller helps bring this to life, too, with an incredible level of granularity in the controls. I felt like I was getting as much out the throttle and steering controls as I would with a racing wheel.

Aerodynamic modeling doesn't seem nearly as good, however. Racing in close proximity to other drivers, in turbulent air, doesn't feel substantially different from being alone in clear air. That's a pretty major thing to be missing from an F1 sim, where the cars are all about aerodynamic downforce.

Still, fuel economy and tire wear keep things interesting on the track, to the point where I strongly recommend doing longer races (25% length or higher). I've had epic races in changing weather conditions where I was forced to adjust my driving style on the fly to make new tire strategies work. Getting performance out of a dying set of wet-weather tires for a crucial couple of extra laps, then switching onto high-performance slick tires just as the track dries off, and going on a tear through the field is one of those moments where you feel like you know what it is to be an F1 driver -- if only for a few minutes.That feeling goes away a bit around AI-controlled drivers, who are way too prone to getting into your back tires. It was annoying; I'd be having a great run through a corner, then I'd hear a thud and my car would start to spin out from behind as another driver nudged one of my rear wheels like a cop making high-speed takedown maneuver. Sometimes it was my fault, because I'd over-braked heading into the turn and slowed down too much, but just as often it was an AI driver diving back onto the track after running wide, or getting on the gas too early. And once they hit me, I noticed they just seemed to drive through, ignoring the contact entirely.

A much bigger problem is the fact that the PlayStation 4 version of F1 2015 doesn't seem to have working multiplayer. Every time I tried to join a session, after a lengthy search, I would get a message that I had failed to join. This happened regardless of what type of game I tried to find. It just didn't work, which is a pretty huge blemish on an otherwise strong F1 game.


Though deeply wounded by a poverty of features and broken multiplayer, F1 2015 puts its best foot forward on PlayStation 4. Great controls really let the strong handling and grip models shine, and it looks great. It’s easier to recommend as a single-player game, though you’ll need to watch out for its bumpercar AI drivers.

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F1 2012 (video game)

2012 video game

F1 2012 is a video game developed by Codemasters based on the 2012 Formula One season. The game was announced on 18 March 2012,[3] co-inciding with the first race of the 2012 season. The game was released in September.[1] It uses the EGO Engine. This was also the first game by Codemasters released under their "Codemasters Racing" label, which was used until 2016.

The Mac OS X version of the game was released by Feral Interactive on 20 December.[2]


The game features all twelve teams and twenty-four drivers competing in the 2012 season (except for mid-season changes), as well as the twenty circuits and Grands Prix — including the brand new Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas — included in the championship.

The game also features a brand-new "Young Driver Test" mode,[3][4] a tutorial mode designed to introduce new players to the handling characteristics of Formula One cars as a prologue to the career mode. As a demonstration, Codemasters approached several drivers — including Mercedes test driver Sam Bird[5] and GP2 Series driver Stefano Coletti[6] — at the real-life Young Driver Tests (for drivers who have never started a Grand Prix) in Abu Dhabi in November 2011, and asked them to drive the Yas Marina Circuit in F1 2012 instead of using the team simulators they would traditionally use to learn the circuit.[4] All of the drivers who played the game reported that the game was realistic enough for them to learn the circuit to the point where they were confident enough to set competitive lap times.

The game also presents a new main menu, with Codemasters saying it is now easier to navigate around the video game. The sound system has been modified, and players can now hear other cars around them.

Gameplay and modes[edit]

As well as the new young driver test mode, F1 2012 features a new "Champions Mode", in which the six World Champions competing in the 2012 season — Kimi Räikkönen, Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher — are styled after traditional end-of-level video gaming bosses, with the player challenged to beat them while racing in conditions that suit each driver.

Another new mode introduced in F1 2012, is the "Season Challenge" mode. Feedback given to Codemasters was that players only played the game when they had a few hours to play. In response, Codemasters brought in this mode so that players could simply play for a short amount of time. In this mode the player will start as a team lower down the field, and over a ten race season the player will move teams mid-season, depending on their ability to beat rival drivers and objectives.

Codemasters also introduced "One-Shot Qualifying", whereby a player has a single lap to qualify for the race. The One-Shot Qualifying is included in Quick Race, Season Challenge and Career Mode. The three stage knock out session is still an option, however the single 20-minute session is no longer available in career mode. There is no longer an option to include all three practice sessions in a race weekend, but instead only a single hour session is available.

In career mode players are no longer able to play races of less than 25%. In career mode the player can choose a team from the six teams. They are Marussia, HRT, Caterham, Scuderia Toro Rosso, Force India and Williams. The player can join a team after completing the Young Driver Test. The player can choose a team that meets the minimum medal requirements. Players gets contract offers from teams as they continues their races in Career Mode.

In the quick play mode the option to make a custom championship is no longer available, but instead the player selects a single race to play on.



F1 2012 received generally favorable reviews, earning a collective score of 81 out of 100 from Metacritic.[18]IGN gave the game a 9.0, underlining that while yearly sports releases are faced with the difficult battle of introducing new content when the sport remains relatively unchanged, F1 2012 introduced noticeable tweaks to the gameplay that steadily improved it.[19]GameSpot were equally-complimentary (8.5/10), applauding the developer for making the game more approachable to newcomers, but bemoaning the removal of some gameplay modes that had been included in previous releases.[20]


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F1 2015 PC Review

Context is everything in annualized sports sims. What was last year's version like? What does the new one have? What are my other options right now? If F1 2015's PC version were free of context, it would simply be forgettable licensed racing game that I could recommend to fans of Formula 1 racing. But it's not. F1 2015 is the sixth installment of Codemasters' Formula 1 series, and unfortunately it is one of their most feature-poor and PC-unfriendly releases in years.Let's dig into some of that context, and talk about where I'm coming from with this review of the PC version. While the series is meant for everyone from casual racing fans to gearheads, I've always treated the PC versions as a place to drive a serious racing sim. It gets pretty nerdy: I've played every version using a TrackIR head-tracking device and a force-feedback wheel.And while there have been years when Codemasters’ improvements were too marginal to justify the cost of a new game, I've generally loved this series.

I've also enjoyed playing it with an Xbox controller and treating it a little more casually when I don't feel like going full Walter Mitty with my racing fantasy life. That’s the great thing about previous editions of the F1 games: they all give you options. Career mode, all kinds of granular difficulty and realism settings – even vintage cars in F1 2013!
By contrast, F1 2015 gives you only the choice between the 2014 and 2015 season, and the choice between playing playing either of those seasons with custom realism settings (Championship Season) or with full realism settings (Pro Season). Those are your two main game modes. Calling Pro Season a different game mode, when really it's just a bunch of difficulty presets, is a bit like when students try to fake out their teachers by slightly increasing the line spacing and margins on a writing assignment.

All that could be forgiven if F1 2015 were a huge leap over previous editions. To be fair,there are some things that are markedly better in F1 2015 than they've ever been before. One of them is tire-wear. In F1 racing, you'll hear people talk about the "performance cliff" for racing tires. F1 2015 absolutely nails this. It happens suddenly, and often at the worst possible moment. I can feel the grip going away from the car a little bit as I get deeper into a stint, but there will come a moment when suddenly it's like I'm driving on ice. I'm braking, trying to turn, and the car just isn't responding anymore. Staying on top of the tire situation finally feels important.

Likewise, wet-weather driving is better than it's been. It no longer feels like a simple modifier to your car's handling: "Longer braking distance, more oversteer." No, on a wet track in F1 2015, you can feel the car slip and skid the way it would in real life. There's more lateral movement in turns, and there’s a general feeling of instability that's challenging to handle.Fuel economy is another factor that's played a big role this season, and F1 2015 really brings that aspect of the strategy to life. Your engineer is constantly feeding you important information over the radio, and you have to be adjusting your driving on the fly to conserve your fuel load, which is an interesting layer of nuance to consider beyond simply going as fast as you can.

On the other hand, what good is a better handling model when you can't really feel it? Not only do I generally find F1 2015 much simpler to drive than in previous years, with less demanding handling, but I don't feel like I'm as in touch with the road. Less feedback is translated back through the controller and speakers, so I just don't feel the same connection with the car. On a gamepad, F1 2015 feels kind of "point-and-squirt" compared to older versions: the car instantly goes where you tell it, then you stand on the gas until the next turn. The biggest driving challenge I've faced is the PC version's faulty controller calibration, which seems to change every time I play. Sometimes there's a faint pull to the left as I drive, other times there's a weird wobble around the 0 value on the X-axis, like the car simply won't hold a straight line. Sometimes the steering wheel is locked to the left and the gas and brake are both at maximum, making the care wholly undriveable. Only in F1 2015!With a steering wheel… well, I couldn't really tell you. Alone among all my racing games, F1 2015 is the only one that won't play nicely with my old Logitech MOMO. I managed to get it working a couple times, however, but even then the force-feedback felt almost nonexistent. This is apparently a widespread issue among people using force-feedback wheels, which is pretty bad news if you're a serious PC racing fan.

I wish I could say the graphics are a lot better than F1 2013, but they're not. Certainly they're nowhere near cutting-edge on PC. Everything seems faintly blurred, like I'm watching the race through a soft lens on a humid day. The lighting is flat and lifeless, which is especially noticeable during night races. Even if the car models themselves look terrific, F1 2015 can't hold a candle to the likes of Project CARS.And that's the real kiss of death for F1 2015 on PC. I'm not having a tenth the lock-ups and crashes that many, many people on the Steam forums are complaining about – with the exception of controller issues, it’s working just fine for me. It just happens to be a third-rate PC port of a second-rate racing game. It might be the only F1 game around, but PC gamers have way too many other options to tolerate this poor quality – F1 2010 through 2013, for a start. Project CARS, Assetto Corsa, and rFactor all offer plenty of open-wheel racing that could scratch that F1 itch, without all the limitations and drawbacks.


F1 2015 is a lesser game than its predecessors, and pales in comparison to the current crop of PC racing games in nearly every way. To give it credit where it’s due, I’m impressed by some of the driving modeling and the fuel management prompts, but those alone aren’t nearly enough to recommend F1 2015. [Note: Our review of the console version of F1 2015 will be posted next week.]

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F1 2015 (video game)

2015 video game

F1 2015 is a racing game based on the 2015 Formula One season developed by Codemasters. It was released in July 2015, and features the team and driver line-ups from the 2015 season, including the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez.[2] It also features all the drivers, cars and circuits from the 2014 season (i.e. Caterham F1, and the Hockenheimring, which was removed from the calendar). It is the last game from Codemasters branded under the Codemasters Racing label and first title in the F1 series released for eighth generation consoles.[3]


The game runs on an all-new version of the EGO game engine, providing a large number of improvements to the game's physics models. It features an all-new "Pro Season" mode that is more challenging than the normal gameplay because there is no HUD and no assist, which includes traction, ABS, and transmission, with the hardest level possible.[4][5]

The game is also compatible with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One's voice recognition software, allowing players to talk to their race engineers during the race and ask for race information, weather updates, and tyre status, and even request a change of tyres or wing.[3]

The game was also noted for the fact that the AI would often wreck or make mistakes. This drew both praise and criticism from game critics.

Development and release[edit]

Unlike previous Codemasters F1 games, which have been released in September–October, F1 2015 was released in July 2015. The previous game F1 2014 was regarded as more of a "filler" game until the 2015 game was released. This game is made almost completely from scratch after Codemasters decided to base this version on an entirely new game engine, said to dramatically improve both the screen quality and the AI's abilities.[6][7][8]



The final product received a mixed reception with the PlayStation 4 version scoring 65 out of 100 on the review aggregator site Metacritic[15] and 65.02% on GameRankings.[16] IGN rated the game a 5.8/10, praising the graphics and control system, but criticising the severe lack of game modes and overly aggressive AI.[17][13] Metro liked the weather effects, and said the game held its own in the genre.[14]

The version released for PC received more mixed reception after release, scoring 61 of 100 from critics according to review aggregator Metacritic.[18] Reviews on GameRankings yielded a rating of 58.17%.[19]

The game got to number one in the Chart-Track sales chart.[20]


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2015 ign f1 review

F1 2015

Should be a disclaimer that I DON'T PLAY ONLINE, AND I DON'T MIND ABOUT CAREER. Please keep that in mind, as the multiplayer is broken and theShould be a disclaimer that I DON'T PLAY ONLINE, AND I DON'T MIND ABOUT CAREER. Please keep that in mind, as the multiplayer is broken and the career being removed has caused temper tantrums in many other reviews.

The AI are wonderful. They race, they do not just simply drive around the circuit like they used to. They try daring overtakes, not just on you, but on each other, and the other cars defend realistically. They are prone to dumb mistakes, which is odd for Formula One drivers (except Pastor Maldonado), but all of this leads to dramatic, exciting races.

The TV style is quite nice. I like it, all in all. They needed to record more audio for the commentators, because you will hear repetition a lot, but you hear the odd interesting observation, and all in all it is a nice little touch.

The graphics are lovely. The game really shines (literally) at the night races at Bahrain and Singapore, and (not literally) in wet races. There will be the odd graphical glitch, such as a flickering wheel, but I (possibly not everyone, just me) have found that to be quite rare. The only bad looking part of the game is the driver faces.

The game is a bit unstable. That is also an understatement. There will be glitches. There will be crashes to desktop. It is not in a good enough state to be released. Some computers handle the game better than others, I have found. Codemasters are releasing patches frequently, so this won't be a problem in a month or so.

If you are a die-hard F1 fan who doesn't mind about career, buy it. If not, wait a bit. It will go on sale and the bugs will be fixed, and it will all be wonderful.…Expand

Sours: https://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/f1-2015
f1 2015 season review

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