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LED C7/ C9 Christmas Replacement Bulbs

LED C7 and C9 light bulbs are the LED equivalent to the incandescent C7 and C9 light bulbs. The shatter-resistant plastic shell and energy savings chips make these bulbs very popular with large commercial and residential installations from roof lines to tree displays. The faceted plastic bulbs (i.e. diamond cut bulbs) are the LED replacements for C7/C9 transparent, and the newer opaque smooth plastic bulbs are the LED replacements for the incandescent ceramic/ opaque bulbs. Our most popular colors for C7 and C9 LED replacement bulbs are the Sun Warm White (closest we carry to incandescent), Warm White, Cool White, and Multi (Red, Green, Blue, Amber/ Orange, and Yellow). These LED bulbs are manufactured by Minleon International, and as of the 2017 season, we are selling the SMD LED version.

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Commercial LED C7 Replacement Bulbs

Fall in love with the traditional look and energy efficient features of C7 LED lights. Create custom designs every year with these C7 LED replacement bulbs. They are the ultimate money saving option as you decorate for the holidays.

C7 LED replacement bulbs are available in a full spectrum of vibrant colors and styles including twinkle bulbs, dripping icicles, and color change options. Energy saving C7 LED replacement bulbs screw into standard C7 sockets and have an average lifespan of 60,000 hours. LED bulbs are virtually unbreakable; hang these durable lights outdoors with quick, hassle free installation! Not only will this feature save you time, but you'll also experience significant money savings when you don't have to replace broken bulbs.

Buying C7 bulbs and stringers separately means unlimited freedom in designing your Christmas display. Trim an indoor tree in red and green C7 bulbs this year and then change them out for a blue and white tree next year! Choose a solid color roofline this year and next year decorate with falling icicles lights. There are no limitations when you choose C7 LED replacement bulbs!

LED C7 bulbs or strings?

LED lights offer energy savings and long lasting, durable lighting. C7 LED bulbs have up to 7 diodes per bulb, while light strings, twinkle bulbs, and color change bulbs contain 1 diode per bulb. Installers often choose bulbs due to the ease of customizing lighting projects, and speed of replacing a single bulb versus a full string when needed. C7 light strings are ideal for quickly wrapping outdoor trees and bushes.

Popular LED C7 applications

Stake C7 light strings along a walkway or hang lights around a porch, using light clips for a professional look. Decorate trees, mantels, and greenery inside with these bright lights. C7 bulbs help your home look its best.

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C7 LED Bulbs

By using our C7 LED light bulbs there will be no more replacing bulbs year after year. Trade out your traditional incandescent C7 bulbs with our long-lasting, 50,000-hour, energy efficient LED C7 retrofit bulbs . These bulbs are made of durable, multi-faceted plastic so they won't fade, chip, or break and will also dazzle with richer more sparkly hues. Each bulb uses 3 super-bright micro LED's to create a brilliant color. Did you know that a 25-bulb strand of incandescent C7 lights uses five times more energy than the same 25-bulb stringer of LED's? If you strive to be "greener" this Christmas, enjoy a more brilliant lighting display. Shop our extensive collection of retro fit C7 LED bulbs in single-color and multicolor packs of 25 bulbs while you contemplate the color scheme you most desire for your interior or exterior lighting display. These bulbs will screw into our C7 Stringers, Heavy Duty Candelabra (e12) Stringers, or Vintage e12 Twisted Wire Strings with Bakelight Sockets 

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LED Christmas Lights Review - Classic Style C7 Bulbs - 5 Solid Colors by Brite Star

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