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Top 2 Ways to Monitor Snapchat on iPhone without Jailbreak

Being one of the most popular apps among all the youngsters, Snapchat is widely used by teenagers and young children as well. The unique feature of this app wherein the messages and pictures shared by the user gets deleted once read, has become a nightmare for several parents, as it becomes a hassle to monitor snapchat and check what is being shared, especially when the kid is using Apple device. Knowing how to monitor Snapchat on iPhone without jailbreak is helpful in many situations. Read further and we have discussed several ways.

Way 1: By Restoring Snapchat Backup Files with iCloud

If in case your child's iPhone is updated regularly on iCloud or iTunes, you can restore the iCloud backup or iTunes backup to check the Snapchat chat history. This way is very simple and you can monitor Snapchat without jailbreak or any cost.

How to Restore Snapchat Backup from iCloud

Requirement: You need to know iCloud ID and password of the target you want to monitor and Snapchat backup is already enabled in iCloud.

Here's how to do:

  1. Head to the "Settings" app, scroll down to find "General".

  2. Swipe down and choose "Reset", and select "Erase All Content and Settings".

  3. Restart the iPhone, and you will be led to the initial set up interface, where you should login to the Apple ID and password of the one you want to monitor. Remember to tap on "Restore from iCloud Backup" from the "Apps and Data" screen.

How to Restore Snapchat Backup from iTunes

Requirement: You need to access target computer and it should contacin an iTunes backup of target iPhone.

Here's how to do:

  1. Access target computer and connect your iPhone to iTunes with a Data Cable.

  2. Click on the phone icon at the top and go to "Summary", then click "Restore Backup" button.

  3. You have to choose a backup file that contains Snapchat files and click "Restore" button. Then you will see Snapchat backup on your iPhone.


  • Both devices should be running iOS.

  • It is time consuming and not effective. You are not able to check the real-time Snapchat data.

  • It is necessary to know the Apple account or have access to the target's computer.

  • You may lose a lot of pre-existing data on your phone as iCloud/iTunes backup would replace the currently stored files.

If you can't overcome these circumstances or are not satisfied with the results by this way, there are still other solutions online which can do the job more effective.

Way 2: By Using 3rd Party Snapchat Spy App

Requirement: You have to jailbreak the target iPhone

One of the best ways on how to monitor Snapchat on iPhone is by making use of the several iPhone monitoring apps which are available online. All you need is install this kind of monitoring apps on target iPhone, then you can monitor Snapchat or any kind of activity remotely through a web panel. The most recommended one of those apps is given below.

Mspy Snapchat Spy App

This app serves as a boon for digital parents. You can view the Snapchat activities of your kids when you are at home, at office, during shopping etc. Effective monitoring on your child's iPhone is possible anytime and anywhere if you have Mspy in your gadget. It is specifically designed to check on the data being exchanged on Snapchat by your child. It also offers monitoring access to several other social media apps as well.

What Can Mspy Do on Snapchat monitoring for iPhone:

  • View each sent and received messages on Snapchat.

  • Trace all multimedia data (photos, videos and pictures) shared on Snapchat.

  • Get date & time of the exchanged media files and messages within the Snapchat app.

How to Monitor Snapchat on iPhone with Mspy:

  1. You have to jailbreak the target iPhone first.

  2. Access the Cydia app and install it on the device.

  3. Open Cydia and select Mtechnology LTD repository. Then Select All Packages > iPhoneInternalService > Install > Confirm.

  4. Select Restart SpringBoard. Next, open Cydia and choose Sources followed by Mtechnology LTD repository to delete it. Enter you registration code to monitor Snapchat on iPhone.


  • Jailbreak is complex and posts threats of data leak and malware attack on target iPhone.

  • It is not free to use and cost you much money each month.

  • The installation process is complex and takes time for those without any tech knowledge.

Don't Miss! The Best iPhone Monitoring App without Jailbreak

An undeniable fact is that, if you really want to monitor someone's iPhone without jailbreak it, you will not able to enjoy some advanced features, like social media monitoring or call recording.

But these apps without jailbreak will also give you certain access to the files on the target iPhone. If you don't want to risk bricking the target iPhone or letting the owner discover it, it is recommended that you use KidsGuard Pro iOS monitoring without jailbreak. It is a legit app and have been vetted by the larget user base around 190+ countries.

This program has also been featured in numerous media outlets. Though it does not have Snapchat monitoring on iPhone, you can be sure you are using a very powerful phone monitoring solution. You can:

  • Monitor popular social media apps like WhatsApp, LINE and more. Photos, videos, voice messages are available too.

  • Check text messages and iMessages even deleted.

  • Keep track of each call going through and find out who is chatting with the target.

  • View media files stored on target phone like photos, videos, notes, voice memos, etc.

  • Get the search history and bookmarks on target phone.

This program is 100% hidden and  is impossible for the target user to know you are monitoring the iPhone device. What's more, it is a very cost-effective solution. With other monitoring apps on the market, you have to pay several times as much.

This company offers their valuable customers with 30% discount on license cost. You'd better to avail for this discount right now before it expires! For a comprehensive guide on the features that KidsGuard Pro provides, check its live demo below.

Monitor NowView Demo

How to Monitor iPhone without Jailbreak via KidsGuard Pro?

To install KidsGuard Pro, follow these simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Create a KidsGuard Pro account and subscribe to iOS monitoring plan. Then you will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours.

  2. Download the app from the website link sent to your email account but on the target computer and not yours. Follow along the instructions to complete the setup.

  3. This app will scan the existing backup of target iPhone or you can connect it with computer if there is no backup on the computer. Finally, you can view the data you want.


Can you monitor snapchat on iPhone? We have discussed main two ways on how to monitor Snapchat for free on iOS along with their pros and cons repestively. To monitor Snapchat on iPhone you can make use of restoring iCloud backup or iTunes backup and the best app which is recommended above. So it is you to make your choice.

Not just Snapchat but the other popular social media platforms are widely used by the kids these days. Other social media platforms (WhatsApp, Line, Kik...) have users of all age groups and their young minds are not mature enough to judge who is a potentially dangerous person. This is why the practice of monitoring apps for iPhone without jailbreaking has become an absolute necessity. If you are on the lookout for the best iPhone monitoring app, you should opt for KidsGuard Pro. It's secure, versatile, and discreet. Best of all, it is available at a pocket-friendly price.


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Outrageous How to Monitor Snapchat on Iphone without Jailbreak Tips

Employing this process, you might get your eyes on not merely the user’s Snapchat account but in addition on his Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social networking accounts. You should seek advice from your own legal advisor with regard to legality of working with the Licensed Software within your jurisdiction before installing and using it. Capturing data in a comprehensive report.

The Honest to Goodness Truth on How to Monitor Snapchat on Iphone Without Jailbreak

It’s a standard phenomenon that children start using smartphones and social networking apps from an early age, and snapchat is among the most well-known social media apps they use. If you’re monitoring more than 1 child, you might want to retrieve data in a systematized method. In the present scenario as a result of technical advancements, protecting the kids from cyber threats appears to be a challenging job.

Thus, don’t hesitate and try your favourite application now and see how simple it is to keep track of what kids are doing in the on-line space. This program won’t only provide you accessibility to your kids’ Snapchat account, but it is going to also provide you a lot of different features also. Pay a visit to site Whatsapp hacker on-line tool WhatsApp is truly an easy way to acquire in touch with family and friends anywhere on the planet.

All About How to Monitor Snapchat on Iphone Without Jailbreak

So to track a Snapchat remotely, you should adhere to these basic instructions. These tutorials are sufficient to execute the essential tasks without a lot of difficulty. You can take advantage of the stepwise instructions to perform the desired tasks successfully.

Concerning controlling the target phone, hoverwatch is among the very best iPhone spy apps. PhoneSpying is the mobile phone spy app that’s been taking care of all your personal and professional digital security needs. You’re also likely to should be sure that the device you’re going to be spying on is on the net.

This iPhone Snapchat spy app feature can be utilised to keep an eye on your kid’s activity on Snapchat to make certain they aren’t chatting with any predator. Mspy is potentially the most popular spy app on the Internet nowadays. The copy9 is the ideal spy app which can be found on the market.

The Birth of How to Monitor Snapchat on Iphone Without Jailbreak

Nonetheless, it can be challenging to keep an eye on every new app that your son or daughter installs. For that reason, it’s crucial for parents to learn how to monitor their kids’ Snapchat reasonably to make sure their on-line safety. Attachment parents are nurturing and available to fulfill their children’s needs night and day.

Prey, actually, is a tracking app that it is possible to use on both iPhone and Android. Don’t worry, there are a few apps can provide help. There are lots of great Snapchat monitoring apps on the market, and in addition, there are several spam apps out there.

The Ultimate How to Monitor Snapchat on Iphone without Jailbreak Trick

Well with the assistance of Mspy it’s an incredibly simple job. Companies might want to think about a program that will make it possible for you to monitor more than 1 phone at one time. You’ll be surprised for that you have an opportunity to spy on virtually all the Snapchat activities.

With the support of some certain spying applications, it’s still possible to track Snapchat with no installations. It can be set up easily and doesn’t need much hassle. Hence, there’s no necessity to overpay for functions that you don’t need.

What You Need to Do About How to Monitor Snapchat on Iphone Without Jailbreak

At this time, you need to be a wise buyer to buy the plan fulfilling all your requirements. Regardless, the money-back guarantee is available also. All you have to do is follow the steps closely to obtain access to their accounts. The majority of them are available at some affordable rates and perhaps even free.

Far from how it’s a tracker, you may also see where your friends are. Now, you don’t have to peep in their phones to see with whom they are chatting and what type of stuff is being exchanged. WiFi networks it is possible to get thorough information on the particular location of someone by getting informed about each public or private wifi the phone connects to understand where the man is going.

What to Expect From How to Monitor Snapchat on Iphone Without Jailbreak?

This tool can’t hack WhatsApp messages. Except that, FlexiSPY is just one of the very first spyware to provide real-time call interceptions on a jailbroken device. Since the app used lots of network data, it lessens the battery life of the gadget. It’s no longer challenging to monitor facebook messages of a cell device with mSpy. Record SMS and internet messages.

Introducing How to Monitor Snapchat on Iphone Without Jailbreak

Monitor supplies an absolutely free 3day trial so that you can try before buying. Read the in depth description of the spying tools that are available for free of charge. It is not the least expensive app, but it has a broad variety of powerful features that produce the cost completely well worth it.

The Bad Secret of How to Monitor Snapchat on Iphone Without Jailbreak

Once 48 hours have passed, you’re totally free to log in the XNSPY web account and begin monitoring the iPhone. After a few minutes, you are going to realize that tutuapp was installed on your iPhone. Snapchat is among the most common social networking platforms utilized by kids today. Glympse This is a particularly handy app for business users since they can set tracking timers that expire within a couple of minutes to a couple of hours. You may begin monitoring in no more than 15 minutes.

Where to Find How to Monitor Snapchat on Iphone Without Jailbreak

This is particularly mandatory. However, it’s not too advanced. You’re able to find out for yourself.

With the more affordable options, however, you might need to do a jailbreak. Registration Register from any device and it’s going to be added to your on-line account. Purchase the best refurbished iPhones in the united kingdom. Stay and read the info!

You will have the ability to obtain the info you need without the mobile phone user. If necessary, you may use your single Mobile Spy account to monitor many devices! Highster Mobile is the major mobile phone spy software for a mobile phone or any mobile device. If you lost your cell phone within the home or office then you may use the RING option or watch the location on the map to work out the location of your mobile phone. The phone has to be turned on. With the most suitable application set up on the phone it is possible to spy on your boyfriends cell phone.

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Snapchat is not like other social media platforms. It is designed to instantly share your moments of joy and fun with your friends. These snaps vanish quickly and can not be seen after some time. This makes it easier to enjoy the naughty stuff without any trace on Snapchat.

As a parent, you think how can I monitor my child’s Snapchat. Hence, you need a powerful Snapchat monitoring app for parents to see your kid’s Snapchat such as Spyine.

Monitor Snapchat

In this article, we will discuss the Spyine parental monitoring app and see how it can be used for monitoring your kid’s Snapchat.

In the first part, we will look at the features of Spyine. In the second part, we will see how you can monitor Snapchat on iPhone without jailbreak. You can skip the second part and jump directly to the third part of the article if your kid uses an Android phone.

Part 1: How Can I Monitor My Child’s Snapchat

Spyine is the world’s leading and best parental monitoring app. It is a trusted and reliable app that is used by millions of satisfied parents to fulfill their kid’s monitoring needs. Spyine is endorsed by major media outlets including the Mashable, the TechCrunch and the Engadget.

You can monitor your kid’s Snapchat easily through the Spyine parental monitoring app. You can view the past and the deleted Snapchat stories of your kids. Further, you can see the details of their friends and dig into their other social accounts.

Nonetheless, Spyine flaunts a customer satisfaction rate of 96% with its widespread customer spread. You might be wondering what makes the Spyine parental monitoring app so amazing. So, lets take a look at the best features of Spyine:

Complete Monitoring Package


With more than 35 monitoring features, Spyine gives you complete control over your kid’s phone. You can view your kid’s messages, see call history, track location, read emails and follow up calendar events.

Web-based Solution

It is a web-based solution and can be accessed through the web browser of any device. Just logon to your account and see your kid’s phone activities on the go through Spyine Dashboard.

Check out the Free Live Demo here!

Easy to use

It is quite simple and easy to use the software. There is no need to go through extensive instructions before you can get it running. Instead, you can follow a three-step Spyine Installation Wizard to configure your kid’s phone.

You will be able to set up your kid’s phone for Spyine monitoring within 5 minutes.

No Root, No Jailbreak Solution

Spyine is a No Root, No Jailbreak solution. Unlike its competitors, you can access all monitoring features of Spyine without rooting or jailbreaking the device. Built with the latest technologies Spyine can access even the third-party apps’ data without tampering the device’s OS.

This means that Spyine does not compromise the integrity and reliability of the device. The device remains safe from exposure to malware. Also, the warranty for your kid’s phone remains valid.

Android Keylogger

The powerful Android Keylogger allows you to capture your kid’s login credentials and other important information. You can see all the keystrokes made on your kid’s phone. Know the credentials to all accounts and get unrestricted access to your kid’s virtual life.


Spyine is a reliable monitoring solution trusted by millions of people across the globe. It is legitimate software and does not introduce any virus or malware in your kid’s phone.

Privacy of Data

The privacy of data is the utmost preference for Spyine. It has developed a top-notch architecture with impenetrable security measures and encryption protocols. Spyine does not store your or monitored data on its servers. Therefore, it provides 100% data privacy and security.

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Part 2: How to Monitor Snapchat on iPhone Without Jailbreak

You can be naive at technology, yet successfully track someone’s iPhone in three simple steps. In this part, we are going to see how to monitor Snapchat on iPhone without jailbreak using Spyine iOS monitoring solution.

Designed with the new technologies, the Spyine iOS monitoring system is capable of hacking remotely into anybody’s devices. There is neither a need to get hold of the target phone for Spyine’s installation nor a need to exploit the OS by jailbreaking the device.

You will need the iCloud account credentials of the target iPhone. Once the iPhone account credentials are verified, Spyine will begin to synchronize data over iBackup services. Just do the following:

Step 1: Create a Spyine account.

  • Open the signup and create a Spyine account.

Step 2: Verify iCloud Account

  • Enter the iCloud account credentials which are configured on the target phone and click ‘Verify’.


Step 3: Track iPhone

  • Go to the Spyine Dashboard and select ‘Social Apps > Snapchat’.


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Part 3: How to Monitor Your Kid’s Snapchat on Android

Spyine Android solution is used to monitor all the latest Android phones running Android version 4.0 and above. You need to install the Spyine Android solution onto your kid’s phone.

The app icon is hidden automatically after installation yet the spy service continues to run in the background. It occupies a minimal memory space of less than 2 MB. Moreover, Spyine consumes negligent battery power so the phone neither heats up nor the battery drains quickly.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s take a look at how you can monitor your kid”s Snapchat on Android:

Step 1: Get an account

  • Go to the Signup page.
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Hit ‘Sign up’.


Step 2: Configure your kid’s phone

  • Subscribe to a package.
  • Name the device appropriately.
  • Get your kid’s phone in the hand.
  • Get the download link from the Wizard.
  • Open the download link on your kid’s phone.
  • Download and install the app by granting all necessary permissions.


Step 3: See your kid’s Snapchat

  • Go to the Spyine dashboard.
  • Select Social Apps > Snapchat.
  • See your kids Snapchat.
  • You can also click on Keylogger.
  • See every keystroke on your child’s phone.


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In this post, we have disçussed how you can monitor your kids’ Snapchat using the Spyine Parental Monitoring app. The Spyine Snapchat Spy allows you to monitor your kid’s Snapchat easily without them knowing. You can track your kid’s iPhone and Android phone with Spyine.

Besides Snapchat, Spyine offers you a complete Parental Monitoring package with which you can see all activities of your kids.

This post is also available in: Deutsch (German)Español (Spanish)

Matthew Rector


How to Track Snapchat on Iphone without Jailbreak

Snapchat is a popular social network which is based on a unique idea that allows users to share their pictures with their friends and family for a specific time span. Due to its nature, Snapchat is widely used by teenagers and young adults. And because of the same nature of this service, users post things that they shouldn’t and it is parents responsibility to monitor all the activities of their kids. Parents can track Snapchat on iPhone without jailbreak.

Should parents monitor their kids’ activities?

Yes, parents should monitor their kids’ activities and it is possible to track Snapchat on iPhone without jailbreak. It is essential to track and monitor kid’s activities to protect them from cyber threats like cyber bullying etc. The can easily do that with the help of monitoring apps like SpyBubble that is available worldwide.

Track Snapchat Now

How to use SpyBubble?

SpyBubble can track Snapchat on iPhone without jailbreak and this particular app and service is easy to install and configure for the first time. All you need is physical access to the target device for few minutes to install SpyBubble for the first time and then you can do everything remotely with the help of web portal they provide at the time of purchase. Not only Snapchat monitoring but SpyBubble can do lots of things that you need as a parent to protect your kids or even for employee tracking. It can monitor calls, messages, emails, IMs, web usage as well as GPS tracking that is a much needed feature.

Is SpyBubble undetectable?

SpyBubble is totally undetectable so you don’t have to worry about being caught in an awkward situation. As mentioned above, you don’t even have to have physical access to the target device to gather the data because you can do it via web portal from anywhere and anytime.


Jailbreak snapchat monitoring without

In the current scenario due to technical advancements, protecting the kids from cyber threats seems to be a challenging task. You can now monitor Snapchat without a jailbreak in your kid’s online activities. To overcome cyberbullying and internet fear you have to explore innovative measures. As per the statistics, report kids spent much time in this virtual world and it is the responsibility of the parents to guard them against unwanted issues.

The youngsters are very much excited about the chatting apps. Snapchat is one of the popular communication apps in this cyber world. Monitor the Snapchat activities of the adolescent kids to guide them on the right path. The parents should try to prevent their kids from involving unwanted internet activities, which might ruin their future. In this article, discover the unique tools to monitor Snapchat without jailbreak.

In the present situation, you should monitor the children’s gadget activities to mold their future towards a right and successful path. By controlling the online activities of the kids, you will be able to focus them on their passionate field rather than spending their precious time in this virtual world. With the help of the Famisafe software, you can access your children’s gadgets accurately and record their activities remotely. Take a quick look at the three different tools, which provide amazing access to your kid’s device to implement better control.

3 Useful Ways to Monitor Snapchat without Jailbreak

2 ways to monitor Snapchat without jailbreak

Read the three innovative apps to overlook the Snapchat activities of your kids optimally. It is the right time to look for an effective software to monitor the online activities of kids to get rid of unwanted cyber traps. Parents will feel comfortable if they can view the gadget activities of their children remotely. Every tool is unique, and you can explore its features easily. Let us discuss in detail below with the clear illustrations.

1). mSpy

This app is an amazing platform to monitor Snapchat without jailbreak. You can make use of this alternative tool to protect your children from cyberbullying, internet threats like adult content, addictive web games, etc.


  • Awesome customer support round the clock
  • Availability of family kit for effective parenting
  • Track the activities of your children in WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, etc
  • Great compatibility
  • Two versions are available such as mSpy with jailbreak and mSpy without jailbreak

Stepwise procedure to monitor Snapchat without Jailbreak using mSpy

Step 1: Initially you have to purchase the mSpy product by completing the transaction process and then make use of its features. Visit the official website if you want to make a successful download.

3 Useful Ways to Monitor Snapchat without Jailbreak

Step 2: You will receive a confirmation email after purchasing this tool. Make use of email guidance to carry out the installation process. Follow the wizard and install the mSpy tool in your device. You can also take the assistance from the 24/7 support team if you encounter any issues while installing the tool.

3 Useful Ways to Monitor Snapchat without Jailbreak

Follow the wizard carefully and complete the installation process quickly.

Step 3: Start monitoring the Snapchat history of your kid easily with the help of mSpy software

3 Useful Ways to Monitor Snapchat without Jailbreak

You can easily record the Snapchat messages, images, and videos from your kid’s device with the help of this fabulous tool. You can spy on your kid’s gadgets to guard them against internet threats and cyberbullying.

2). Famisafe

An incredible family kit from Wondershare. This tool assists the parents in protecting the kids from internet problems like addiction, porn videos, adult content websites, gambling web pages, etc. It is the perfect tool to guard your children effectively. This user-friendly tool helps the parents to provide complete protection for their kids from the untold dangers of the internet. Create a protective fence for your kids from this unsafe cyber world with the help of an effective tool. You can track out various online social network activities of the kids remotely. Monitor Snapchat without jailbreak with the help of this awesome tool. This software is highly affordable, and you can purchase it at discount rates as per your needs.


  • You can try out the trial version and then purchase it after learning the features in this app.
  • Monitor the kid’s activities in their device, and you can control it with the help of screen time functionality. Screen time feature enables the parents to set time for device usage. Make use of this option to set timings for every app in your kid’s device.
  • Create a Geo-fence using this app and protect your kids from the entry of prohibited areas near your locality.
  • Ease installation, and you can work on this platform easily. It is a user-friendly app. You can make use of the stepwise instructions to carry out the desired tasks successfully.
  • Monitor and block the unwanted apps in your kid’s device remotely and your kid will not be able to sense you monitoring activity by any means.

Explore the systematic process of this fabulous parenting tool

Step 1: Visit the official website of Famisafe and download the trial version for better understanding. You can also download it from the app store easily.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Step 2: Install the app by following the wizard. Set up the app in your kid’s device by connecting it to your phone to carry out a precise monitoring activity. Start the app by tapping the Famisafe icon in your device

3 Useful Ways to Monitor Snapchat without Jailbreak

Step 3: Select ‘Activity Report’ from the home page to monitor the kid’s online activities optimally. This tool will generate the report displaying the time spent on each app and its related details. You can also monitor the app usage and block or schedule a reasonable time.

3 Useful Ways to Monitor Snapchat without Jailbreak3 Useful Ways to Monitor Snapchat without Jailbreak

Why FamiSafe stand out?

Famisafe stands out in the digital market due to its ease usage with outstanding features and trial free version. You can easily explore the features of this tool even if you do not have any prior knowledge. To work on this software you need not require any technical knowledge, it is enough if you follow the guidelines to carry out specific tasks. During installation just keep up with the instructions given by this tool. This software provides you complete family protection from internet threats and other forms of cyber issues.

  • This tool allows the parents to track the location of their kid’s device easily
  • With the help of the location history, the parents will be able to learn the movements of the kids during their absence
  • This software serves as the best tracking device, and it records precise information
  • Blocks the entry of adult content websites
  • The web history displays the online activities of the kids
  • The parents can set screen time for their kids to restrict the device usage

Therefore, Famisafe is a unique tool to control the gadget activities of the kids in the absence of their parents.

Thus, it is high time to monitor the activities of the kids on social networking websites like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat, etc to protect from unnecessary issues. The parent’s key responsibility extends by providing a safe internet environment to explore their capabilities. Famisafe offers a blissful online experience for the children. Trace out the online movements of the kids precisely and take preventive measures on time. Choose Famisafe to provide a safe environment in this digital world of the internet. Make use of this tool optimally and explore its features to build a secure ambiance for your kid to have fun in this cyber world.

MSPY App - Don't Do It!

How to Monitor Snapchat Without Jailbreak (With Pictures)

Whether spying is right or wrong has been a question that many people argue about in everyday living. We believe that the reasons for spying should justify whether the act is right or wrong. We hear of security agencies spying on certain members of society in order to keep people in society safe. With many kids gaining access to the internet and mobile devices at a very early age, there is no telling the extent a child can go with this freedom.

For parents who care about their children’s well being, spying can be a necessary step towards responsible parenting. Also, since most adolescents tend to confide more in their peers than their parents, spying can help parents understand whatever their teens are struggling with. Here, we will talk about monitor Snapchat without jailbreak.

Is It Possible to Monitor Snapchat Without Jailbreak?

Despite the fact that Snapchat messages and pictures are usually deleted every 24 hours, there seems to be capable apps that can spy on Snapchat without jailbreaking. To jailbreak means removing limitations that were imposed on iPhone by Apple. Jailbreaking is synonymous with the rooting of an Android device. Once jailbreaking is successful, the phone can install unauthorized apps and make certain changes to areas where there were restrictions initially.

As Apple and other mobile manufacturers are advancing mobile security measures against jailbreaking, developers are also discovering smarter ways of spying on mobile devices. It is expected that this cat and dog race may continue forever.

Why Parents Want to Monitor Snapchat?

Snapchat, as a social media app, does offer users the opportunity to text and share edited photos that are deleted within 24 hours. Sometimes within a few seconds of sending and receiving snaps, they are no longer available to read. Since many users know this, children and teenagers may play smart and deliberately delete their snaps so parents may not have access to them.

For parents who want to monitor their children’s chats, browsing through their Snapchat profile on their iPhone device may not yield enough results. The better alternative is to use a spy app that can retrieve all messages sent on the Snapchat app that is normally not available for checking when browsing the child’s profile. The spy app makes it easy for Snapchat spy no jailbreak.

How to Monitor Snapchat iPhone Without Jailbreak

As mentioned earlier, we can spy on Snapchat without jailbreak. This, however, requires quite sophisticated apps. We give five best apps you can use to monitor Snapchat without jailbreak and how to use them.

1. Spyic

Spyic is a very popular parental control apps that can also monitor Snapchats. Parents can access all files exchanged via Snapchat on their children’s phones without them being aware. With Spyic, you can easily monitor Snapchat without jailbreak.

How to Use Spyic to Monitor Snapchat

  1. You must first create an account with Spyic. Subscribe for any of their plans that you can afford. As you setup, the app, details of your target phone (child’s phone) will be required to make tracking possible.
  2. Download and install Spyic on your own device. Also, install the app on your kid’s mobile and enter details of your Spyic account to complete the setup for tracking.
  3. Once you complete step 2, you now have access to monitor Snapchat, calls, text and other functions.

spyic app


  • Spyic offers one of the cheapest monthly subscription plans
  • Both Android and iPhone devices can use the app


  • It may take a while to get the settings right
  • Email confirmation may be delayed in some cases after registration

Note: please try to use other apps if you cannot visit it.

2. Famisafe

Wondershare developed this app for parents to monitor their children’s internet activities and restrict access to porn and gambling sites. To open a Famisafe account, users must subscribe to any of their available packages.

How to Use Famisafe to Monitor Snapchat

  1. Go to Famisafe official website to download the demo version. You can also download Famisafe on the app store.
  2. Follow the wizard to install the app on your device. Install the app on your child’s device and connect your phones to run a specific monitoring activity.
  3. Select ‘Activity report’ on your own device to gain access to all your kid’s online activities.



  • Cheap monthly subscriptions
  • Discounts on multiple month subscription


  • May not work properly on lower versions of devices

3. Spyic

Spyic offers fast access to android or iPhone social media accounts. It also features keylogger, which enables parents to log into their children’s Snapchat accounts and get real-time chats from them. Use Spyic to spy on Snapchat without jailbreak.

How to Use Spyic to Monitor Snapchat

  1. Register for a Spyic account using a valid email id as the username.
  2. Subscribe to any Spyic plan of your choice.
  3. Check for setup instructions in your email. Follow the instructions as they are simply outlined. You may need to download an app for the android version. The iOS version can be set up remotely.
  4. Once setup is complete, select Social Apps from the dashboard and choose Snapchat option.



  • Can monitor devices remotely
  • Both android and iPhone versions are available
  • The app is very versatile


  • The app interface may confuse first-time users
  • Different setup is required for Android devices

4. MobiStealth

This app gives parents a whole lot of access to so many features on their children’s devices. It offers iPhone Snapchat spy no jailbreak. Parents can also monitor texts and many online activities of their children.

How to Use MobiStealth to Monitor Snapchat

  1. You must first create an account with Mobistealth. Subscribe for their monthly plans. As you setup, the app, details of your target phone (child’s phone) will be required to make tracking possible.
  2. Download and install Mobistealth on your own device. Also, install the app on your kid’s mobile and enter details of your MobiStealth account to complete the setup for tracking.
  3. Once setup is complete, you now have access to monitor Snapchat, calls, text and other functions. Check the dashboard for a range of tracking options.



  • Does not require jailbreaking or rooting
  • Offers many spying options


  • Very expensive, about $66 monthly plan

5. mSpy

mSpy offers parents the freedom to choose between jailbreaking or no jailbreaking. It is compatible with almost all devices and offers iPhone Snapchat spy no jailbreak. Apart from Snapchat messages, mSpy can track a lot of mobile features.

How to Use mSpy to Monitor Snapchat

  1. Register on their official website and choose your preferred plan.
  2. Check your email for setup instructions and follow them accordingly.
  3. Once setup is complete, choose Snapchat from the instant messaging option.



  • mSpy gives discounts on multiple months subscription
  • User can choose between jailbreak or no jailbreak setup


  • It is a bit costlier than some other apps
  • Email confirmation may take a while in some cases.

Is It Safe to Use Monitor Apps?

iPhone Snapchat no jailbreak apps tend not to alter operating systems of devices like some users of jailbreaking software complain. You rest assured that your devices’ default settings will not be tampered with when you use iPhone Snapchat spy no jailbreak.

Apart from being able to monitor Snapchat iPhone without jailbreak, some apps will grant you access to very personal details about your target. You have to be very careful with how you handle the situation if you find anything that requires your attention. You may risk being charged to court for breach of privacy if you use spying apps on just anyone.


Using spying apps on children as their legal guardian may be necessary to foster proper upbringing. Indiscriminate use of spy apps on others may be quite risky. It is better to be responsible for the use of spy apps. Users may also need to familiarize themselves with their country’s laws guiding the use of spy apps or its equivalent.


You will also be interested:

How to monitor Snapchat for Android and iPhone without jailbreak 2020

Posted by Sabina Herz | 18 September 2020

“Is it possible to monitor Snapchat without jailbreak?”

Snapchat is the growing social media platform that has gained a big fan club of teens and adults to its fascinating world. As a primary time killer, kids don't realize how fast the clock ticks when they get immersed in Snapchat. Providing various ways to keep the user entertained, Snapchat brings a beautiful world to explore that a no end. It is essential to note that sometimes content is mature and can impact teens or kids who are under 16. If they spend more time on Snapchat, it means they have the addiction to the application, and you should be on your guards to protect them from its ill-effects.

But from the countless Snapchat monitoring applications in the market, how can one find the best phone tracker platform? To make your task more comfortable, we would like to bring two apps to monitor Snapchat without jailbreak on Android and iPhone devices.

Part 1.How to monitor Snapchat for Android without Rooting

First, let's look at Snapchat monitoring for Android devices without rooting it. To do such a tracking process, we have Aispyer that is best and a recommended one from our side.

Aispyer - Snapchat monitor tool

Let me start with a question. When you want to purchase a mobile app to monitor Snapchat, what are the primary factors you need to search? It would undoubtedly be safe, secure, easy to install, user-friendly interface, anonymous functionality, power-saving, and unobtrusive. While many software promises to fulfill the criteria mentioned above, Aispyer is the finest one that does as promised.

Our number one Snapchat monitoring app suggestion is Aispyer, which offers the best tracking over multiple devices without the need to jailbreak or rooting your Android device. Aispyer is an easy-to-use platform allowing you as a parent to monitor over the target or kid’s Snapchat account using the web browser offering almost complete access. Apart from the ordinary messages, you can also access the timestamps and date stamps in which a particular Snapchat conversation took place and take necessary action.

Key features of Aispyer

  • Aispyer lets one monitor the Snapchat contacts, messages on the target android device without rooting them.
  • You can keep a note of all the Snapchat activities like notifications, media files, shared content, and get alerted when the target user views inappropriate content.
  • Know your kid’s whereabouts and their current location with the GPS phone tracker feature offered by Aispyer.
  • Besides monitoring children, Aispyer offers employee monitoring options as well. Employers can get to know the live area and the mobile activities of their workers.
  • Track and monitor messaging applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, SMS, Snapchat, and Messenger.

How to monitor Snapchat with Aispyer

As you are now familiar with Aispyer and the features offered to its valuable users, with no delay, let’s jump directly to the manual on how to monitor Snapchat with Aispyer on an Android device.


Create your account on Aispyer by hitting on the “Try it now” button from the link,

An email address and password are more than enough for the process. Please make a note of the credentials as you will need it in the upcoming steps


To establish a connection over the target device, download and install the Aispyer app on the target android device. Grant the permission and sign in with your account credentials used in step 1.


You can now start monitoring the Snapchat activities on the target device by looking at your account's dashboard.

Yes, in just three simple steps, without rooting the Android device, you can easily monitor the Snapchat using Aispyer hassle-free.

Part 2. How to monitor Snapchat for iPhone without jailbreak

So, now coming to the next concept of our today's article, how to monitor Snapchat on iPhone without jailbreak? As we all know, the iPhone never supports such usage of third-party apps for monitoring purposes. If one needs to do so, jailbreaking the device is mandatory. But, here is an app to monitor Snapchat that makes the task complete.

If you are willing to hire a spy to look after your kids, Spyzie is the one that is famous as the world's most superior phone monitoring solution, a choice of 3 million parents. With compatibility with the latest versions like Android 9 Pie and iOS 12, Spyzie offers 30 features that let you track everything you want to know. Categorized under the traditional monitoring app used for years, it has gathered over millions of satisfied users.


  • The web panel option gives a vivid display letting one see the tracked information at ease.
  • Spyzie follows a friendly user-interface making it novice for all.
  • More importantly, one never needs to root or jailbreak the device.


  • Spyzie has no free version.
  • The price range is quite expensive ($49. 99 per month), making it impossible for middle-level customers.
  • The features of Spyzie is limited if you don’t jailbreak the iPhone device.
  • The performance on the target device could lag once after the app installation.
  • Certain functionalities take time to respond, and you cannot view some messaging apps on the dashboard.

How to monitor Snapchat with Spyzie

Here comes a guide that will help you know how to monitor Snapchat on iPhone device without jailbreaking with Spyzie.

Step1Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Enter the link, on your browser, and create a Spyzie account.

After registration, complete the Spyzie setup wizard by providing the info about the target device.

Following the setup, enter the iCloud account detail logged in the target device. You will not need to access the target device as the iCloud account is more than enough for iPhone tracking.


You will get redirected to your account page to view the tracked information when you move to the dashboard section.

From the left corner, click on the "Snapchat" option from the social media app's drop-down.

That is how you can monitor Snapchat on iPhone with Spyzie.


Thus, yes, you now never need to worry about rooting or jailbreaking an Android or iPhone device for Snapchat monitoring to ensure your kid or spouse's safety. With this complete guide on how to monitor Snapchat with the aid of two monitoring apps, Aispyer, and Spyzie, start tracking your loved ones and keep a full stop to such addictions. Finally, prevention is always better than cure. A little time on such social media networks can turn to hours in a matter of days if not given proper attention. So, try the apps to monitor Snapchat as a small step today will make a lot of difference tomorrow!


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