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With well over seven decades of laboratory testing and on-site experience, we are the world authorityon fan air fresheners, cutting edge linear scent diffusion technologies, fragrance development, molecular odor control and state-of-the-art small area and large-area HVAC and Non-HVAC air diffusing systems. We manufacture our own equipment and fragrances, allowing us to deliver the most comprehensive and integrated product offerings in the industry with proprietary formulations and advanced odor elimination technology.

Having invented the first fan-operated air freshener dispenser, we were founded upon innovation and have since provided the most effective air care products and the largest selection of fragrance oils. Our clients include local and international distributors, wholesalers, route service operators, HOA building management companies and an extensive array of businesses from retail, health and hospitality to automotive, gaming, real estate and more.  Learn more »

If you’re a distributor, would like to become one or would like to place an order, scent air the right way! Contact our team directly or submit an inquiry!

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Explore Our New 2021 Product Catalogue!

We’re excited to publish the latest version of our Professional Air Care Catalog! For over 40 years Air-Scent International has been a world leader in scent diffusion chemistry and methods. We have devoted decades to formulating fragrances for linear performance over prescribed periods while maintaining scent character, and the products in this catalogue are responsible for our unblemished reputation as the leader in providing totally-effective air freshener dispensers, refills and related restroom hygiene supplies to the route services industry.

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We Have Hand Sanitizer For Sale By The Gallon Or The Pail

Proudly made in the USA, our FDA-compliant Pure Care hand sanitizer comes in two popular formulations, spray and gel, and each are now available to ship immediately!  Our Stat80 and Stat 62 alcohol spray and gel hand sanitizer formulations come in a fresh minty scent and contain a topical antiseptic that reduces germs, viruses and bacteria that potentially can cause disease.

Protect your business, your employees, your family and your loved ones with Pure Care! Contact our team today for packing and pricing.


Explore Our Commercial Ambient Scent Marketing Solutions

The question, ‘who’s scenting now?’ should include you, certainly if you wish to increase that all important bottom line. Scent marketing is synonymous with Air-Scent®, and our equipment represents some of the most effective cutting edge technologies in the marketplace, making our products ideal for ambient branding and air care in both small and large-scale settings.

If you’re a business that’s interested in scenting your establishment, or you’re a scenting distributor, have an existing route service or want to start your own air freshening business, we’re equipped to satisfy your every need.


Air Freshening Systems For Every Application

Our market-leading line of aroma diffusers are the most diverse and effective found anywhere in the world and provide a multitude of scenting options to enhance any commercial facility or tackle any odor neutralizing need.

We’ve developed air freshening diffusers for every size requirement — for larger areas, the HVAC AromaStyler is an industry leader, and our patented Aroma Beam diffuser provides non-HVAC coverage for up to 50,000 cubic feet and works perfectly for stores, hotels, healthcare facilities and more, utilizing unique cartridges specifically designed for linear diffusion over a period of 30 days. For smaller environments, lines include our Deco Roma Dispenser, the Aroma One restroom air freshener, the Rumate Passive Dispensers and more.


Choose From Our Carefully Curated Array Of Ambient Scents

Rain shadow, white tea, lemongrass sage — these uniquely built Air Wisp fragrances are just a few of the delectable scents our team has perfected after decades of trial-and-error experience. Air-Scent’s primary goal since its inception in 1946 has been to satisfy the dynamic needs of our customers, and we have since curated a diverse mélange of proven aromas to invigorate, calm, soothe or accomplish any goal a company might have with ambient branding, cleansing or neutralizing malodors in interior environments, both large or small. We also offer fragrance-free odor neutralizing air freshening options as well.


Become A Distributor Or Start Your Own Air Freshener Business

A successful business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur effectively aims to lower risk and margin for error; a mantra AirScent® was born by. Electing to represent our air freshening products is about as risk-averse as any business opportunity can hope to be. Low maintenance, low start-up costs, high profit margins and no special licensing required, our air freshener opportunity takes minimal training and provides quick return on investment. With years of professional experience and refinements, we’re built to be any distributor’s or entrepreneur’s perfect full-time partner!

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Add-On Profit$ To Your Route Service Business!

If you currently operate an existing route service business, our air freshener program is the perfect, high profit, low-maintenance add-on service proven to increase your monthly income.

Repetitive service routes such as janitorial, maid and restroom hygiene cleaning services, vending companies, pest control services, textile and garment rental (TRS) are perfectly suited for our add-on services. With years of experience perfecting process and equipment, we have developed an easily managed, fully integrated line of air freshening and odor control systems equipped to make any indoor environment more pleasant, and meet the global demands of a rapidly growing market segment.


Eliminating Odors Is as Much of an Art as Creating Fragrance

We’re not only skilled in the art of fragrance creation, we’ve also mastered the science of vaporous odor elimination. Whether it’s smoke odors, bathroom odors, trash odors or any type of smell, we’re equipped with an arsenal of odor control solutions that permanently remove malodors in any situation at the molecular level. Our exclusive Metazene® vapor-phase odor neutralizing additive can be combined with your chosen fragrance and commercial air care system to effectively destroy any airborne malodors, or singularly diffused for fragrance-free air freshening.


Our Professional Air Freshener Systems & Odor Control Products

Whether you wish to enhance an indoor space with ambient scent or you’re looking to eliminate malodors, the selections below cover all of your air care needs. Explore our products and speak with our team today!

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The Scent Branding & Air Care Industry Blog

We write about what we love! Find our most recent posts below, or follow our blog and keep up to date on the latest industry news in scent marketing, fragrance diffusion, odor remediation & more.


Interior design and scent are enmeshed in a subtle but intricate pattern of sensory elements that translates the vision of any space into its true potential. The more senses that are incorporated into an interior design, the more alluring and fascinating it …

What’s the key to eliminating smelly vaporous gym odors within health and fitness center settings? Well, employing regular professional janitorial sanitization practices certainly helps, but the real answer lies in the ongoing use of our highly-effective …


When a Scented Candle Just Won’t Do


Home fragrances are increasingly being delivered by higher-tech devices than candles and wall plug-ins. Clockwise from top left, are products from AromaTech, the AroMini Deluxe, AromaCube, AromaPod and AromaPro.

A fragrance called green tea blows through the corridors of Sonesta hotels worldwide courtesy of Air Esscentials, a 10-year-old company in Miami that sells scent-diffusing systems. Green tea lemongrass, another Air Esscentials creation, is the aroma of choice at Morgans Hotels worldwide.

Now, those very same smells are also perfuming the living rooms and bedrooms of many private residences.

Hotels, resorts and casinos, as well as retailers like Victoria’s Secret and Thomas Pink, depend on ambient scents to strengthen brand identity — as well as to get customers to linger and spend. Piping in those fragrances has long been the principal business of Air Esscentials, Aroma360, ScentAir and their rivals in what is known as the air care business.

But increasingly, these companies are finding a new revenue stream in the home market. (In other words, pull out those plug-ins.)

“Our company grew rapidly because when we would put a scent into a Sonesta hotel or a Ritz-Carlton or a Melia resort, guests would go up to the front desk and ask how they could get it,” said Spence Levy, president of Air Esscentials. “The home market has grown 35 percent a year for us every year since we started in 2007.”

Drugstores and other retailers are fully stocked with low-cost home fragrances, from room sprays to candles and wall plug-ins. Now, thanks to Air Esscentials and other such firms, there are options on the higher end: compact yet high-powered diffusers that will infuse scent throughout a room for hours or days at a time.

Examples include Aera, a $200 device the size of a paperback book that its parent company, Prolitec, says can perfume a room of up to 2,000 square feet, with fragrance levels adjustable through an app. Each fragrance capsule costs $50 and, according to Aera’s website, will last about 60 days if it is placed in “a 450-square-foot room, on an average setting running for 24 hours per day.”

Jeanette Wolfe, a holistic health educator, is a big fan of such devices and a big believer in the power of scent to increase energy and “drop you into a calm place,” as she put it.

She used to rely on old-fashioned methods to perfume her Victorian home in Princeton, N.J.: dried flowers and squares of muslin that were infused with essential oils and placed in the air vents. “But it wasn’t as strong or clear or efficient a scent as I wanted,” Ms. Wolfe said.

Now each floor of the house has its own fragrance dispersed by an AroMini, one of several styles of cold-air diffusers for the home made by AromaTech. According to the company, AroMini, a 12-inch-tall cylinder that costs $279, is strong enough to imbue fragrance in a 1,000-square-foot room. The essential oil or aroma oil refills cost $16 to $180, and last about a month.

Citrus, typically a combination of mandarin and bergamot, wafts through the first floor of Ms. Wolfe’s home, while frankincense and sandalwood perfume the bedrooms on the two upper levels. And to get rid of the “old house” smell of the basement, Ms. Wolfe favors “grounded scents” like evergreen, pine, mint and spearmint. “But I change them seasonally,” she said. “I’ll add spices during the holiday season. I’ll shift them if I’m having a dinner party. I’ll shift them depending on my mood.”

The home fragrance market is a $6.4 billion business at the retail level, according to a 2016 study by Kline, a market research and consulting firm in Parsippany, N.J. Using data from a Simmons national consumer survey, the online research company Statista calculated that 73 percent of Americans used room deodorizers and air freshener sprays last year; the figure is poised to hit 77 percent by 2020.

More than just a way of eliminating odor (we’re talking about you, Fido and Frisky), home fragrance has lately become a means of self-expression. “It’s an element of design, like the colors on the wall or the furniture — it’s a way for people to communicate who they are,” said Richard Weening, chief executive of Prolitec, the Milwaukee-based commercial air care company that recently introduced Aera.

“I do not think I’ve met an individual who doesn’t respond to scents,” Ms. Wolfe said.

Actually, some don’t respond well. Consider the people who are allergic to perfumes or just don’t like them. The “fragrance free” movement, which uses the tagline “think before you stink,” has tried for years to beat back the use of fragrances in public places, in deference to the scent-sensitive.

Still, there are many who consider lemon-infused air to be a luxury, maybe even a necessity. “The general principle is: People like places that smell good, and they don’t like places that smell bad,” said Mr. Weening of Prolitec.

To hear him tell it, the conventional tools deployed for making a place smell good — candles, sprays, wax melts, reed diffusers, and so-called liquid electricals like plug-ins — leave something to be desired. The scents are heavy, inconsistent and, in his view, maybe just a bit unrefined. “It’s that New York taxicab smell,” Mr. Weening said.

Two years ago, Dimitri Gailit, the chief executive of AromaTech, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, noticed that his company was fielding calls from clients who wanted their residences to smell as inviting as their stores.

“So we decided to make every one of our products available for home use,” he said.

The devices, sold through the company’s website and Amazon, include the AromaCube ($30), a battery-operated diffuser meant for a small space like a bathroom; the AromaPod ($129), designed for up to 500 square feet; and the industrial-strength AromaPro ($849), which comes with an HVAC adapter, meaning it can work through a customer’s home heating and air-conditioning system.

The company’s cold air diffusion process breaks down aroma oils and essential oils — the most popular are white tea and thyme, and oriental garden — and disperses them in the form of dry vapor.

Depending on the device, customers can digitally adjust the intensity of the vapor as well as the hours that it is dispersed. Control of the diffusers via an app is in the planning stages.

“There are people who are buying our machines for aromatherapy,” Mr. Gailit said, “and then there are customers who want to create a certain ambience in their home, like when they’re having a party. They may be having a tropical-themed party or a chocolate fondue party, so they’ll disperse a fragrance like coconut spice or chocolate.”

Customers have responded, Mr. Gailit said: “Since we introduced our consumer line, we have significantly increased our business.”

Mr. Weening said he had had the same experience since Aera hit the market. “We’re way ahead of where we expected to be with sales,” he said. “People are buying multiple machines.”

Aroma360’s clients are mostly commercial, “but a lot of business owners asked for scents in their home as well,” said Meghan McMahon, the company’s director of marketing. Residential customers can choose from cold air diffusers that range in price from $149 (for 300 to 800 square feet) to $1,499 (to cover up to 6,000 square feet).

ScentAir, too, ventured into the home fragrance market at the urging of commercial customers. But rather than sell directly to the consumer, ScentAir has made its home fragrance system — which is essentially a high-end plug in that costs $130 — available exclusively on the websites of hotel clients like Marriott and Westin.

“It’s a nice tie-in for us,” said Edward Burke, ScentAir’s vice president of customer strategy and communications. “And by offering the home version on the hotels’ websites, it helps us be a better partner.”

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Scent Machines for Business: Sell More With Scent Marketing

Just how big of a difference can our scent machines for business marketing make? There are a variety of factors that can add value to a business: interior design, lighting and the quality of the service. Commercial scent machines are another way to improve the overall experience of your customers and can be powerful tools for influencing customers to enter the so-called “buying mode.”

The right scent—and the right scent diffuser machine—is an ideal communication tool, establishing a welcoming ambiance and creating a positive impression on your customers that they won’t forget.

For this reason, business owners incorporate scent marketing into their brand creation strategy, using quality essential oils and superior fragrance diffuser machine technology to achieve brand recognition.

The Right Scent for Your Business

Our high-quality fragrances do not contain aerosols, toxic chemicals, propellant gas, VOC or other harmful substances. When dispersed into a dry mist via our aroma diffusers, the essential oils stay in the air for a long time for maximum enjoyment and effect.

Commercial Scent Machines That are Suitable for Any Environment

We specialize in scent machines for sale that are stylish, versatile, and suitable for a wide range of business and commercial environments. From residential, healthcare, retail, entertainment venues and spas to commercial, office, transport terminals and showrooms, our aroma diffusers can deliver perfect fragrance to create the desired ambiance. Our essential oil diffusers are waterless, produce no residue or leakages and have a variety of installation options.


Superior Delivery Mechanism

Cold-air aroma diffusion systems are the best aroma delivery systems on the market and our essential oil diffusion systems are the best choice for using scent to maximum advantage in your business environment. Our aroma diffusers use state-of-the-art nanotechnology combining cold-filtered air with highly pressurized air to break down essential oils into nanoparticles that form a fine dry mist.

Invest in a Business or Office Scent Machine That Delivers Scents Your Way

The best aroma diffusion systems for business are TMS 100, TMS 300, TMS 500 PLUS, TMS 1000 PLUS and TMS 1500. Depending on the model, our aroma diffusers work with smart technology and have a range of features including fully programmable cycles, automatic start/stop option, multiple fragrance intensity levels and a “multi-task” option. This allows you to adjust the operation according to your personal preferences and type of business.

TMS 100 is the perfect scent solution for small spaces up to 1,000 sq. ft. and features a built-in fan option for a more even distribution.

TMS 300 is suitable for up to 3,000 sq. ft. and offers multiple fragrance intensity levels and up to 5 different programs per day.

TMS 1000 covers up to 10,000 sq. ft. and offers multiple fragrance intensity levels and up to 3 different programs per day.

TMS 1500 covers up to 15,000 sq. ft. and offers multiple fragrance intensity levels and up to 3 different programs per day.

Both TMS 1000 and TMS 1500 are best for scenting large business spaces. They can bring your favorite scent blends to every place you want and leave a long-lasting fragrance.

Depending on the model, our essential oil diffusion systems can be installed in several ways, including as standalone units, wall-mounted, placed outside or inside A/C units, or through a HVAC connection. The design of these aroma diffusion systems is convenient and elegant that helps you fit your essential oil diffusion systems into your building in a discreet way. It’s completely safe for A/C units.

Your choice of fragrance and aroma diffusion system depends on the size of your building and the level of scent you want to disperse.

The Power of Scent

5 important facts about scent effect

  • Increase Efficiency: Tests using peppermint were reported to increase efficiency while maintaining a clean, fresh, and invigorating atmosphere.
  • Increase Precision: A study conducted by a financial services company concluded that the staff made 40% fewer errors when the scent of cinnamon was used in the workplace.
  • Boost Immune System: When inhaled, certain diffused essential oils boost the body’s immune system.
  • Grow Your Business: Certain scents can help increase sales and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Make a Positive Impact: Scents can encourage positive memories.
  • Maximize ROI: Scents are an inexpensive enhancement to your environment that create a positive experience for your customers.

Market Leading Cold Air Diffusion Technology

Scenting Solutions for All Types of Spaces.

We have the most advanced technology in the aroma industry. We preserve the natural essence of our oils, which maximized the therapeutic benefits.

The Power of the Right Fragrance

Enhance customer satisfaction.

3 times more memorable than sight alone.

Tests using peppermint were reported to increase efficiency while maintaining a clean, fresh, and invigorating atmosphere.

Encourages positive memories.

Get a superior return on investment (“ROI”) by adding scents – they are an inexpensive experience enhancement for your customers.

Global Companies That Use Scent as a Marketing Tool

We at The Magic Scent understand the importance of customer service and interaction. It is our duty to help you maximize your advantage in your business by utilizing the power of scent marketing. We level the playing field by providing the same advantages usually enjoyed by larger corporations to businesses of all sizes.

If you do not have a multi-million dollar marketing budget like these companies listed above, don’t worry – you will get the same results by working with us.


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Scent HD - Commercial Grade Scents for Your Home?

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