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17 Essentials You Will Love If You're Into The Indie Kid Aesthetic

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

The indie kid aesthetic rose to popularity with the rise of Tiktok. It is a bright, colourful aesthetic often associated with individuality, crop tops, big sweaters, middle parts and high contrast pictures. It takes elements of style from the early 2000s and the OG indie aesthetic and softens them with generous amounts of blush and preppy fits. It is best defined as living like the protagonist of a coming of age movie.

1.Polymer clay jewellery is one of the most defining features of this aesthetic. These fun, colourful earrings clay earrings with fun colours and patterns are a big yes!

2.Fruit earrings – usually handmade from polymer clay – are also extremely popular and these bright cherry earrings will fit right in - ₹499

3.This 50-colour polymer clay set so you can make your own quirky jewellery - earrings, rings, pendants and so much more! Fruits, frogs, florals, cow prints and pops of bright neon colours heavily feature in this style - ₹1,299

4.Because this aesthetic is primarily Gen Z, it is all about middle parts, and hair held back together with cutesy, mismatched clips. Anything with pearls, smileys and crystals is very on point - ₹369

5.The indie kids aesthetic takes elements from the early 2000s and makes them fun like these butterfly claw clips that don't just hold hair back but are spread all over like actual butterflies - ₹280

6.Bandanas are another important element of this aesthetic - as headbands, or around the neck. They just veer from the traditional reds and blacks and lean more towards nature-inspired colours like green, blue and pink - ₹499

7.If you're on Instagram, there is no way you haven't seen the hair dye trend with just a few strands of hair dyed on the front. You can give yourself that look with these Manic Panic hair dyes too! Just don't tell your mom I made you do this!

8.No indie kid look is truly complete without a bucket hat. Yes, the same hat your mom probably bought for you in 2003 and you refused to wear it - ₹199

9.The indie kid aesthetic is all about tiny tops and big sweaters. T-shirt crop tops and wide neck tops are often paired with flared or boyfriend jeans.

10.Old-timey sweater vests that you would have found in your dad's closet back in the 90s are very loved by the indie kids, especially paired with tennis skirts or baggy jeans - ₹1,364

11.This aesthetic takes tennis skirts - you'd be familiar with one from school - and makes them super fun to wear, paired with big sweaters, vests, and layers - ₹699

13.Chunky black boots also feature heavily in this aesthetic but unlike emo or goth that pair dark boots with dark outfits, indie kid softens the look out with preppy outfits and cute jewellery - ₹357 - ₹599

15.A sure shot way to spot an indie kid is the copious amounts of blush they use around the cheeks and the tip of the nose. It somehow is both edgy and soft and it looks so cute! - ₹500

16.Coloured eyeliners are also huge in the indie kid aesthetic. People don't only use them for a classic cat-eye but also to straight-up create makeup looks that look like art! - ₹210

17.Indie kid photography tends to be distorted, grainy, and high-contrast. This three-lens set for your smart includes a super-wide lens, a macro lens and a fish-eye lens that is extremely popular with this aesthetic - ₹1,999


30 Best Aesthetic Clothing Online Stores In 2021

Best Websites to Shop Based on Aesthetics from Y2K to Grunge!

Some argue that ‘aesthetic clothing’ is just a Gen Z buzzword, with a meaning yielded somewhere between TikTok and Tumblr.

But, beyond semantics and fashion politics, aesthetic clothing represents fashion easy on the eyes.

It also means fashion that follows a particular style, associated with a specific decade or movement.

That’s why, choosing the right aesthetic garments is critical if you want to express your views, lifestyle, and even passions.

Whether you identify as a hipster E-girl or tend more towards the darker, goth side, wearing the right aesthetic clothing is key to showcasing your allegiance.

In this article, I’ve compiled the top 31 aesthetic clothing brands and stores where you can shop to channel your unique personality.


$ | under $50
$$ | $50–$100
$$$ | $100–$150
$$$$ | $150 or more

Big Bud Press

Best For Multicolored Jumpsuits

Big Bud Press aesthetic clothing store


“Browsing through Big Bud Press’s designs feels like going back in time and experiencing the hippie movement’s birth firsthand.”

Shop Now

The first thing that stands out about Big Bud Press’s official website is the vibrant and smile-inducing colorways that the brand is renowned for.

This fast-growing LA-native label specializes in gender-neutral apparel for every occasion, produced in ethical conditions by local artisans.

Using 100% cotton fabrics almost exclusively, Big Bud Press conducts independent audits of all its production partners to ensure transparency and quality.

If you love a cool, retro edge in your wardrobe as much as I do, then this name is one you’re not going to want to miss out on.

Sick Girls

Best For Bright, Spooky-themed Apparel

Sick Girls aesthetic clothing shop


“Sick Girls’ patches caught my eye with their tongue-in-cheek humor and bold colorways. They’re the perfect way of adding a cool-girl edge to the simplest outfits.”

Shop Now

According to Sick Girls’ Instagram, the brand can be summarised in three words:


If a loud print is your way of making a fashion statement, then this label is the one for you.

Offering tops, bottoms, and bold accessories such as pins, patches, and even socks, Sick Girls is an aesthetic clothing brand for those who love finding beauty in grunge and horror-influenced themes.

Lazy Oaf

Best For Stunning Indie Streetwear

Lazy Oaf aesthetic clothing online store


“Sure, we all love fun fashion and unique prints, but they get even better when produced by a brand that cares about the environment and people – and that’s what Lazy Oaf does.”

Shop Now

The brainchild of illustrator and designer Gemma Shiel, Lazy Oaf, is a London-based label creating womenswear and menswear fashion and accessories celebrated for vibrant colors and bold prints.

Having started in the founder dad’s garage, the brand now has a flagship boutique based in London’s Soho, a successful online store, and over 250 stockists worldwide.

At Lazy Oaf, a sense of humor and irreverence is the name of the game – themes that boldly manifest themselves in designs inspired by youth nostalgia, teenage rebellion, and nonconformism.

Additionally, the brand collaborates with independent artists and creatives, releasing unique lines next to its regular seasonal collections.

Moreover, the brand’s responsible approach and sustainable clothing make it one of my favorite aesthetic clothing names right now.


If everything you saw on Tumblr had its own store!

Valfre Aesthetic Clothing brand


“I love that Valfré lets you not only transform your wardrobe but your home too! Even though I usually get hot while sleeping, I just need to bag one of these printed blankets.”

Shop Now

Founded by a Mexican-born artist Ilse Valfré in 2013, Valfré is a destination for the creative and the daring.

Now based in LA, this cutting-edge lifestyle brand is driven by its founder’s unique view of the world.

Ilse’s creations showcase psychedelic and tongue-in-cheek art vibes, splattered across clothes, accessories, and even home decor pieces.


Best For Vaporwave Clothing Aesthetic

PublicSpace Aesthetic Clothing


“In a world filled with talented individuals, it’s sometimes difficult to find a platform to express yourself and showcase your skills.”

Shop Now

Before delving into the world of Eric Wu’s PublicSpace, it’s crucial to know what vaporwave is.

In a nutshell, this microgenre refers to both music and art saturated by 80s and 90s nostalgia.

PublicSpace pays homage to that unique aesthetic with ethically made clothing collections that range from tops to swimwear.

Crafted in LA, the pieces get their unique designs from Wu himself and other promising artists from all around the world.

I love PublicSpace for providing opportunities and letting up-and-coming artists find their voice.

Bread & Water Printshop

Best For Punk Aesthetic Clothing

Bread & Water Printshop Aesthetic clothing online store


“From the first time I set my eyes on the Stevie Nicks T-shirt designed in collaboration with Maggie Bard, I knew that Bread & Water Printshop would forever have my heart.”

Shop Now

Grunge-luxe lovers rejoice as there’s a new brand on the horizon that will have you swoon over its fun collections of punk-inspired pieces.

Bread & Water Printshop offers designs that riff off popular music icons and presents them in graphics inspired by vintage tees.

Apart from tops, the brand also sells accessories and stickers if you want to put a stamp of irreverent approval on your laptop or water bottle.


Best For Kawaii Aesthetic Clothes

Kokopie Aesthetic Clothing online store


“An outfit isn’t complete without a solid pair of shoes, and Kokopie has  the whole package; great selection of boots and platform shoes to have you swoon over.”

Shop Now

If you’re well-versed in Tumblr’s most popular aesthetics, then you’re probably already familiar with kawaii.

If not, allow me to explain quickly.

The name translates from Japanese to ‘loveable’ or ‘adorable’ and is seen as the home of bold styles and meaningful items.

So, in essence, this is what this aesthetic clothing is about – think cuteness overload on all fronts.

Kokopie is the place to visit for pastel-hued apparel and accessories, injected with some cult pop culture references like the Powerpuff Girls or logos of everyone’s favorite sodas.

It Girl

Best For Grunge Aesthetic Clothing

It Girl Aesthetic Clothing online store


“IT Girl is one of the top brands to shop for aesthetic fashion as it offers an eclectic mix of all the best styles – everyone can find something they love there, including me.”

Shop Now

Based in Guangzhou City, China, IT Girl is the destination for the quintessential aesthetic fashion that ranges from Tumblr and kawaii to soft grunge.

Inspired by the archetype of an IT Girl that sets the standard for others to follow, the brand makes shopping available to everyone.

In particular, I love their body-inclusive aesthetic styles, of very good quality, at super affordable prices.

IT Girl continues to expand its selection every day, so you can be sure that this brand will be the first to know if something is cool and desirable.


Best For Quirky Aestyhtic Clothing Style

UNIF Aesthetic Clothing online store


“As someone with a soft spot for grunge, I love Unif’s darker approach to fashion as well as its provocative, tongue-in-cheek prints.”

Shop Now

Unif is the perfect destination for those who want to stand out.

Founded by designer and former DJ Eric Espinoza, the label explores his passion for quirky apparel and unconventional ideas, resulting in fashion-forward alternatives to traditional womenswear.

Influencing communities both on and offline, this lifestyle label and irreverent attitude is the perfect representation of underground aesthetics like grunge and techno.

Dolls Kill

Best For Gothic & Alternative Clothing

Dolls Kill Aesthetic clothing online store


“When shopping at Dolls Kill, you not only buy great fashion – you get a fierce attitude too, which makes me want to spend all my money there.”

Shop Now

Named ‘Fastest Growing Retailer’ in 2014 by Inc. magazine, Dolls Kill is a brand that needs little introduction among the Gen Z generation.

Attitude-heavy and unapologetic, the brand sells clothes, shoes, and accessories modeled by its namesake ‘Dolls.’

There are six of them, and each embodies the character and mood of a specific collection, making it easier for the customer to channel the style in their way.

Visit the Dolls Kill website for an endlessly cool edit of aesthetics, including kawaii, punk, and goth.

BlackMilk Clothing 

Best For Cute Aesthetic Clothing

BlackMilk Clothing Aesthetic Clothing shop


“My nerdy side gets all excited about BlackMilk’s collabs that include Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Pokémon collections, among others.”

Shop Now

Based in Brisbane, BlackMilk Clothing started in 2009 from a kitchen table to later reach the global recognition it holds to this day.

The brand first made waves with its unique leggings, but its selections span everything from dresses to gym wear.

Apart from style, BlackMilk focuses on building a solid and supportive community around its fashion, creating a space where ideas flow freely and people can get inspired.

Goodbye Bread

Best For Pastel Aesthetic Clothing

Goodbye Bread Aesthetic Clothing Online Store


“Though it’s not an easy task considering Goodbye Bread’s extensive selection, I think their accessories are my favorite part of what the brand has on offer – especially the chokers and, of course, face masks.”

Shop Now

Created by a girls-boys team to redefine mainstream fashion, Goodbye Bread has a simple motto that guides its mission:

“We make trends, we don’t just follow them.”

With a wide selection of over 100 brands, the Goodbye Bread style is bold, unapologetic, and endlessly cool.

On top of that, the brand cultivates a tight-knit community around its fashion that unites under the #GBSQUAD hashtag – the only rule is that there are no rules.

I often shop here when I am after some vegan aesthetics, or, some androgynous styles that can’t find anywhere else.

Ragged Priest

Best For Grunge Aesthetic Clothing

Ragged Priest Aesthetic Clothing online shop


“Can someone get me that matching two-tone denim set, please? My birthday is in February!”

Shop Now

Ragged Priest started by reselling used fashion on eBay.

Now, one-of-a-kind denim is the calling card for London-based Ragged Priest.

Also, the brand’s selection includes other womenswear and menswear aesthetic clothing, including, grunge and fairy grunge aesthetics.

Ragged Priest takes the best of what London’s eclectic scene has on offer and puts its individual, multicolored stamp on it.


Best For Crazy Aesthetic Patterns

O-Mighty Aesthetic Clothing stores


“Is there anything better than putting together the perfect look with minimal effort? That’s precisely what you get when shopping at O-Mighty – look for sets that include cute tops and skirt combos, as well as comfy loungewear co-ords.”

Shop Now

Wearing pieces from O-Mighty, you can be safe knowing that you’ll never blend into the background.

Offering womenswear and unisex fashion that screams individuality from afar, this online store has gained its cult status designing attitude-filled pieces unlike anything else on the market.

If one-of-a-kind is what you’re after, then O-Mighty is the place to visit.

Wicked Clothes

Best For Goth Aesthetic Apparel

Wicked Clothes Aesthetic Clothing online shop


“I love how Wicked Clothes builds ‘a community of weirdos’, bringing together people who share a passion for alternative beauty and aesthetic clothing styles. And, as a weirdo myself, I need to share and support that.”

Shop Now

If you have a soft spot for the occult, Wicked Clothes is a brand that’s guaranteed to catch your eye.

Reveling in all-things-gothic and Halloween, the brand describes its personality as ‘goth meets dad jokes.’

Apart from putting a playful spin on macabre themes, Wicked Clothes values quality and community, offering free shipping and returns and making sure you’re happy with your purchase.


Best For: “Indie Aesthetic Clothing”

Storenvy Aesthetic Clothing store


“Apart from providing a platform for emerging brands, Storenvy can also help you start your very own business with its free and customizable online store feature.”

Shop Now

Storenvy is arguably the Internet’s best place to shop up-and-coming indie brands.

Currently listing over 50,00 different names across several categories, this online store is an excellent spot for discovering your next favorite label.


Best For Quirky Aesthetic Clothing

Gorman Aesthetic Clothing Online Store


“Apart from Gorman’s wide range of womenswear, the brand also has a dedicated line for pets meaning that you can match your fluffy friend when out on a daily walk.”

Shop Now

Fashion has always been an essential part of Lisa Gorman’s life, having started her journey making clothes for Barbie dolls as a kid.

Today, her eponymous brand, Gorman, has a dedicated following of fans calling themselves ‘Gormies’ and frequenting the label for its beautiful, multicolored fabrics and quirky pieces that spell out individuality from afar.


Best For Cute, Anime-inspired Aesthetic Garments

OMOCat Aesthetic Clothing Online Store


“Even though I can’t learn to skateboard for my life, OMOCAT’s uber-cool skate decks make me want to try and try again.”

Shop Now

Powered by a small, tight-knit team based in the US, OMOCAT is a love letter to Japanese culture, emphasizing anime style.

Playful and wonderfully weird, the brand offers pieces made with love and integrity, redefining the meaning of womenswear and the restrictions that come with it.

Creating apparel, accessories, prints, and sketchbooks, OMOCAT is guaranteed to strike a chord with nostalgic artists and manga freaks.


Best For Unique Tops & Accessories

Pyknic aesthetic clothing


“As a lifelong coffee enthusiast, I need to treat myself to that ‘Death Before Decaf’ mug or socks.”

Shop Now

Pyknic stands out on this list for its unique, food-centric concept, letting foodies express their passion through cool and comfy types of clothing.

Get ready for a solid dose of food-related puns and graphics covering everything from sweaters to socks and even mugs for those hardcore coffee lovers.

With each piece printed in the US using eco-friendly processes and inks, Pyknic caters to both women and men and kids to get ready to put together those cute mini-me edits.


Best For Japanese Streetwear (Sukajan’ Style Jackets)

Koisea Japanese Aesthetic Clothing


“You can’t help but love how Koisea pays homage to its roots with every single piece, referencing some of Japan’s most iconic motifs but presenting them in a hip and modern way.”

Shop Now

As Japanese streetwear only becomes more and more popular worldwide, brands like Koisea are a must-check for street-style fans.

The label creates cutting-edge menswear, including classic pieces like T-shirts and hoodies, but it’s the Sukajan jackets that are an absolute bestseller for this indie brand.

The state-of-the-art embroidery on these pieces makes them unique keepsakes to showcase in your collection.

Alien Mood

Best For 90s Weirdness

Alien Mood Aesthetic Clothing Brand


“Inviting you to push boundaries of what society considers ‘acceptable,’ Alien Mood is inspired by space.”

Shop Now

Calling the fans of all-things-weird – if you still haven’t, you simply have to check out Alien Mood.

Alien Mood designs have an unrestrained quirkiness powered by Hong Kong’s unique fashion scene.

The brands’ unique aesthetic, inspired by the space, cyberpunk fashion, a bit of retro-futurism, and even Y2K fashion vibe, is unlike anything else on the market.

Yet, it still deeply cares about the Earth, being a self-proclaimed vegan-conscious company.

If aliens existed – and maybe they do – they’d for sure wear Alien Mood.

Lucy and Yak

Best Indie Dungarees

Lucy and Yak Aesthetic Clothing


“Apart from making drop-dead gorgeous clothes, Lucy and Yak value transparency, ethical manufacturing, and sustainability.”

Shop Now

With comfort and gender-fluid appeal at its core, Lucy and Yak is an aesthetic clothing brand renowned for its quirky dungarees.

Moreover, the brand’s unique offering has expanded to include trousers, dresses, leggings, and T-shirts.

Lucy and Yak pushes for a more sustainable fashion in several ways.

The fashion label supports the inclusive fashion movement with a wide size range and various length options.

The indie brand is powered by a dedicated community that takes to social media to buy, sell and swap old pieces, and discuss sizing and styling tips.

Also, the Positive Change section on the Lucy and Yak’s website tells you everything you need to know about its current ethical and sustainability efforts, as well as further commitments for the future.


Best For Cute Girly Clothing

Gangyoung Aesthetic Clothing online store


“As a woman, I can’t help but adore the empowering message behind Gangyoung’s fashion. Its inclusivity and equality efforts are something other brands can learn a lot from.”

Shop Now

Founded by designer Sun Pak, Gangyoung puts all-things-girls at the heart of its style agenda.

Sexy and daring with a touch of magic, this brand offers sets, dresses, and pants, among others, that empower you with every stitch.

Sweatshop-free, Gangyoung has a dedicated base of followers, making it easier for women to connect and share inspirations.

Alien Outfitters

Best For Quirky Aesthetic Clothes

Alien Outfitters Aesthetic Clothing brand


“Apart from its unique style, each Alien Outfitters piece is quality controlled, guaranteed to last at least one human lifespan.”

Shop Now

Alien Outfitters was created in 2011 by ‘a lil’ alien with a big dream’.

The aesthetic clothing brand celebrates individual uniqueness

If you feel like you don’t belong, the chances are that you’ll find your home here.

Based in North Carolina, this space-inspired dreamcore label caters to what it refers to as ‘unique species’.

Alien Outfitters offers items that range from classic T-shirts to NSFW accessories, rainbow knives, and other beautiful oddities.


Best For Soft Goth & Grunge Aesthetic Clothes

iGirl Aesthetic Clothing


“McFadden herself is an excellent example of a self-made boss girl, so I feel that her brand has to be shouted about to encourage other women to pursue their dreams.”

Shop Now

By now, Bella McFadden is a household name for Internet-fashion lovers.

Her brand iGirl – a short version of the original ‘internetGirl’ version – is a mecca for enthusiasts of the 90s and early noughties goth and grunge fashion with a dash of Y2K and retro-futurism.

Check out its website for an uber-cool edit of unique apparel as well as accessories and jewelry.

All Things Rainbow

Huge Range of Aesthetic Clothing & Accessories

All Things Rainbow Aesthetic Clothing


“Except for clothing, All Things Rainbow has a fantastic collection of statement jewelry, including armor-like bracelets and rings to brace yourself for every day.”

Shop Now

All Things Rainbow doesn’t have one aesthetic it sticks to.

The brand’s website offers everything from grunge to dreamcore, cottagecore, dark academia, light academia, e-girl, and even alien style, making it a real aesthetic fashion all-rounder.

Offering free worldwide shipping on all orders, this brand wants to empower young people that defy the rules, experiment, and want to stand out from the crowd.


Best For Cottagecore Aesthetic Clothes

Boogzel Aesthetic Clothing


“With Boogzel, you can extend your style from your wardrobe to your home thanks to the decor section that includes dedicated pieces for your bedroom and kitchen.”

Shop Now

Boogzel offers everything you may need to put together that flawless Instagram feed.

The online shop features a variety of aesthetic clothing, including Y2K fashion pieces, soft girl staples, grunge style, fairy grunge aesthetic clothing as well as pastel and artsy edits.

However, the aesthetic clothing online store has the best cottagecore fashion selection.

Letting you save on shipping costs by offering it for free, the brand introduces fair pricing, ensuring its fashion is available to everyone.

Constantly expanding its selection with the latest trends, Boogzel Apparel is a brand to keep on your style radar.

Minga London

Best For Vintage-Inspired Clothes

Minga London Aesthetic Clothing


“Alongside its cool clothing, I appreciate Minga’s efforts in seeking out creative, up-and-coming individuals, including models and photographers, to bring its pieces to life.”

Shop Now

Minga London was launched in 2014 as a small London brand selling T-shirts tie-dyed in bathtubs.

Minga creates retro-inspired pieces for those who like to make a bold statement with their fashion choices.

Saturated by a sense of 70s-native quirkiness, the brand is guided by sustainability and ethical efforts that make its clothes more desirable.

Cosmique Studio

Best For Y2K Aesthetic Clothing Styles

Cosmique Studio Aesthetic Clothing


“Though many labels on this list offer accessories, Cosmique Studio is the only one with watches.”

Shop Now

Cosmique Studio is another destination that doesn’t limit itself to one aesthetic.

This brand has it all, including grunge, E-girl, and kawaii styles, but in particular, Y2K style clothing.

Founded by two friends in 2015 who share a love for fashion and design, the brand creates affordable pieces and ships them directly to you for free, regardless of where you are in the world.

Above all, the brand’s watches are great pieces of unique aesthetics and real eye-catchers, especially if telling time is not a priority for you.


Best For Affordable & Unique Aesthetic Clothes

Etsy Aesthetic Clothing


Etsy is a great place to get your hands on various things, and aesthetic clothing is no exception.

There are plenty of affordable, unique, and vintage pieces at Etsy.

From small brands and independent creators, Etsy offers a wide range of aesthetic clothing.

So, there’s a good chance that if you buy from Etsy, you won’t bump into someone wearing the same thing.

You have Successfully Subscribed!

Now It’s Your Turn…

This list shows that in the aesthetic clothing world, everyone can find something to suit their specific needs and get daily style inspo, regardless of where you fall on the fashion spectrum.

Above all, I’ve made sure that each aesthetic clothing brand and store in my list is affordable, so you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to look great, now in 2021!

Which one of these aesthetic clothing websites is your favorite and why?

Are there any other aesthetic clothing online shops you’ve tried and want to add to this list?

Please leave your comments below so others can benefit from your past experience with aesthetic clothing brands.

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Vintage Aesthetic Clothes

Vintage Aesthetic Clothes. Carmel by the Sea Vintage Sweatshirt. Aesthetic vintage style takes its inspiration from the past but always add a bit of its own uniqueness to it. Whether you wear womens clothing or mens clothing youll find the original artwork thats perfect for you. Just helping you guys if you have trouble finding aesthetic or vintage clothes on roblox. Aesthetic clothing soft girl. Jan 28 2021 - Explore Mikaela Schmidts board New aesthetic on Pinterest. Shop Vintage Aesthetic clothing on Redbubble in confidence. A trend that includes every product one feels best and unique. T-shirts hoodies tops dresses skirts and more in a huge range of styles colors and sizes XS - 5XL. Vintage aesthetic outfits are known to bend boundaries and be full of personality.

Nichememepage Nichememes Nichememe Aesthetic Aesthetics Moodboard Fashion Outfits Styl Aesthetic Outfits Vintage Aesthetic Clothes Soft Grunge Outfits

85241 Results aesthetic clothing edgy y2k shirt. Shop Vintage Aesthetic Clothes Vintage Accessories with discounts. Just helping you guys if you have trouble finding aesthetic or vintage clothes on roblox. High to LowOldest to NewestNewest to OldestBest Selling. Aesthetic vintage style takes its inspiration from the past but always add a bit of its own uniqueness to it. T-shirts hoodies tops dresses skirts and more in a huge range of styles colors and sizes XS - 5XL. Apr 6 2020 - Explore Jourdyn Ms board Vintage Aesthetic Clothing on Pinterest. Candy Fairy Distressed Shorts. Green Heart Crop Top. These are some group you need to go check it out.

It have all bun.

Vintage Oversize Flannel Shirt Distressed Flannels Bridesmaid Flannel Flannel Shirt Oversized Flannels 90s Grunge Clothing. Aesthetic Vintage Paisley Printed T shirt Women High Street Fashion Skew Collar Long Sleeve Crop Top Tee Casual Clothes Iamty Womens CAD 3242 - 4023 Piece Womens Tanks Camis Purple Aesthetic Velvet Crop Tops Women Lace Trim Cute Kawaii Clothes Contrast Stitched V Neck Vintage. Free size 1 Free size 2 Free size 3. It have all bun. Vintage aesthetic outfits are known to bend boundaries and be full of personality. See more ideas about cute outfits fashion inspo outfit inspirations. Vintage shirts pants sweaters and more with FREE shipping. Chose between 40 60 80 or 100 high-quality crisp 4x6 prints with a glossy finish. ANGELS PRINT WHITE OVERSIZED AESTHETIC T-SHIRT. 85241 Results aesthetic clothing edgy y2k shirt. Shop for best Vintage Aesthetic Clothes with 50 OFF.



Key colours

Original: Neutrals, blue, red, green

Kid: Bright colors, pink, yellow, green

The indie aesthetic is based on individuality and independence. There are two camps of Indie, as the aesthetic underwent a modern resurgence in 2019-2020 labeled Indie Kid. Indie Kid is a bright, colorful style usually involving oversized jeans, large hoodies, and small shirts. This aesthetic rose to fame again through the app TikTok and centers around bright colors, 2000s-style fashion, and a skater lifestyle. This resurgence differs from the original Indie style which did not include such bright colors and was considered more "alternative" by today's standards. This style involved a variety of independent music genres, including shoegaze. This can also include the indie movie genre, as many movies in the genre add to the original indie aesthetic.


The Indie aesthetic was, in many ways, similar to the Pastel aesthetic, however, the color is paler and even less intense. Another key difference between the two is while the Pastel aesthetic conveys a sense of innocence and sweetness, the Indie aesthetic conveys more of a darker, moodier tone. Photos in this aesthetic often have sad text overlaid to further communicate the mood. Indie blogs also often feature photos of ornate architectural spaces, snow-covered landscapes, and bruised skin.

However, nowadays, there is also a specific way that videos and photos are edited. There are plenty of indie filters to choose from, but they all have some things in common. It's heavy on saturation and vibrance, and the contrast is lowered. The grain or noise effect is sometimes added as well. These videos and photos are most commonly edited on the Camera app on an iPhone.


Pinterest boards are a good way to get inspiration related to an aesthetic.


Old school Indie fashion was pretty vague and unassuming. Many pieces were thrifted and casual, a bit more digestible and easier to assemble than Grunge although very similar. It is borderline Normcore due to how wide the spectrum of the fashion is, the common theme is individuality so personal preference is the biggest value present. Some other common factors include darker colors and alternative tendencies.

  • Band and brand t-shirts
  • Cardigans
  • Jeans
  • Tennis shoes, boots, Chuck Taylors
  • Jean, leather jackets
  • Pea, puffer coats
  • Flannel
  • Rayban sunglasses
  • Skullcaps and beanies
  • Little to no jewelry
  • Natural hair and makeup

Today, Indie Kid fashion is very similar to the fashion trends of the 2000s.This includes:

  • Crop tops
  • Baggy pants and jeans
  • Oversized tees and sweatshirts
  • Collared shirts
  • Converse, Vans, Air Force Ones, Adidas

Makeup is natural or bright, sometimes heavy blush, and hair is worn however they feel like although bright colors are common.

Brands where you can find these things are Princess Polly, Shein, Brandy Melville, Francesca's, American Eagle, Vans, and various thrift stores.

Stores & Brands


Independently released music is not directly financially dependent on any of the four major labels (WMG, Sony BMG, EMI, and Universal). Specifically, Indie rock, a genre of rock music that originated in the United States and the United Kingdom in the 1970s, is very popular in indie circles. Originally used to describe independent record labels, the term became associated with the music they produced and was initially used interchangeably with alternative rock. Popular musicians in the Indie scene include:



Indie Kids often live their lives as if they're in an A24 coming-of-age movies, highlighting skating with friends, getting food from gas stations, blasting music, and filming all the while. Restaurants such as In-N-Out Burger and 7-Eleven are popular places for indie kids to go and eat food, due to their overall embodiment of the aesthetic.



Clothing indie aesthetic

Sergei pronounced and entered the room. - You are stuck there. Go here, let us know. We went inside. We closed the door with a key, but there was no return to the past.

Types of Aesthetic 2020 -- Find your aesthetic

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