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  • Hey everyone. I don’t think I have posted here much-I’m usually on the drawing forum or over at Art Papa these days-so I hope you don’t mind me asking a question here. I am wanting to paint a certain style of clouds-but can’t seem to figure it out. I have done a search on clouds and read Ann’s tutorial, looked at Arnold Lowery’s website and have read thru many thread here. Even though there are some great painting here-it’s not exactly what I’m looking for. The types of clouds I want/need to paint for a painting for a friend can be found at http://www.osnatfineart.com Look under her landscape section and see all the beautiful clouds she paints with so many colors and depth. I will post a photo from one of her calendars that is available to anyone to download. I have tried using a large brush, a small brush, two tone blending etc. I asked the artist how she does it but she wasn’t very forthcoming in revealing her secrets!!! All she said was she uses one large brush for all of the clouds. I hope some here will say-wow that’s easy and offer me some advice. I need the steps and brushes etc. I will keep practicing-hopefully we can figure this out together.


    It is a bit tricky to tell but have you considered using a sponge and then glazing overtop with the color. Maybe a sponge and a fan brush and a glaze over at the end.

    Certainly interesting for sure.

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    Perhaps a round brush and a pouncing technique with a heavy paint load. Its difficult to disect another artists techniques and there are as many ways to create clouds as there are artists..probably more since most probably have several different ways to do them

    Thanks Howard-no I actually never thought about doing a glaze over. That would probably be easier because I can first concentrate on the shape and position of the clouds then worry about adding the color. I am going to go give that a try.

    Dreamz-thanks. I did recently try a small scruffy brush I bought yesterday and did some pouncing. I did like the result except that it may be too small-I may have to go buy another one!!! Isn’t it amazing how many different ways there are to paint something as simple as a cloud-yet why is it so difficult to paint it sometimes!!!!

    Ok, I’ve only ever done one painting before and I gave it away as a gift without a pic, but what I did for clouds was to use a fluid zinc white (I think zinc, if I did it now it would be zinc instead of titanium) and media’ed (airbrush media and / or glazing fluid) it down to airbrush paint / ink consistency and used a big floofy round brush to do watercolor style technique (my butchering thereof at any rate) to paint clouds over the already painted sky. This is when I also learned through experience something which, in retrospect, was intuitively obvious: you don’t paint using watercolor technique with the work still on the easel.

    I hope this was in some way helpful.

    Good luck and happy painting!

    I would say a round brush with a fairly dry application of paint.

    Thanks Mek42-I will have to try using a large mop brush to see what effect I get. I tried the glazing technique and I wasn’t happy with it because my first layer was too textures with the dabbing technique that the paint settled in the crevices. Will have to keep trying.

    Carol-thanks. I have tried dry brushing it similiar to what Yarnell does-part of my problem is I may need to let the first layer dry first before trying to layer on more clouds because i can’t seem to keep a hard bright edge like I want.

    Thanks everyone for posting and looking-if I find a solution I will let you all know!!!


    One of my most successful cloud applications is using white gesso well loaded into a 2-1/2″ brush..(a 1″ would do as just as well) then pouncing with the edge of the brush to form the clouds (heavier on the upper edge), Let dry and then dry brush your shadows (using a grey or pink or whatever) into the bottom and into some sides of the clouds. Then you can create new clouds in the same manner running into the bottom part of the clouds you just painted if you wish.

    I have a technique for pretty nice clouds. I doubt I could do this while holding a camera…but maybe I can explain enough for you to experiment. First paint the blue of the sky and let dry. Then, load a round brush with diluted white, putting undiluted white on the tip. Make sure the shape of the loaded brush has a nice pointed tip. Roll the brush on the surface, lightly, though putting the most pressure on the tip. This give it a stronger edge at the top of the cloud and a milkier center or body. After the paint is spent from that brushfull, I’ll use the nearly dry brush to wisp out and down from the edge.

    Just an FYI, when I say “roll” I don’t mean lay the brush down and roll it. You’re still holding in your hand, just at a very sharp/low angle.

    If you do another application underneath, or at an angle, it will give your clouds the look of one in front of the other.

    Hope this makes sense and is helpful to you or someone.


    Thanks Molly-Thanks Elizabeth for all your suggestions. I am trying everything to see what works for me and what gives me the look I am after. I seem to like the result the pouncing technique gives me as far as the look of the cloud-I just need to get a bigger brush!!! Yeah-more shopping on art supplies!!!
    I haven’t tried the roll technique-but will give it a whirl to see the effect it brings.

    I have been studying the paintings from the artist I posted and I think she is using 3-4 different layers of color-one shade lighter than the next to create her clouds-and it appears she may also be using the pouncing technique-


    I would say that Lowery used a number of glazes to build up to the vibrant colours. Develop your own style after Lowery would be my suggestion rather than be a slave to trying to emulate another artist

    Hi Tina..just noticed something you mentioned in your third post. You said the paint “settled in the crevices”. One thing I have learned….in order to have a successful sky…you need a SMOOTH surface. Especially if you are doing any dry brushing. Therefore ,if painting on canvas, a few applications of Gesso and sanding (last layer, wet-sand) may be necessary to achieve this. This is just my own experience but it works for me!

    Thanks Andy-I’m trying to use this as a learning tool-I do want to develop my own style. I had only been doing acrylic for less than a year when I saw this other’s artist work on ebay. An when I struggled to produce clouds like hers-it has become a stumbling block for me and I haven’t painted much since then because I kept telling myself I couldn’t do it. Now I know I shouldn’t let it bother me so much-but I feel like if I can achieve this then I will be over my mental block and will have the fun and freedom painting with acrylics like I did when I first start. Thanks for your tips.

    Molly-thanks for the advice-you know I never even thought about sanding down the clouds after I pounced them it-before I started the glazing-can you tell I’m a newbie!!!!!:o


    Hi Tina..I didn’t mean “sanding down the clouds”…I meant sanding the canvas BEFORE starting to paint. Although…”sanding down the clouds” could be achieved by dry brushing them to soften….which I have done many times.

    Oh sorry I misunderstood your comment. It’s not the texture of the canvas or gesso that I’m having trouble with-that I have pretty smooth. It’s the texture of the paint when I use the pouncing technique that make the glazing layers pool. I probably need to thin down my paint and dry brush with that when I add my layers of clouds.
    Thanks for your tips though!!

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    Abstract Painting Tutorial

    Supplies Used:
    12″ x 9″ Canvas
    Reeves Acrylic in Paynes Grey and Titanium White
    Various brushes (shown in video)
    Dry Mop Brush
    Fine Mist Spray Bottle

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m SO happy to have you here!

    I’ve never taught via video before, so I’m really counting on you to tell me what you want and need from me!

    It’s important to me to give you the space to follow along and paint with me, so everything is in real time.

    Rather than taking you through a whole giant painting (the video would be hours, nobody got time for that!), I’m showing you the technique that I’ve developed through experimentation over the past 20-some years in a series of nugget-sized videos.

    I use this technique in clouds, waves, nebulae, abstract, all over the place. I’d love to see you apply it to your art and decor projects and see what you come up with!

    All supplies I use are listed, but don’t feel like you need the exact things I use to do it! ANY soft bodied or flow paint will work for this!

    Future videos will be shaped by your feedback, so please give me ALL your thoughts and questions! Have ALL THE FUN!

    Love & gratitude,

    Emily 🙂

    If you’d like to get Painting Tutorial videos directly in your inbox, sign up below! <3

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    Summer Clouds Minimal abstract clouds painting (2018)

    Summer Clouds
    Minimalist abstract seascape painting.

    Summer Clouds is a minimalist abstract landscape painting created with palette knives and non traditional tools. This modern cloudscape has rich blues and a bright fresh airy feel.

    Acrylics on canvas, 24x30 inches.
    Ready To Hang.

    Any duties, fees, etc on international orders are paid by the purchaser of the art.
    Please feel free to message me about shipping international to other locations.

    Cheers, Don B

    Materials used:



    #blue  #seascape  #contemporary  #modern  #white  #summer  #sky  #clouds  #beach  #light  #minimal  #turquoise  #bright  #blue sky  #minimalist 

    Sours: https://www.artfinder.com/product/peach-ocean-minimal-abstract-seascape-painting/

    Cloud painting abstract

    Painting Waves & Clouds with Acrylic Paint

    Technique #1: Resist Washes on Glossy Surfaces

    Step 1. Apply a blue base coat color if you are painting a sky, or use a variety of dark blue colors if you are painting an ocean.

    Step 2. When your basecoat is dry, make your surface glossy by applying a coat of acrylic gloss medium over the painted surface. Let dry.

    Step 3. Heavily dilute Titanium White acrylic paint with water to create a “wash”. For a wash add 60-70% water to any fluid acrylic paint color, or add 90% water if you are using heavy body or thick acrylic paints. Apply the wash liberally over the glossy surface so that it moves around when the surface is tilted like a big watery puddle. Leave it alone to dry. This is the hard part – not playing with it. If you move the wash around too much, or don’t have enough water in your paint, this technique won’t work.

    Step 4. When the wash is dry the white will puddle up into interesting patterns and shapes, allowing the blue underneath to show through. Repeat the previous step using blue paint instead of the white, and making a wash in the same way, if the previous step revealed a white that is too opaque. If you don’t have enough white repeat step 3 using the Titanium White again.

    Sours: https://nancyreyner.com/2015/11/16/painting-waves-and-clouds/
    Learn How to Create Clouds The Easy Way

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