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25 Of The Best 'Trade Offer' Memes On The Internet

It's hard to be kind of old in the age of TikTok. It can be hard to navigate the app (please help us) and whenever we open it we feel increasingly out of touch. The music. The references. Oh god, the dances. But there are still some net positives where the app is considered, and over the past week this has been evident thanks to the 'Trade Offer' memes that have been popping up all over Reddit and Instagram.

The TikTok meme that led to these less irritating image macros was started by @natebellamy4 who posted a video proposal to "God" involving trading hated humans for beloved and sadly deceased public figures. The meme took off, inspiring @bradeazy to share a slightly less wholesome (and less egalitarian) version involving trading "sloppy toppy" for...nothing. @bradeazy's version of the meme has since been utilized as very versatile meme format, for everything from happy "trades" involving caring for one's pets or spicier historical memes about conquistadors and sketchy CIA dealings in Latin America. They've definitely been spicing up our timeline, so we figured we'd share our favorites with you. Care to accept the offer?


Trade Offer Meme

Bradeazy's Trade Offer

Prior to March 18th, TikTok user bradeazy posted a version of the meme in which he, dressed in formal wear, offered nothing in exchange for a "sloppy toppy" (the original TikTok is no longer available). On March 18th, bradeazy reposted the video to his Instagram account (reupload shown below) where it gained over 11,000 likes.

Also on March 18th, iFunny user ChipSkylark reposted the video to the app, where it gained over 42,100 smiles after being featured. Between March 18th and April 3rd, 2021, bradeazy posted four additional memes using the format on TikTok.

On March 18th, iFunny user Buffchicks_likedick posted the earliest derivative meme based on the video, altering the caption to include "A Bionicals lego Set." The post gained over 320 smiles (shown below).

The format did not achieve pronounced popularity until late March 2021 when bradeazy's first video and a still image from it received viral spread. On March 29th, an unknown user posted a Team Fortress 2 version of the meme that was widely circulated online in the following days (shown below, left). On April 2nd, 2021, Redditor Cryoffe posted a meme that gained over 17,000 upvotes in the /r/196 subreddit in four days (shown below, right).

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If you’re here, you’re probably fond of memes to some extent. And, as you may have already figured out, new memes are popping up left and right with each passing day.

One of the more recent memes that has taken the world by storm is the so-called Trade Offer meme where a long-haired dude in a business suit gestures for several seconds with the caption Trade Offer at the top and two more captions showing what he receives and what you get in exchange.

The internet has been going wild with this meme, so here’s a curated list of some of the best and funniest Trade Offer memes available on the internet. Vote and comment on the ones you enjoyed the most and why not share some of your trade offers in the comment section!

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So, Trade Offer, or sometimes referred to as Trade Request, is a viral meme that graced the internet back in mid-March.

The original meme is actually a tad bit different from its current-day incarnation. It was first posted by TikTok user @natebellamy4 in the form of a trade proposal to God, jokingly offering Kamala Harris, Cardi B, and the state of California in exchange for Ronald Reagan, Kobe and Gigi, as well as a Covid vaccine.

But it wasn’t long until people started reusing this format and ever so slightly building upon and optimizing it.

The first versions were more or less the same deal, offering multiple things for other multiple things, and not necessarily to God, but just hilarious trade proposals in general.

Enter TikToker @bradeazy, who optimized the template to just include the captions Trade Offer as well as the I Receive/You Receive captions and the actual offer.

This is the version that many know and have grown to love over the past month.

Once the meme was out, it began picking up traction all over the internet. Reddit was one of the first places to go nuts about it, with many of the top trending posts being some variation of the meme.

Speaking of which, there’s tons of them. Everything from pets to fictional characters to companies to that one hilarious one about how your pockets get headphones and return them tangled, the meme receives and offers it all.


Trade Offer

Trade Offer: blank meme template


You know a social network has fully come of age when it becomes a meme factory. Such is the case with TikTok, a Chinese video sharing platform that has been around since 2016.

Initially dismissed as a messaging app for teenagers who wanted to show off dance moves, TikTok has grown into a popular and influential social media channel; this is where the “Trade Offer” exploitable originated in 2021, and it appears to be the beginning of a new era of internet memetics.


It all started in November 2020 with a short TikTok video featuring a segment of the NBA Draft complete with its catchy jingle, but the trade proposal in question was made to God, and it involved swapping United States Vice President Kamala Harris for the late President Ronald Reagan, the State of California for the COVID-19 vaccine, and rapper Cardi B for the legendary NBA player Kobe Bryant and his late daughter.

This video was very well received and copied over the holidays, but new videos featuring TikTokers themselves with the NBA Draft Jingle became extremely popular in March 2021. The epitome of Trade Offer came about when the original author returned to the smartphone screen dressed like an NBA team executive and presented another funny trade on March 18; from that point on, a still image of the video was posted to Reddit, where it is now also known as Trade Request.


This meme is pretty telling about the zeitgeist of the last two years. People are yearning for those recent times before the coronavirus pandemic, and they feel as if they have been robbed of certain things and some personalities that were very dear to them.


Trade Offer meme #1Trade Offer meme #2Trade Offer meme #3Trade Offer meme #4


Random Meme 🤠


Offer memes trade

Trade Offer Meme Generator

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Do you have a wacky AI that can write memes for me?

Funny you ask. Why yes, we do. Here you go: (warning, may contain vulgarity)

JOJO MEMES #19 - Trade Offer

‘Trade Offer’ Memes On TikTok & Reddit


According to Know Your Meme, “trade offer” TikToks first appeared in November 2020 in a video by @natebellamy4 that made a “Trade proposal to God” set to the music played during the 2020 NBA draft. This video suggested that “Kamala Harris, Cardi B, and California” be traded for “Ronald Reagan, Kobe & Gigi, and Covid vaccine.” In the video, the creator poses behind a music stand, dressed in a suit, and in front of an image of an NBA draft press conference.


Trade accepted pending physicals🙏 #fyp#nba#trump2020#trump#republican#conservative

♬ NBA Draft Jingle – Nate Bellamy

This style of video took off on TikTok in March 2021 as users started sharing their own “trade offers” and” trade proposals to God,” presenting a column of things they’d like to get rid of and a column of what they’d like to gain in return. At the time of writing, there are over 18,000 videos set to the “NBA Draft Jingle” on TikTok and videos associated with the hashtags #TradeProposal and #TradeOffer have been viewed over 3.5 million times.


take it or leave it. #quickerpickerrapper#tradepropsal

♬ NBA Draft Jingle – Nate Bellamy


Who says no? Duet if this trade is accepted or declined#fyp#god#tradepropsal#humor#viral#duetwithme#trend#ColorCustomizer

♬ NBA Draft Jingle – Nate Bellamy

One video in particular, by user @bradeazy, took off, inspiring a number of spinoff memes. The original video, which has been removed from TikTok but is featured on @bradeazy’s Instagram account, proposes a “trade offer” where he receives “sloppy toppy” (oral sex) in exchange for “nothing.”

The image of this suit-clad creator pressing his fingertips together has become an image macro meme format popular on Reddit where people share possible trades, many of which appear unequal.

Schools do be like that from teenagers

Oil? from dankmemes

The real MVP from dankmemes

Do you wish to proceed? from dankmemes

These memes are so popular on certain meme subreddits that people are making memes about their over-saturation:

Batman is based. from dankmemes


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