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What is verizon mms DEFAULT
verizon mms not working

Verizon has tons of services and that makes it the best choice for everyone to have. That includes excellent coverage for voice calls, text messages, the internet, and more. Basically, whatever might be the thing that you can be looking for from your cellphone carrier. Verizon would just add the best to it.

Their MMS services are one such thing that is loved by most and allows you to send multimedia messages over the cellphone network. That way, you can send out images, songs, videos, and more through the phone using your cellphone coverage. However, if it is not working, here is what you will need to do.

How To Fix Verizon MMS Not Working?

1. Check On The Settings

You need to start with the settings and that is the most important part. The basic thing is that these settings are installed separately for all the services including voice calls, text messages, and internet on your phone. If you have one of the latest phones, then settings will not be a problem for you and they are installed automatically. However, it would be better to reset the MMS settings to default and restart your phone once. After that, it will start working without any sort of issues at all.

However, if the settings are not there. You will need to contact Verizon and ask for their assistance to have this fixed. They will be able to send you the settings for your MMS and that is going to make it work perfectly for you. Just install the setting on your phone and restart it once. Check again and your MMS should be up and running.

2. Check The Coverage

The MMS is directly sent and received over the cellular network and if you are having any sort of issues with the cellular network coverage, then they are certainly not going to work for you. So, make sure that you are getting the right signal strength and that will help you deal with the MMS problem perfectly. You need to make sure that not only the signals are showing full, but you have the coverage to send or receive MMS as well.

You can try out toggling between the airplane mode on and off to have it working and that will help you clear out any issues that you might be having with the network by triggering an alert again. Afterward, you will not have any sort of issues with the MMS again.

3. Contact Verizon

The best way to have it solved if nothing else is working out for you is to contact Verizon and they will help you look into the matter more thoroughly. To start with, your account needs to have the activation for MMS.

Once you take care of that, you will also need to ensure that everything else is in order and the plan you are using has the right resources available for MMS. Moreover, they will also be able to diagnose if there is some other issue with your phone or account and have it fixed properly for you.

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Set up a connector to archive Verizon Network data

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Use the TeleMessage connector in the Microsoft compliance center to import and archive Short Messaging Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) data from Verizon Network. After you set up and configure a connector, it connects to your organization's Verizon Network once every day and imports SMS and MMS data to mailboxes in Microsoft

After Verizon Network connector data is stored in user mailboxes, you can apply Microsoft compliance features such as Litigation Hold, Content Search, and Microsoft retention policies to Verizon data. For example, you can search Verizon SMS and MMS messages using Content Search or associate the mailbox that contains Verizon Network data with a custodian in an Advanced eDiscovery case. Using a Verizon Network connector to import and archive data in Microsoft can help your organization stay compliant with government and regulatory policies.

Overview of archiving Verizon Network data

The following overview explains the process of using a connector to archive Verizon Network data in Microsoft

Verizon Network archiving workflow.

  1. Your organization works with TeleMessage and Verizon to set up a Verizon Network connector. For more information, see Verizon Network Archiver.

  2. Once every 24 hours, SMS and MMS messages from your organization’s Verizon Network are copied to the TeleMessage site.

  3. The Verizon Network connector that you create in the Microsoft compliance center connects to the TeleMessage site every day and transfers the SMS and MMS messages from the previous 24 hours to a secure Azure Storage location in the Microsoft cloud. The connector also converts the content of SMS and MMS messages to an email message format.

  4. The connector imports the mobile communication items to the mailbox of a specific user. A new folder named Verizon SMS/MMS Network Archiver is created in the specific user's mailbox and the items are imported to it. The connector does this mapping by using the value of the User’s Email address property. Every SMS and MMS message contains this property, which is populated with the email address of every participant of the message.

    In addition to automatic user mapping using the value of the User’s Email address property, you can also implement custom mapping by uploading a CSV mapping file. This mapping file contains the mobile phone number and corresponding Microsoft email address for users in your organization. If you enable both automatic user mapping and custom mapping, for every Verizon item the connector first looks at custom mapping file. If it doesn't find a valid Microsoft user that corresponds to a user's mobile phone number, the connector will use the values in the email address property of the item it's trying to import. If the connector doesn't find a valid Microsoft user in either the custom mapping file or in the email address property of the Verizon item, the item won't be imported.

Before you set up a connector

Some of the implementation steps required to archive Verizon Network data are external to Microsoft and must be completed before you can create a connector in the compliance center.

  • Order the Verizon Network Archiver service from TeleMessage and get a valid administration account for your organization. You'll need to sign into this account when you create the connector in the compliance center.

  • Obtain your Verizon Network account and billing contact details so you can fill-out the TeleMessage onboarding forms and order the message archiving service from Verizon.

  • Register all users that require Verizon SMS and MMS archiving in the TeleMessage account. When registering users, be sure to use the same email address that's used for their Microsoft account.

  • Your employees must have corporate-owned and corporate-liable mobile phones on the Verizon mobile network. Archiving messages in Microsoft isn't available for employee-owned or Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) devices.

  • The user who creates a Verizon Network connector must be assigned the Mailbox Import Export role in Exchange Online. This is required to add connectors in the Data connectors page in the Microsoft compliance center. By default, this role isn't assigned to any role group in Exchange Online. You can add the Mailbox Import Export role to the Organization Management role group in Exchange Online. Or you can create a role group, assign the Mailbox Import Export role, and then add the appropriate users as members. For more information, see the Create role groups or Modify role groups sections in the article "Manage role groups in Exchange Online".

  • This data connector is available in GCC environments in the Microsoft US Government cloud. Third-party applications and services might involve storing, transmitting, and processing your organization's customer data on third-party systems that are outside of the Microsoft infrastructure and therefore are not covered by the Microsoft compliance and data protection commitments. Microsoft makes no representation that use of this product to connect to third-party applications implies that those third-party applications are FEDRAMP compliant.

Create a Verizon Network connector

After you've completed the prerequisites described in the previous section, you can create Verizon Network connector in the Microsoft compliance center. The connector uses the information you provide to connect to the TeleMessage site and transfer SMS and MMS messages to the corresponding user mailbox boxes in Microsoft

  1. Go to https://compliance.microsoft.com and then click Data connectors > Verizon Network.

  2. On the Verizon Network product description page, click Add connector

  3. On the Terms of service page, click Accept.

  4. On the Login to TeleMessage page, under Step 3, enter the required information in the following boxes and then click Next.

    • Username: Your TeleMessage username.

    • Password: Your TeleMessage password.

  5. After the connector is created, you can close the pop-up window and go to the next page.

  6. On the User mapping page, enable automatic user mapping and click Next. In case you need custom mapping upload a CSV file, and click Next.

  7. Review your settings, and then click Finish to create the connector.

  8. Go to the Connectors tab in Data connectors page to see the progress of the import process for the new connector.

Known issues

  • At this time, we don't support importing attachments or items that are larger than 10 MB. Support for larger items will be available at a later date.


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Verizon Messages

Stay connected using Verizon Messages sync features for your Smartphone, tablet, and computer. Keep the conversation going even when you’re switching between devices. Connect with family, friends, teammates, and more through personalized group chats, texts, photos, videos and gift cards worth up to $ at stores like Starbucks, Dominos, and more. Now anyone can download and chat with Verizon Messages, even non Verizon customers (available on compatible devices).

GROUP CHATS – Create larger group chats with up to people. Send and receive photos/videos in seconds. Personalize your chat experience with avatars, backgrounds and more. You can even mute a conversation or add or remove members or without creating a new group.
YELP INTEGRATION – Tap the plus menu and easily access Yelp from within the app. Search for restaurants, entertainment and directions. Make plans and share the details all within your chat.
SHARE YOUR LOCATION – Glympse™ lets you share your location with the people you choose for the length of time you set. Perfect for meeting up, or letting people know you’re running late.
SEND AN eGIFT – Tap the plus menu and select eGifts icon. Easily send an eGift card right through text message. eGifting has been expanded to include eGift cards from more than 30 brands
SYNC ACROSS DEVICES – Download Verizon Messages on all your devices, and sync messages across your smartphone, tablet and computer. Switch devices whenever you want. Make calls with your tablet anywhere.
DRIVING MODE – Turn on driving mode to send an Auto-Reply message and disable incoming message notifications so you don’t get distracted on the road.
HD VOICE CALLING – Eligibility rules apply. Link your phone number to the Verizon Messages app on your tablet and make and receive calls wherever they want on any network (cellular or Wi-Fi).

Other features:
# Schedule messages to be delivered at a specific date/time, even if your phone is turned off.
# Search the web for images and gifs to include in your chat with Yahoo search.
# Express yourself through colorful Emoji’s by tapping on highlighted keywords when composing messages.
# Send and receive messages over Wi-Fi from your smartphone, iOS device, tablet, PC, MAC, and web browser.

Need Help? Visit our Support Pages at
View the complete Terms & Conditions at:
View the Verizon Messages privacy policy at:

Sours: https://play.google.com/

Verizon MMS issues still going strong on Samsung Galaxy S10, S9, S8 & probably more devices

Verizon Wireless subscribers are not new to MMS issues. Matter of fact, Verizon MMS issues have been an ever-present for years now and it seems they aren&#;t going away anytime soon.

Whether it&#;s sending MMS messages, receiving them or even sometimes both cases, long-time Verizon users have had it all. The carrier&#;s community forums has reports dating back to regarding various MMS issues.

Owners of various Samsung Galaxy devices seem to be the most affected, although others who have experienced the issue say devices from other OEMs are also affected. We&#;ve also covered related cases from OnePlus 6T owners too, with one of them from


Literally still having this issue on two different Samsung s10+ devices. it&#;s not the phones.

I&#;m having the same issue with my Pixel 2XL. Generally, pictures will eventually send, but it can take hours.

Early last year, the issue popped up on the Galaxy S8 following the January security update.


Even after the update to Android 9 Pie arrived a couple of months later, the issue still persisted, something that was well documented by PiunikaWeb.

I have &#;fixed&#; this problem (or so I thought) several times over the last two days, but it keeps reverting. I got the Android update to my Galaxy S8 on Friday night. Saturday morning my text messages werent working correctly (no pictures, group messages or longer messages that convert to MMS). I troubleshooted and realized it was anything MMS that would not send. It tries to send for hours draining my battery and then fails.

A Verizon support came out to acknowledge the MMS issues and promised that a software update would address them, but more reports kept creeping in throughout the year.


Fast-forward to February , the Galaxy S8 MMS issues thread started in the Verizon community in is still getting new comments from affected owners of the device.


I never had this issue until I switched to Verizon. My husband is on the same plan and he has the same problem. We&#;ve had multiple phones and the issue occurs with every single phone. I have tried every troubleshooting step in the book and nothing has resolved this MMS issue.

From the look of things, this seems to be a Verizon problem and nothing to do with phone models. Like the case that followed after the Galaxy S8 Android Pie update, perhaps another software update is needed to address Verizon MMS issues in all affected devices.

Hopefully, Verizon gets to act soon and push the update to the likes of Samsung Galaxy S10, Note 9, S9 and even the Galaxy S8, among others.

PiunikaWeb started as purely an investigative tech journalism website with main focus on &#;breaking&#; or &#;exclusive&#; news. In no time, our stories got picked up by the likes of Forbes, Foxnews, Gizmodo, TechCrunch, Engadget, The Verge, Macrumors, and many others. Want to know more about us? Head here.

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