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Gallery 15 - City, Town & Village Entrance and Building & Museum Signs

Welcome, Entrance, & Building Signs for Counties, Cities & Villages. Also Museum & Historical Building Signs

Sandblasted and Carved University Wood Sign

City, Town and Village Entrance and Welcome Signs

Museum and Historical Building Signs

Examples of Our Municipal Building, Historical Building, and Museum Signs

We make a wide variety of outside and inside custom signs for municipal buildings, historical homes, and museums. These 3-D, 2.5-D and engraved signs can be made of EPS Foam (integrated monument outside signs) , carved High-Density-Urethane (HDU), metal-plated HDU, and carved and engraved Mahogany, Cherry, Redwood and Cedar wood.

Welcome to our photo Gallery showing designs and examples of welcome, entrance, way-finding,  building identification, and interior signs for county, city and village governments. We specialize in colorful and beautiful carved wood entrance signs for communities of all sizes, including counties, cities, towns, and village signs. These can be either post-and-panel or monument signs. Their styles range from modern stylistic to classical New England to vintage wood to Western rustic.Interior wall plaques featuring the seals and logos of counties, cities, and villages, and wall plaques featuring the badges and shoulder patches of  police, sheriff, and fire departments are shown in Gallery 33.

If you have just entered our website and you want an overview of our company and all our products, other informational web pages, including our Home page, can be viewed by clicking on a title in the  gray navigation menu  on the left side of your screen. Other Product and Application photo galleries can be viewed by using the slider to scroll down that gray box and clicking on a title. If you are on a  mobile phone, click on the 3 red bars on the top right of your screen to see this navigation menu.

In this photo Gallery 15 are displayed over 150 examples of designs for carved and sandblasted dimensional signs for county, city and village  entrance roads, public buildings, monuments, way-finding, museums, and historical buildings. We offer a variety of designs and we make hundreds of custom signs and plaques each year for cities, towns and villages. 

Federal, military, state and local government seal wall plaques are shown in photo Galleries 30, 31, 32, and 33, respectively. Community park and garden signs are in photo Gallery 16A and Swimming Pool and Tennis signs are in gallery 16B. 

We make custom carved 2.5-D, 3-D and engraved dimensional signs and plaques. These are fabricated from High-Density-Urethane (HDU) wood composite; extremely tough engraved High-density Color-Core Polyethelene (HDPE); wood (cedar, redwood, mahogany, oak, maple, cherry; metal-coated HDU (brass, bronze, copper, silver-nickel, stainless steel, and aluminum; and gold- and silver-leaf gilded HDU.

Text, numbers, logos, art and borders can be higher than the background or engraved (carved into it), or both. Styles range from the formal to elegant to contemporary to rustic. All of our HDU signs are made of heavy-duty  20 lb/ft3 High-Density-Urethane and have a protective coating to extend lifetime and ruggedness. Our extremely tough and durable HDPE signs are ideal for parks, playgrounds and other public facilities where wear-and-tear or graffiti could be a problem. These dimensional signs will last as long as cast aluminum.

We can make a single sign to match existing signs, or a complete set of signs for a complex which has the same style, color scheme and logo for all signs. We will design custom signs for you at no cost. We also make wood, aluminum and wrought iron posts, finials, scroll brackets, and sign frames. Please reference the ID number (e.g. F15009) if you want your sign to be similar to one or more signs shown in the Galleries. If you can't find signs or plaque designs you want in this Gallery, we will design them for you at no extra charge.  We will work with you to design and build the exact custom signs or plaques you want.

Entrance Sign for the City of Coos Bay, Oregon

We made two of these very large (12 ft high) entrance signs for the City of Coos Bay, Oregon. They were carved in 3-D relief from 20 lb/ft3 High-Density-Urethane (HDU). The sign was prime coated and painted with Matthews and 1-Shot sign enamels, using an airbrush and artist brush. The entire sign was then coated with 2 coats of long-lasting Matthews polyurethane acrylic clear. This plaque will last over a decade in the marine climate without the paint fading.

CONTENTS OF GALLERY 15.This Gallery 15 contains photos of signs and wall plaques we have made for:  (1) counties, cities, towns, and villages, including entrance signs and building signs; and (2) museum and historical building signs shown  in the following order  You can  move the slider on the scroll bar on the right to see the photos lower down on this page.

  1.  City, Town, and village entrance and building signs (top of page, beginning with photo F15101)
  2.  Museum and historical building signs (near bottom of page, beginning with photo F15301)

Please refer to the photo ID number (e.g. F15106) if you want your sign to be similar to one or more signs shown in the Gallery. To see wall plaques of the seals, logos, crests, emblems and coats-of-arm for counties, cities, towns and villages, and their police, sheriff and fire departments,  please click on Gallery 33- County & City Government  Plaques.

PRICES. Our custom designed smaller HDU single-faced HDU or wood signs, 18 inches to 24 inches wide, have retail prices that range from $99 to $250+. Medium size single-face HDU or wood signs, from 24 inches to 48 inches wide, have retail prices from $250 to $800+  Large entrance HDU or wood signs, from 48 inches to 96 inches wide, have retail prices from $700 to $1800+ . Our Color HDPE signs are about half the above prices. Our sign prices depend primarily on material type (e.g, HDU. HDPE, Wood, etc.) sign area, whether they are single or double-faced, their design detail and complexity (e.g., number of paint colors and amount of hand-painting, and any special features (e.g., steel reinforcements and frames, overlays, gold leaf, etc.). These prices do not include posts or support structures, which we sell separately. More detailed information on sign retail prices, along with their design features, are described on the Price & Design Options   page.

PLEASE CONTACT US. Please call or email us for a price quote on a specific sign. We will work with you to design and build the exact sign or plaque you want. One of our knowledgeable and helpful Customer Service Representatives, Christie, Regina, or Liz will respond to your request promptly. You can call us at 951-698-8484 or email us at [email protected] Or, you can fill out and submit our on-line Request an Estimate Form. We would like very much to make your sign or plaque, and we are confident that you will be pleased with it. We take great pride in every product we make for our valued clients. We offer a 2 year warranty on all our products.


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    hastened to see Elkins, West Virginia Metal Wall Decor City Limit Sign - Aluminum best offer


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    Road signs in Indonesia

    Overview of road signs in Indonesia

    Directional sign in Badung, Bali. All directional signs in Indonesia use green color background. Notice the yield and stop signs.

    Road signs in Indonesia are standarized road signs similar to those used in other nations but with certain distinctions. As a former Dutch colony, until the 1970s road signs in Indonesia closely followed The Netherlands rules on road signs. Nowadays, Indonesian road sign design are a mix of European, US MUTCD, New Zealand, and Japanese road sign features. According to the 2014 Minister of Transport's Regulation No. 13 concerning Traffic Signs,[1] the official typeface for road signs in Indonesia is Clearview. Indonesia formerly used FHWA Series fonts (Highway Gothic) as the designated typeface though the rules are not being implemented properly.

    Indonesian road signs use Indonesian, the official and the national language of Indonesia. However, English is also used for important public places such as tourist attractions and airports. Bilingual signs can be found in tourist areas such as Bali.

    Indonesia signed the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals but have yet to ratify the Convention.

    Warning signs[edit]

    Warning signs warn of possible dangers or unusual conditions ahead and alert motorists on the hazards to expect. Warning signs in Indonesia used to closely follow US MUTCD and Japanese diamond-shaped with yellow background and black-and-yellow outline but recently they change it to full black outline.

    • Open railroad crossing ahead

    • Start of dual carriageway

    • Other Danger ahead (Usually accompanied with a supplementary sign beneath)

    • Opening or swing bridges ahead


    • Priority at crossroad junction

    • Merging traffic on the right

    • Priority merging traffic from the right

    • Priority merging traffic from the left

    • Staggered junction, first on left

    • Staggered junction, first on right

    • Priority side road from right

    Regulatory signs[edit]

    Prohibitory signs[edit]

    Prohibitory signs in Indonesia are circular and have a red border with diagonal bars except for Stop, Give way, and Railroad Crossing signs.

    • Single-track railroad crossing

    • Multiple-tracks railroad crossing

    • No motorcycles and mopeds

    • No vehicles (combination)

    • Maximum length for motorised vehicles

    • Maximum Weight limit per axle

    • Minimum distance between cars

    • Maximum speed limit in kilometers per hour (km/h)

    • Give way to oncoming traffic

    • End of speed restriction limit

    Mandatory signs[edit]

    Mandatory signs in Indonesia follows the "Type A Mandatory Signs" as prescribed by the Vienna Convention, which is the European-style white-on-blue circular signs with addition of white border

    • Straight ahead or left ahead

    • Straight ahead or right ahead

    • Minimum speed limit in kilometers per hour (km/h)

    • Non-motorized vehicles only

    • End of minimum speed limit

    Directional signs[edit]

    • 4-way directional sign. Ngurah Rai International Airport is highlighted in blue as it is a public facility

    • 3-way directional sign. Note the Indonesian National Highway number hexagon

    • National route distance sign (differs by island)

    • Entrance to tolled freeway

    • 3-way directional sign. Kawasan Kota Tua, a tourist attraction, is highlighted in brown

    • 4 way intersection directional sign. 'TOL PURBALEUNYI, a toll road, is highlighted in white and bears the international highway symbol, while Stasiun KA Kota, a train station, is highlighted in blue.

    Tolled freeway signs[edit]

    Most of the signs in this section are custom-made by the tollroad operator and unavailable in the current regulations.

    • Tolled freeway restrictions for non-motorised vehicles ("Toll Road only for motorised vehicles with four or more wheels")

    • Exit sign (butterfly gantry sign placed in between ramp)

    • Freeway location marker with meters, placed in each 200 m of the freeway

    • Service area ahead (1 km)

    • Service area ahead (500 m)

    • Service area ahead (~300 m)

    • Runaway ramp. The 500m distance is omitted in 300m before the ramp

    • Advisory sign (Right lane only for passing)

    • Prohibition sign (Passing on left prohibited)

    • Toll plaza (electronic payment)

    • Toll plaza height limit [2] (might be omitted in some toll plazas)

    Information signs[edit]

    • Earthquake evacuation route

    • Volcano eruption evacuation route

    • Clinic, Community Health Centre

    • Scheduled service station

    Temporary signs[edit]

    Temporary signs generally follow New Zealand design, albeit with Clearview typeface instead of Highway Gothic typeface.

    • Diversion to the right ends

    • Diversion to the left ends

    • Traffic divided (two-way)

    • Divided traffic ends (two-way)

    • Warning sign (accompanied by a supplementary sign beneath)


    LEGO custom city car speed limit road signs 30 40 50 national road signs 2 sets

    LEGO custom city car speed limit road signs 30 40 50 national road signs 2 sets

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    City signs custom limit

    Traffic Signs Corporation


    our goal is to offer you the best prices, quality products & fast service on your traffic signs, parking signs, no parking signs, custom traffic signs, handicapped signs, posts, hardware and so much more. All standard signs meet State and Federal MUTCD guidelines. Please give us the opportunity to help you with your city, town, church, school, shopping center or business parking signs. Put our many years of experience in the sign business to work for you.

    All signs are made with .080 aluminum and coated with reflective sheeting

      • -Type I Engineer Grade Prismatic
      • -Type III Prismatic High Intensity
      • -Type IX Prismatic Diamond Grade

    We also manufacture and sell a complete line of Federal and State Compliant Traffic Signs, Interstate Signs, Street Name Signs, and Custom Signage


    Alabama, Montgomery (AL) Arizona, Phoenix (AZ) Arkansas, Little Rock (AR) California Sacramento (CA) Colorado, Denver (CO) Connecticut, Hartford (CT) Delaware, Dover (DE) Florida, Tallahassee (FL) Georgia, Atlanta (GA) Idaho, Boise (ID) Illinois, Springfield (IL) Indiana, Indianapolis (IN) Iowa, Des Moines (IA) Kansas, Topeka (KS) Kentucky, Frankfort (KY) Louisiana, Baton Rouge (LA) Maine, Augusta (ME) Maryland, Annapolis (MD) Massachusetts, Boston (MA) Michigan, Lansing (MI) Minnesota, St. Paul (MN) Mississippi, Jackson (MS) Missouri, Jefferson City (MO) Montana, Helena (MT) Nebraska, Lincoln (NE) Nevada, Carson City (NV) New Hampshire, Concord (NH) New Jersey, Trenton (NJ) New Mexico, Santa Fe (NM) New York, Albany (NY) North Carolina, Raleigh (NC) North Dakota, Bismark (ND) Ohio, Columbus (OH) Oklahoma, Oklahoma City (OK) Oregon, Salem (OR) Pennsylvania, Harrisburg (PA) Rhode Island, Providence (RI) South Carolina, Columbia (SC) South Dakota, Pierre (SD) Tennessee, Nashville (TN) Texas, Austin (TX) Utah, Salt Lake City (UT) Vermont, Montpelier (VT) Virginia, Richmond (VA) Washington, Olympia (WA) West Virginia, Charleston (WV) Wisconsin, Madison(WI) Wyoming, Cheyenne (WY)

    Making custom removable highway signs for dioramas (Improbable Garage stream for 2/21/19)

    LEGO custom city car speed limit road signs 30 40 50 national road signs 2 sets

    LEGO custom city car speed limit road signs 30 40 50 national road signs 2 sets. This is a custom set with all the decals made in house using water slide decals. Signs may be on white or yellow lego pieces. Packaging: : Blister Pack: Features: : MOC - My Own Creation. unused, See the seller's listing for full details. Included: ALL NEW LEGO, Condition:: New: A brand-new, unopened and undamaged item, If it doesn't cost us any more money then we'll be able to do it for free. See all condition definitions : LEGO Theme: : City. EAN: : Does not apply, Brand: : Lego: MPN: : Does Not Apply.

    LEGO custom city car speed limit road signs 30 40 50 national road signs 2 sets

    Garden Tools Detailed Resin Accessories Model Rariway Wargames Scale Scenery. 2 father christmas elf advent teddy soft cuddly toy believe in santa magic gift. Wizard of Oz Panoramic 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle, LEGO custom city car speed limit road signs 30 40 50 national road signs 2 sets. 2x Tree Hanging Swing Straps Hammock Rope Hangers Kit Hooks Carabiner Fitting UK. Rio Grande Games RGG 155 Bohnanza Card Game. Missing Lego Brick 32316 Yellow x 4 Technic Beam 5 Holes. LEGO custom city car speed limit road signs 30 40 50 national road signs 2 sets. 1:16 Metal Front Rear Axle Gear Spare Part for WPL B14 B16 B24 C14 C24 B36. Multisurface Crayon Melting Creative Kit for Arts Crafts Crayola Ultimelt Pen.INFLATABLE SANTA CLAUS FATHER CHRISTMAS XMAS DECORATION 120CM, LEGO custom city car speed limit road signs 30 40 50 national road signs 2 sets. SLUBAN TOY BUILDING BRICK SET M38-B0622B SMALL FIREBOAT 90 PIECES,

    LEGO custom city car speed limit road signs 30 40 50 national road signs 2 sets


    LEGO custom city car speed limit road signs 30 40 50 national road signs 2 sets

    car speed limit road signs 30 40 50 national road signs 2 sets LEGO custom city, This is a custom set with all the decals made in house using water slide decals, Signs may be on white or yellow lego pieces, Included: ALL NEW LEGO, If it doesn't cost us any more money then we'll be able to do it for free,High-End Fashion For Top Brand,Discount Exclusive Brands,Free Shipping & Officially Licensed Online Shop! signs 30 40 50 national road signs 2 sets LEGO custom city car speed limit road, LEGO custom city car speed limit road signs 30 40 50 national road signs 2 sets.


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