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WoodRiver - Fillet Knife for Hunting and Fishing - 12" - 440C SS - Unfinished Kit

  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    byEL from WILTON MANORSon

    Fillet Knife

    I made three of these knives for my son and grandsons, they came out nice but when we took one out of the sheath it was bent, the steel is soft enough that I bent it back to almost straight. I think that they are not a very high quality hardened steel.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    byMM from Bakersfieldon

    Son loves it, easy build.

    Made one for my son with cocobolo scales. Just followed the instructions. Son filleted forum King salmon and a halibut. States the knife was awesome.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    bySH from Columbuson

    Great way to make gifts

    I've ordered 4 already and will order more asap. Good quality and sharp edge. I wanted to make knives in various laminated wood colors to match gun and knife sets that I am building for my sons and I ( matching pistol grips, rifle stocks, hunting knives, etc). With the sheath, this makes a quality set that any sportsman can appreciate and it makes for a touch of uniqueness. Great gift!

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    Excellent Kit

    I have put together 3 of these fillet knife kits and they are great! I have used different wood species and all have turned out great. The stainless blank has a sharp, flexible yet strong blade, too. Even the sheath has a locking snap to secure the knife. I will continue to use this product!

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    Great gift...High quality Stainless blade.

    I have done many of the WoodCraft kits, and several stand out, most noticeably this fillet knife and the Zhen chef knives. I used the new Mosaic pins in my handle (Woodcraft item #162622) with a dyed, stabilized Spalted Tamarind handle, and it came out gorgeous. The blade is well made, high quality Stainless, and takes a fine edge...and the kit is inexpensive when on sale...makes a great gift, if you can part with it after you're done...(I decided not to give mine away)

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    7" Fillet Knife(A)Overall length 12", blade 7 5/8", 1/16" thick, use  3/16" and 1/8"  holes for handle pins 

    Note: Waiting for next shipment
    NCK019  $10.50Trout Fillet Knife(B) 10 1/2" overall, 5 3/4" blade, .045" thick ( very flexible! ) ,  use 3/16" and 1/8" pin holes NCK029  $11.50  6" FilletKnife (C) 10 5/8" overall, 6 11/16" blade, .075" thick, use  7/32" and 5/32"  pins
    Note: Waiting for next shipment
    NCK538  $8.50Notes: Inasmuch as these fillet knives do not require a guard or bolster, they are extremely easy to build and finish. I have no clue as to why the two holes in the handles for pins are different sizes and have received no other explanation beyond "tradition". Water resistant Kydex makes the best sheath material. 
    aaaa aaaaaaSheaths for fillet blades
    Fillet knife leather sheathsFillet Knife Pouch Sheath  (use with 7" Fillet )
    NCK-101PS$ 21.00 Trout Fillet Knife Pouch Sheath ( use with 6" Fillet Blade or Trout Fillet Blade )
    Note:Waiting for next shipment
    NCK-711PS$ 18.50Note: For the strap sheath, to insure a truly custom fit, you will need to size and install the included snap on the strap. This will require a Snap Setter. If you don't have one, I have them on the Sheath Making Supplies PageaaaaaaSwordfish Fillet Knife
    Just in time for fishing season!  Regardless if you're actually going to be going after deep sea swordfish, or  just want to convince your friends that you want to be ready for that 40 pound trout, this generous sized fillet knife will always serve you well. Quality 440C, this thin and flexible blade  will hold a razor edge for a good long time . Overall 16" with a 10 1/2" cutting edge. Holes are metric, but 1/8" pins would work fine.   Optional Matching Swordfish Fillet Sheath is made of 9 ounce top grain leather, suitable for engraving but will need to have leather finish applied. Click HERE for instructions
    SwordFish Fillet Blade  
    NCK-219 $ 14.75 Swordfish Filet Knife Pouch Sheath
    Waiting for next shipment
    NCK-421PS $ 21.50

     Everyday Carry Hard Workers
    Beautifully crafted from tough 8-A stainless steel, all five of these are a good common sense size that will prove to be very handy, useful and productive without being too large to carry comfortably.  You'll get a lot of use  out of these hard working designs. All mirror polished for a professional look. Very nice quality.

    harrier knifemaking blade blank
    Osprey Knifemaking blade blankMuscrat (A)  7 " overall, 2 3/4" blade,  use 1/16"  pins if you want to run them around the edge, or 3/32 center pins.  3/16" thong hole . Straightforward and efficient!NCK513$28.50Meercat (C)  7 1/2" overall, 3 1/8" blade, looks best with no guard, using the integral guard only. 3/16" pin and 1/4" thong holes. Clean European design!      NCK046 $21.00Fox (D)  7 3/4" overall with a 3" blade. Has 7/32" pin holes and a 1/4" thong hole. Classic beauty and function.NCK814$ 34.00Harrier (E) 8" overall with 2 7/8" blade, 5/32" thick, use 1/8" pinsNCK-913  $ 25.50  Osprey  (F)  7 5/8" overall with 2 5/8" blade, 5/32" thick, use 1/8" pinsNCK-023 $ 25.50  
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    Thinner, longer blades devoted exclusively to filleting fish. Helle's fillet knife blanks are made thin and flexible from Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel - perfect for a kind fillet knife!

    Our Helle Fillet Knife Blade Blanks

    We stock only the best in Helle Fillet Knife Blade Blanks so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.

    Helle Steinbit Blade Blank

    Helle Steinbit Blade BlankThe Helle Steinbit Blade blank is a fillet knife blade that sports a 1.6mm think blade of 12C27 stainless steel, a blade length of 161mm, and an overall length of 277mm. The Steinbit blade provides a long sweep in it's sharpened portion and excellent flexibility along it's length - perfect for bass, trout, pike an other lake fish.

    Helle Fiskekniv Blade Blank

    Helle Fiskekniv Blade BlankThe Helle Fiskeniv blade blank is a 1.4mm thick 12C27 stainless steel partial tang fillet blade with a 155mm blade, and overall length of 270mm.

    Helle Hellefisk Blade Blank

    Helle Hellefisk Blade BlankThe Helle Hellefisk Blade blank features a Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade that is 1.3 mm thick, 258 mm long, and features a blade length of 123 mm. Made much thinner than other blade blanks, the Hellefisk is flexible, and is excellent for processing larger freshwater or ocean fish.

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