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Jetzt Wind tanken!

Komplette Kite-Systeme zum Antrieb Ihres Bootes.

Unsere Kite-Systeme ermöglichen es, Boote mit der Kraft von Kites anzutreiben. Der Kite fliegt in windreicheren Höhen von 25 – 150 Metern und zieht das Boot mit bis zu 10facher Kraft eines gleich großen Segels. Herzstück des Systems ist der WingCommander RC: ein Kite-Control-System mit elektronischer Steuerung, das Die Kontrolle des Kites kinderleicht macht. Er kann in verschiedenen Bootstypen inboard oder outboard installiert werden. Die Steuerung des Kites erfolgt per Joystick oder Autopilot.




Motor Boat

Grüner fahren, Sprit sparen

Jetzt macht cruisen richtig Spaß

Electric Boat

Weiterkommen und Akkus laden

Jetzt endlich längere Touren planen

 Sailing Boat

Moderner Segelspaß

neue Impulse setzen

Beach Boat

Mehr Speed,Mehr Spaß

Eine neue Dimension des Segelsports erleben

Kite pulls yacht boat boot

Dann fordere jetzt deinen persönliches

 Angebot für ein Kitesystem


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Sours: http://www.kite-boat-systems.com/index.php/de/

JimBoat relaunches 6.5-ft electric powerboat for children

Though there are several well known manufacturers of electric-powered cars scaled down for children, there has never been a scaled down electric speed boat equivalent – until now. The JimBoat was conceived when boatbuilder Denis Jimenez found that his five-year-old grandson shared his passion for powerboats.

"That's how the 6.5 ft electric powerboat was born," says Jimenez. "I built it as a surprise for him, to convey my values, my knowledge and my passion to my grandson, and so he will remember the fun of being a mini-mariner."

Nine months ago, Jimenez launched an Indiegogo campaign for the JimBoat he'd designed for his grandson, but the idea didn't get the funding he needed and it languished ... for a while.


Where there's a will, there's a way, so Denis went out, worked out a way to manufacture the boats with a larger partner, and found he could significantly reduced the selling price. The original expected retail price was US$8,500, but with more efficient mass production of the JimBoat using molds and modern technologies, the ticket price has been reduced to $4,000.


The JimBoat is 6.5 ft long, weighs 75 kg (165 lb), and with an electric motor providing 55 lb of thrust via an enclosed 3 blade propeller, the JimBoat is capable of 5.5 knots – fast enough to make it worthwhile that adult supervision is on hand at all times.

The JimBoat 6.5 is just the start, and Jiminez has plans to expand the range to include a bigger, full-sized electric speedboat for 2 adults so the whole family can have fun.


Jiminez has returned to Indiegogo to launch the new version of the JimBoat 6.5, where Super Early Bird pledges start at $2,100 (representing 47 percent off the expected retail price). If all goes to plan, shipping is estimated to start in July/August. You can learn more in the video below.

Sources: JimBoats, Indiegogo

Sours: https://newatlas.com/jimboat-budget-eco-friendly-electric-mini-boat-for-kids/53418/
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Mini Boat

A mini (but still full-sized) 6 foot electric boat.

This boat is ridiculously small and a blast to ride. It's also simple to build with its cable-tie and epoxy construction.

It's designed to last a lifetime. It's made from marine-grade plywood and incorporates internal bulkheads that provide floatation even when flooded.

It's small enough to store in a closet, squeeze through a door, and slide into a hatchback. When it's on the water, it steals attention from the largest boats.

Interested in building your own?

Bare-Hull Kits:

  • $950
  • + shipping ($150 to USA 48)

I offer these kits on a made-to-order basis. If you would like one, contact me.

Bare-Hull Kits will include:

The custom components involved in making this boat:

  • Laser cut marine-grade plywood
  • Various 3D printed components
  • Steering wheel
  • Steering-shaft bearings
  • Various gaskets

Additional expenses:

You will be in charge of sourcing all of the off-the-shelf components, which will be an additonal $500 to $1,250 depending on how crafty or fancy you are.

Build Instructions:

The build process has been well documented and published for free on Instructables.

Digital Plans:

  • $95
  • +$20 per additional boat

If you would rather purchase plans than a bare-hull kit, contact me.

Digital Plans will include:

All the files necessary to make this boat:

  • Design linework in PDF format (for printing)
  • Design linework in DXF format (for CNC)
  • STL files for the 3D printed components


  • Precision laser cut components
  • Interlocking assembly (no jigs)
  • Simple cable-tie and epoxy construction
  • Interior bulkhead design for flood floatation
  • Thick plexiglass steering wheel
  • Electric trolling motor propulsion
  • Low and comfortable seating position
  • Stable flat bottom hull design
  • Reliable steering geometry
  • Convenient cubby storage (above dash)
  • Additional behind-seat storage


  • Okoume BS1088 (marine plywood)
  • Plexiglass (steering wheel)
  • ABS plastic (3D printed parts)
  • Delrin (steering shaft bearings)
  • Cork (gaskets)


  • Length: 6' (180cm)
  • Width: 31" (80cm)
  • Height: 24" (60cm)


  • Boat: 67lb (30kg)
  • Motor: 17lb (8kg)
  • Batteries: 21lb (10kg) ea.


  • 18" (45cm) w/ 170lb rider


  • 6'2" (188cm) rider height
  • 200lb (91kg) rider weight


  • 3.5 knots (4 mph / 6.4 kph)


  • Paul Elkin's 8ft "Little Miss Sally" boat.
  • American Boathead's 8ft "Model C" boat
  • Artistic Brit's boat building videos
  • Corbin Dunn's CLC Kayak build
  • Chesapeake Light Craft (CLC) build instructions


Customer Videos:

Customer Photos:

Sours: http://rapidwhale.com/mini-boat.php

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