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PDI W HOLD AEG Hop-Up Rubber Sleeve w-hold (50D)

  • PDI W HOLD AEG Hop-Up Rubber Sleeve w-hold (50D)

50 degree soft type rubber with innovative W nub for improved spin and accuracy.
Ribbed sleeves provides superior air seal for maximum performance
Hop-up bucking nub is NOT included! You can reuse your stock nub


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Madbull Shark bucking. PDI W-hold bucking. Must share my success

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Madbull Shark bucking. PDI W-hold bucking. Must share my success

So in my long recent journey to a good air seal, I've played around with different hop up buckings and felt the need to share my success. I started with a King Arms Bw15. The stock bucking ripped after only 1000 rounds or so, and thus began my journey. After trying several different cheaper buckings, I decided to try some of these other cool ones that have been hitting the market.
The first one I tried was a pdi w-hold.


It's a very nice bucking. However, I was having troubles with air seal. I thought my low fps was from the need of a higher power spring, so I put in a Lonex M130. I was achieving approx. 370 fps. I emailed Airsoft Store Canada and asked for advice, and they suggested wrapping a few wraps of Teflon tape around the bucking. I did so, and achieved approx. 423-425 fps. Much better. I took it out that evening and did some test shooting. It worked very well with .25 bbs. At 100 feet, (all the room I had) the grouping was about 5 inches. I then tried .28 bbs, which is the weight I prefer for that fps, and the grouping went wild. I'm assuming the rubber does not work to well when you have to dial it up that much. I was content for now, however I would probably recommend this rubber for fps limits of maybe 400 fps max, but I'd like to hear any input on that from anyone else.

Two days later the Madbull Shark Bucking arrived.


So far I have nothing but good to say about it. I just installed it tonight, and was happy to see that it fit just snug enough as to create a perfect air seal in my hop up chamber, without teflon tape. Then, on to the chrono. Much to my surprise, the fps jumped up to 430-435! I have yet to see how it performs long range. The soft rubber may be to soft for that high fps, but as soon as I get a chance to make a drive to the country and do some accuracy tests I will make a point up updating this.

I do not want to give the pdi w-hold a bad review. It is perhaps just not the right fit for the King Arms hop up unit, but as of this moment I will recommend the Madbull any day of the week. I hope this can help someone with an air seal problem such as I had, and if anyone has anything to add to this I'd be very interested. Any long term results anyone?
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  • Airsoft guns
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  • Magazines, BB loaders
  • Glasses, masks
  • Gear, uniforms, gun cases
  • Gun accessories, slings
  • Camo, paints, tapes
  • Gun spare parts, upgrade
  • Gun service and maintenance
  • Self-defense, knives
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Hopup rubber from the Japanese company PDI. An interesting feature of this rubber is the shape of the so-called W-Hold, which makes the ball better rotation and traction. The outer part of the rubber band is provided with two lugs to ensure maximum leakage. The rubber is suitable for TM VSR-10 weapons, but it can also be used in gas weapons. The material from which it is made can be used all year round.

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PDI air technology

is a Japanese manufacturer known in the airsoft world mainly for its cutting edge quality stainless steel barrels. These are some of the best (and at the same time most expensive) barrels, you can be buy. The company also offers upgrade parts, especially for sniper rifles - cylinders, hop-up chambers and buckings, trigger sets, the aforementioned stainless steel barrels and a cheaper range of carbon steel barrels. Yet the PDI main production area is the manufacturing of training equipment for the police, pepper cannons and pistols and paintball guns.

Sours: https://airsoftpro.cz/en/gun-parts-upgrade/gas-pistols-parts/gbb-buckings/vsrgbb-buckings-70/hopup-gumicka-pro-vsr-70-w-hold-detail

PDI W-Hold 50° AEG Hop Rubber

The PDI W-Hold (50 Degree) hop rubbers are soft and tight with external ribs to push against the hop chamber. 
They fit snugly on virtually all barrels to create an excellent seal. 
The softer Nitrile material performs superbly at low temperatures and remains grippy enough to float medium/heavy weight ammo. 

The internal mount is split to allow the BBs to be kept perfectly centrally to create a much more consistent and even backspin. 
The lips are an excellent shape and work with the vast majority of hop chambers. This is our go-to hop rubber for any build with an awkward hop chamber (eg. TM MP5s or VFC SCARs) and any build where the target ammo weight is equal to or lower than 0.32g. 


  • Please apply a drop of liquid silicone oil to the external surface prior to installation. This helps the hop rubber and barrel slide into the hop chamber evenly. 
    Check the hop rubber is evenly spaced and the split in the mount is central prior to rebuilding the RIF. 

    Around 3mm will need to be trimmed off the end (including the lower rib) when this hop rubber is installed into a NGRS hop chamber and at least 5mm when paired with a TM/Cyma M14 chamber. 

    The lips on this hop rubber are a little wider than many others so this rubber works in systems where others would bind. Some level of hop must be applied to retain the BB in the chamber. 

    We recommend pairing this hop rubber with a flat nub for best results. Drop is a line on the contact page or with your order if you'd like us to supply a custom Sorbothane flat nub (hop arm modification required).

Sours: https://www.kingdomofairsoft.com/product-page/pdi-w-hold-aeg-hop-rubber

W hold bucking pdi

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