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  • Nissan is dropping the roadster version of the 370Z from its sports-car lineup in the United States, starting with the 2020 model year.
  • The 370Z coupe continues on for 2020, offering standard, NISMO, and 50th Anniversary models.
  • We still have no idea what's going on with a next-generation Z, although rumors persist that a new version of the sports car is forthcoming at some point in the future.

The Nissan 370Z is ditching its softtop variant in the U.S. market. Nissan has confirmed that the sports car will be offered only as a coupe starting with the 2020 model year. Since it is a more expensive, heavier, and less fun-to-drive version of the Z, we can't exactly say we'll miss the 370Z roadster.

For its final, 2019 model year, the roadster starts at $42,815, a heady $11,830 more than the 2019 370Z coupe's starting price. The final nail in the convertible's coffin, at least for us, is that it was only available with a seven-speed automatic transmission (the coupe comes standard with a six-speed manual). A Nissan spokesperson told C/D that the roadster will continue to be sold in Canada.

The Z hardtop models that remain for 2020 include the standard 370Z, the slightly more powerful 370Z NISMO, and the 50th Anniversary Edition, which comes with a heritage-inspired appearance package. The 2020 coupe starts at $30,985, while the 50th Anniversary package adds $2600 and the NISMO starts at $46,685.

If you, like so many other enthusiasts, are impatient for a new generation of the Z, we're sorry that we don't have more information to offer. Most recently, we heard from Nissan global design chief Alfonso Albaisa, who mentioned that a replacement for the Z exists but did not elaborate. Since the current Z first arrived more than 10 years ago, there's been nary an official peep from Nissan about what's happening with the next Z. We hope to see at least a concept car foretelling the future of the Z within the next year or so, but we won't hold our breath.

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NISSAN 370Z Roadster 2012 - Present

Nissan introduced a minor facelift for the 370Z in 2012 and brought some updates for the open-top version as well.

The 370Z's roots are going back in time to the legendary Nissan Fairlady and the Datsun 240. Even after the alliance with the French carmaker Renault, the Japanese company didn't even think to stop producing the 370Z, even though it was not the biggest profit-maker in the stable. But, by 2012, it had to work on some areas and increase the car's sex-appeal.
At the front, Nissan kept the Z-shaped headlights but changed the headlamps inside it. Its amber top corners for the turn signals were clear on the 2012 model. In the apron, the grille was simple and squared, revealing the big radiator behind it. The carmaker chose to drop the inside fins that made the 2008 model special. In the back, there was a new exhaust, which showed the same round tips.

The 370Z was fitted with a small, cozy cabin that offered great legroom and headroom for the two occupants. The dashboard had a simple and clean layout and offered decent storage space in the center. Its electric convertible system was functional at speeds of up to 5 kph (3 mph).

Under the hood, Nissan installed the same 3.7-liter V-6 engine from the non-facelifted version. Although, the carmaker recalibrated the ECU and released another five ponies. It was paired as standard to a six-speed manual while a seven-speed automatic (dual-clutch) was on the options list.

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The Nissan 370Z could be on borrowed time. As it stands, the droptop version of the long-running sports car will disappear after this year. Motor Authority reports that a Nissan spokesperson confirmed the 370Z Roadster will no longer be offered starting with the 2020 model year. has reached out to Nissan to verify the information is accurate.

The 370Z has endured in the automaker’s lineup essentially unchanged since its debut all the way back in 2009. Numerous special models have appeared through the years, the most recent being the 50th Anniversary Edition that debuted at the 2019 New York Auto Show in April. Curiously enough, the 370Z is old enough to also have a 40th Anniversary Edition during its first year of production, honoring the original 240Z’s legacy from the 1970s.

A very minor refresh befell the sports car in 2013, and various options have come and gone through the years. The 3.7-liter V6, however, has held the line at 332 horsepower (248 kilowatts) for a full decade in the base model. 350 hp (261 kW) is currently available in the hardcore Nismo version, but with the extra thrust comes a base price of $47,190, and you can’t get the gutzy engine with the Roadster.

Given the age of the 370Z and Nissan’s lack of evolution with the platform, the Roadster’s demise certainly casts a shadow over the sports car’s future. A 332-horsepower two-seater was rather special in 2009, but in 2019 America there’s plenty of competition from both the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro, both of which offer similar horsepower in a sporty package for considerably less cash, or significantly more horsepower at a price point that's still below the 370Z. The new Toyota Supra will also deliver strong competition with nearly identical horsepower, and though pricing is a bit higher compared to the 370Z, it’s also a brand-new platform.

Sales figures for the 370Z pretty much tell the tale. The first year saw 13,117 models leave dealer lots, but since then it’s been downhill. Only 3,468 Z cars found homes in 2019, and that includes both coupe and convertible variants.

Source:Motor Authority, Good Car Bad Car


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370z convertible nissan

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2011 Nissan 370Z Touring Roadster Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour

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