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I really do get tired of people who surface explore things like astrology & completely misses the point of what it’s for because they hear bullshit from a few assholes who barely understands it.

The purpose of Astrology isn’t to put you in a box or excuse your behavior. It’s a form of self reflection and expression to the many layers of your personality. Yes, sometimes it’s based on when you were born, but once you’ve dive deeper into it, you begin to understand that you’re just more than just your Sun sign, Moon sign or even the chart itself. It’s a way to look yourself in the mirror and reflect on your behaviors in the past and present and how to work on the negative traits as well as understanding the positive.

When it comes down to divination, things that are “written in stone” or “destined” is non existent, unless you make it that way. Unless you’re not willing to change or heed the warnings of your actions or stay on track to your initial goal, things will not stay the same or turn out in the way you expect it. Astrology knows this, and so does every other form of divination as well. Those who don’t remember this when working with other (non)divination practices usually ends up stuck on step one.

Sometimes these things can be for fun and sometimes it’s based on years of studying human behavior. We all have basic personalities that are used in infinite ways, but we’re also creatures of habit to where we act and react similarly. They change through time and experience, but still remain in the same spectrum. It’s annoying how people love to take things they don’t understand and misconstrue it because you don’t bother to actually do the research and instead just go by baby level on how people use it.

Sours: https://astrology-hell.tumblr.com/

Astrology Meme Trash

Astrology Meme Trash

Jul 17

Tumblr vs ACTUAL horoscopes

  • Tumblr Aries: HARDCORE !!!!
  • Irl Aries: a fucking whining baby
  • Tumblr Taurus: Strong and Loyal :))
  • Irl Taurus: a mess of a human
  • Tumblr Gemini: Our Enemy
  • Irl Gemini: Our Enemy
  • Tumblr Cancer: sweet and kind and sympathetic :)
  • Irl Cancer: Satan
  • Tumblr Leo: Loud and proud!!!
  • Irl Leo: won't get anything done
  • Tumblr Virgo: sophisticated and polite
  • Irl Virgo: a bitch
  • Tumblr Libra: Straightforward and cool!
  • Irl Libra: doesn't know shit
  • Tumblr Scorpio: mysterious and dangerous
  • Irl Scorpio: big cat
  • Tumblr Sagittarius: Nice all the time
  • Irl Sagittarius: will kill you
  • Tumblr Capricorn: Setting out for the best!!!
  • Irl Capricorn: in bed eating discount brand cheese puffs
  • Tumblr Aquarius: uwu baby
  • Tumblr Pisces: a fish
  • Irl Pisces: a shitty fish

Jul 17

The truth is…


  • is a sassy bitch, let’s just accept that. always answering back, they’d even answer back to any god (may it be diplomatically or sarcastic)
  • always give people cheap gifts not because they’re broke but because they think that’s the only standard or gift you deserve
  • has a huge disgust with humanity so they either get delusions of controlling the world or they avoid/limit their human interactions
  • their logic is out of this world: it’s either you get mesmerised and see a new horizon or you end up getting crazy because you can’t get it
  • beneath all their layers, they’re one of the smartest and hardworking people out there… always willing to help you study/work/etc.


  • their trigger word is literally food and all its proper nouns. they’d sell their souls for a ceaseless supply of food and they’d won’t regret
  • literally possessive as fuck, aphrodite lives in their titties cos they dun calm down if they see someone circling around their man/woman.
  • obsessed with getting shit organised y'all don’t even know. they will never move unless a very detailed blue print is in front of them.
  • they will keep hustlin more than a twenty of you combined. they know and prioritise how precious time and money are.
  • when they say they can’t do an errand/plea, dun quickly believe them at all cost or you’ll get a small surprise: they’ll do it after some while. 


  • know that archetype of a kind person who’ll obey & follow you to the death but has so many fucking personal motives? yep, that’s gemini.
  • their knowledge and expertise are vastly scary; multilingual people and historians. they aint called GEMinis for nothing, hunty.
  • for them, it’s a dog-eat-dog world. if you don’t match their pace, you’re basically out of their surviving list, whatever list that is.
  • insanely in love and proud making other people swoon over them (oh the oozing warmth of being loved and respected) but says otherwise
  • bad at remembering dates but that dun mean they love you less or you’re not that important to them, just believe in them.


  • they dun talk much but best believe me, whenever they speak it’s either they gon hand you your ass or roast the living shit out of you
  • are all terminally sarcastic bless their souls. they don’t have time for your bullshit, they don’t even have time for their own.
  • they will never side or they will avoid picking a side. they’re the best people to rant cos they will literally get where you coming from.
  • one of the sweetest and loving signs out there but for some reason, they tend to have some problems making real long time friends.
  • always look brooding or even out of reach. that’s cos they’re afraid words/actions won’t come/show they way they really want them too.


  • so demure but once you get close to them/they know they have the upper control, they will fucking nag & bully everything
  • but after the searing primadonna stage, these lions are all just smol precious clumsy beans who must be protected at all cost
  • knows the traditional ways or romancing someone, like the flowers and cupcakes and shy yet formal asking you out for events/dates
  • easily clouded by false/dark ideas and hard to snap them out of it. it takes another brave alpha who can help them out of the cray
  • but don’t be fooled, these lions can be tamed and would be willing to tag along the right people for the rest of their life line.


  • dont slack off in front of them, they will give your ass a whoop back to reality. trust me, they give so much vigour and moral to people.
  • not easily scared of pretty much anything because they always think about the story/reason behind it, for this one, what made it scary?
  • they can get super fucking salty and shady and they aint afraid of being salty and shady, for a good or bad reason whatsoever.
  • they never fail to always see the bigger picture, that also means they’re not afraid to do everything to get to the biggest picture.
  • loves having fun and enjoying life without taking advantage of things or forgetting to be humble and well-grounded.


  • too pure for this world but these people have a skyrocketing tendencies to becoming a yandere (lol they probably already are)
  • their aesthetic perfectionism sickness is practically beyond all earth signs combined: they’ll set fire on anything lower than their standards.
  • too kind and angelic we dun deserve them. we also dun deserve their life sucking flirtatious killer charms. we just dun deserve then all in all
  • these bitches love to meddle with other people’s business tho. either they save the situation or aggravate it, there’s no in between
  • even with all the hate on their kind, libra people just keep their heads up and tryn’a understand and accept other people’s view of them.


  • for the vagillionth time, y'all have to remember that these “””devil children””” are all just 4D weird bastards who easily space out.
  • the sexy airheads we all get from anime. but dun cross them & their fambam, they won’t think twice about apathetically cutting you.
  • everyone’s fairy godmother/father cos if they love you & they see you deserving, they will lavish &treat you so great. aint lying, dis the truth
  • willing to learn from others but is obsessed with “i am the most mature one so my wisdom is the greatest and the only effective one”
  • so many layers, like they’re literally never-ending. but after plucking all these layers out, you’ll see a fragile marshmallow baby inside 


  • they need like a dozen of hobbies as outlets for their energy. if they don’t get the energy out, they become a host of a time bomb.
  • insatiably absorbs all information of all kinds like a baby on his mom’s chest or a tic sucking out blood from a fresh catch: you choose
  • no one really knows if they’re showing genuine reaction/emotion cos you don’t know if they’re forcing it or not or they dun even know too
  • is the jack of all trades cos they have so many talents but can’t focus and drill hard on one cos they jump from different talent to another
  • may come arrogant but always they always want everyone to be happy and enjoying the time, probably more than how libra wants it.


  • always late on almost everything. insomniac children of the night, so no matter how dire the situation is, they’ll always be late. deal with it.
  • condescending as fuck cos they know they can do pretty much anything please beware they are vicious machiavellians
  • obsessed with segregating people in their lives; they don’t want their friends to socialise with their family, this group with that group, etc.
  • avoids and gets easily tired with human interaction, but is magically brilliant with human interaction. their magic? idek ask them.
  • after you pass their scrutinising sifting of people in their lives, you’ll just see a funny, dependent, happy-go-lucky, perverted side of them


  • also don’t like taking sides, will never jump onto anything without all the cards are seeable, yet also not afraid to speak up in the end.
  • obsessed and deranged with their fanaticism of any horror shit idk how they can carry on with a fine stomach after all that scary jazz
  • can never be controlled, they might seem controllable or easy to manoeuvre but spare your ass and don’t be fooled by this sign
  • disappears and reappears at their own will, and doesn’t care about the consequences of their absence, they literally don’t care.
  • in the end of the day, aquarius has no fucks to give any of the other signs. they don’t ask for a lot and they just wanna be left alone.


  • are quiet little shits who looks way more gorgeous when they’re mad cos they just turn fiendish but still in a cute way, like wtf how???
  • needs a fuck ton of guidance from older or more mature people cos they tend either the laziest, silliest, or most annoying things ever. 
  • how fucking annoying it is whenever they pull out the victim card like dude shove that thing back where it belongs or so I will.
  • are actually sensible people, kinda shocking for some but it’s the truth cos these people stay in tune with their emotions, they dun run away
  • break them to pieces and you’ll see a child needing to be loved and wanting to know what are the things that they can improve and learn

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Jul 17


Jul 17

astrologyfever: “The Signs as girls ”
astrologyfever: “The Signs as girls ”
astrologyfever: “The Signs as girls ”
astrologyfever: “The Signs as girls ”

Jul 01

the signs as abandoned places


ARIES Abandoned gas stations, beholders of tumbleweeds and roadside tales, filled with dead fuel yet frozen in time, eyes on the passengers with their hands and hair out the window, haunted by old desert songs and engines revving behind it.

TAURUS: Abandoned bars, stools turned over, a ripped flyer shouting BABES BABES BABES hanging off the bulletin board, a lost motorcycle tire, glass shattered, and the spirit of hell still living somewhere inside.

GEMINI Ghost towns, at the base of old mountains, houses with shutters like eyes and doors like mouths, swallowing stories whole, convenience stores still stocked with stale bread, cabins and headstones still peeking out from behind fairy wood brambles, nature stretching into steel, ready to come alive with a shift of the wind.

CANCER: Abandoned motels, empty pools filled with deflated flamingos, the sign out front screaming VACANCY forever, each room a different anthology of guest book tales, smashed television monitors and a love note ( or goodbye note ) caught up in the rust of the honeymoon suite.

LEO: Abandoned theaters, stages dented with the ghosts of performances past, torn scripts scattered across floorboards in a mess of Playbills and shattered eyeglasses, broken lights and tattered dress hems, mannequins poised at an eternal act one.

VIRGO Abandoned train stations, cars sprayed in a kaleidoscope of graffiti, drifters still starting fires in some of the shells, grass growing over old gears, ghost conductors with no destination, rails intersecting at odd angles like flowers and bones.

LIBRA Abandoned campgrounds, rattlesnakes and desert blues, dead hot and forgotten, a shelled-out RV and the dry lake where the kids used to play, swallowing up broken toys and flat tents, showers crawling with critters, vintage t-shirts printed with campground bears promising that it’s still “the happiest place on earth.”

SCORPIO Abandoned amusement parks, soggy coaster cars paused mid-ascension, cheap thrills and screams still stagnant in the air, ferris wheels trembling in the wind, clown faces distorted and torn down the middle, a mascot head smiling out from the overgrowth.

SAGITTARIUS Abandoned renaissance fairs, an acre out of time, fake pirate ships swinging, fairy wings trying to fly, dead flower crowns tangled with bright ribbons and peasant blouses shed by the lake, empty squares and old stage buildings, Arthur’s sword caught at the entry, still waiting to be pulled.

CAPRICORN Abandoned toy stores, broken pinball machines, ghost clowns, and popped balloons, playing cards stuck to the floor, a crooked house of childhood horrors, teddy bears bleeding stuffing, and a funhouse mirror distorting the distorted. 

AQUARIUS: Abandoned piers, driftwood split down the middle, coastline the last alive thing, neon lights still calling Gatsby home from the horizon, but promising only the ghosts of mermaids washed ashore, tires and bottles filled with sand, dead trees spouting from old rocks, branches a wind chime of ripped dresses, forks, and seashells on strings.

PISCES: Abandoned waterparks, slides overlooking entire old cities, perfect for climbing, hoses and pools now scrawled over and used as skateboard ramps, kids climbing over the old towers and ladders in their bathing suits when it rains, pure want as their tickets in, yelling, “We’re still here, we’re still here, we’re still here!”

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Jun 17

tastefullyoffensive: “These are the best wedding photos I’ve ever seen. (via kayatheshepherd) ”
tastefullyoffensive: “These are the best wedding photos I’ve ever seen. (via kayatheshepherd) ”
tastefullyoffensive: “These are the best wedding photos I’ve ever seen. (via kayatheshepherd) ”
tastefullyoffensive: “These are the best wedding photos I’ve ever seen. (via kayatheshepherd) ”
tastefullyoffensive: “These are the best wedding photos I’ve ever seen. (via kayatheshepherd) ”

Jun 17

The signs as cats

  • Aries: The cat that grooms itself for hours
  • Taurus: The cat that meows when their food bowl is half empty or there is something floating in their water bowl
  • Gemini: The cat that runs around crazily in the night like a demon
  • Cancer: The cat that follows you around meowing for attention
  • Leo: The cat that refuses to eat dry food
  • Virgo: The cat that licks you affectionately
  • Libra: The cat that really likes the shower/bathtub
  • Scorpio: The cat that must thoroughly explore each new box, bag or item set on the floor
  • Sagittarius: The cat that locks eyes with you as they knock something on a table over
  • Capricorn: The cat that you constantly catch giving you a hard side eye
  • Aquarius: The cat that eats your plants
  • Pisces: The cat that sleeps on their back in the sun, and gets up to move as the light shifts

Jun 17

kid at heart, teenage mess, or old soul


Kid at heart: Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Libra 

Teenage mess: Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Scorpio 

Old soul: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Jun 17

Vesta in the 12 astrological houses


Wherever Vesta falls in the birth chart will show the area in which we tend to be committed to a purpose. 

Vesta is associated with dedication, focus, and commitment. She represents those things that we are ready (or compelled) to make a sacrifice for. 

Vesta in the first house
Dedicated to: Self-discovery and self-awareness, issues of identity, ‘finding yourself’, personal goals
Thus sacrificing: Other people in general, long-term relationships of an intimate nature

Vesta in the second house
Dedicated to: Manifesting material abundance, finding security for yourself and your loved ones
Thus sacrificing: Simple pleasures and comforts

Vesta in the third house
Dedicated to: Communicating, seeking new experiences and knowledge and disseminating what you have garnered
Thus sacrificing: Clarity in your thoughts, peace of mind (since you put yourself under so much pressure)

Vesta in the fourth house
Dedicated to: Home and family, a sense of duty, obligation and/or responsibility within your home situation
Thus sacrificing: Personal freedom, personal choices

Vesta in the fifth house
Dedicated to: Creative expression, public attention, recognition, pouring your life force into your work, sublimating your sexual energy.
Thus sacrificing: Either romance or creativity, like being forced to choose between them

Vesta in the sixth house
Dedicated to: Healing yourself or others, constantly learning techniques and skills in order to reach a goal/complete a task
Thus sacrificing: Your health, your sleeping/eating schedules, normal life patterns

Vesta in the seventh house
Dedicated to: Relationships with others, well-fare of others, ensuring there’s justice and fairness around you
Thus sacrificing: Your independence, your own will, your inner voice (you compromise too much)

Vesta in the eighth house
Dedicated to: Experiencing emotional and sexual intimacy, delving into the realm of hidden or occult knowledge, finding a mystical union
Thus sacrificing: Healthy relationships- you often don’t understand how others can’t match your intensity

Vesta in the ninth house
Dedicated to: The quest for truth and wisdom, the dissemination of your ideal vision
Thus sacrificing: Reality- examine and broaden your belief system to avoid fanaticism, the belief that you possess some ultimate or final answer

Vesta in the tenth house
Dedicated to: Achieving your goals and attaining success, recognition
Thus sacrificing: All your time- you have difficulty defining your goals or finding a fulfilling vocation which pushes you even harder

Vesta in the eleventh house
Dedicated to: Humanitarian or futuristic ideal of respect for freedom and individuality, and honoring of all life
Thus sacrificing: Personal friendships (for the sake of the cause)

Vesta in the twelfth house
Dedicated to: Service with compassion and surrender
Thus sacrificing: Yourself- the more open you are, the more likely it is that you have fears stemming from karmic memories, fears of intimacy that manifest as a need for isolation and retreat

Jun 17

Breaking the stereotypes for the signs

  • Moon, Mars and Rising
  • Aries: pretty sensitive, tbh a crybaby
  • Taurus: can be a serious push over
  • Gemini: Can be a loyal friend
  • Cancer: very strong willed
  • Leo: Can be very self deprecating
  • Virgo: Known to be late and laid back
  • Libra: Once they've made a choice they are stubborn and about it
  • Scorpio: Incredibly Romantic
  • Sagittarius: isn't scared of commitment just doesn't see it as important until older
  • Capricorn: Can be dopey and have bad common sense
  • Aquarius: seeks to fit in a lot of the time without realising
  • Pisces: Actually incredibly Stubborn
Sours: https://actualasstrology.tumblr.com/
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Astrology Memes N Dreams

Deception, deceit, and disintegrated boundaries. May I present to you the negative aspects of Neptune in the houses:

1st House: total loss of self, with no definition of who or what you know yourself to be; the identity is uncertain and unstable, which leads to deceptive and duplicitous personas; the person is impressionable, unclear about how they are received.

2nd House: extremes of wealth and poverty; money is an elusive commodity – either it is abundant and divine or scant and unreachable; wasteful and frivolous spending; financial fraud and self-deception; delusions about being saved by money, or saving people with money.

3rd House: a scattered mind and lack of concentration leads to daydreams that distract and deaden awareness of reality; easily hypnotized, lulled by self-concocted fictitious imaginings; shallow mentality with a devotion to useless, esoteric studies.

4th House: early roots are in disarray leading to heavy confusion about one’s own family and upbringing; deep, unshakeable longing to remain protected and safe by parents or parental figures; enmeshment; discontent at home and let down by the reality of the family; unrealistic expectation from domestic life.

5th House: deception in love affairs, which leads to scorned romances and paramours; often aligns with underdogs; over dramatizes life and love, and loses self to glamour due to substantial quixotism; using fantasy, entertainment, and artsy pleasure are used in excess to escape the self.

6th House: ungrounded and untidy, with great difficulty being practical as it pertains to daily-to-dos, which leads to harmful avoidance of work and routine; disorganized living; swamped by health concerns and details; hypersensitive hypochondriac.

7th House: projections and disordered reflections of self; unreal relationship ideals and expectations; tends to glamorize relationships, making one blind to potentially fatal flaws of the partner, leading to codependency; wants to rescue and save spouses and lovers.

8th House: obsession with death, sex and confuse, sometimes scare causing overwhelming emotional wounds, which lead to destructive avoidance and damaging habits; the identity disintegrates into  a cesspool of possessive manipulation.

9th House: optimism, though abundant, is unrealistic and hopeless; restless and fervent yearning for some type of ecstasy and/or heaven; personal beliefs can lead to increased vulnerability to religious misleading and philosophical misperception.

10th House: the career and one’s calling is in a constant state confusion, which causes hallucinations about one’s true purpose in life; difficulty finding position in society, and establishing a reputation that is separate from the identity; bewitched by achievements and success.  

11th House: finds society deeply unsatisfying and wants to wash away the pains of the world, but cannot separate fact from fiction; strange altruism; continually let down, influenced, and enchanted by unreliable, careless friends and associates; acquaintances drift away and apart.

12th House: the ego is overwhelmed, feeling helpless and vulnerable, protected by nothing and no one; an aversion to the mundane causes a comatose existence riddled with seclusion, self-containment, and make-believe; feelings of isolation and victimization are byproducts of inner loneliness.  

Sours: https://astro-memes88.tumblr.com/

Great. Although. - the guy in a businesslike way put his hand on the girl's right chest and began to press her through the clothes.

Memes tumblr zodiac

But this could not be allowed, because the vaginal orgasm, as I read somewhere, is much more effective if delivered immediately after the clitoral one. I again inserted my fingers into her vagina and began to extensively fuck Zhenya in this way. Zhenya bit her lip again and breathed through her nose.

I gradually began to accelerate, nibbling on her nipple, and, in the end, began to work in her slit at almost automatic speed.

É Tumblr --Meme--

Close-up on her lip dangled a steel tag with letters embossed in three rows: She felt both the chill of this token and the way the juices of her. Lust had already flowed over it. From that moment, she asked him what it meant to be his animal, he never once looked at her face.

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Group "Asia" shouts its song "Heat of that moment". Sam smiles wearily at his brother. This is not the first Tuesday to start this way. And this vicious circle has no end.

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