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What are the best Gemini tattoo ideas today? We took a look at the latest Gemini tattoos people have shared on social media to learn more about the trends and characteristics of these tattoo designs. What we discovered was that Geminis love black ink. Yes, we struggled to even find Gemini tattoos with any color for this list. Don’t worry there are a few!

Geminis are known for being affectionate, fast learners, and adaptable individuals. It should come as no surprise that these qualities result in some pretty amazing Gemini tattoo ideas and tattoos. The Gemini constellation resembles two twins who are called Castor and Pollux in Greek mythology. The dichotomy of their personalities is turned into a visual metaphor very often in these Gemini tattoos. Let’s take a look at some of the best Gemini tattoo ideas for inspiration for your own ink!

Check Out These Great Gemini Tattoo Ideas!

Gemini Constellation Tattoo

33 gemini tattoo ideas

Gemini constellation tattoos are extremely popular among Geminis today. Let’s take a look at the creative ways people have designed them for tattoos to get some Gemini tattoo ideas!

Gemini Constellation Tattoo Part II

33 gemini tattoo ideas

Here’s another constellation tattoo that features two faces (another one of the most popular Gemini tattoo ideas) along with some sparkling stars for atmosphere.

Gemini Constellation Tattoo Part III

33 gemini tattoo ideas

Here’s another look at a constellation tattoo that’s done in just black ink and is fairly minimal. If you’re not trying to make a fuss, something similar could be perfect for you.

Gemini Constellation Tattoo Part IV

33 gemini tattoo ideas

Here we find Gemini twins, the constellation, and the Gemini symbol (stick a pin in that). We love the use of blue ink here as it really makes the constellation appear to glow.

Gemini Constellation Tattoo Part V

33 gemini tattoo ideas

Here’s a lovely motif that includes a Gemini symbol. This one is less in-your-face than the last which might appeal to those who want something subtly. Pro tip: adding a botanical element to a tattoo design never hurts!

Two Faces Gemini Tattoo Ideas

33 gemini tattoo ideas

One of the most popular Gemini tattoo ideas presents as two faces that are intertwined or connected in a creative way. A simple line tattoo containing two faces is extremely popular today.

Tarot Gemini Tattoo

33 gemini tattoo ideas

Another popular option is a Tarot card-style tattoo that contains some element special to Geminis. Here, we find the twins looking extra dramatic.

Tarot Gemini Tattoo Part II

33 gemini tattoo ideas

Here’s another tarot card tattoo. This time, the design includes the sun and the moon to represent Gemini’s unique duality.

Two Flowery Faces

33 gemini tattoo ideas

Here’s a super cute tattoo that takes the two faces theme and subverts it. We find the faces on two flowers that come from the same plant. It’s a clever Gemini tattoo idea!

Irreverent Gemini Tattoo with Symbol

33 gemini tattoo ideas

We find the twins again here looking extremely stylized and unique. The inclusion of white ink to add highlight really takes this tattoo to the next level!

Mob Psycho 100 Gemini Tattoo

33 gemini tattoo ideas

We found a couple of examples of imagery from pop culture being appropriated for unique tattoo designs. Here we find a character from manga Mob Psycho 100 to represent dueling personalities.

Fight Club Gemini Tattoo

33 gemini tattoo ideas

Here’s another one of the cool Gemini tattoo ideas from pop culture. We find the two personalities of the same character in Fight Club. This design is not immediately apparent at first glance which is always great if you’re into mystery.

Statuesque Gemini Tattoo with Symbol

33 gemini tattoo ideas

Here we find the twins harkening back to their origin story from Antiquity. The artist has managed to do an incredible job shading and composing every element of this tattoo. Bravo!


33 gemini tattoo ideas

Some other popular Gemini tattoo ideas include the twins tethered together in creative ways. In this design, each of the pair holds onto a necklace. It’s a pretty piece!

Spaced Out Gemini Tattoo

33 gemini tattoo ideas

Here, we find the twins sharing a single eye. It’s an evocative design that conjures imagery from science fiction. You’d be wise to get weird with it like this!

Kitty Cat Gemini Tattoo

33 gemini tattoo ideas

How cute are these kitty twins in their matching Elizabethan collars. The cute little sun and moon symbols on their faces are a very nice touch.

Two Face Gemini Tattoo with Braid

33 gemini tattoo ideas

Here’s another Gemini tattoo of two faces tied together. This time, we find the twins with their hair braided together. What a dream!

Line Gemini Tattoo with Two Faces

33 gemini tattoo ideas

As we mentioned, these line tattoos are very popular Gemini tattoo ideas. Here’s another for you to see the the possibilities. We think it looks rather sophisticated.

The Twins

33 gemini tattoo ideas

Enough cannot be said for the effectiveness of a simple black ink tattoo. We find the twins framed in an oval with their arms intertwined. A romantic and understated piece like this is going to get you plenty of compliments.

Creepy-Cool Gemini Tattoo

33 gemini tattoo ideas

As you can see, there are a number of ways of getting the twin visual and we find mirror images of a cloaked characters in black with red ink decorative elements surrounding them. Kind of creepy but we love the overall look here.

Two Faces Gemini Tattoo

33 gemini tattoo ideas

We find the twins again looking to the sun. Take a look at the delicate line-work used here for a very clean, well-executed design. No matter what Gemini tattoo ideas you’re mulling, the right tattoo artist can help you make them truly special, just like this!

Heavenly Gemini Tattoo

33 gemini tattoo ideas

We’ve got a sort of yin and yang design going on here with one of the twins decked out in black and the other in white. This looks pleasantly vintage in its aesthetic.

More Double Faces

33 gemini tattoo ideas

How sharp does this design look? Geminis, you do not need to fear colorful ink!

Gemini Symbol Tattoo

33 gemini tattoo ideas

If you are thinking of just getting a Gemini symbol, you still have some things to consider. Do you want to do-it-up like this one or would you prefer something more understated?

Gemini Symbol Tattoo II

33 gemini tattoo ideas

Here is a stylized Gemini symbol tattoo that’s still minimal. Next, you’ll want to consider size. This is a large symbol on the back of the thigh. Is it for you or do you seek something smaller?

Gemini Symbol Tattoo: Micro Edition

33 gemini tattoo ideas

Micro tattoos are a red-hot trend at the moment. Here’s a tiny Gemini symbol tattoo that’s about the size of a penny. This is minimal commitment that results in a big impact.

Right to the Point

33 gemini tattoo ideas

If you want to take the most literal route possible, you do not even need to consider Gemini tattoo ideas. No, just get the word “GEMINI” tattooed on your body. We’re not mad about it, are you?

Two Cherry Faces Gemini Tattoo

33 gemini tattoo ideas

We love a playful tattoo with a sense of humor. These twin cherries do not scream “Gemini tattoo!” but they do look cute and manage to play on a common theme.

Snake Gemini Tattoo Part I

33 gemini tattoo ideas

Probably the most colorful example we could find, this double-headed (bicephalic) snake not only looks cool, it has an excellent meaning that should speak to Geminis. A snake with two heads is the result of twins not properly separating at birth.

Snake Gemini Tattoo Part II

33 gemini tattoo ideas

Get creative with your Gemini tattoo ideas and you could end up with something this special! These two snakes tangled up together feel especially appropriate.

Most Subtle Gemini Tattoo

33 gemini tattoo ideas

If you’re looking to go abstract with your Gemini tattoo, it can easily be achieved! If you saw this in the wild, you would never guess it was a symbol for Gemini. But, that’s exactly what was intended!

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Art Deco Gemini Tattoo

33 creative gemini tattoo ideas | are you looking for the best gemini tattoo ideas to fit both your personalities?

We leave you with this absolute stunner that features design elements commonly found in the Art Deco movement. Two twins, in opposing styles, are both holding a beam. Gorgeous and haunting, this tattoo is enough to make any Gemini envious.

There you go! We hope you enjoyed these Gemini tattoo ideas and feel inspired to get your own ink. As you’ve seen there is no right or wrong way to go about your design. Just be true to yourself and think of the best way to express your unique personality and point of view. Now, get your minds made up and get yourself a Gemini tattoo!

33 creative gemini tattoo ideas | are you looking for the best gemini tattoo ideas to fit both your personalities?

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No one likes a person who constantly blames their personality flaws on their sign (like, pls stop saying your Scorpio Sun is the reason you’re so controlling), but if anyone can truly use their ruling planets as an excuse, it’s you, Gemini. I mean, you can’t help that you’re ruled by the twins! And even though people often peg you as two-faced, immature, moody, and a lover of gossip, I think if people just looked a little harder, they’d see who you really are: fun, witty, curious, and everyone’s best friend. I see you, I get you, and I think you deserve a super-cute tattoo to represent who you really are inside. Ahead, I gathered up the 23 best Gemini tattoo ideas that you’re gonna want on your body ASAP.

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5This Butterfly Gemini Tattoo

Geminis are friends with everyone and love to gossip with anyone who will listen, so a tattoo that says “Hi, I’m a social butterfly” is very on brand.

21This Fine-Line Gemini Tattoo

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Gemini Tattoos: 50+ Designs with Meanings, Ideas and Celebrities

Tattoos have become extremely prevalent in contemporary society, adorning 40 percent of people aged between 18 to 29 years. The most joyous times of our lives are certainly the ones that we intend to retain no matter how long ago they were. By getting a tattoo of something special, there is no chance of forgetting it. Things like cartoons characters, quotes or some distant event or person that unites someone to a delightful memory are popular tattoo approaches. It is through tattoos that we are able to make that sentiment visible to everyone if we wish to. No matter if you get the tattoo with someone from your family or maybe a friend, it is an activity that dugs a deep impression on the heart and soul of both. A tattoo that we share with our near and dear ones is something that will cement the connection and consolidate the bond with them.

If you belong to the zodiac sign of Gemini, you will know that you have more distinctive traits than those of other sun signs. While the other astrological signs have one or two main traits that define their personality, Geminis, on the other hand, can be friendly, talkative and whimsical. Besides these personalities, they can also have a poking behavior. Some Geminis love to be the center of attention while others love to babble. Although they are passionate yet they are very easy-going who is always up for an adventure or intellectual conversation. So keep this in mind when you hang out with a Gemini: You’ll never get bored!

Since Geminis are a mix of the yin and the yang, they are an embodiment of the Twins, the symbol of Gemini. The sun sign can easily comprehend both sides of an issue. A wonderful quality, ain’t it? The troublesome part is that you won’t be sure of the twins that will crop up.

Ruled by the planet Mercury, Geminis display a distinctive kind of mercurial potential. They are quick in thinking, extremely alert and fast on their feet, similar to the messenger god of Roman mythology that governs their sign. Geminis are both inquisitive and adroit in their approach. No wonder why they are such a sellout at the cocktail parties. They not only love to talk, but to listen and learn too.

The Geminis are an affiliated air symbol. Air signs are great thinkers, and so, the Twins don’t fail. Intellect, for those born under this sign, is a prized possession and they consider it the key to all things.

Gemini tattoo is the ultimate personification of the fickling twofold nature. Gemini is one of the three masculine air zodiacs and is typified by twins. Seemingly so, a Gemini tattoo can at the same time symbolize a persona that is both introverted and extroverted, cerebral and childish. Their ‘easy-to-personalize’ tattoo is the prototype of proficiency and gravity as far as the ink goes. Keeping the traits of a Gemini in mind, it’s no doubt that Gemini tattoos have come to denote a complex and ambiguous nature known for its devotion. In brief, Gemini designs are the absolute go-to tattoo for you to communicate the unique nature of your character.

You’re a Gemini if you identify yourself with some of the well-known personality quirks of your zodiac sign:

  • Considerate
  • Inquisitive
  • Versatile
  • Ready to socialize at all times
  • But also willing to get serious when the situation demands
  • Artistic
  • Loving
  • With a yearning to undergo as many beautiful experiences as you can

Well, does it sounds exactly like you? If yes, then you might enjoy experimenting with the ink and your prime tattoo could be one that reflects who you are and your style. But, where to start, you ask? Well, as a Gemini, it all depends if you like gaudiness over modesty, visible over hidden or maybe, both!

But don’t worry! You don’t have to know right away. That’s what this list is for! It’s for you to get intimate with different Gemini tattoo designs and decide on the one that works for you. So sit back and relax while you scroll the feed.

Gemini Tattoo

This design looks truly like it has been photocopied from a history book. So if you’re keen on history, this one is a go-to.

Gemini Tattoo

Gemini Tattoo

Mostly attractive to the females, this pattern can also be used by the guys.

Custom Made Tattoos

Gemini Tattoo

The sun and moon together is a perfect way to represent the fickle nature of a Gemini.

  • Gemini Sign With Half-Moon

Gemini Tattoo

Gemini Tattoo

There’s nothing much to say about this one. It is as apparent as it can get.

Gemini Tattoo

You might think that it’s just a boring butterfly tattoo. However, look precisely! There’s the Gemini sign hidden right in the middle.

Gemini Tattoo

Although it’s just another simple design, the curves take it to a level above.

Gemini Tattoo

If you like this little morbid design, this one perfectly presents the duality of the Gemini.

Gemini Tattoo

Gemini Tattoo

Watercolors are quite trending these days. Make sure that you stay in vogue with this perfect combination of water shades and constellation.

Gemini Tattoo

This definitely gives the 70s vibes to the tattoo.

Gemini Tattoo

Guess what can never go out of fashion? You’re right! It’s flowers!

Gemini Tattoo

Gemini Tattoo

Well, if you’re a dolphin lover…. Go ahead!

  • Constellation With Full Moon

Gemini Tattoo

Gemini Tattoo

Gemini Tattoo

Seemingly girly, this design suits men equally well. Give it a shot if you have what it takes to pull it off.

Gemini Tattoo

Your tattoo can be as creative as you want it to be. But if you’re a cat lover, there’s absolutely nothing that can surpass this design.

Gemini Tattoo

If you are a pro at stargazing, you’ll probably know what are you gazing right now when you look at the picture. You don’t need any cheat lines, do you?

Gemini Tattoo

Constellations are a great pick for any zodiac tattoo. It totally depends on you if you need a more detailed tattoo or as simple as this one.

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Gemini Tattoo

Gemini Tattoo

The angel and devil together are a constant for the Gemini tattoos. The idea of good and evil residing in the same body is a constant struggle.

  • The Good and The Bad Fish

Gemini Tattoo

True that the fishes are typically the figure of Pisces however, if you like fish and are looking for a Gemini tattoo at the same time, you might like this one that plays with the idea of evil and good.

Gemini Tattoo

The chest makes an awesome location for anything exaggerated. So go ahead and get this pattern inked with a little alteration as per your liking, for, this is going to be a huge part of your skin!

Gemini Tattoo

Normally it is girls who get sign tattoos, but this is a fabulous design for the lads too. The spot on the side makes it possible to be huge and majestic.

Gemini Tattoo

The two peaks are symbolic of the twins.

  • Saint Seiya Gemini Tattoo

Gemini Tattoo

The 80s kids might be aware of Saint Seiya and the epic battle of the 12 zodiac houses. And if you are, you practically acknowledge the importance of Gemini in the story. So brag away and get yourself a Saint Seiya Gemini Tattoo because being a Gemini, you owe it to your predecessors.

Gemini Tattoo

This is a very unique upside-down Gemini twin tattoo. Its idiosyncrasy is sure to attract many gazes.

Gemini Tattoo

The olive branch unites the two twins.

  • Sketchy Designs For Gemini

Gemini Tattoo

Gemini Tattoo

If you like to keep it extremely simple, just go for this one without a second thought.

Gemini Tattoo

If you look carefully, the significance is profound. The cobras are not only entwined together but the different colors, one in black ink and the other in white, represents good and evil.

Gemini Tattoo

Gemini Tattoo


gemini tattoo

Actress Jessica Alba has inked herself with no less than three new designs to her tattoo collection in a heartfelt ode to her children. Alba entrusted the A-list tattoo artist, Dr. Woo, with her dainty astrology themed patterns, choosing the zodiac sign of each of her kids on her forearm. The actress and a mum to the three, she captioned her Instagram post of her latest tattoos, ‘Honor Gemini, Haven Leo, Hayes Capricorn’. There is a certain sense of attractiveness about Alba’s imaginative take on the traditional birth date tattoos. As Dr. Woo puts it, ‘Constellations of most precious ones.’

gemini tattoo

Just like Albs, Luce Hale too paid a visit to the celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo recently, for a yet another constellation design to be tattooed onto her right arm. For her, this isn’t just a casual compilation of stars. Being a Gemini, she got her sun sign and its accompanying constellation engraved onto her body a whole month prior to her birthday which fell on June 14.

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15 Gemini Tattoos That’ll Win Over Both of Your Personalities

Gemini Tattoos - black and white snakes

If you were born under the Gemini zodiac sign, between May 21 and June 20, then you know your symbol is the Twins. If you didn’t know, surprise! 

Geminis get a lot of slack and are said to be two-faced, moody, and gossipy. But, they’re also known to be witty, adaptable, and the life of the party. If you’re looking to get some new ink, why not consider something that symbolizes your dynamic and multifaceted personality?

Since we know how busy you are juggling all your different ideas and hobbies, we took the liberty of gathering some of our favorite Gemini tattoos. The designs include constellations, glyphs, and twins and there’s a 50% chance you’ll find one you love.


15 Gemini Tattoos

1. This super cute snake tattoo features your ruling planet Mercury and the Gemini constellation. Tattoo by Sydney Grubb.

Gemini Tattoos - black and white snakes


2. We really don’t know which eye to look at here. The third one? Tattoo by Nicole Meyerson.

Gemini Tattoos - colorful two women


3. We love the mirroring hair and eye colors of this Gemini tattoo by Anthony Alexander at The Hammer and Quill.

Gemini Tattoos - two women with colorful hair


4. The longer we stare at it, the more we realize we’re the side-eyeing sassy one. Twins tattoo by Kayce Jene.

Gemini Tattoos - two women see through moon


5. You’re flexible, not two-faced. We get it but we’re still not going to yoga with you.


6. Did Taurus get lost again? Tattoo by Rebecca Linnea.

Gemini Tattoos - two headed cow


7. This Gemini tattoo is great and all, but where do we get those crescent moon earrings?. Tattoo by Morgan LeFay.

Gemini Tattoos - two women


8. When you’re a Gemini through and through. Tattoo by Bruno Bonassi.

Gemini Tattoos - two skulls with roses


9. If you got places to be (and we know you do!) then just pop in for a quick Gemini glyph finger tattoo.


10. What’s the deal with these Gemini tattoos having better style than us?


11. They look so at peace, but really they’re secretly over-analyzing everything.


12. This dainty minimalist tattoo is perfect for your sensitive side. Tattoo by Bruno Salvalagio.


13. When you roll your eyes so hard they get stuck. Tattoo by Claire MacClure.


15. Lilian Raya does it again with yet another vibrant astrology tattoo.


16. We’re loving the Practical Magic vibes here and the inspiration from the Lovers tarot card, which is the Major Arcana card for Gemini. Tattoo by Nina Papke.

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Two gemini faces tattoos

75 Unique Gemini Tattoos to Compliment Your Personality and Body

Do you believe in astrology and thinking about getting a Gemini tattoo?

Zodiac tattoos are becoming very popular and the Gemini tattoos are among the most common. People who believe in Astrology often like to get a zodiac tattoo to represent themselves and identified by their Astrological signs.

Zodiac signs are the relationship between celestial phenomena and human activities that explain peoples’ personalities and can be a great guide to healthy relationships. They often aid us in finding success and meaning in our earthy lives.

If you are one of the lucky Geminis then we have got you covered. We have collected some creative Gemini tattoo designs and ideas for your next ink.


Symbol of Gemini Tattoo

Gemini is the third astrological sign in the zodiac, originating from the constellation of Gemini. The symbol or glyph for Gemini represents companionship and duality. The dual vertical lines represent the twins Castor and Pollux, known as the Dioscuri. Twins are a big deal for Gemini (indeed, the word “Gemini” means “The twin” in Latin).

Meaning of Gemini Tattoo

Smart, passionate, and dynamic, Gemini is characterized by the Twins, Castor and Pollux, and is known for having two different sides they can display to the world. Expert communicators, Gemini is the chameleon of the Zodiac, adept at blending into different groups based on the vibe and energy they perceive. While they’re also amazing at showcasing surface traits, the Gemini well runs deep, which is why the Twins are one of the Zodiac’s most emotionally intelligent signs.

Gemini tattoos represents the characteristics of Gemini which are Versatile, Smart, Youthful, Fast and Curious.

Placement of Gemini Tattoo

You can place a Gemini tattoo anywhere that you like. However, depending on the design and size of the tattoo there are particular places where a tattoo look more appealing than other.

For small tattoos, symbol, and mini art the best placements are:

  • Neck
  • Wrist
  • Fingers
  • Hands
  • Ankle
  • Behind the ear

For larger tattoos, the best placements are:

  • Rib cage
  • Chest
  • Forearm
  • Shoulder blade
  • Upper and lower back
  • Upper arm and shoulder

Gemini Tattoo Gallery

Gemini tattoos with flowers

3d Gemini tattoos

Two faced Gemini tattoos

Gemini tattoos for females

Gemini tattoo designs for men

Gemini tattoos Traditional style

Minimalist Gemini tattoos

Gemini signs tattoos

Gemini tattoos watercolor

Tribal Gemini tattoos

Gemini constellation tattoos

Cool Gemini tattoos

More Gemini tattoos: 30 Gemini Constellation Tattoo Designs

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