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GIF Wars: 2020’s Most ‘Giffable’ Celebs

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GIFs have taken on a life of their own in recent years, conveying more about how we’re feeling in one short clip than words ever could.

Sometimes, a situation just calls for a GIF, whether you’re happy, sad, excited, scared, or simply can’t think of anything better to say.

GIFs often contain some form of pop culture reference, but some celebs are just more ‘giffable’ than others, so our digital PR specialists decided to find out which famous faces are used the most, with some fairly surprising results.

1. Dwayne Johnson – 49,314 GIFs

The Rock Eyebrow GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Having successfully transitioned from the wrestling ring to the big screen, Dwayne “The Rck” Johnson is one of the biggest stars in the world and appears in more GIFs than any other celebrity, with just under 50,000.

They range from clips from his wrestling days (including the iconic “People’s Eyebrow” and his many catchphrases) to more recent examples from his blockbuster Hollywood career.

2. Jack Black – 34,724 GIFs

Salutes Jack Black GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Everyone knows Jack Black, but you might not expect to see him appear as the second most GIFed celebrity, with over 34,000!

However, when you start to look through them, it starts to make a bit more sense. Known for his exaggerated facial expressions and movements on screen, Jack Black’s characters make for the perfect GIF material, from School of Rock to Nacho Libre and countless others in between.

3. One Direction – 26,551 GIFs

One Direction Slap GIF by ADWEEK - Find & Share on GIPHY

They have been on an indefinite break for the last few years, but 1D remain one of the biggest boy bands of all time, with legions of loyal Directioners.

With that in mind, it’s perhaps no surprise that there are over 25,000 GIFs featuring Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis and Zayn from throughout the years, from those early X-Factor days right up to the stadium success of their latter years.

All GIF numbers sourced from Giphy.

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Jack Black Family Guy

Family Guy - Jack Black by mukeni0 on DeviantArt

Size:66 x 66


School of Rock Jack Black Hangover

drunk hangover School of Rock Jack Black hungover school of rock gif ...

Size:126 x 225


Animated Movie Jack Black

movies jack black the holiday animated GIF

Size:181 x 255


High Fidelity Jack Black Movie Quotes

This GIF has everything: jack black, movie quote, vinyl, RECORDS!

Size:147 x 255


Bernie Jack Black

movies jack black bernie she isnt all mean like everyone says animated ...

Size:204 x 255


Jack Black Salute

This GIF has everything: jack black, movies, salute, SALUTES!

Size:168 x 255


Animated Movie Jack Black

movies rock jack black acdc led-zeppelin animated GIF

Size:140 x 165


High Fidelity Jack Black

High Fidelity Jack Black it's really fucking good gif - PandaWhale

Size:154 x 255


High Fidelity Jack Black

Jack Black Animated GIF | GIFs - GIFSoup.com

Size:158 x 211


Drunk History Jack Black

comedycentral:Jack Black is Orson Welles on tonight’s kick-ass new ...

Size:168 x 255


High Fidelity Jack Black

work jack black high fidelity animated GIF

Size:148 x 255


Jack Black School Rock

jack black the school of rock animated GIF

Size:168 x 161


Jack Black Airborne

movies 90s jack black seth green rollerblades rollerblading airborne ...

Size:161 x 255


Jack Black Ellen

... gets old.Watch Jack Black get scared by a giant raccoon on the show

Size:168 x 255


Jack Black Stop

Jack Black Animated GIF | GIFs - GIFSoup.com

Size:158 x 211


Jack Black Meme

jack black got a note tags gif jack black note animated

Size:171 x 255


School of Rock Jack Black Meme

Jack Black School Of Rock Gif Lol school of rock jack black

Size:130 x 172


Orange Is the New Black Comedy or Drama

orange is the new black comedy drama gif | WiffleGif

Size:184 x 255


Black Comedy Competition

Black Comedy Competition And Festival Celebrating 15 Yearsof Black ...

Size:168 x 133


School of Rock Jack Black Meme

This GIF has everything: music, movie, comedy, JACK BLACK!

Size:148 x 255


Jack Black Tenacious D Pick of Destiny Music Video

Jack Black Sexy Face | image tagged in gifs,jack black,tenacious d,pod ...

Size:133 x 237


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curious friends 3

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If you take the 30,000 foot view, the conference had an interesting weekend. Bama and LSU gave us an absolute classic, Florida and Georgia took care of business to remind the nation that they are very much top 10 teams, and Arkansas delivered one of the most spectacularly awful performances we have ever seen. The last one virtually ensures that after a quiet 2018, the coaching carousel in 2019 will be spinning fast and furious.

Now, if we keep the focus local...woof! Once again, we saw an unbalanced playbook that favored the passing game despite Hilinski struggling to consistently find receivers. On the ground, the Cocks only managed 34 sack adjusted rushing yards. Hell, this loss came at the hands of an offense that only managed to scrape together three explosive plays. The season has been utterly forgettable for Carolina so far, and this game seemed to be everything that has made it so long and crappy rolled into one.

Jack Black makes me smile. So, let’s look at Jack Black for a little bit.

1. LSU

Joe Burrow completed passes as he got hit, he completed them in tight coverage, and when there was nothing there he just ran for first downs. He went to Tua’s house and proved he’s the SEC’s BAMF.

2. Bama

They were down by 20 and it looked like they were going to come all the way back, but then that defense let Burrow and Edwards-Helaire do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted and LSU kept the game just out of reach. There’s nothing to do but just drink away the disappointment.

3. Georgia

When you realize you won’t have to go through Bama to win any kind of championship this year:

4. Florida

Scott Frost when he looks at this team and wonders if he chose the wrong job and then his secretary comes in to try to remind him everything he loves about Nebraska:

5. Auburn

When you realize no one at your current job likes you and Arkansas will probably offer you a lot of money:

6. Texas A&M

What it must be like to be an A&M fan:

7. Tennessee

Let’s look at exclusive video of Jeremy Pruitt addressing his team after a 1-4 start. I am told this is what gave the team the inspiration it needed to go 4-1 in its last 5 games.

8. Missouri

Missouri did everything right in the way it handled its NCAA investigation. They complied, they self-imposed penalties, but it didn’t matter. They got a bowl ban anyway. They are bowl eligible, but Barry Odom won’t be able to take his team to a third straight bowl game, so here’s a little something for the NCAA.

9. Mississippi State

Pssssst, Mississippi State! If there’s a chance Rutgers wants Joe Moorhead, maybe let him go.

10. South Carolina

No further comment necessary really.

11. Kentucky

Relax Kentucky fans. Look at the rest of your schedule. You’re going to make a bowl game.

12. Ole Miss

Look, Ole Miss is not out of this thing. If they win out, they’re going to a bowl.

*checks to see who is next on the schedule*

13. Vanderbilt

Vandy has been outscored 80-7 in its last 2 games. They had the ball for 7 minutes longer than Florida did on Saturday and somehow managed to let the Gators put up more than 4 times as many yards as they did. This isn’t just about Derek Mason. This team is a gold-painted turd.

14. Arkansas


Sours: https://www.garnetandblackattack.com/2019/11/11/20957626/sec-power-rankings-jack-black-gif-edition

jack black,halloween,spooky,goosebumps,goosebumps movie,nerdist presents,bumps gonna goose ya,nerdoween,Funny Gif & Animated Gif Images On Vsgif.com

jack black,halloween,spooky,goosebumps,goosebumps movie,nerdist presents,bumps gonna goose ya,nerdoween

jack black,halloween,spooky,goosebumps,goosebumps movie,nerdist presents,bumps gonna goose ya,nerdoween


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